Kidnapped & Enslaved: Degrading a Mother & Her Two Daughters

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: The Master kidnaps a mother Barbara (age 38; measurements 40 DD-26-36) and her two 14-year-old, non-identical twin blonde daughters Sharon and Helen. All three females are beautiful, blonde, and blue eyed, with flawless white skin. The Master brainwashes and re-programs their minds, turning them into willing and eager sex slaves. They are forced to submit to degradation, objectification and exploitation like the rest of the Master's harem. (Sequel to "Watch Me Sodomize Your Daughters, Bitch".)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Sister   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Group Sex   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Flatulence   Oral Sex   Scatology   Spitting   Water Sports   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   .


This story is a slightly modified version of Chapter 3 from “Welcome to My World”. The events in this story follow those from the preceding chapter, which I also published as a separate story titled “Watch Me Sodomize Yours Daughters, Bitch”. In that story, the Master kidnaps a mother and her two daughters using his hyper-tech powers and teleports them to his private planet located in a hidden dimension. The Master exerts irresistible mind control over his victims. He brainwashes and re-programs their minds in stages. At no point can his victims ever resist. He changes their desires and their personalities to suit his wishes. He makes his victims want what he wants them to want. The lucky victims of the Master soon fall in love with him and enjoy their degradation and sexual slavery.

The kidnap victims in this story are three blondes: a mother in her late thirties and two young teenaged daughters. The daughters looked very similar, but not identical. All of them, mother and daughters, are extraordinarily beautiful. The daughters have long, golden blonde hair, very fair pink skin, blue eyes, and gorgeous faces. They are flat-chested youngsters, with barely a bump in the breast area. The mother has large breasts so her teen girls might yet grow a decent sized pair of tits.

The mother’s name is Barbara. Her hair is golden blonde. She is 38-years-old and still beautiful. Barbara has a 40 inch bustline with beautifully shaped DD-cup tits and a classic hourglass figure. She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and her full measurements are 40-26-36.

Barbara’s two daughters are sororal (non-identical) twin daughters named Sharon and Helen. Sharon is a virgin. Her eyes are deep blue. Her long blonde hair cascades down her back. Her smooth, pale pink skin is flawless. Helen is also a virgin and also a flawless beauty. She is in a contest with her sororal twin sister to see who can grow the longest blonde hair. Sharon has a nice, round ass. It was not a true bubble butt, yet it had a relatively large size and shape that promised much fun for me. Helen’s ass is a bit smaller, but not flat. Her hips are actually a trifle wider than her sister’s, which made her buttocks broader as well. Both girls have butts suitable for sodomy.

The present story begins on the morning after the Master kidnapped, raped, and enslaved the women and her children.

Spending my first night with new slaves is always a learning experience. During most of the night I snuggled with Barbara’s big 40 DD-cup tits next to my face where I could suck her large pink nipples at will. I made her 14-year-old sororal twin daughters Helen and Sharon take turns blowing me. I set up Sharon’s ass as my pillow while I let Helen keep my dick in her mouth for a time, then I let her mother take a turn. I used Helen’s ass as my pillow for some time and then let Sharon have her turn sucking my dick. I kept one of Barbara’s big pink-nippled tits in my mouth for much of the night. When I needed to piss, whichever bitch was sucking me at the time got the honor of gulping down her Owner’s urine. Barbara and Helen enjoyed that gift last night. When I needed to rest in deep sleep, I pulled my dick out of mouth of the blowjob bitch of the moment, rolled over on my side, and let my slaves rest too.

In a typical night I would have sex at least once with one or more of the bitches in my bed. This was not a typical night though. I had only abducted Barbara and her daughters the day before. On the first day of a kidnap, I always spend a lot of time raping my new property in every hole. I pay particular attention to throat-fucking and butt-fucking the women and teens. Sharon and Helen had been virgins. Now they have very sore assholes after the reaming they got for me. Their throats also suffered from the delightful abuse my dick inflicted in them. Barbara’s ass and mouth took quite a beating too, just like her girls, but as an adult her body endured it better. It was Barbara’s massive tits that suffered the most from my hands and mouth. I sucked and bit them hard. I squeezed, and yanked, and twisted them without mercy. She could now display as badges of honor the teeth marks and bruises I branded on her huge white breasts.

At sunrise the ceiling skylights brought us the first light of day. At that moment, I was using young Sharon’s ass as my butt pillow. Helen’s blonde head was down at my crotch with my dick in her mouth. Barbara lay by my side with both of her massive, pink-nippled breasts delighting my mouth. I grabbed Helen’s blonde hair and forced my dick deeper into the 14-year-old’s mouth until it hit the back of her throat. I pushed deeper, feeling the head of my dick enter the teen’s throat. Helen was an obedient and enthusiastic little slave. She immediately started making swallowing motions to give more pleasure to my dick. I held her head tightly, pulling on her long blonde hair.

Having my dick down the throat of this 14-year-old blonde beauty was wonderful in itself. It was even better when accompanied by the pleasure of her buxom mother holding her massive 40 DD-cup tits to my mouth, bending her massive knockers together so that I could get both of her pink nipples into my mouth at once. My head still rested on the pure white buttocks of Sharon. Her butt cheeks were jiggling a bit because Sharon was fingering her clit while I throat-fucked her sister and tit-sucked her big-breasted mother.

I used my mental control over these bitches to read their minds and dictate their feelings and actions. When I broke them in yesterday, I had programmed them to be my willing slaves for life. Now as I throat-fucked one of the teen girls, and enjoyed the ass of her sister, plus the big tits of her mother, I decided that when I had my orgasm, all three of my new slaves would orgasm too, simultaneously. I could make them cum any time I wanted. I could use them to make me cum any time I wanted. This would be a time for all of that.

Helen was a good cock-sucker, for a 14-year-old. I fucked her mouth and throat violently, without any restraint. She accepted the abuse of her mouth and throat with more than simple endurance. The young bitch loved it! I looked down at her little blonde head. I paused in throat-fucking the bitch just long enough to take her by the chin and turn her deep blue eyes to me. Her angelic face was ecstatic, even as her eyes watered and drool ran out the corner of her mouth.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth, bitch. Do you want me to shoot my cum down your motherfucking throat? Or do you want it right in your mouth, so you can taste it before you swallow?” I asked the bitch.

With my dick still in her mouth, the blonde cherubic beauty could not speak clearly. But even her garbled words were intelligible. “Please cum in my mouth, Master. I want to taste your heavenly cum before I eat it. I love swallowing your cum!”

I spit on her beautiful face. “Good bitch” I said. Then I reached up a hand to her sororal twin sister Sharon, whose shapely, creamy white butt was my pillow at the moment. I slapped her butt cheek.

“Get down here bitch” I commanded Sharon. “Lick my spit off your sister’s face. Swallow it.”

Sharon wasted no time in moving down to my crotch area where her sister still had my dick in her mouth. Sharon brought her beautiful face down to her sister. I watched as the blonde hair of the two girls hair touched in a combination of golden blonde celebration. Sharon licked then swallowed my spit off her sister’s face. Then she looked up at me. Her face was every bit as beautiful as her sister’s and her eyes every bit as blue.

“Thank you for letting me swallow your spit. How may I serve you now, Master?” Sharon asked.

“Lick my asshole while I fuck your sister’s mouth” I said. “I’m going to suck your momma’s huge udders while I cum in the little bitch’s mouth. You get the honor of licking my asshole at the same time.”

Sharon’s smile was like the brightness of the sun at dawn. “Oh thank you, Master!” she said with genuine enthusiasm. “I only live to serve you. Licking your asshole is such an honor.” With that the little bitch went behind me, parted my butt cheeks, and began lovingly liking my anus.

I grabbed Helen’s blonde head in both hands and resumed fucking the little bitch’s mouth and throat with brutal abandon. I also resumed sucking big-titted Barbara’s delicious nipples. And I blew a fart in Sharon’s face, right on her licking tongue.

“Pew!” Sharon said. “That stinks, Master. Thank you for farting in my face. I love it when you degrade me. You are so good to me Master.”

Now I was ready to cum. I pummeled young Helen’s mouth. I sucked Barbara’s big tits. I delighted at the degradation I had just inflicted on sweet Sharon. As I felt my cum begin to make its way from my balls towards my dick on its journey into the mouth of 14-year-old Helen, I let Barbara’s tits out of my mouth and yelled “I’m cumming in your mouth, bitch! I’m cumming in your mouth, you little piece of shit whore!” Then I took both of Barbara’s nipples into my mouth again and sucked them as hard as I could until I was biting the tit flesh. My dick erupted in Helen’s mouth like a volcano of hot cum. Young Helen kept working her sweet teen tongue and mouth to give my dick maximum pleasure as I ejaculated into the girl’s mouth. I used my mind control over all three bitches to make them cum soon after I had finished.

Sharon paused in licking my anus as to yell out “Master, oh Master! Thank you! Thank you! I love you!”

Big-titted Barbara’s shapely body rocked and shook as I sent waves of orgasms through her, beginning at the tits on her chest that I had been sucking and biting with wild abandon. “Master!” she screamed. “Master! Thank you for sucking my tits. Your property! Your tits on my chest. Thank you! Thank you! I love you forever!”

Helen’s orgasms were the most intense of all. They began half-way through my ejaculation into her mouth. She kept up her passionate sucking of my dick until I had shot my entire wad of cum into her mouth. Her first orgasm was mild compared to what came after, as the little bitch tasted my cum in her mouth. The mere taste of my cum drives women wild. But when they swallow it, all hell breaks loose. Their bodies convulse with joy. Their mind and soul are transported into pure ecstasy. They feel a love for me that is beyond words. And their dedication to making me happy is reinforced once again, keeping me firmly in place at the very center of their lives.

With my dick still in her mouth, sweet young Helen could not speak clearly. Yet the angelic blonde teen mumbled the same thanks and glorious confessions of love that her mother and sororal twin sister had made to me. In fact, all three bitches were babbling languidly at nearly the same time. Their professions of love and gratitude overlapped and mingled into a sex-slaves’ chorus of devotion.

As we all drifted in orgasmic afterglow, I stroked Helen’s head. She kept my dick in her mouth, gently nursing it and loving it tenderly. Barbara kept her tits near my face, where I licked and sucked her sweet nipples as she stroked my face and kissed the top of my head. I ordered Sharon to return to her pillow position, where I gently inserted one finger into her anus in a final thanks for her nice ass licking of me.

We were all drifting back to sleep for a while. It was only dawn. I sent a mental command set to the devices in the ceiling and roof. Soft sounds of machine movement accompanied the movement of shutters that blocked out the light of day. As the room darkened, we settled in for more sleep. I kept my dick in Helen’s mouth. I kept my mouth on Barbara’s tits. But I pulled my finger out of Sharon’s ass. I gave it a sniff. Then I put my finger in her mother Barbara’s mouth and made her suck it clean. The bitch was happy to be degraded and used by her Owner. Pleasing me was the very meaning of her life.

Before I fell asleep, I sent mental commands to some of my other slaves and my automated devices. Breakfast would be ready and slaves in place to serve it when I awoke and was ready.

An hour later awoke and prodded my bitches to wake up also. Barbara was already awake, gazing at me worshipfully. I woke Sharon by shoving my finger up her ass again, wiggling it around, then pulling it out. I woke Helen by putting that stinky finger under her nose, forcing her to smell the odor her sister’s shithole.

“Get up and go to the bathroom bitches. Use the toilet and the bidet. Then meet me in the shower. I will not be using the toilets” I said. “Ever. You bitches will be my toilets. Always.”

“Thank you, Master” all three cunts said joyfully. I watched them get out of bed, gazing at the pleasing young asses of the blonde girls. Sharon’s creamy white butt and her twin sister Helen’s were very attractive. When I watched Barbara, I had more to look at that just her shapely ass. The mommy bitch’s pure white, pink-nippled 40 DD-cup tits swayed and flopped around as she rolled out of bed and walked toward the bathroom. I got up a few moments later and followed the bitches, watching gold blonde-haired Barbara and her golden blonde-haired daughters, with all three cunts showing off their exquisite skin. I enjoyed watching all three butts wiggle their way into the bathroom.

The bathroom had four toilets with bidets. Each bitch sat down on a toilet of her own and began to pee. I walked into the glass-walled shower and turned on the hot water. I watched my newest slaves finish urinating, flush their toilets, and walk into the shower with me. When all three were present, I issued my command. “Kneel, bitches, and open your mouths. I’m gonna use your mouths as my toilet again, just like I did last night. And just like I intend to do for the rest of your lives, every time we’re together. You are my urinals.”

The large-breasted mother and her two young teen daughters knelt, put their faces side by side as close together as they could, and opened their mouths. Their blue eyes gazed up and me expectantly. I smiled as I aimed my penis into one mouth then another, filling each with as much urine as the bitch could hold without spilling any, then turning my dick to the next bitch while the first bitch gulped down her Owner’s urine.

When I had finished relieving myself in their mouths, I ordered my bitches to rise and wash me. Each cunt grabbed wash cloths or sponges and soap. With tenderness, devotion, and joy, they washed down the body of their Owner. As my three lovelies surrounded me, I casually groped them, pinching a nipple here, rubbing a cunt there, fingering an asshole somewhere else. At times I would take hold of a bitch by her chin and direct her face to mine so that we might kiss. After my bitches had cleaned me, I ordered them to wash themselves.

After the shower, we toweled dry. The bitches used hair driers on their long blonde hair. Within the bathroom, I opened a closet door and told my bitches to follow me when they were ready. The closet was a large walk-in, lined with racks and cabinets. Most of the racks held women’s lingerie in a range of sizes. The lingerie was all sheer, making visible the woman or girl who wore it. Additional shelving held slippers and shoes. The cabinets contained female underwear.

A separate rack held my robes, which came in various lengths, with some having sleeves and others being sleeveless. My robes all had pockets inside and out. The robes were in several colors and different patterns. I chose a richly brocaded maroon robe. Its dark red was decorated with gold embroidered panels front and back, each panel depicting me engaged in various sex acts with women and teens. The robe was sleeveless. I slipped on a pair of matching maroon slippers that were made for indoor and outdoor use.

I instructed my new slaves to choose lingerie and slipper-shoes that pleased them. I also told them not to put on any underwear. Barbara selected a translucent white baby-doll nightie that revealed her tits and cunt, with a hem that stopped above mid-thigh. Sharon and Helen picked pink nighties that were as short and shear as their mother’s. Their pink nipples and downy cunts were clearly visible. I was pleased with their selections.

I led my bitches out of the closet and back to the main room, the Great Room. Giving a mental command, I made another wall floor-to-ceiling photo panel begin to move. This one had a photo of me with my mouth open as two gorgeous women with titanic breasts squeezed milk out of their tits into my mouth while another very large-breasted beauty sucked my dick. The photo panel slid open to reveal a sunny breakfast room with many windows along two of its four walls. The room overlooked a blossoming garden under tall, leafy trees. At the back of the garden, between a pair of shrubs, there was a view down a garden path past more flower beds to a large pond. Upon its placid waters, four swans glided gracefully, one male and his harem of thee females. The breakfast room itself with full of light. It had grey stone floors, white walls and ceiling. Against the wall to our left, opposite the longest wall of windows that overlooked the garden, there were three wooden serving tables alternating with four chairs. The serving tables had pale yellow table cloths. The wall at the end of the room opposite us had windows just like the ones on the long wall to our right, also showing garden views. In the middle of the room was a square, glass-topped table with four comfortable chairs. The table was set with clear glass plates and cups, along with silverware rolled inside pale yellow cloth napkins. A small vase of red, yellow, and white flowers stood in the center of the table. One of the four chairs around the table was much larger and more elaborate than the others. It was obviously the Master’s chair. I sat in it and directed Barbara to sit to my left, Sharon to my right, and Helen across the table.

I could have given a mental command set for what came next, but I preferred lifting a small bell from the table and ringing it. This was the signal for my slave girl servants to enter with breakfast. A door opened at the far end of the wall to my left. Four bitches entered the breakfast room carrying pushing serving carts. The bitches were dressed in lingerie very similar to what my newest slaves were wearing. (I had sent a mental command set to make sure that this would be the case.) Two of the bitches were beautiful, shapely young women in their early twenties, one shorter redhead and one tall platinum blonde. The other two bitches were beautiful teens of exactly 14-years-of-age, one redhead and one platinum blonde. The women and girls were paired according to their hair color, older with younger.

The tall woman with long, straight, platinum blonde hair strode in with lithe but submissive elegance. Her pale creamy white body had the slim elegance of a gazelle, yet she also had large, torpedo-shaped breasts with large, pale pink nipples, and a moderately-sized sized butt. Her face was absolutely gorgeous. She had the type of beauty that you usually see in fashion models, but with a much more well-developed body. The young, 14-year-old platinum blonde accompanying her was too young to have prominent breasts, yet her butt already showed the ideal bulbous shape that promised (and delivered) much pleasure to me as her Owner. She also had pale pink nipples of a size and shape that would do justice to her breasts once they grew into their full size.

The redhead woman was shorter with long, wavy hair, alabaster white skin, very large pendulous breasts, and an hour-glass shaped body somewhat like Barbara’s but with a much bigger, heart-shaped bubble-butt. Her bright reddish-pink nipples were large, pointing downward from her magnificent breasts. Her face was very pretty, but not in the manner of a fashion model. She had a look more like “the girl next door”. The 14-year-old redhead with her looked similar, but with small, still-developing breasts on her chest rather than the huge, heavy hangers the woman had. Her young chest promised early blooming. The teen’s wide hips and heart-shaped bubble-butt promised (and had already delivered) good use for the man who owns her and them.

Helen, Sharon, and Barbara watched the pairs of women and girls as they carried platters of food and carafes of drinks to the table. No one said anything, but my servant slaves exchanged knowing smiles with me as my newest slaves watched them. I read the minds of Helen, Sharon, and Barbara as they watched my servant bitches. They wondered if they too would become servants someday.

I left their unspoken questions equally unanswered as my servant bitches asked me what I wished to have. I replied. They then piled my plate with food and filled my cup with coffee. I relished the smell of fresh coffee, freshly-baked pastry, scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, and home-fried potatoes. After my servant bitches had served their Owner, they began serving my newest cunts. When everyone had been served, I spoke “Are you enjoying the food, bitches?”

Barbara nodded her head as she finished chewing and swallowing. She spoke while her daughters, eating ravenously after their night of sexual abuse they had both suffered and enjoyed, were still chewing but yet nodding in the affirmative. “Oh yes Master” Barbara said, giving me a grateful smile. “This food is delicious. Everything is so fresh and delicious! Thank you Master.” Sharon and Helen soon chimed in their agreement.

“Good” I said. “I want my bitches to be well-fed.” My four servant slaves sat on the chairs against the wall to my left, waiting to serve again at a moment’s notice. I held up my coffee cup. The platinum blonde woman leapt from her chair. She got hold of the coffee carafe, walked over, and re-filled my raised cup. As she stood next to the table, I put my left arm around her waist, pressing her lingerie closer to her. Then I turned to Barbara, Sharon, and Helen. “Bitches” I said, “I want to introduce you whores to one another. This cunt is Liv. She is from Sweden. She is 24-years-old.” I turned toward the younger platinum blonde, who walked over and stood at my right side. I put my arm around her slim young waist. “And this cunt is Linda, her 14-year-old adopted daughter.”

Liv was a strikingly beautiful woman. She was a classic Nordic beauty with the fairest skin, purest platinum blonde hair, and deepest blue eyes. Her 40-inch DD-cup tits were crowned with pink nipples that were much larger than was typical for Swedish women. Her slim 24-inch waist and rather slight 34-inch butt were notable mostly for the unblemished perfection of her pale skin. Linda looked like a younger version of her adoptive mother Liv.

I looked over at the pair of redheads, who approached the table. I dismissed Liv and Linda, who stepped back and stood behind my chair. “These two redheaded cunts with green eyes are Kathy and Connie. They are also 24 and 14, respectively, and are also mother and adopted daughter.”

Kathy was a darling redhead, with a pretty face, pale freckled skin, and extremely curvy body. Her 38-inch E-cup tits with their generous pink nipples were set above her 28 inch waist and her spectacular 40 inch ass. Her daughter Connie showed a strong family resemblance, looking like a younger version of her adoptive mother.

“Today, Barbara, Sharon, and Helen, you and these four cunts and I are going to work on getting you up to speed on the basics of your new life here as sex slaves in My World. That’s what it’s called, My World in capital letters. It’s a very complicated place to describe, but a very easy place to live in. Basically, it is one big harem filled with the beautiful women and teenaged girls I own and use for my pleasure. You will have the best of everything: food, clothing, housing, and care. You will work or attend school. And you will serve me sexually, any time, any place, in any way I please. I guarantee that you will find it much more enjoyable and rewarding than anything you experienced on old earth. You are not going back to that old world again.” I paused. “Unless, that is, I want you to take you there for reasons of my own.”

Barbara and her daughters looked at me. Then turned their eyes to my four servant slaves. Then they looked at one another, before turning their eyes back to me. “Master” Barbara said “I know I speak for myself and my daughters. You own us body and soul. We can’t even think without your permission. We will do anything you want us to do, say anything you want us to say, and feel only what you want us for feel. We only exist for your sake. Your slightest wish is our command. We love, worship, and adore you, Master. We only live to serve you.”

Barbara was expressing thoughts and feelings that I had inserted into her brainwashed mind. I was still exerting forceful mental and emotional control over her and her two young cunts. I would ease up on that soon, at least for a while, to see how well the programming took. In most brainwashing cases, I would alternate utter control with periods of limited free expression. I would do this until the bitches reliably said, thought, felt, and did only what I wanted them to. That takes times.

Barbara gazed at me in worshipful devotion. So did Sharon and Helen. The young girls’ deep blue eyes were wide, with dilated pupils. Their blonde heads titled toward me, and their young chests rose and fell as their young hearts beat rapidly with love. Barbara showed the same signs of utter devotion and love, her blue eyes shining and her large-breasted chest inhaling deeply the air of love. My newest cunt slaves were, indeed, adoring me, loving me, and waiting to hear my slightest wish so that they might serve me by fulfilling it.

I smiled at them. They sighed with devotion. “Good bitches” I said. “After we finish breakfast, we’ll all take a walk in the garden.”

We resumed eating our breakfast. I chatted amiably with Helen and Sharon, asking them about their school and their young friends. I asked them if there were any beautiful young teens at their school that I might enjoy raping. They assured me that there were, even providing names. I told the girls that someday we would make an expedition back to earth where they would help me abduct and rape some of those young cunts, and more. Turning to Barbara, I told her I expected the same from her. The mother and daughters nodded their heads in emphatic agreement, saying that they would be honored to help me rape and enslave more women and teenaged girls.

“Good bitches” I said. “Now it’s time for that walk.” I stood up from table and walked toward the wall of windows overlooking the garden. A set of French doors opened at my mental command. We all stepped out into the morning sunlight. I gestured for Barbara to stand to my left. Then I put my left arm around her shoulder. She put her right arm around my waist. Barbara stood a few inches shorter than I do. She tilted her head up and I kissed her on the lips. Then I turned my head to the rest of our little group who stood behind me. “You bitches follow us” I said as I began leading the Sharon, Hele, Liv, Linda, Kathy, and Connie through the winding paths of the flower garden.

The air was fragrant with morning blooms. Bird song and the sounds of leaves rustling in a light breeze accompanied our little party as we strolled the garden, enjoying its beauty. We were feeling full and content after our ample breakfast. The garden path winded its way around the flowerbeds, small fountains and trees until it intersected with the larger path that cut through the shrubs. The path led down to the large, oval pond where four swans slid across the surface of calm waters, leaving small wakes behind. The pond could have even been called a small lake, as it was so large that people on one end could not hear what people on the far shore were saying. The pond was encircled by a path and surrounded by tall weeping willow trees, their long slender branches sheltering all below them. Where our path joined the one that encircled the pond there was a large, curved wooden love seat that was big enough to hold us all. Two more like it were located in other spots around the far edge of the pond path. I pointed to those other seats, turning to my bitches as I did so.

“I want Barbara, Liv and Kathy to walk over to the seat on the right side of the pond and sit. I want Sharon, Helen, Connie, and Linda to go sit on the seat on the left. My new slaves are going to learn a few things from my already trained slave whores. Ask any questions you want, bitches. My girls will answer them. Speak freely. Be honest and open. Nothing is forbidden. Ask anything and you will get straight answers. Go now, bitches.”

My new slaves and my already trained slaves followed my orders. I sat down and watched as the three women walked off to my right, their flimsy negligees revealing their shapely bodies in the morning light. The four young girls walked off to my left, their slim, still-developing bodies clearly visible inside the nighties they wore. Each group sat down and immediately started talking. Their voices were too faint to hear from where I sat. But that didn’t matter. I was reading their minds, hearing everything that was said, and thought in both groups. I could even look through their eyes, seeing what they saw. I used my hyper-tech powers to record everything even as I listened. Later I might want to review the exact words and thoughts and sensory impression of each bitch. I always recorded everything that was said, felt, thought, and done by every slave in my harem. Nothing happened, in body or mind, that was beyond the detection and recording of my all-seeing systems.

I also had my hyper-tech powers to make my slaves think and feel whatever I wanted them to, either directly or by pre-programming. I could puppet their bodies in the moment, or program my hyper-tech systems to do so without my immediate intervention. However, doing all that could become boring after a while. I much preferred to program my bitches only in the beginning, while training them by means of internal and external inputs. Then the bitches would learn how to automatically say and do and feel and think just what I wanted them to, but each bitch would have her own particular style, as distinctive as the taste of her cunt.

At any rate, Barbara and her girls were still too new here to understand all this in full. They had experienced only some of my power to control them. They didn’t know the full extent of it. Kathy, Liv, Connie, and Linda already knew that I possessed them completely. I lived inside them, knowing what they know, and able to control them like puppets if I chose to. They loved the intimacy of having their Owner always with them, acting as their internal Master. They knew that they were never alone.

They also knew what I wanted them to do with Barbara and her daughters. Get them to say what I already knew they secretly thought and feared. Get them to express the feelings I already knew they had. And give my newest slaves the assurance that they were in good hands with me. Convert the bitches into worshipful slaves. I was certainly brutal and cruel at times. But I loved my female property deeply. I was fiercely protective and possessive of them. I would not permit any permanently damage to my most precious female possessions. Of course, I often enjoyed inflicting pain on them, deeply degrading and humiliating. Most of the time, however, I wanted them to feel completely protected and loved. And used. Relentlessly, brutally used. For my pleasure. That was my chocolate and vanilla, my sugar and shit gift to the bitches I owned. And they were all programmed to love me for it, to crave it, to submit to it eagerly, and to seek to give me precisely whatever I wanted.

I turned my attention to each of the two conversations in turn. First I monitored the three women as I watched them from across the pond. Then I monitored the four teenaged girls. I began by seeing through each of the new bitches’ eyes, and listening in on her private assessment of the other bitches. I released my control on all of my new cunts. I let each of my new bitches feel and say whatever came to them without my programming or other interventions.

I began with the women. Barbara looked at Liv, then at Kathy. She thought that Liv was far more beautiful than Barbara herself. Liv and Kathy were both only 24 while Barbara was 38. Barbara tried to bolster her sense of self-worth by thinking that she was at least as beautiful as Liv when she was younger, but she feared that this wasn’t true. Liv had a spectacularly beautiful face. And her naturally platinum blonde hair was a rare and treasured feature. Kathy, on the other hand, was merely pretty, not beautiful like Liv. But Kathy had a spectacular body. Kathy had some of the biggest, most symmetrical tits, and the single shapeliest butt, that Barbara had ever seen. Maybe Barbara used her own ass and tits better than Kathy did to please their Owner, she thought hopefully. But once again, Barbara realized she was probably fooling herself. Kathy probably used her extremely well-endowed body to great effect in pleasing their Master.

Barbara sat with her hands clasped in her lap, fingers knit together. Her negligee was so short that it barely covered her ass when she was seated. She was nervous. Liv and Kathy sat on either side of her.

“I don’t know where to begin” Barbara said, wringing her hands and looking distressed. Kathy and Liv leaned forward, each of them placing a hand on top of Barbara’s.

“We understand” Liv said. “Every cunt goes through this.” She squeezed Barbara’s hands.

“You are not alone” Kathy said. “You got here by kidnapping and rape. That’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing to be forced into sexual slavery by Master. Some of us got here with different stories. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that this is paradise. You have no idea how lucky you are to be here. But you will. Soon it will become completely obvious.”

Liv nodded her head and added “We can answer all your questions. Anything we don’t know is not worth knowing.”

Barbara looked quizzically at Liv. “What do you mean that what you don’t know isn’t worth knowing?”

Liv smiled, her dazzlingly white teeth and fashion model beauty making her look like a goddess. “We don’t know how the Master got his power. We don’t know what planet we’re on, or what dimension we are living in. This looks like earth, but it can’t really be. Master calls it My World – his world. And he controls everything in it. He uses his mind to control all the machines, and to control us. You know that already, don’t you?”

Barbara nodded her head vigorously, golden blonde hair shaking. “Yes, I do. I was so scared when he abducted my girls and me. He made me stand still while he raped my daughters in the ass. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even scream. He even made them ... made them...”

“Eat your cunt?” ask Liv.

Barbara nodded slowly, then tilted her head and asked “Is that normal? Does Master do that with everyone?”

“Oh, it’s perfectly normal” said Kathy, waving her hand as if to dismiss an insignificant insect. “There is nothing wrong with women and girls eating one another’s cunts. We don’t do it too much though, because it’s not nearly as hot as serving Master. Sometimes he makes us do it though. You must do it when he tells you. Or let some other bitches do it to you. Even your own daughters.”

Barbara let out a deep sigh of relief. “Anyway, I was powerless to stop my own daughters from lapping my cunt. I felt awful about it. Just horrible. But then Master changed me. Suddenly it was all perfect. I loved watching my daughters get sodomized. I loved watching him make them suck their own shit off his dick. And swallow it. That’s all I wanted to do myself. It was crazy! But it was also wonderful. So wonderful. I never want to go back to the way I used to be, before he abducted us. But I don’t really understand what’s happening.”

Kathy, the curvaceous redhead with alabaster white skin, sat closer to Barbara, pressing their bodies together side by side. Liv scooted closer to Barbara on the other side, her long platinum blonde hair swaying as she moved. Both women put their arms around their new slave sister and hugged her. The large breasts of Liv and Kathy lay on either side of Barbara’s big tits, nestling Barbara’s udders between Liv and Kathy’s.

“It’s alright, honey” Kathy sad, kissing Barbara on the cheek. “You don’t need to understand everything.”

Liv kissed Barbara on the other cheek. “There, there, sweetie. Everything is ok. You can believe us. We’ve been living here for six years. It’s like heaven. Really.” She hugged Barbara tight.

Kathy patted Barbara’s thigh. “You’ll have the best sex of your life here. But you already know that, don’t you?”

Barbara sniffed away a tear and nodded her head.

Kathy said “And no one gets sick. Master made you eat shit and drink urine, right? It tastes terrible but it never makes you sick. Nothing does. Everyone is completely healthy here.”

Barbara smiled, her blue eyes shining. “Yes, the sex was incredible. I’m so relieved to know I can drink Master’s urine and eat shit without getting sick. And I love Master more than I have ever loved any man in my life. I love him more than I love my own daughters.” She turned and looked towards me. I waved. She smiled from ear to ear and waved back. Then she looked back at Kathy and Liv. Barbara bit her lip. “But my girls. My young girls. They are so young. They were virgins. What Master did to them is illegal. It’s immoral. It’s not right.” She squinted one eye and raised one corner of her mouth. “Is it?”

Liv held Barbara’s hand in both of hers. She leaned close to the woman. Their foreheads touched. Liv’s long platinum hair brushed up against Barbara’s golden blonde locks, creating a tent of hair that partly hid their faces. Liv focused her blue eyes upon the blue eyes on the other woman. “It is illegal on earth. It is considered immoral there. But it is right here. It is the right thing to do here. Right here and now, in this world. It is moral here. It is legal here. And Master says it is right everywhere he goes, because he does it. That makes it right. Master is the law. He makes everything right. Whatever the Master does is right because he does it. I know that. I believe that. Because I believe him. He is the best man, ever. I worship him. I never even want to see another man. Master is perfect. I want to serve him as long as I live. My body and soul are his property. I adore him. He has made me the happiest girl in the world!”

Liv kissed Barbara on the lips, then leaned back so Barbara’s face could be seen. The new bitch looked entranced.

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