Tour of Duty
Chapter 1: Weapon Smuggler

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1: Weapon Smuggler - A tour of duty in the army for one man brings him to a land of hidden danger and sudden death. It also brings two loving girls and their way of life into his. From being a private to commanding men in combat, the war changes a man. It stretches from the jungle to cities and to the edge of the sea and sometimes it is up to them to find ways to fight and win.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex  

I was eighteen and had just graduated high school. Before I could get drafted I went down and joined the army. Two weeks and I was in boot camp and then advanced training. With the start of the war the government had just started the draft. I thought I would get a pick of where I went but that did not happen.

I walked off the heavy lift plane and changed my grip on the new piece of shit they were calling a weapon. Unlike the older rifles that fired a seven point five by fifty five millimeter round this one fired a five by forty. Even a twig would deflect the round and the thing was always jamming. The front stock was cheap plastic and the rear was not much better.

The shoulder strap on the two duffels were cutting into my shoulders as I followed the other men towards a hanger. It was hot and humid and smelled of fuel. Three hours and I was in the back of a hover truck headed north. The hover plates needed adjusting or changing since the vehicle kept dropping and whining as it adjusted.

When we reached the large firebase I grabbed my duffels and stood. I waited for the others before I jumped to the ground and moved aside. A staff sergeant was looking at a list and calling names. When we answered he would point to a man that was waiting. I followed a lance corporal through sandbagged tents.

He ducked into one and I followed. Inside a second lieutenant glanced at me as a sergeant stood, "we will be ready sir."

He gestured and we followed him out. He looked at me and started walking, "you do not salute while here or in the bush. You keep your feet dry and carry extra socks. You do what lance corporal Higgins tells you, when he tells you. Do your best to keep that piece of shit rifle clean and maybe it will not jam."

Lance corporal Higgins snorted and that was when I realized neither of them were carrying a new rifle. The sergeant stopped at steps into the ground, "watch, listen and learn and maybe you will live long enough to leave this ... place."

The corporal pushed past me and started down the steps, "come along newbie."

I did not know what to expect but off of the tunnel were doors or curtains down into long rooms. He pulled a curtain to one side and gestured, "this is yours. We took cargo pods and cut the floor, roof and walls off. We put in wood supports and beams and set the side, top or bottom over the hole with a wood plank floor and covered it with dirt."

I slowly entered the dark room and he followed, "in the back there is a wall and behind that is a crude bathroom. You even have a shower but make sure you fill the drum of water up above."

The front looked like someone had tried to make a kitchen with a sink, stove and chiller box. Across from that was a makeshift table and two chairs made out of crates. Just beyond was a platform made from pallets with a large bare mattress. There were a half dozen military trunks against the bathroom wall.

I turned, "this is just for me?"

He snorted, "hopefully you will live long enough to enjoy it."

A military cargo pod was fifteen meters long, five wide and four tall. My roof was five wide so there was a lot of room. I set my duffels down and he led me out and down to his room. Three men turned when we came in and they looked at me. Lance corporal Higgins gestured, "this is private Thorne."

The men were private first class Peters, private first class Cox and private Zoner. They were the other men in our team. I sat and the lance corporal went over a platoon raid scheduled for the next day. Because I was new they went over positions in the team and squad. Higgins was the point, Peters and Cox were next in the wedge, Zoner on the left wing and I was on the right.

The mission was a platoon patrol out thirty kilometers to a suspected compound. It was on this side of a bridge and beside a river. The smuggler that was running it was selling new weapons to the enemy and insurgents. Our mission was a search and destroy so nothing but burned earth would be left after we finished.

First I had to go get ammo and then get my combat vest and harness ready. The pack was very light but I was also carrying extra ammo. Some of the men from the squad and platoon came by to see me but none stayed to talk. In the trunks against the wall I found bedding and towels and even clean uniforms.

That made me think of the man that had been here and what might have happened to him. It was hot and humid even at night so I did not get much sleep. I woke to someone yelling in the hall and got up and dressed. The other men had different types of rifles and even pistols and knives while I just had my issue rifle and bayonet.

I put on the thick and cheap body armor and then the vest and harness. I bounced and when I did not rattle I left. I was not the first or last to form up before the platoon headed for the maze of wire and mines. The company on the perimeter counted us out and we moved towards the thick jungle before the sun began to rise.

Once in the jungle I tried to watch everywhere and everything. I stayed back and to the right from Cox. Time seemed to slow down which was fine with me. I was seeing and thinking the enemy were all around us. Each time we stopped I turned to face out and looked for the enemy.

I knew the other squads were following us but there was no way I could see them. We had gone fifteen kilometers when I saw the enemy. I almost froze before I brought my rifle up and fired, "ENEMY TO THE RIGHT!"

Only the enemy was not just to the right. The bastards were all around us and the jungle became chaos as they began to fire. I shot the soldier I was aiming for and spun and fired into another charging me with a shotgun. I fired from the hip and into his gut and he staggered and my rifle jammed.

I cursed as more enemy rushed out of the bushes. I shifted and grabbed the barrel of my rifle with my left hand and spun to smash one man in the face. With my other hand I yanked out the cheap bayonet and lunged to stab a man in the gut. My left hand released my broken rifle and caught the enemy's.

I jerked the knife up and spun as I tried to reverse the rifle. One of the other enemy soldiers fired and rounds ripped through the man I was holding on my knife. The bullets slammed into the magazines in my harness and I staggered back. I managed to reverse the rifle and held it in my left hand and pointed before I fired.

The enemy that had shot at me jerked and went down as the one on my knife fell. I flipped the knife and threw at another as I extended the enemy rifle to the left and pulled the trigger again. The knife slammed into the throat of one enemy lifting a rifle and the bullets tore into another.

I spun and knelt as I changed hands and fired at one more as he pushed through the bushes. There was still firing but I did not see anyone and dropped the enemy rifle and looked around. I moved to the fallen shotgun and picked it up and went to the enemy that had been holding it.

I took a large hip pouch full of old shells and made sure the shotgun was loaded. It was a ten gauge long, semi auto ten shot I recognized. It was called a Tomahawk and this one looked used but in very good condition. There had to be at least fifty slug shells in the pouch. Lance corporal Higgins yelled, "ACE!"

I heard the other team and squad leaders yelling the same thing. I stripped three good jungle knives off the dead men as the other three men in my team answered. I waited until it was my turn, "Thorne ... my weapon..."

I looked at the bent receiver and shook my head, "my weapon is red."

A moment and I shifted and turned to point the shotgun. I lifted it towards the sky as Higgins came through the bushes. He growled, "your weapon..."

He stopped and looked around me at the dead enemy and then at the shotgun in my hands. He grinned and turned, "okay kid."

I adjusted everything and fixed a sling so the shotgun hung under my right arm and across my chest. The platoon pulled in and I found out four men had been wounded. They were still able to walk so the lieutenant decided to continue the mission. They were at the rear of the platoon when we started to move again.

At least after the fire fight I was not jumping at every sound. I had made sure the shotgun was fully loaded and the safety was off. Time slowed to the jungle around me and Cox in front and to my left. Finally he signally and I knelt and pointed the shotgun out. A few minutes and he hissed and we were pulled into a close platoon perimeter.

The lieutenant and squad leaders slipped out to do a leaders recon and thirty minutes later they returned. The objective was oval with a bridge on the far side. The road came across the bridge and turned east past a large warehouse. Two barracks type buildings were straight across from the warehouse.

Three heavy hover trucks and a staff hover car were being loaded in front of the warehouse. There were at least a dozen men walking around with weapons. First squad was to go to the west and strike through with third and take the bridge. We were to hit the vehicles with fourth and then strike the warehouse while fourth took the two other buildings.

The platoon split and we waited five minutes before moving forward. When alpha team moved on line we shifted right and slipped into place beside them. Fourth squad was to the left and I looked through the last few bushes. I kept the shotgun to my shoulder and waited for the whistle.

When I heard it I came to my feet and took a step and fired at one of the men with a rifle. The large slug hit his chest and exploded out the back in a spray of gore. I kept going towards the rear of the hover trucks and shot a man in the head as he rushed around the side with his rifle up. He flopped to the ground as I reached the truck and took a breath.

My heart was pounding as I spun while kneeling. I aimed down the side of the trucks and fired into another man. He was aiming towards me and went back while firing into the air. I leaped up and rushed towards the front of the truck, "Thorne moving to the second vehicle!"

I fired at men rushing out of the warehouse and one spun and went down. I dove towards the ground and shifted as the others spun to run back in. I shot one through the side and saw the spray of blood as he spun. I shot a second as they reached the door and two rifles began to fire into them as well.

Six enemy were to the right side of the warehouse behind crates. Alpha team was firing at them and I shifted and shot one. The others twisted and leaped up to escape and the other team fired into them. I came to my feet and ran towards the front of the trucks, "Thorne moving to the front of the vehicles!"

I thumbed rounds into the shotgun and stopped beside the lead truck until I was done. I spun, aimed and fired as Peters and Cox rushed the staff car. There were four enemy and not civilian guards. Two were officers and two were soldiers. I shot one of the soldiers in the head as Peters twisted and went down.

Cox dove under the front of the hover car as I began to walk and shifted to fire again. This time the other soldier's head exploded and he went straight back and down. I went down the right side and heard a girl scream and then man yell. I reached the back as an enemy officer with the braid of a staff officer stood while bringing his pistol around to shoot a teenage girl.

I fired through the side of his head from a couple of steps. His head jerked as gore sprayed out the other side. The second officer was running around the vehicle to escape me. I glanced at the pretty girl as I strode past, "stay here."

I spun to see the other officer kneeling with a small pistol to Peters head. He looked at me and sneered, "let me go or he dies."

I kept moving as I aimed at his head, "do you hear firing from the bridge? How about behind the warehouse or the two other buildings?"

I was barely a long step away as he jerked to pull Peters up. He yelled in pain and Cox whispered from the front of the vehicle, "just kill him."

Only I saw and recognized the rank on his collar as he jerked and tried to twist. I lunged as I let the shotgun go and caught his wrist. I twisted up and back while pulling one of the jungle knives. He struggled and cursed and then I slammed the knife into his shoulder. He screamed and let the pistol go and I yanked the knife out.

I pulled and spun and slammed him to the ground, "tie the bastard!"

Cox growled as he arrived and rolled the enemy general and pointed his rifle. I caught it and shoved it aside, "tie him! This asshole is a general and..."

He snorted but bent to tie the general's wrists. I undid his weapon belt and picked up the pistol, "let the lieutenant know and help Peters."

I moved towards the back and stopped beside the passenger seat. I reached in and lifted a heavy leather satchel. I glanced in it and grinned before continuing to the back. I found the girl with the other officer's pistol and belt. She was looking around as I stopped and tossed the general's, "try this one. It is not as large."

She spun and stared and I held out the satchel, "come with me and carry this."

I glanced towards the door into the warehouse and started towards it as private Zoner ran out from the other side of the trucks, "Thorne moving on the warehouse!"

He echoed it and went to the right as I aimed and fired twice into the center locking latch. The double doors began to open and two men inside lifted rifles. I fired four times rapidly and they went down. I knelt and aimed down the center isle and shot a man in the head when he leaned out from behind crates.

Zoner spun and moved in and crossed in front of me. I cursed and shifted but he was past and kneeling behind a row of crates. I glanced at the girl when she arrived, "wait for me to call you."

She looked terrified but nodded and I came to my feet and moved in and right. Several men stood to fire over the rows of crates but Zoner fired and one fell and the others ducked. I knelt and began to reload and lance corporal Higgins ran in and around behind me. He knelt on my other side, "status?"

I kept loading the shotgun, "we have maybe four or five scattered between the rows of crates. There is a closed door at the end of the center isle with I do not know how many behind it."

He lifted and fired as two men tried to shoot at us, "who is the girl?"

I glanced at the door as I lifted my shotgun to my shoulder, "that enemy general's aid was going to shoot her and I think she bit him. I think I am going to marry her."

He laughed as I came to my feet and moved around and down to the next row. I shot one man in the chest as he jumped up and fired blindly. Four more leaped to their feet and ran for the rear door and all three of us fired. I fired four times and the last fell as he was opening the door. I kept firing as I saw more men inside and stopped when I ran out.

Someone managed to slam the door and I began reloading, "girl come in here!"

A minute and she was peeking in and I glanced back and gestured. She crept closer and I smiled, "still okay?"

She nodded and I glanced at the door as Higgins and Zoner moved towards it, "stay here and down behind the crates until I call again."

There was a huge roar and the earth shook from huge explosions outside. I stood and started down the center isle and aimed at the door handle and fired twice. It shattered and the door flew open. I continued to walk and shot a man that was spinning and bringing a rifle up. Higgins and Zoner shifted and fired into the room at an angle as I kept walking.

A man lifted a long barreled pistol and I shot him twice in the chest. He was flung back and into another man that had been firing out a window. I stepped into the room and shot the man in the head before he could get untangled and then shifted to the right. Three men were running through another door and I shot one behind the others in the back.

The large slug went through the spine and blew his heart out his chest. I started for the open door, "another door!"

Before I stepped into the windowless room one of the two men spun and lifted a shotgun. I put two in his chest and he was flung back and the shotgun fired into the ceiling. I shifted as I stepped in and saw the last man lifting a trap door. I fired and shot him in the head and looked around as I began reloading.

Higgins came in as I went to look down into the trapdoor. It looked like it went under the building. I glanced at an open safe with a couple more leather satchels. When I checked they held gold coins like the one I gave the girl. I removed my pack, dumped the now useless ammo and shoved them in and then looked at the last man.

He had a large frame semi auto pistol and I took it and the spare magazines. I went back out and added the other pistol and the barrel was not really long, it just had a suppressor. I added a long rifle by the window that loaded rounds into a tube under the barrel. Lance corporal Higgins yelled and unbarred and opened the back door.

Sergeant Nolen and the other fire team came in. I headed back into the warehouse and bent to strip a man of a combat vest and take a twelve millimeter carbine. I was not the only one looking for weapons and taking things. When I reached the girl I set my pack on a crate, "are you okay?"

I glanced at the crate my pack was on and moved it to open the crate. Inside were new scale armor shirts that were a white color and it had a metal composite backing. I grinned as I pulled out one and rolled it around the carbine and rifle on top of my pack. I gestured to Higgins when he came out and took the satchel and pistols from the girl.

I caressed her face, "will you marry me?"

I heard Higgins and the sergeant laugh but the girl kept my attention. Her eyes went wide as she looked at me and after a minute she nodded. I knew I was grinning foolishly as I stuffed the satchel and pistols into my pack. I led her out and looked towards the bridge. The other side was just smoke and ruin as first, third and most of fourth walked towards us.

We lost three men and had ten wounded. We used thermite we found in the warehouse and set up a delayed fuse. The vertical lift birds came in and landed on the road as the whole warehouse and the other buildings were engulfed in flames. We loaded the wounded and dead first and then got on the second bird.

I kept the girl beside me and set the very heavy pack between my feet. Sergeant Nolen was beside the lieutenant who murmured and he grinned, "Thorne what is her name?"

I reddened as I looked at her and she smiled, "Anh."

Everyone laughed and Zoner who was on my other side hit my arm, "dummy tell her your name."

I grinned as everyone laughed again. Before we knew it the bird was landing and we were leaving. While we cleaned weapons and equipment the lieutenant and sergeant Nolen went to see the captain for a debriefing. I finally stood and went down and led Anh to my room. I set all the weapons in and on the crude rack by the door.

I pulled the satchels out and went to one of the trunks. I set them in one trunk and looked at the girl before undressing. She looked down but I stopped to lift her face, "shower so we can go eat?"

She searched my face before she smiled, "yes."

It was amazing to see her stunning body and even better to feel and caress it. A minute and she was grinning and then smiling smugly as she wrapped her hand around my hard cock. I finally shut the water off and pulled her out and dried us off. She pulled me to the bed and laid back and I sat to feel her pussy.

She hump and wiggled and I turned and moved over her. She positioned my cock and I pushed into her tight pussy. She groaned and shifted and then lifted and cocked her legs. I held her under me and enjoyed her warm pussy and the way it kept squeezing. She sighed and caressed my sides and then pulled on my hips.

I kissed her and pulled back and started to fuck her slowly. A minute and her pussy was wet and she was shuddering and hugging me. I kept kissing her and continued to use deep thrusts and bury my cock. Before long she twisted and bucked and thrashed as she wailed. A few more minutes and I shoved into her and held her tight as I gushed sperm.

She jerked and spasmed while clinging to me, "aaaahhhh!"

She kept shaking even after I finished and I reluctantly pulled out, "more after we eat?"

She was panting but nodded and I helped her out of bed.

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