Protection and Preservation, Book 10
Chapter 14

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She said, "I made a mistake. I pushed George to do more physically and told him a lie to try to get him to show jealousy or, at least, want me more. It didn't work. Actually, it was worse than that. Now, I don't know what to do."

I said, "Sophie, there's not much I can do. George's parents were David's and my friends. My brother, Charlie, and his wife are his Godparents. David and I were godparents to their daughter who was killed with them."

She said, "I didn't know how related you were but I know that George respects you and David. Actually, he idolizes you. I have come to realize that a young woman who wants his attention should act in a similar manner to you."

"I haven't." She stopped talking and took a deep breath. "Basil came at me last night and I let him kiss me and touch me before I ran." She looked at me and paled to see the anger on my face. "I was scared and had let George get away from me. I was a little mad but not so much that I had totally lost my senses."

I said, "If I had known that, Basil would be dead now."

She said, "I can see that on your face. I wish I had fought or screamed or something but I didn't. Now, I feel dirty. I tried to talk to George but he told me that I didn't owe him any duty nor needed to explain my acts to him.

"I saw you with Basil this morning. I realized that you loved David so much that you would protect yourself from Basil regardless of the cost. I overheard a little of your discussion with David. I want to love and be loved like that. I fear that I have ruined any chance. I have lied to George and now I'm dirty. How could he want me?" She collapsed into my arms sobbing her heart out.

David saw us and I brought him to me with a look. He gently enveloped us both and we held Sophie until she was cried out.

I said, "I want to tell you part of the story about my brother, Charlie, and his wife. You heard their voices over the radio. Andy almost lost Charlie. He wasn't moving fast enough to suit her nor was he moving in the direction she wanted.

"Charlie is my older brother and oldest sibling. He met Andy when they were young and never looked at another female. Andy's mother is beautiful and, as a young girl, Andy was also beautiful. As she became older, she grew even more beautiful. As they were reaching the age of consent, we were all learning to fly the C-130. She quickly became a superb flier and helped in the training. She was tough but was even harsher in her criticisms. She was extraordinarily tough on Charlie. I knew my brother and, while he was interested in flying the C-130, he was not single-minded about it like she had become. She wanted perfection. Charlie was, without serious effort, the best flier in the group after her. She finally humiliated Charlie one day in front of everyone. Jacob and I took him to Preservation ostensibly to get supplies. He didn't return. It was then that Andy realized the extent of the damage to their relationship. Mom talked to Charlie and found that he blamed himself for letting her get out of hand.

"Andy apologized to everyone in the training. Then, she and her parents were flown by Mom to Preservation in an attempt to reconcile with Charlie. It wasn't successful but he gave her a thirty day test and agreed to talk to her again after that if she still wanted to. During that time, he had no contact with her and told Mom that he expected she would find another guy before the thirty days and not make the meet.

"She did make the meeting. She submitted to him and they married. She has since talked about joyful obedience and there is no more confident woman I know than she is. She made her commitment and has kept it willingly to this day.

"It was a great love that led her to realize her mistake and to apologize for it including being punished. I don't things have gotten that far between you and George but it's close. You have to tell him the truth even though he may walk away. If you lie or hide things, it will come out and will definitely kill your relationship."

David said, "It's a lot to put on someone as young as you but relationships aren't always fair about pressure. George is a very mature, level-headed young man. You will have to think things through with him."

We had moved to sitting on a bench. She slowly said, "I think I have lots to learn about relationships. I've never really examined what I wanted in a guy nor thought about his wants. It's never been necessary because they just wanted to be seen with me."

She straightened up and said, "Bobbi, would you ask George to hear me out? Then, if he didn't like what he saw and heard, he can say that and walk away."

"I can and will do that. You must understand that he may be gone to you already and nothing you say or do will bring him back." She nodded though the tears had begun again. I let her cry some and then said, "You will need to tell me when you can get your tears under control. David warned you that relationships are not easy. If you can't think and talk through things logically, you will never get through to George."

she nodded and said, "Let me clean up my face. I want to change clothes, too." Half an hour later, she returned to me with a freshly washed face and wearing clean clothes. She said, "I'm ready."

I nodded and said, "Stay here." I walked to George who was standing with a small group just a little older around a radio. It was a mixed group and two girls were giving George looks that indicated an interest in more than radio. I waited patiently while George finished his lesson.

He looked over at me and said, "What is it, Bobbi?"

I said, "George, I want to ask you a favor."

"Of course, what is it?"

"You may not like it when I tell you. I want you to hear Sophie out. Let her tell you what she has to say. I have no intention of controlling your decision just for you to truly listen to her."

He looked pained. "I would have hoped she would have gone her way. While I wish you hadn't asked this favor, I know that I should truly listen before making any final decision about an 'us' though I'm not hopeful."

I nodded. "I understand but she needs to talk through her situation and reach a resolution. I explained to her that she will probably not like the resolution but she seems to understand that. Expect tears." He nodded and I led him to where she was sitting.

She looked up nervously. "Thank you, Bobbi. Thank you for agreeing to listen to me, George. I know it must be difficult to have to listen to garbage talk to you."

George looked shocked. He said, "I have never said nor even thought that you were or are garbage. However, you have been considerably less than honest with me and I won't tolerate that. It may be that I don't like what the truth may be but a lie definitely isn't endurable."

Sophie fought down her tears and talked. I listened, prepared to referee if absolutely necessary though I hoped I wouldn't need to intervene.

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