The Daddy-daughter Sex Club
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A trip to some of the darker parts of the internet leads a widowed father to discover things about his daughter, and what other fathers are willing to expose their daughters to, that he never knew.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys  

Robert had not been happy in a long time. The easiest date to pin for how long it had been was four years ago, when his wife was hit by a drunk driver and killed while walking home from the park with their daughter. In reality it went back further than that, but it was a good, believable date and Robert had almost convinced himself now that he'd been happy before that.

When he had a little too much to drink and went to bed at night he knew the real last time he'd been happy, though, and thought of it often. He'd just graduated college and had a solid job. He was single, and the high school girls he'd always fancied weren't creeped out by him yet. Enough of them weren't, anyway. Eventually he met one and fell in love, which was great in its own way, but her body aged. He kept up a happy facade but things just weren't the same. He was devastated when she passed away, leaving him and him alone to care for their teenage daughter, but he wasn't sure they'd have stayed married another four years anyway.

Robert had only been with two women since his wife's passing; an escort a few months afterward and then an on-again off-again girlfriend that he'd finally called it quits with a year ago. Since then he'd tended to his sexual needs with pornography. It'd started with normal porn but quickly he returned to his old favorites; barely legal teens. Over time he even began to dabble in pictures and videos of younger girls, eventually building up enough of a collection to where he could trade with other connoisseurs of underage women, and he'd developed almost a friendship with a few of them. Late one night he was chatting with one of his most trusted sources when the topic of his daughter came up.

Daddy46: So you have a daughter, right?

Bobman72: Yeah ... I'm not into her though. It's not like that for me

Daddy46: Oh I know, I know. You've said that before. Doesn't mean I can't be :P

Bobman72: I just don't think of her that way. She's still my little girl, you know?

Daddy46: I know, I get where you're coming from. How old is she now?

Bobman72: 16 as of last month

Daddy46: Would you mind sending me a pic of her? Clothed is fine, just any pic. Love to know what she's like. I'll return the favor with Britt.

Daddy46: If you don't want to it's fine.

Bobman72: No, I'll do it. I'll be honest, I've been wondering what your daughter looks like too. Here you go.

Robert selected a picture of his daughter that wasn't overly risque but that would show off what she was working with. It was from a trip they'd taken to the beach a few months ago, and in it she was smiling a rare, big smile and holding up a sand dollar she'd found. Her tan skin and youthful curves matched well with her bold blue, tight bikini. There was a long pause after he hit send.

Daddy46: Oh, wow. I mean, I imagined her being attractive, but ... wow. She's gorgeous. And she looks so happy. What's her name again?

Bobman72: Thanks, I know she's something else. I just can't help but see her as the little kid that I had to change diapers for and bandage up scraped knees, haha. Her name is Stephanie.

Daddy46: As promised, here's Britt. She's 17 now.

The picture came across after a few seconds and Robert was equally blown away. This picture was different; it looked posed. She had long brunette hair and fair skin, with dark brown eyes and a thin build. She was wearing only a matching pink sports bra and pair of panties that even though they covered up as much as his daughter's bikini somehow felt more risque. She was sitting on her bed, leaned forward a little so that her chest stuck out, her legs open. She looked almost inviting. Bobman72: Wow. I have to ask, how did you get that picture?

Daddy46: Haha, I'd love to tell you but, I don't know if it'd be your thing.

That certainly sounded ominous to Robert.

Bobman72: I ... I think I'd like to know.

Daddy46: Ok, but you asked for it. Sometimes she makes ... little videos for me. With other guys. That's from one of the videos.

Bobman72: :O Do ... do they know?

Daddy46: Sometimes. It's kind of a long story. Would you be interested in one of the videos?

Bobman72: I don't think I have a whole lot to trade. Not that'd be worth that anyway.

Daddy46: Sure you do. I'm going to make you an offer. If you don't like it then it's fine to say no, and we'll just keep trading like we always have. If you do like it, it could open up a lot of opportunities for you.

Bobman72: I'm listening...

Daddy46: Give me your daughter's IM address and don't bother her for a couple hours. I'll try and get her to cam with me. If she doesn't want anything to do with me then fine, but if she does then you have to be ok with that.

Robert took a few deep breaths. He was pretty sure Stephanie wouldn't do anything for a random guy messaging her, but what if she did...

Bobman72: I doubt you'll get much from her, but her address is sweetstephygirl. You can't tell her where you got it from of course.

Daddy46: Of course. I'll send the video now. I'll message you when I'm done chatting with your daughter.

A file transfer notification popped up and Robert quickly hit accept. His heart was pounding; what had he just done? He paced around his room for a minute, debating whether or not to desperately message the other guy back and beg him to not go through with it. The video finished download though and once he hit play he was enthralled.

The video started with the same frame the picture he'd been sent. Now it was moving, though, and far more real.

"Ever fucked on camera before?" a male voice behind the camera asked. It sounded young.

"No," she said, with a giggle. Robert thought that even the boy must have known she was lying. He didn't seem to care at all as she reached down and popped her bra off, revealing a much better chest than Robert had assumed from the picture. She was thin, but well proportioned.

The camera settled down, probably onto a dresser, and the boy walked onto the frame. Like Robert had suspected he was younger, probably about the girl's age. He was already nude and erect, and the girl giggled some more as she crawled forward and took his cock into her mouth.

"Oh god," he said, putting his hands on either side of her head but not really knowing what to do as she expertly ran her tongue up and down him. "You seem pretty experienced."

"Is that a bad thing?" she asked innocently, crawling off of the bed and getting on her knees in front of the lucky young man. She took it back in her mouth and moved her entire body as she bobbed her head up and down.

"No ... no ... I ... I don't know," he said, unable to move due to how good it felt. "How many guys have you been with?" Robert could hear a familiar pang of jealousy in the boys voice. You eventually grew out of it, but the desire to be the first one to plant your flag in a girl, or at least not the hundredth, took some time to work out.

"Enough to know what I'm doing." The girl stood up and removed her panties. Her pussy was shaved and perfect looking. "Now do you want to keep talking, or," she reached down and started stroking his shaft. "Do you want to fuck me?"

Jealousy is a strong emotion, but it rarely overpowers lust. The boy shoved her backward onto the bed, making her giggle again. She spread her legs wide. "Take me."

Without a word he leapt on top of her. He barely had to guide himself into her soaking pussy. He pounded away for a few seconds and Brittany felt him start to slow down.

"Doggy, doggy," she said breathlessly, trying to prolong it. She pushed him off and flipped over onto her hands and knees, perpendicular to the camera. Her breasts certainly did look pretty hanging like that. The boy aggressively took position behind her and started pounding again. He wasn't thrusting into her as much as pulling her pussy back onto him. It was less than a minute later when he slowed down again. This time Britt let him finish.

"Oh god, oh god, sorry it was so quick," he said, pulling out and sitting beside her.

"It's ok, must be all my experience." She giggled again. "Better clean you up, would hate for Cindy to taste anything on you later." She leaned down toward his soaked cock, mouth open.

"You're kidding me," he said, dumbfounded. But she wasn't. She licked the residual cum off of the head of his cock and worked her way down, leaving it not quite good as new but very clean.

"You go wash up, you need to be gone before daddy gets home." He grabbed his clothes and rushed down the hall to the bathroom. Once she heard the water running Brittany walked toward the camera.

"Sorry it was so short daddy, we'll do better next time. The older guys are better fucks, hopefully that last part will get you to unground me a little early." She giggled one final time before turning the camera off.

Robert was amazed at what he'd seen. He went back and watched the video again, and again. He rewatched the girl, basically his daughter's age, take complete sexual control of a guy. He watched her lick herself off of him. It was too much. He pulled out some tissues and got to work.

He'd barely even noticed the time when another chat window popped up. It'd been almost two hours.

Daddy46: How'd you like the video?

Bobman72: It's probably the hottest thing I've ever seen.

Daddy46: I know, right? I have several of them. That's one of the worse ones. Would you like to know how things went with Stephanie?

Bobman72: I don't know, would I?

Daddy46: First of all, don't panic. This is going to sound bad, but, she figured out where I got your name from. I guess she's found some of your folders of stuff on your computer and she put two and two together.

Bobman72: Oh god, no

Daddy46: Don't panic! She loves you a lot. She's willing to do ... a lot, to make you happy.

Bobman72: I don't understand.

Daddy46: She put on a show for me, a couple actually, when I promised to send you a few more things to keep making you happy.

Robert was stunned. How was he going to look his daughter in the face now? She was doing shows to get him underaged pornography. It was absurd.

Daddy46: And there's something else, but I think we should talk about it in person. I live about an hour away. Would you mind if I came over tomorrow evening to chat?

Bobman72: I ... I guess? Sure?

Daddy46: Great. I got your address from Stephanie. I'll be there tomorrow at 7. Keep an open mind.

The chat window closed. Robert's world was turned upside down. What had been an online fetish had suddenly transitioned back into the real world, and it was affecting his family. He considered going and talking to his daughter but couldn't work up the nerve. He shut everything off and went to sleep.

The next morning when he got downstairs Stephanie had beaten him and already had breakfast mostly ready. She was wearing tight grey sweatpants and a pink tank top.

"Stephanie, we need to talk," he said quietly.

"Scrambled or over easy? I always forget what you like. Or you keep changing it..." she didn't look up from the frying pan. She'd taken over so much of the housework over the last four years.

"Scrambled, and I do keep changing it. But look, we really need to talk about last night."

"We really don't," she said, keeping focused on her work. "Not right now anyway. Nathan isn't coming until tonight." "Nathan? You know his name?"

"You don't?" she asked, finally looking up, her face scrunched. "Men," she said, shaking her head. "Fine, we can talk. Let me finish first though. I burned half the bacon already."

Robert sat down quietly and drank the coffee she'd made him. His daughter really was fantastic; he shouldn't be putting her through this. She finished up and put the plates down on their little table. A third, empty chair sat where during happier times her mother had been.

"Look," she said, trying to preempt him and get control of the conversation, "I think it's normal that you like girls my age. Most guys do, they just aren't honest with themselves. And I know you don't think of me that way, thank god, but you have to know that other guys do." She took a bite of bacon and chewed on it thoughtfully. This was as far as her preplanned speech had gotten.

"Stephanie," Robert said, shaking his head. But she cut him off again.

"You must know by now, even if you didn't before yesterday, that I'm a sexual person. I like sex. I know you know I've had it, and it hasn't been with a lot of people, but I do enjoy it. And what Nathan is going to talk to you about tonight, if you want to do it, I'm totally ok with. Completely ok."

"What are you talking about? What is he going to be talking about?"

"He wouldn't go into the details online, I guess it's kind of secretive. It's some sort of club or something. That's really all I know." She got up and walked over to her father, putting an arm around him. "You're my daddy, and since mom is gone it's my job to make sure you stay happy. You're all I've got and I'm all you've got. Whatever it is he's going to propose tonight ... I'm fine with." She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and returned to her seat.

"What did you two do online last night?" he asked, burying his head in his hands.

"You really want a play by play?" Stephanie cocked an eyebrow. Robert shook his head.

"Stephanie, this ... this is real life. There are real consequences to things we do."

"Daddy, when's the last time you were happy?" It was the perfectly blunt question that she was so good at asking. He rubbed his temples.

"It isn't all about happiness."

"Sometimes it is though, and this can be one of those times. Right now you're cooped up upstairs all day and I know what you've been watching. I know this is more extreme, but, the payoff is pretty great for both of us."

"Let me think about what Nathan has to say tonight," Robert said, shaking his head, "but I can't see myself saying yes to anything."

They didn't discuss the topic any more until that evening when, right on schedule, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll be upstairs if you need me," Stephanie said, bolting toward her room.

"I won't!" Robert called after her. After collecting his nerves he opened the door and was greeted by an extremely normal looking guy.

"Hey, you must be Robert," the guy said with a smile, shaking his hand. "I'm Nathan, it's great to finally meet." "Yeah, of course, come on in." Robert showed him to the living room and grabbed a beer for each of them.

"So did Stephanie tell you anything about our conversation last night?" Nathan asked smoothly.

"A little. And look, I really hope you aren't upset, but you might have wasted your time driving down here. I can't see myself letting her do, well, anything that I'm imaging you're about to ask."

"Not upset at all," he said with a smile,"but there's no harm in hearing what I've got to offer, right?" Robert shrugged his shoulders. "Great. So, for lack of a better term, the thing I'm involved with is a dating site. It matches fathers that are willing to share their daughters, and daughters that are willing to be shared. Everybody is on there because they want to be. Sometimes we have little parties, and everything is optional of course, but that's the core of it."

Robert thought for a few minutes, shaking his head.

"You'd get to see the profiles of these guys and their daughters, and so would Stephanie. You all might get on there and never find a pair you like, and that's fine. Unlikely, but fine. There are extremely strict safety measures as to who is allowed on there, and all of the guys are verified to be safe. If a girl ever has a problem with a guy being pushy or something then he's out. It's extremely rare, but we've taken measures against it anyway."

"So, she'd, like, be able to see these guys first? And talk to them?"

"Yeah, sure. They're guys like you and me, normal guys who are honest about their tastes in women and willing to let their daughters experience their sexuality. There's almost no commitment."


"Well, like I said, we have to be very strict about who has access. I would have to ... verify that your daughter is willing and able to perform." Robert nodded.

"So you'd have to fuck my daughter?"


Robert argued with himself. Had the moment of no return already happened last night, when he'd given away his daughter's information? Was he staring at it right now, with a real choice on whether to proceed or not?

"Ok," he said weakly. "I talked to her about it this morning. She's ... willing, that's for sure."

"She definitely is," he said with a big smile. "I won't torture you with the details, but you have a few firecracker here. You'll have no trouble finding matches on the site. Do you mind if I go see her right now?"

"Can I talk to her first?"

"Of course. I'll be here waiting."

Robert walked up the stairs slowly and knocked on his daughter's door. "It's your dad."

"Come on in." He walked in and saw her sprawled out on the bed, cheer shorts and a white spaghetti strap top on. "Did Nathan leave?" She sounded disappointed.

"No, he's downstairs, waiting. Stephanie, I need to know that you're ok with this, and that you're not just doing it for me. I don't want you to do this if you don't enjoy it." She sprung up.

"You're going to let me?" she said, beaming. "Like, for real? He's going to come upstairs now?" Robert nodded. Stephanie jumped forward and hugged him. "Yes, I want this. I promise." Robert returned the hug and sat her down on the bed.

"Alright." He rubbed his temples again and walked down the stairs. "She's ready."

Nathan nodded wordlessly and walked up to the door he'd just seen Robert walk out of. The door closed and Robert could hear muffled voices and laughs but not much more. He sat on his couch, trying not to imagine what was happening upstairs.

A sharp knock at the door snapped him out of his haze. He had sudden nightmares about it being the police, or one of those TV shows where they catch people doing illegal things. He looked out the peep hole and was relieved to see it was a teenage girl. A very familiar looking teenage girl, wearing a pink camisole with a black skull on it and jeans. He opened the door.

"Hi Brittney." The girl laughed. She had a sultry laugh.

"Please, call me Britt." She walked in and tossed her purse down on the counter. "Dad texted me to come on in, so I guess things are going well with ... Stephanie is it?"

"Yes, Stephanie, that's my daughter. I had no clue you were here though."

"Yeah that's part of the screening. It's not my first rodeo. You knew me though. Did dad send you one of the videos?" Robert nodded and the girl laughed. "That bastard. Oh well, anything for some new meat." She reached down and unclipped his belt.

"What, right here? In the living room?"

"You want to go upstairs where you can hear your daughter getting pounded?" Her raised eyebrow looked just like his daughters. Maybe all sassy teenage girls looked the same. Robert shook his head and pulled off his jeans.

"Good. How long has it been since you fucked a younger girl?"

"God, I don't even know. Since before I got married."

"You still married?"


"Good." She reached down and pulled off her top, the tight built in bra causing her chest to spring out and jiggle. "It doesn't bother me too much if they are, but," she reached under his shirt and slowly lifted it off, "the single guys always want it more."

Robert couldn't help himself and he started running his hands over her body. He played with her firm breasts, squeezing each one in his hand and marveling at how they stayed up so well. He hadn't seen a body like this in person in a long time.

Britt used one finger to push his chest and guide him back to the couch, where he obediently sat down. She pulled off his jeans and boxers and smiled at the size of his cock. "Dad picks em well."

She slid down and began to lick the balls gently, then a little rougher. He'd already been hard but this caused him to reach a level of erection he'd forgotten about. His cock slapped against her forehead as she licked harder and harder. She started stroking him, using the saliva from his balls as lube, until his shaft was nice and slick. He'd hardly even noticed but her jeans were now across the room. There was no sign of panties, either on the floor or on her.

She climbed up, letting his cock grind between her tight thighs. He leaned in to kiss her but she shook her head. "Mmnnmm. I don't kiss." Robert nodded and she reached down to guide his cock into her pussy. Like the rest of her body it was tight, and he had to fight the urge to climax immediately. He reached down and grabbed her hips, controlling the speed at which she was going up and down and making sure it wasn't too fast.

She rode him for several minutes before smiling and leaning in toward his ear. "Impressive," she whispered, "but you can cum whenever you'd like." Robert picked her up and let gravity bring her down slowly, savoring every inch of her pussy until he could take it no longer and he filled her up. She smiled again and slid him out of her, taking a seat next to him. He put his arm around her, still playing with her chest. "You know," he said smiling, "in the video I saw of you there was a little something that happened after the sex."

"Oh my god, he showed you that one!" she started laughing and buried her face in his chest. He couldn't tell if she was acting or genuinely embarrassed but it was a good show anyway. "He had a girlfriend. You're divorced, you can clean yourself up."

"Widowed actually," he said, trying not to sound too grim.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry. I didn't know that..."

"It's fine. You had no way to know." They sat in silence for a minute.

"About the kissing thing," she said, looking apologetic.

"No need to explain, I shouldn't have presumed."

"Well normally you'd know from the website, but I do kiss sometimes, when I really get to know a guy. I guess I just like to keep something special." They sat there for a few more minutes, nude bodies pressed together. They heard a knock from upstairs.

"Guess dad's done. We should get dressed and you should towel off this couch. Unless you and Stephanie are already really open with each other."

Britt could tell from how quickly Robert dressed himself and sanitized the couch that they weren't. She chuckled quietly to herself. "You all can come down now," he called after Britt got dressed.

Nathan had his arm around Stephanie's waist as they walked down the stairs. She was smiling, looking up at him. Her smile faded and the room got a little icy when she saw Brittany.

"Hi there. I don't think I caught your name," Stephanie said, hugging Nathan a little tighter.

Oh god, another jealous daughter, Britt thought, putting on a fake smile. "Hey, I'm Britt. And you must be Stephanie." She extended a hand but Stephanie didn't take it. Britt shrugged and pulled it away.

"Well, I guess we're done here then, right?" Stephanie said, walking Nathan to the door.

"I'll talk with her," Robert whispered to Brittany, worried this might impact his chances of seeing her again.

"Don't sweat it, happens all the time." She waited until she was sure Stephanie was watching and gave Robert a big kiss. To Robert's chagrin Stephanie decided to return the favor with Nathan, but it was worth it.

"Here's the info you need," Nathan said, handing Robert a piece of paper with several urls and passwords on it. "Obviously don't share it with anyone, and don't tell anyone about it. I think this is going to work out great." He politely separated himself from Stephanie and Britt followed him outside to their car.

"So what was all that about?" Robert asked his daughter once they were gone.

"All what?" She was a terrible liar and her father's stare told her he could see right through it. "I guess I was just surprised. I didn't know anybody would be down here with you this time. It was just sort of shocking to see a girl that you were ... with."

"How was it upstairs?"

"It was great. I had a really good time and I want to keep doing this. With him and with other guys. Even if it means sometimes you have to sleep with trashy sluts."

"She wasn't trashy."

"Please, she can't be on the sidewalk on Wednesdays because they'd accidentally put her in the dumpster."


"Fine, fine," she said, walking back up the stairs. "If that's your type I don't think you needed me for anything though." She closed the door behind her before Robert could retort with anything.

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