Tutoring Session

by blackrandl1958

Copyright© 2015 by blackrandl1958

Romantic Sex Story: He had to tutor a Campus Queen. It turned out better than he expected.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   InLaws   Group Sex   .

Thanks again to my friend Papakilo14 for his kind editing. He makes me look good.

I was in my last semester studying electronic engineering at Berkley and it had been a tough three years. I'm not really your typical nerd but I fit a lot of the profile. The only difference was I was there on a football scholarship. I was pretty good in high school but not so good in college. I had good instincts and I was strong but I was a step slow. I played middle linebacker and I was second string but no NFL contract was in my future. I really didn't want one anyway. I had absolutely no aspirations for that. Football was a way to pay for college and that was it. I spent as little time on it as I could get away with and spent most of my time trying to graduate at the top of the engineering school. I didn't get to the top, but I was close. My mom didn't make nearly enough as an RN to send me to Berkley and my sister to Carnegie Mellon, but grants, scholarships and working as a tutor every spare minute I had kept me in school.

I was about half way through that last semester when I saw my advisor hurrying after me down the hall. "Dray, wait up for a minute," she called.

I stopped and waited for her to catch up. "Hey, Dr. Beiler, what's up?" I asked.

"Dray, I need to talk to you for a minute," she panted as she came up. "Do you have any tutoring openings?"

"Well, yeah; one of my guys flunked out last week. His parents pulled him out. He seemed to be more interested in partying anyway. I guess that doesn't make you very confident in my tutoring abilities, does it?" I laughed.

"Don't be silly," she said. "I know how smart you are. I know you better than my own kids. I have a student that needs some help with her advanced math course. You can do this stuff in your sleep. In fact, I suspect you did the last class you took from me in your sleep. Can you fit her in?"

"Sure, anything for you, Doc," I told her. "Have her give me a call or drop by the tutoring center on Thursday."

I didn't think much more about it for a week and I had forgotten about it until Thursday. My phone rang and I didn't recognize the number. I don't answer calls from people I don't know. I hate to talk on the phone. My iPhone buzzed that I had a voice mail. I listened to it and an angry female voice reminded me that I was supposed to meet her at the center. Hell! I had forgotten.

I hurried over and got the shock of my life. Gloria Willis was leaning against a partition and she wasn't happy. I had never spoken to her but I knew who she was. Everyone knew who she was. She was everyone's wet dream. She was this spectacular redhead. Her hair was this flaming mane that made you want to reach out and touch it to see if it gave off heat. It was down to the middle of her back and it bounced when she moved like it was in slow motion. She had the most amazing, bright blue eyes you've ever seen and this clear, milky skin that looked like it was translucent. A patrician nose, high cheekbones, a cupid's bow mouth and a little pointed chin made a face that Titian would have died to paint. Then there was the rest of her.

She oozed sensuality. She had huge, round breasts that looked like they were about to destroy her bra at every step. Her waist was small enough that it looked like you could span it with your hands and then she swelled out into wide hips and the roundest, jiggliest ass that could be imagined. She was the person that every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to possess. If you were interested in being popular and sought after, all channels went through her. She dated only the star athletes and top rich playboys on campus. She was constantly surrounded by a court of admirers and she looked like a queen with her royal retinue around her. Now she was someone I was supposed to tutor and she wasn't happy with me. Those blue eyes were ice cold and the look she gave me would have frozen polar bears.

"Miss Willis, I'm Dray Cabot," I said. "I'm sorry; I thought you were going to call if you needed help,"

"That wasn't my understanding," she said. "Can we just get started?"

I sat down at the table and asked to see her assignment. I started to explain it and when I asked her some questions I could tell right away she didn't have a clue.

"Have you been going to class?" I asked her.

"Yes, but it's just before lunch and I get a lot of texts," she said.

She reached out and touched my hand. It felt like I had been tazered. Her hand was burning hot on mine. She gazed into my eyes and I felt like I was melting. "Dray, wouldn't it be easier if you just did the assignments?" she asked. My underwear were killing me.

"What the hell? Yes, that would be easier, but it wouldn't help you at all," I told her. "That's not what I'm here for. I don't do assignments. If you want me to help you, I'm in. If you're just here to try to scam me into doing your assignments for you by batting your eyes at me, I'll ask Dr. Beiler to get you someone that gives a rat's ass." I pulled my hand away.

She stared at me in shock for a minute and then just got up and walked out. I guess she must have had a novel experience. Maybe she was used to putting her spell on people and getting them to do whatever she wanted. She could probably have done that to me too except I knew those big blue eyes weren't for me and that hot little hand was just an empty promise on mine. She was so far out of my league she might as well have been on the moon and I resented her trying to manipulate me like that. I had her in a dozen classes down through our time at Berkley and she had never even so much as looked at me before. I got up and went back to the dorm in disgust. I had forgotten all about the incident the next day at lunch. I was working on a project on my laptop and eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich at a table by myself. I felt a shadow fall across the table and I looked up. It was her!

Shit, I thought to myself. Here we go again. I closed my laptop, wrapped my sandwich up and stood up. I was walking away when I noticed she was following me.

"Look, Miss Willis," I said. "I don't know what you're selling today, but I don't want any. Isn't there some quarterback waiting for you somewhere?"

Those huge blue eyes filled with tears and became liquid pools. I felt like a real asshole for a minute. Then I remembered who this was and I turned away again.

"Why don't you like me?" I heard the sob from behind me.

"What?" I could hardly believe my ears. I turned around and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Jesus, this girl was good!

"Why do you hate me?" she asked. "You don't even know me. Why are you being so mean to me?"

"I know this must be a new concept for you, Miss Willis, but some of us are here to actually learn something," I said. "Some of us actually plan to get a job by studying hard and making grades. Some of us don't give a crap who you are or who you date or whether or not we're going to all the Greek parties. You wasted my time. Do you know how I buy shoes? I do it by tutoring people that want my help. I'm not some frat boy. I'm not some football player that wants to be seen with you on his arm. Do you understand?"

"That's not true, you are a football player," she said. "What makes you think I'm not serious about my education? What makes you think I'm just some bimbo that parties all the time?"

I guess she had a point. "Okay, I'm a football player. I don't know you, but what you suggested last night, putting your hand on mine, asking me to do your assignment; that's bullshit, Miss Willis."

"My name is Gloria," she said. "I'm sorry I asked you to do my assignments. Will you give me another chance?"

I was royally pissed off, but she had a point. "What, exactly, do you mean by another chance?"

"I want you to tutor me."

"Okay, but no more bullshit," I said.

"No more bullshit," she agreed.

"I'll meet you in the tutoring center at seven," I told her.

"I was hoping you'd come to my apartment," she said. "I hate that center. I feel stupid going there. It's like I'm some dummy you're teaching to count."

"Okay, but you'll have to pay for my time going and coming," I told her.

She agreed and gave me the address. "I promise you won't regret it," she said.

When I got to her place I was surprised. She lived in a huge apartment. She had three roommates and the place had four bedrooms, a huge living room and a really nice kitchen. Two of the roommates were there and she introduced me. There was a tall, sultry blonde named Rhonda and a tiny little oriental girl named Tina. Gloria told me the other roommate was a guy named Tim and he had a night class. She ran the other two girls off and got out her books. I sat on the sofa and she came and sat beside me, putting her books on the coffee table and pulling it close so we could work. She really didn't have a clue what was going on and we had to go way back in the book to get to something she understood. I started catching her up and she amazed me. This girl was scary smart. If she had paid attention at all in class she would have all this stuff wrapped up. I would get half way through explaining something and she would pick up her pencil and finish it.

Advanced math; calculus and trigonometry, is mostly formulas and knowing the right formula to apply to a particular problem. She picked it up quickly and we caught up on two weeks' worth of stuff in one night. We worked until nine thirty and we called it a night. She sat back on the sofa and stretched. Something hit me on the cheek and fell to the floor. I looked down and it was a button. I glanced at her and noticed the third button on her shirt had popped off. Her shirt was so tightly stretched across her amazing chest that the thread had snapped and I could see her white bra through the gap in her shirt. She hadn't noticed and when she leaned back down I picked the button up and handed it to her. She looked at it and giggled. That giggle made me very uncomfortable because my cock started to become uncomfortable in my pants. She smelled good too. It was one of those Chanel scents and it fit her perfectly.

"Dray, do you have anything tomorrow?" she asked as she walked me to the door.

"Yes, I'm working from after I get out of practice at six until nine," I told her.

"I'll pick you up at nine," she said.

"What for?" I asked.

"I'm taking you to The Cellar for pizza and a beer," she said. "They have a wood fired pizza oven and it's really good."

I didn't know what to say about that. "What..."

"Wear a shirt with a collar," she cut me off and shut the door.

I had no idea what this was about. She must have something in mind, but I couldn't imagine what it was. I was already tutoring her so she obviously wasn't trying to get it for free since she had plenty of money. It was too deep a game for me, so I just decided to go along for the ride. My mind wandered in class the next day. It was Friday and I decided to skip my last class. I went to practice and dealt with the assholes there. For some reason, a lot of football players are huge douche bags. I guess it comes with the 'high school hero' thing. The first string guys are usually pretty cool but the upperclassmen that haven't made first string are total tools. They make life as miserable as possible for the guys that are lower on the depth chart. There was one in particular, a jerk named Chance Chapman that I hated with a passion. He was the second string tight end and he was always mouthing off to someone. He caught me on a bad day.

I was getting a drink and he turned the pump off. I flipped it back on and he did it again. I flipped it back on and stood in front of the switch so he couldn't get to it. He laughed and said something about nerds and engineers. I smiled and trotted back out on the field. The next play they called was a spider three y banana and he came across under the coverage. The quarterback hit him and I was waiting. I lit him up like a Christmas tree. I heard ribs cracking and I power slammed him, driving my shoulder into those broken ribs. He screamed and went out like a candle. The assistant coach came running over screaming at me. "You son-of-a..."

I reached out and grabbed him by the front of the shirt. "Go ahead, finish that," I growled. His mouth opened and closed a few times and I shoved him away. I knew he didn't want to fuck with me. I was the second strongest guy on the whole team and the other guy weighed 360 pounds. I'm pretty easy going but no one with any sense wants to piss me off. I can bench 225 pounds more than twenty five times. They carried Chapman off on a stretcher and practice was over.

I had a freshman to tutor and I skipped supper. She was a cute little blonde named Alicia and she's as smart as a whip. She didn't take many advanced science classes in high school and she was struggling a little. She was going to be fine. I went back to the dorm and put on khakis and a polo shirt. I drank a bottle of some piss tasting sports drink and my phone buzzed. It was Gloria. "I'm outside," she texted.

I went down and she was sitting there in a bright yellow Jeep Wrangler. It was sharp. I'm glad she didn't ask me to drive. My 1969 Charger RT with the 426 Hemi ran and sounded great, but the interior and the paint were a little rough. I figured it was a small price to pay to drive my dream car. I climbed into the Wrangler and she was bouncing to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible."

"Hey, Dray," she giggled. "That rhymes. You ready for some fun?"

"I don't know," I said. "Is this going to be fun for me?"

"Of course it is; you're with me, babe," she laughed and spun out of the lot. She had the top off and that mane of red hair flipped in the wind as I grabbed the handle and held on. She drove way too fast and I was a wreck when we pulled up at The Cellar. It really was in the basement and there was a really good smell wafting up the stairs along with the heavy bass beat of George Michael's "Faith" greeting us. She had grabbed me by the hand and she held on as we came in. There was a lined bar on the right past a group of those tall tables with bar stools on the left. There were half dozen booths in the back and she led me back to the only empty booth. Every head in the room turned to watch her and she threw back her hair and laughed up at me as we walked through the drool coming from the guys at the bar. She was smoking hot and she knew it. I have never seen a woman as sexually attractive as she was with all those eyes on her. I just felt like a fool. What was I doing here?

She motioned to a waitress and she came over. "What kind of beer do you drink, Dray?" she asked. "It's on me."

"Do you have Waldhaus Jubiläums Dunkel?" I asked the waitress.

"No, I don't think so," she said. "Isn't that a dark lager?"

I was impressed. "Yeah, just match that as close as you can," I told her.

"How about a St. Pauli Girl Special Dark?" she asked.

I nodded and she brought us two. "This is good, Dray," Gloria told me. "How did you get that name? I've never heard it before."

"My Dad was a fan of obscure Science Fiction," I told her. "He read a series of books over and over and the main character's name was Dray. Why are we here, Gloria? What's going on? Are you trying to make someone jealous? Are you playing some kind of game with me?"

She looked hurt. "Jesus Christ, Dray; stop being such a prick. I want to get to know you. Why do you act like that's a crime?"

"Why? That's what I want to know. Why do you want to get to know me?"

She looked at me speculatively. "I don't really know. There's something about you. I've seen you around. I know we've had classes together and you've never spoken to me once. I'm curious. Is there something about me you don't like? Do you have something against gingers? Are you gay? Every guy I've ever met can't take their eyes off of me, but you just act like I don't exist. Why is that? I wanted to ask you those questions, so I asked you out. You obviously weren't going to ask me, even when I put on that show with the button thing last night."

I laughed. "I don't think you quite asked me out, Gloria. It's more like you gave me orders and I thought the button thing was an accident. You're a piece of work, kiddo."

"Ooh, I like pet names," she smiled up at me. "So, are you going to answer me?"

The waitress saved me by taking our order. We ordered our pizza and some wings and she went away. Gloria just looked up at me with those amazing eyes and waited expectantly.

"I'm not a masochist," I told her. "I don't tilt at windmills and I don't ask girls out that I don't think I have any chance of actually succeeding with. I don't know you, but I know about you. Everyone on campus knows about you."

"They don't know shit," her eyes were flashing now. "Neither do you. What makes you think I wouldn't go out with you if you asked me?"

"Well, look at you," I said. "I know my limitations."

"That's just the problem with you and all the guys like you," she said. "You just look at me. That's all anyone ever does. They see my tits and my face and my ass and they never see anything else. The jocks and rich kids think I'm some kind of trophy. All they want is a fuck toy. The ordinary guys think I'm unapproachable and never ask me. I would have gone out with you in a heartbeat if you had ever asked me."

I knew my mouth was hanging open. I still wondered if she was playing some sort of game with me. Finally I collected my wits enough to speak. "I apologize, Gloria. You've got me pegged. I always saw you with some dickhead playboy or Greek president or big name jock and I just assumed that's the kind of guy you preferred."

She snorted. "That's the only kind of guys that ask me or talk to me. I'm more than tits, Dray."

"I know that," I said. "You're very smart. I suspect you did very well on the SAT, didn't you?"

"It was nearly 2000," she said.

"I figured as much. I could tell the way you were chewing up that math. What's your major?"

"It's biochemistry," she said. "I'm going to be an anesthesiologist."

"So, you're going to give people so many drugs they pass out?" I asked.

She laughed. "I guess that's one way of looking at it. What about you, Dray?"

"I'm an electronic engineer, or I will be when I graduate. I already have a job lined up in Austin, TX working for a big aerospace company. I get my signing bonus in two weeks. Say, Gloria; would you like to go out with me and celebrate?"

She scooted over closer to me and held my arm. One of those big, round breasts was pressed against my arm and my underwear needed adjusting. "I'd like that a lot," she said.

Our wings came and we chatted like old friends while we ate. The pizza was as good as she promised and about halfway through she waved at someone who came in. It turned out to be her roommate Tim. He came over and sat across from me. Gloria introduced us and he shook my hand.

"Glad to meet you," he said. "I've been hearing all about you since last night. Gloria hasn't talked about anything else. I'm jealous."

"Are you two... ?"

Gloria laughed. "No, silly; he's jealous of me. Tim's gay, in case you haven't noticed."

I choked a little on my beer and she frowned. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"Not at all," I said when I could speak. "He can be anything he wants to be. I don't give a damn. I'm not gay and as long as no one has a problem with that, we'll get along fine."

"Not even curious?" Tim smirked at me.

"Not even a little," I said. "I like gorgeous little Titian haired girls."

Gloria beamed up at me. "I know what that means," she said.

"I don't," Tim said. "What does that mean?"

"There was an Italian painter named Titian who painted women with red hair. That's where the name came from," I told him. "I'm surprised Gloria knows."

"I know a lot of things, buster," she said. "I'm not just a pair of tits, I told you that."

"Yeah, but you've got quite a pair," I laughed.

She cupped her hands under them. "You mean these little old things?" she batted her eyes at me. I swear, I could see her nipples spring erect and try to tear a hole in her shirt. I know my cock gave a lurch. In the next hour there were three more people that joined us and we had to move to a table. By the end of the evening we were part of a group of a dozen. Gloria attracted people like flies to honey and we were the center of attention. She never let go of my arm the whole night. Several people were dancing and I worked my nerve up enough to ask her. She sprang up and took me out on the floor. We danced one song and then two different guys tried to cut in. Gloria nearly froze them to death. She was probably the best dancer I had ever seen. Dancing slow with her was like having sex with your clothes on. We danced another song and she wanted to leave.

"Gloria, it's okay if you want to dance with someone else," I told her. "I know I'm not your boyfriend or anything."

"Who told you that?" she asked. "If I wanted to dance with someone besides you I would have. Let's get out of here."

She gave me another hair-raising ride in the Wrangler and I noticed we were out by the bay. She pulled into a driveway and we were looking down at the Bay Bridge."

"Where are we and why are we here?" I asked.

"This is the Presidio and we're here to cuddle," she said.

"Are we trespassing? Isn't this a military base?" I asked.

"No one will bother us," she said. "I know people."

How convenient, I thought. It must be nice to know people. She went around back and rummaged around. When she came back she had a thick blanket and a pillow. She put them on the hood and leaned back on the pillow against the windshield. She patted the blanket beside her and I jumped up. She took my arm and put it around her neck under her head. She turned so that she was laying half over me with those huge pillows of her breasts crushed against my side and looked up into my face.

"Tell me about Dray," she said.

"There's not much to tell. I'm not that interesting."

She snuggled closer. "Why don't you let me be the judge of that?"

"Okay, I was born in Modesto and we lived around there all my life. My Mom lives in Stockton and I have a little sister that is in college too. She's a freshman and she's brilliant. I love my family more than my life. My Dad died when I was ten from leukemia and my Mom has been my best friend ever since. I got a football scholarship to come here and I don't like football much. I want to do aircraft and military electronics engineering and I've got that job offer I told you about."

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.

"No, not unless you're volunteering."

"I might," she nuzzled her cheek into my chest.

"I had a girlfriend all through high school," I told her. "When I was a junior here I found out she was sleeping with a friend of ours from high school while I was up here. She'd cut it off when I was home and the minute I came back they were at it again. I got rid of her."

"I'm sorry, I know how that must have hurt," she said.

"How could you possibly know that?" I laughed. "A man would have to be insane to cheat on you."

"Thanks, you're very sweet," she said. "That hasn't happened to me. I rarely go out with the same person twice. I've never really had a steady boyfriend."

"So tell me about Gloria," I said.

"I don't think you'd like her very well," she told me. "I'm different around other people than I am with you. I'm kind of a predator, Dray. I know why people hang with me. The boys all want to fuck me and the girls think I'll rub off on them. They're trying to use me and I use them instead. I'm pretty cynical. My parents are very wealthy and pretentious. They look down their noses at the little people around them. I'm pretty much like that too because I don't know any people like you. I have a little sister too. She's very sweet and kind. You'd like her better than me. Her name is Cecilia and she's a freshman at UCLA. When I was in high school, I had a boyfriend, but he was a total dipshit. He ran with the same crowd I did and he was just someone to take me to things. I dumped him the day after we graduated. I have good grades here, except for the math thing you're helping me with. I'm going to medical school after I graduate. I don't know where yet. I'm thinking about the University of Texas," she smiled up at me. "I haven't really thought about that, but you said your job was in Austin."

I laughed. "What do you like to do?"

"I like horses," she said. "I ride and jump. I like skiing, mostly water. I like books and clothes. What can I say, I'm a girl. I like board games and fast cars. I like sex. I mean, I like it a lot. I'm being totally honest with you here Dray. I like to fuck and I do it a lot. I'd prefer to find someone I love and want to be with long term, but I'm not waiting around for that. I like romance and I'll fuck anyone that interests me, male or female. If I find that special guy, I'll be his for life. I haven't found him yet, but I'm hoping. Are you interested in that Gloria? If you aren't, I'd like to be your very good friend."

"Are you sure you aren't playing some game here, Gloria? Is this some bet you're settling? Do you have cameras hidden in the bushes? Why would you be interested in someone like me?"

"Well, it started because you weren't interested in me. I was curious. I'm kind of starting to see why. You're completely comfortable in your own skin, aren't you Dray?"

"Well, yeah. I guess I am. I like myself, Gloria."

"I like you to," she whispered. "I think you sell yourself short. You're tall, very muscular and ruggedly handsome. I think you'll always be a hunk even when you're old. You aren't pretty or cute, but you have that look about you that says you're confident and know what you want. You have that crooked smile and very good teeth. I think most girls would fuck you in a second, but you don't want that, do you?"

"I like sex as much as anyone," I told her. "I'm kind of waiting for that special person too. I go out with girls and sometimes I sleep with them, but only if I'm looking for that and only if we understand no one's going to get hurt."

She climbed up on top of me. "I want to kiss you," she said. She pressed those incredibly soft and luscious lips to mine and we kissed for a minute. She drew back and then she attacked me. I swear, she tried to give me a tonsillectomy right there on the hood of that Wrangler. She was panting when she drew back and I could see all that wildness in her eyes. This was an incredibly passionate woman. I could tell that anyone that was on the receiving end of all that energy was going to experience something that few men ever see. She hooded it and the light in her eyes smoldered.

"Will you sleep with me?" she asked.

"No," I answered.

"That's what I thought," she nodded. "Why not?"

"Because someone would get hurt," I told her. "I couldn't just sleep with you once, Gloria. I could only be with you on a permanent basis. You're not ready for that, are you?"

"No, you're right," she said. "I can't be with you now. I can tell that if you fucked me I would want more. But I wouldn't be able to be what you need. That would hurt you and it would destroy me. Can we be friends?"

"Best friends, if you want that," I told her. "Just not lovers."

"Can we flirt? I'll let you play around with me. I love foreplay," she said. "I think I can handle that. Maybe we'll warm up for the big event someday."

"No, I would want more," I told her. "Just friends, okay?"

"Will you go out with me? Stuff like tonight?" she asked.

"I'd like that. I'm still getting to know Gloria and I like her a lot," I said.

We were seldom apart after that. We went everywhere and did everything together. She dated and I know she fucked some of the men she went out with. She wasn't really promiscuous but all that sensuality couldn't be contained. It bothered me a lot, but she set me up with friends of hers for dates and I was dating a lot prettier class of women than before I met her. I went from nobody to the man every woman on campus wanted to go out with overnight. It was a shock to me, but that was the force of her personality. We were becoming closer and closer.

She spent the night with me lots of times and I held her while she wept when her Mom died. She had breast cancer and I went to the funeral with her. Gloria was really sad after that for a couple of weeks and she stayed with me the whole time. After we graduated we stayed close and when I left for Texas for my new job she turned up two months later. She made good on that idea of going to the University of Texas. I was doing well on the job. I had thought of a way to pack twice the number of processors onto the same card and I patented it. When the company found out about it they gave me a big promotion and bought the patent. I was suddenly and unexpectedly wealthy. I don't mean a hundred thousand wealthy. I was making more in a month than I had made in all my life before and the patent netted me seven figures.

She stayed with me for two weeks while she looked for a place. We found her a nice apartment and she moved there. She stayed for six months. Her lease was up and she called me and asked me out to lunch. We talked and I could tell she wanted to tell me something but couldn't quite get it out.

"Gloria, I can tell something's wrong," I told her. "I've got to get back to work and you aren't going to have time to tell me. Do you want to come over for dinner and tell me?"

She kissed me. "Yes, Dray. I do have something to tell you, but it's hard. It may take me a while. Can I spend the night?"

"Of course; mi casa es su casa," I told her. "I'll see you tonight."

She was there when I got home. She was watching some goofy comedy show on MTV2 and she had already showered and changed. She kept clothes at my house because she spent the night so often. She had on a blue Tweety Bird nightgown that was just a long t-shirt. Her long, glorious legs were bare and tanned and she plainly didn't have on a bra. I ordered pizza and we drank Samuel Adams Bock beer and watched a movie on HBO. When the movie was over she muted the TV and pulled her legs up under her like women can do and men can't. Females are the flexible sex. She turned to face me.

"Dray, I think I'm ready now," she said.

"Ready for what, babe?" I asked.

"I'm ready for you to make love to me," she said. "I've known you nearly a year. I love you. You're my best friend and you're the best friend I've ever had. You like me because I'm me. Sure, you ogle my tits all the time, but you don't paw me. You never make a pass at me. You just like me. I'm not used to that and it's been making quite an impression on me. My feelings for you haven't changed since I met you. I wasn't good enough for you, but I've loved you since that night on the Presidio. I think I've grown up and I'm ready to make that commitment. Do you love me, Dray? Are you in love with me? I'm sure as hell in love with you and it's going to break my heart if you don't love me. I want to be yours. I want you to be mine," she started to cry. "I've never felt like this before and I'm miserable with wanting to be with you. Say something, dummy!"

"I'm kind of in shock here," I told her. "I do love you, Gloria. I'm like you. I loved you that first night and I still love you. I have to tell you though; I'm still not sure about this. I know I can be with you, but can you be with me? That's the question. It was never about me. I know how you affect people. Men are going to be hitting on you all the time. Can you do it, Gloria? Can you be faithful?"

"If you're mine, I can," she wept. "I know how I am too, but I swear to God, Dray; I love only you and I'll be only yours if you let me."

"We don't have to do this, Gloria. I'll love you if we don't, but I have to warn you; if you and I do this, it's a one shot deal. You know that, right?"

"Yes," she nodded. "I know. I get so jealous when I see you with other women, Dray, even the ones I set you up with. I know you must be feeling that too and I swear I'll be the best girlfriend you ever had. You know I'm going to still be me. I like the hunt, you know that. I like making men dream about me. I like winding them up. It makes me hot and wet. But I want you to know that when I do that it's only going to be winding me up for you. You can watch me at first if that's what it takes to get your trust. I think I can make you comfortable. You're going to see that I'm only for you. I'll come home to you and I'll be so horny I'll fuck your brains out. I want to do that right now. Can I be your girlfriend, Dray? My lease is up. Can I live with you?"

"Yes, we'll do that," I said. "There's just one thing though."

"What?" I could see the doubt in her eyes.

"I'll be right back," I told her. I went into the bedroom and came back and knelt in front of her. Her eyes went wide and her lips made a little round O. I took out the ring I had bought three months ago. "Gloria Willis, will you marry me?" I asked her.

She squealed and tackled me to the floor. "Yes, oh yes, oh, thank you God and Jesus. I will, I do; all of that. I'm going to rape you now Dray." She proceeded to do just that.

I knew she was a goddess. She exuded sexuality from every pore of her body. There was something about her that just screamed fertility. Those huge breasts, her big round ass; those wide hips, her flaming mane of hair, those huge blue eyes, the face that looked like it belonged in a makeup add, her full, luscious lips; everything about this woman was just primed to make all the cocks in any room stand up to attention. That was with her clothes on, and she didn't dress that provocatively. I picked her up and she was a solid chunk of muscle in my arms. She was a big girl, probably close to five ten and 130 pounds. Most of that was packed into those huge tits and her very muscular ass. I sat her down at the foot of the bed and she locked her arms around my waist and her lips to mine. I'd kissed her lots of times but since the first time she'd kissed me there had never been anything like this.

I looked in her eyes and there was a fire in there that could have burnt down the world. It consumed my soul and I knew this woman was the other half of me. I was going to love her for the rest of my life and the rest of the world could go to hell. She pulled me backward to the bed and I knelt between her thighs. She was frantically pulling that nightgown off over her head.

"God, Dray," she gasped. "I need you inside me, babe. We can play later, but you've got to fuck me now. I've been burning up inside for a year and I need you inside me so bad!"

I felt the urgency too and she was trembling under me as we slid up on the bed. She reached down to grasp me and pulled me up into all that moist heat. She was dripping wet and ready. I'm not one of those guys that compares cocks, but either she was really small down there or she hadn't expected me to be very big. I knew she'd fucked around a lot but she was so tight that if I'd been claustrophobic I'd have had a panic attack.

"Oh, God, Dray; slow baby! I haven't done this since I've been in Texas. I've never had anything like that either. Well, I had a really gigantic one once but I hated it. It just hurt. You're too big for me so you're going to have to be really patient. I'll take it all but you have to go slow or you'll hurt me. You're so thick you're nearly tearing me."

"I'll never hurt you," I told her. "I swear to God that pain in your life is over, Gloria. I'm going to make this good for you. Have you really not fucked anyone since you've been here?"

"Yes," she groaned. "I needed to see if I had grown up enough to just be yours. It was very hard for me. This is the longest I've been without fucking someone since I was sixteen. I've been burning up, but I passed my test and I kept myself for you."

I was so happy I wanted to cry. With the head of my cock inside her the terrible urgency seemed to vanish and I pulled out, kneeling back between her legs. Her little pink pussy was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Well, I reconsidered when I saw those two huge mounds on her chest. I had to get my hands and mouth on those amazing pillows of hers. I slid up over her, kissing as I went until I got to her forehead. I looked into her eyes and they were blazing up at me. I began to explore her and it was a fantastic journey. She had little diamond studs in her ears and when I nibbled my way down and took one between my teeth, tickling behind it with my tongue she groaned. That seemed to be a trigger for her and I nibbled on the other one. She exploded, thrusting herself up under me and she screamed. I think they could have heard her at the state capitol. She shook and writhed under me as I kissed her lips and down over her neck. She kept quivering and little shock waves kept sweeping through her amazing body. She went off again when I got to that little hollow over her collarbone and again when I took one big nipple between my teeth.

"Yes, bite me, Dray," she groaned. "Bite my nipple, babe. Oh my God, you're driving me crazy! That's it, babe, just like that!"

I worked those amazing breasts with every fiber of my being. I had never seen such amazing breasts. You occasionally see some porn star with really huge fake tits, but these were all Gloria and now they were all mine. I knew she wouldn't have implants and her breasts were so soft and so firm all at the same time I just couldn't get enough. They were milky, creamy white and silky smooth with pink nipples that spiked up three quarters of an inch from surprisingly small pink areola. They were the most beautiful mounds of femininity I had ever imagined. I have a good imagination and I had pictured in my head a million times what they would look like and feel like. My imagination was a paltry thing before the beauty under my lips.

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