Protection and Preservation, Book 10
Chapter 16

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We flew into Brisbane Airport and made our usual inspection with the Humvee. David and I accompanied Myra and Tom this time. No people were found around the airport as usual. We did see signs of flooding but the airport was good. Locating and checking fuel, we moved the Duck for refueling though it was more a topping off than anything else. We had seen signs of life when flying in but didn't expect anyone to show up soon. The airport was built with an edge at the shoreline of a bay. Looking on a map, I discovered it was Moreton Bay. It was warm with the sun. We were out of the Humvee at the northern end of the main runway and I said, "I think a day at the beach is needed. I enjoyed Sydney and the people but I want sand and sea. It's warm enough."

David smiled. "I think we can do that. You know that Sophie and Minnie will be scandalized?"

"Yes. They will learn and Eddie will just have to push his eyeballs back into his head." I chuckled. "Minnie and Sophie will get some looks at you guys, too." David just smiled.

We had given an "all clear" earlier though most kept their ear pieces in from habit. People were wandering around, stretching and looking over the terminal for lodging.

When we returned to the terminal, I saw George and Sophie walking and talking together. I noticed that they weren't holding hands but just walking together in a comfortable manner. I'm not sure what that meant but was pretty sure I would find out soon enough.

We went about our business. I had told David that we should stay over and hit the beach. It was rapidly getting hotter and, looking out at the water, was tempting everyone. Finally, he came to me and said, "We will take it in shifts. I don't want to leave our plane without guards. I've looked and we will be twenty minutes away from a good beach. The area at the end of the runway isn't that good. It looks like good ones are north which means going around." He sighed. "Select out two groups of sentries. One to stay and another to switch off. All the rest can just enjoy the beach."

"Thanks, Dear. That makes me the bad guy."

He grinned. "You aren't a guy. Besides, you can get away with it so much easier!"

I did get away with it. I put George on one sentry team, the first. We loaded up most of our vehicles and headed for the beach carrying a few weapons. Sophie rode on the back of a motorcycle with me. When we arrived at the beach. I set out a towel, put my pistol down, stripped, and ran to the water. Sophie's mouth was open in shock. Her eyes grew wider when David did the same joining me in the water.

She stayed on the shore wearing shorts and a halter top which she constantly adjusted. She seemed to be afraid that it would come off by itself. It wouldn't. We came out of the water and flopped down on towels side by side still completely naked.

I put an earbud in and heard Myra say, " ... calling leadership. Come in. We need advice. Over."

I said, "Myra, this is Bobbi. Go ahead." David inserted an ear bud.

Myra said, "Thank you, Bobbi. We have company coming, moderate numbers. I think we need some back up." David nodded. "We're coming now. I will have Sophie get the rest moving as quickly as possible." I stood and put my clothes back on. Sophie was unsure. I said, "Do what I said, alert everyone. Tell any on the second sentry crew to be sure there are enough defenses here but the rest should follow us back to the airport. Everyone else stays here and undercover." She nodded and left. I ran to the motorcycle and David and I roared off. That helped alert the others.

We ran the bikes hard and were there in time to see our guests start to approach the airport. David said, "Okay, Myra and Tom, Bobbi and I will be in the Humvee. We can man the near guns of Duck. Do it. The rest of you spread out away from the line of fire." Heads nodded. We donned vests and climbed into the Humvee and rolled out to meet the visitors.

When they were a hundred feet away, Myra turned us sideways and stopped. Tom had the machine gun tracking. The people were approaching us on horseback followed by wagons. We could tell it was a mixed sex group though none of the women were armed. David and I stepped out of the Humvee and walked forward. David held up his hand for them to stop.

They reined in and two men dismounted and walked forward. One of them said, "G'day. I'm Rob Goodall and this is my mate, Steve Jones. We live here."

David said, "I am David Lewis and this is my wife, Roberta. We are from North America exploring."

"Crikey. You're a pretty bird, Roberta. We'll save you for some fun."

I said, "Rob, you aren't man enough for me and you won't 'save' me for anything."

David said, "I'm guessing that you don't plan to be friendly." He paused. "You might notice that I'm out of the line of fire from the machine gun on the Humvee. You have a choice. You can leave and we will verify that you're gone or you can die." He raised his voice even louder. "We try not to shoot women but it will be difficult for Tom or the gunners in the Duck to differentiate. Good luck. You'll need it."

Rob didn't look happy. He didn't back off but started talking as he drew. David and I had watched that movie, too. His gun wasn't free of its holster when David said, "Fire!" We drew and dropped. Rob and Steve died where they stood and the rest of their party followed in quick order.

David said, "Everyone, go to cover. Sentry Team Two, follow us to the beach to evacuate. Be ready for trouble. Shoot first. We'll ask questions later if at all. SJ, Jacob, fire Duck up and prepare to hose down the airport." We jumped into the Humvee and Myra tore off to the beach. We arrived in time to prevent a massacre but not the firefight. The bad guys had no automatic weapons or motorized vehicles. They found themselves at an immediate disadvantage since they never had the advantage of surprise and quickly found that they lacked the firepower to fight us well. Myra wasn't gentle in driving over them, dead or alive, while Tom shot them. They quickly became demoralized and only wanted to flee.

I said, "Everyone with radios, check for injuries and make sure no one is missing."

Betty was wounded and her spouses were helping her to a dune buggy for a ride back to the airport. I saw Sophie and pulled her into the Humvee. She was terrified but unhurt. We brought up the rear in the Humvee. Tom was facing back while David looked left and I looked right. We provided some covering fire. Tom didn't hesitate to shoot anywhere that might have bad guys. The others were doing the same in front of us.

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