After the Shock
Chapter 76

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 76 - What happens after he catches his wife cheating?

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   Anal Sex  

Friday evening Sabrina and I were getting ready to go dancing.

"Ron honey, how should I dress?"

"You're asking me, Sabbie?"

"Yes Ron."

"Dress sexy, Sabbie. Nigel will enjoy looking at you and probably flirt with you, but he is a gentleman. He won't try anything."

"Oh this could be fun, Ron." She was grinning.

"Yes, Nigel says his girlfriend is hot. So be prepared for me to stare at her a little and flirt with her. But I promise Sabbie, I will not lay a finger on her."

"So you're saying no slow dances with anyone but us then?"

"I think that makes sense, Sabbie. What do you think?"

"I think I love you, Ron."

We kissed passionately.

Sabrina looked amazing in a little black dress. It clung lovingly to her butt cheeks.

"Sabbie honey, you are beautiful. You know that?"

She blushed. She gave me the once over and then gave my butt a squeeze.

"You clean up nice yourself, Ron."

We headed to the club. There weren't all that many people there yet. Nigel and a brunette bombshell showed up within 5 minutes of our arrival. They joined us at our table. Nigel took care of the introductions.

"Hi Ron. Hi Sabrina. I'm Nigel and this is my girlfriend, Holly."

We all smiled and checked each other out. Nigel was right about Holly. She moved around a little and rearranged the chairs a bit. Her tits wobbled enticingly with every movement. She was not wearing a bra and her sizable mammaries weren't really sagging at all. I could sit and watch this girl for hours. I finally pulled my eyes away from her tits and looked up to her face. She had caught me staring, but she was grinning.

I looked over at Sabrina. She was putting on a little show for Nigel.

Nothing too obvious, but she was making sure he got a good look at her butt.

He was definitely enjoying the view.

We all sat down and I said, "So Nigel, Sabrina and I are very curious. Did you find out that Jim and Nancy were getting together regularly?"

"Yes Ron, Nancy and Jim have been meeting at least once a week since that barbecue."

Sabrina asked, "Are they still meeting now, do you know?"

"Actually the night I confronted him, Nancy was with him."

"Oh really?" Sabrina was grinning.

Nigel's face darkened. "Why does this make you happy, Sabrina?"

"Oh sorry, Nigel, I was forgetting that Nancy is your wife. Sorry."

I jumped in to the conversation. "Nigel buddy, we received a visit from my wife, Maureen, after Jim was mysteriously beat up. Jim and Maureen had been a couple for the last month or two. They were supposedly being monogamous."

Sabrina said, "Yes, somehow I don't really think I would like Maureen and Jim to live happily ever after together. Sorry about that, Nigel."

"Oh it's OK, Sabrina. I could never stay angry at a beautiful bird like you anyways."

Sabrina blushed. Holly punched Nigel playfully and then they did a little clinch.

"Watch it mister," Holly said with a grin.

"So did Nancy see the whole thing then? When Jim was mysteriously hurt?"

Nigel grinned.

"No Ron, my dear wife took one look at my face and ran. I let her go and held on to Jim."

"I see, and then he fell down the stairs or something?"

Nigel grinned again. "Somehow Jim fell against a steel towed boot repeatedly."

Sabrina ran over and kissed Nigel. "You dear man."

She backed away with a blush. She looked at me.

"Sorry Ron, I just couldn't help myself."

"Oh it's OK, Sabbie. I'm very tempted to kiss him myself."

I stood up and got my lips close to Nigel's. He looked shocked. I backed away a bit and then held out my hand.

"Why don't I shake your hand instead, sir?"

Nigel looked very relieved as we shook hands.

Sabrina and Holly were almost rolling on the floor laughing.

Holly said, "Awww, I wanted you guys to have a moment." Everyone was laughing then.

Nigel said with a grin, "I'm on the lookout now, mate."

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