Tour of Duty
Chapter 2: Ambush

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 2: Ambush - A tour of duty in the army for one man brings him to a land of hidden danger and sudden death. It also brings two loving girls and their way of life into his. From being a private to commanding men in combat, the war changes a man. It stretches from the jungle to cities and to the edge of the sea and sometimes it is up to them to find ways to fight and win.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex  

It turned out there were a couple of dozen other women or wives in the company. Sergeant Nolen's wife was one. The raid was considered a success but I was not sure. Peters was on his way home after the hospital and so were most of the other wounded. Only three would return to us and then there were the three dead...

Somehow I did not think the raid had been worth the cost and there was the fact that now the platoon was down thirteen men. Alpha team had lost Alexander and Donald, the first was dead and the second on his way home. That left their team short two and ours one. We spent the next week on the fire base perimeter fixing and improving positions.

I had a thought and went to see the firebase supply sergeant. He ordered cement and I went to look at things we had in stores. Several vertical lift birds had been shot down and I found miniguns someone had salvaged and brought in. There were eight and I took them and had the supply sergeant order an ammo drop.

We went to the wreckage and pulled out the gun mounts and then used cement and sand to fill the sandbags. We built eight stubby towers twenty meters back from the perimeter and put the gun mounts for the miniguns on top. There was room under each to store the ammo until it was needed.

We got in six new men at the end of the week and got a warning order for a company mission. Alpha team got one of the men so they considered us combat ready. The mission was to one of the out laying villages. It was in the center of fields of grains with one large pasture for cattle. According to intel they had information the enemy might be using it to hide supplies.

Sergeant Nolan visited the night before and handed me a carbine. It had been cut down from a long rifle and was chambered for seven point five by fifty five millimeters. According to him it had a range of six hundred meters. Our wives whispered while making dinner. This was going to be Nolen's last mission before he went home.

I adjusted the two leg straps for the silenced twelve millimeter long on my right thigh. I had a shoulder harness that held four magazines under each arm. I thought of bringing the shotgun to but decided not to because of the weight. My combat vest was new and held six magazines for the new carbine I had been given.

I also had two on my belt in front of my right hip and two more in front of the left. I had two jungle knives, one on my left thigh and one hanging down from my left shoulder. I had extra ammo in my pack with a few changes of socks and my rain jacket and poncho. I kissed Anh and caressed her hips before I turned and grabbed the carbine and left, "see you when we get back."

We were in the rear when the company left the fire base. In the field closest to the base we split up and waited for the birds. They came in and slowed while dropping and each platoon moved to one and began loading. The ride was not to bad even if the pilot did roll and do a lot of turns.

When the crew chief gestured and yelled we came to our feet. The bird suddenly dipped and the rear ramp dropped. We rushed off while chambering rounds and spreading out. We took a knee and searched for any threat and a moment later the birds were lifting and speeding away. I glanced back and to the left and saw the village across several fields.

The lead platoon was up and spreading out as it began heading towards the village. The next was angling to the left of them to move around to the side. The third platoon was going to the right and we came to our feet to follow the first in. I was still on the right wing and searched the distant tree line.

I kept glancing around us and realized none of the villagers were in the fields. In fact when I looked towards the village I did not see anyone. That was not normal, someone should be out and letting everyone else know we were there. In the large pasture I saw a few animals but no one was with them either.

I shifted nervously, "lance corporal Higgins?"

He glanced back, "quiet."

I glanced at the tree line, "where is everyone? It does not feel right."

He snorted but sergeant Nolen looked back and then around before he growled, "on your toes, safeties off."

He used the platoon radio, "something is not right sir. People should be out and..."

I saw the enemy uniform in the tree line to the right and spun and dropped to a knee while bring my rifle up, "ENEMY RIGHT!"

I aimed and fired but it was at the same time as the enemy opened up. They were not just in the right tree line. They were in the village and fired from inside the houses and from under them. They were in the trees to the left and behind us and there was the whistling scream as mortar rounds began falling.

The lieutenant screamed as he was hit. Everyone dove for the ground but we could not stay here. The first platoon was doing individual rushes towards the village and so were the two on the flank. Staff sergeant Shane yelled, "by teams rush to the ditch!"

I shifted and glanced back to see the lieutenant alone and writhing around. I cursed and looked back, "I am going after the lieutenant!"

I leaped to my feet and rushed and dropped and rolled and rushed. The platoon began doing rushes towards the village and the ditch as I reached the lieutenant. I yanked him onto his back to see the wound in his gut. I yanked the trauma kit off his vest and pulled one of the two med injectors. I shoved one into his right thigh and it injected the pain meds.

I used the large compress pad to cover the wound and secured it. I turned and grabbed his vest behind his neck and began to crawl and pull him which was very hard. At least we were in a field of grain and mostly hidden. Time seemed to creep while explosions shook the earth and constant firing continued from every direction.

The platoon was in the shallow ditch at the edge of the field. The rest of the company was striking into the village but with mortars and enemy completely around the clearing and fields ... I saw Nolen curled up short of the ditch and there were a couple of others including Higgins that had not made it. At least the tall grain hid them even if it would not stop a bullet.

I pulled the lieutenant into the ditch and checked him before I shifted. I removed my pack and leaped up and dashed back. I dove to the ground with the crack of bullets over and around me. I crawled to Nolen and rolled him onto his back. He hissed and I saw one wound in his upper right thigh another in his left shoulder and a third in his left hip.

Like with the lieutenant I used his trauma kit and then turned to pull and drag him after me. I went back four times to pull men to the ditch. By then the rest of the company was in the buildings but there was no way we would make it. I aimed through the grass at the top of the ditch and shot one of the enemy I could see.

I hesitated and then nodded to myself, "we need to get out."

I leaped up and began doing rushes. I would drop and roll left or right as I headed towards the west side of the fields. Each time I reached a ditch I used the tall grass to conceal myself. I would aim and kill the enemy in the area I was headed for. Finally I ran into the jungle and dropped and pulled my pistol.

I waited and listened, there was a lot of enemy firing but finally I heard something. I came to my feet and put two rounds into the first soldier's chest and then did it again to the one beside him. I put the pistol away and moved to them and knelt to take a rifle and a couple of magazines. The sound of my rifle would alert them that I was there.

I took a breath and began walking and taking long strides. I was just inside the tree line and looked for the enemy. The first time the two men did not know I was there until I shot both in the head. I sometimes put two or three bullets into them and sometimes I just shot them in the head. The tree line behind me was silent and I hoped the platoon would know what it meant.

When I reached the north edge of the fields I turned to keep going to the east. I could hear the mortars firing after I replaced the extra magazines for the third time. I shifted and headed towards them and pulled two grenades from my vest. When I saw the small clearing they had created I looked at the positions before I armed one grenade and threw.

While it was in the air I was removing the safety and arming the other. I threw it and pulled another grenade and ... the first grenade exploded in one mortar ammo area. The whole area was ripped apart and then the second grenade went off in the next area with ammo. I threw my last two grenades and waited before I stood and walked in firing at the few men still alive.

I spun and strode away and shot two soldiers in the body that were running in to help. The enemy realized something was very wrong. I began to get more enemy soldiers moving towards the destroyed mortars. The first squad I surprised as I shot the leader in the head and the next man in the chest.

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