Alone and Afraid
Chapter 9: Wedding

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It was time.

George, Chris, and I stood at the front. Amber was first and walked down the aisle as Angela played. Amber stood beside Chris when Laura entered through the door and came down the aisle also to the strains of “Bridge over Troubled Water.” She joined me. The four of us followed as George led us through our vows. George said, “It is good and appropriate that these four marry. We will go forward and we will have a future. Let us all take heart knowing that God hasn’t abandoned us and that love can still find a way as it has in the hearts of these two couples. Now, by the power taken by us to govern our actions as caring individuals, Amber and Chris, Laura and Brian, you are pronounced wife and husband each. You may kiss your spouse.”

I pulled my wife to me and kissed her while we held each other tightly. Everyone was laughing and crying with joy. With the four of us in the lead, we recessed to the dining hall for supper and a cake prepared by Ben with help from Alice and Ted. The cake had four candles on it. I asked my wife and Amber and Chris to each take a candle with me. They did. I held my candle high and said loudly, “This is a new day and a new start. We will go forward in love and in joy to create a new culture over the old. We will keep the best of the old as we forge new lives.” Laura brought the flame of her candle to mine and they flared brighter than just double!

We brought our candles down and Laura took mine and held it with hers to mold them into one. She said, “Our love will burn brightly for a long, long time. Together, we will keep faith with each other.” Without a bit of wind, the candles went out and we kissed again. People were shocked at the action of the candles. Amber had done the same with Chris’ candle and hers. Those candles reacted the same way. The final magic or miracle was that, when the two girls opened their hands, they each held a fatter single candle!

It was time for the couples to leave the festivities. Laura and I were led by Lisa and Karen to our room and “locked” inside until the “morrow.” We later found that they went back to the dining hall and all prayed for the four of us before breaking up for the evening. We found out about that the next morning.

We had embraced upon the closing of the door. I said, “Missus Childers-White.”

Laura said, “No, I am Missus Brian Childers. I want your name, your body, and your life for ever more. I really do love you, Brian. I’m old fashioned about being married. I want your name.”

I kissed her. “I gladly give it to you, my love. Laura Childers, I am glad we are now one.”

I slowly unbuttoned that dress shirt and found her only wearing white shorts under it. I unfastened them and slid them down her long legs. I stood back staring at her beautiful naked body. She looked at me as I smiled. I said, “I knew I was right. You are absolutely gorgeous. Every bit of you is fantastic.” She was eager as I slipped out of my clothing and we embraced naked.

“Brian, you and this night will be my first. I lost my hymen to sports in middle school. You will be in unknown territory. I am glad you are my first. I don’t want another. Love me, my husband.” We loved far into the night. After sleeping, we woke and loved some more. It was and always will be the best night of my life though there have been many since that were very, very good.

It was late in the morning before we left our “bower” and went to the dining room. We were applauded as had been Chris and Amber when they appeared a few minutes earlier. I bowed and Laura curtsied and everyone cheered. Tom, Brittany, and Samantha were sitting together. Laura and I went up to them and Laura said, “May we join you?”

Brittany said, “Yes! How is being married, Missus Laura?” She emphasized the “missus.”

Laura chuckled and said, “It and my husband were all I could have ever hoped they would be. I like being Missus Childers.”

No one seemed to be in a hurry to leave. Laura and I freely admitted to anyone who asked that we loved the place. People smiled when we said that.

Tom, Brit, and Sam acted as our guides today as we roamed the area and enjoyed looking at everything. Sam said, “You two sure touch a lot, Laura.”

Laura chuckled. “We enjoy touching each other. The feel of each other’s body is new to us though I hope we enjoy touching each other for a long time.” She was wearing a normal shirt and shorts. I knew what she had on under those clothes, nothing but beautiful woman.

We held each other and kissed a lot. Our three young teens found our actions fun though different for “old folks.” We canoed and played “putt-putt” golf. I drove us out to the rock eagle. It was truly an amazing sight. Before World War Two, a tower had been built. You had to climb that to see that it was an eagle made of smaller rocks on the ground. We read the plaques and found no indication that it had ever been excavated. I would have thought it had but, then again, didn’t care because it was cool to see.

It was late in the afternoon when we returned to the dining hall. We were tired but happy. As we walked in Sarah, with Joshua and Ryan in tow, was preparing to leave. Her pretty face didn’t have a pretty expression. She was talking to Amber and Chris. “You aren’t so hot, Amber. I’ve had Chris and prefer Ryan or Joshua to him. You are welcome to him.”

Amber looked upset. Chris said, “I’ve asked Amber for her forgiveness for having been with you. She has forgiven me and we’re happy together.” We walked up behind Amber and Chris.

Laura said, “I’m sure you have plenty to say about me, too. I didn’t try out your guys and you didn’t try out Brian. Like Amber and Chris, we are happy. Harping on us will not affect our joy. I do hope you find the joy that I have found in my husband.”

Laura continued, “Amber, Chris, if you have a moment, the three teens and we would like to talk with you.” We led them away from an unhappy Sarah.

Chris asked, “What did you guys want?”

Laura said, “Nothing, I thought that listening to an unhappy and jealous Sarah vent was wearing on your patience.” We all laughed together at that. Our young trio had noticed her. After all Sarah is a good looking woman as were Ryan and Joshua as guys.

Tom said, “She has two guys and she is very pretty. Why is she unhappy?”

I chuckled. “First, she didn’t get to me and she wants everyone. Chris left her way willingly and that didn’t make her happy either. Lastly, she sees the joyous expressions on Amber’s and Laura’s faces and is jealous. She doesn’t have that joy and may never have it.”

Laura said, “Brit, Sam, you are seeing in action two different reactions in women to being sexually active. There is payback emotionally. I turned down all three, Ryan, Joshua, and Chris. I did without. I slept alone and was ignored to a point. I waited for Brian though, at the time, I didn’t know his name. I waited for love not a physical sensation. He is so worth it and I am happy to have waited. I once read a book by C. S. Lewis that mentioned giving up a small joy for a later, greater joy. That is how I feel about Brian.”

She blushed a bit and leaned into me. “I could never have imagined how great being married could have been but I felt that waiting was for me.”

Sarah had left. She didn’t look happy. I hoped that we had seen the last of her unless she changed her attitude for what I would consider the better.

Later in the late afternoon, we would have a nice supper. There was a lot of romantic walking that evening. It wasn’t very late when Laura produced a fake yawn. She whispered sultrily, “Take me to bed, husband. I need some more exercise.” I could feel her bra-less breasts rubbing against my chest and arm through our shirts.

Louder, I said, “I’m tired. Missus Childers, would you join me?” Laura nodded and we left for our room. Once there, I took great pleasure in undressing her and taking my time in examining her body intimately to our considerable mutual joy. Laura insisted upon making a similar trip over the contours of my body and we enjoyed that immensely, too. It was another long and joyous night for us both.

We woke up with our arms and legs tangled about each other. Laura’s kiss tasted good even with morning mouth. I got out of bed and stood up. She held her arms up at me to help her up. She didn’t really need help but I enjoyed touching her. Her eyes were shining. She said, “We need a shower. I want to shower with you. Brian, I want to do everything with you.”

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