Alone and Afraid
Chapter 8: On the Road East Toward Augusta

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About an hour later, Laura said, “Brian, I want to spend the night with you but I don’t want it to get more physical than it already is. Is that okay?”

I answered immediately. “It’s okay. Your bed or mine?”

She blushed, “This one will be ‘ours’ tonight.” I smiled and kissed her again. I walked her to the edge of the bed and began to slowly unbutton her blouse. I kissed her with each undone button starting at her chin and following the open buttons down. She stopped me at the fourth button. “Brian, please stop. If you continue, I will not resist but I’m really not ready yet.”

I smiled slowly and left her. I went around the bed to the other side. Looking her in the eyes, I began to remove my clothes. I wore colored briefs but usually slept in boxers. I was down to my briefs and stopped. Laura was watching me and panting with arousal. I said, “I usually sleep in boxers. They’re in the other room. I shall return.” I left the room and went into my room long enough to remove my briefs and open my case to retrieve a pair of boxers and put them on. When I returned, Laura was standing in almost the same spot wearing a tiny pair of panties and a crop top tee. She looked altogether alluring. I smiled and my gaze traveled down her body and back up. She may be skinny but she was beautifully proportioned.

I slowly pulled the covers back and she mimicked my moves. We slid into the bed from opposite sides at the same time. I softly said, “I hate to turn off the light because I truly enjoy looking at you. You’re gorgeous.” She kissed me and our bodies strained together. She snuggled into my shoulder and I kissed her forehead. After a long moment, I turned the light off. We drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, I woke up on my side with her bottom tight against my stomach. My left arm was stretched out and her head was on it. One hand was holding my left. The other hand was holding my right hand that had slipped under her tee shirt and cupped her breast. It was incredibly firm. With her hand holding mine, I couldn’t have moved my hand away from her body if I had wanted to do so. I didn’t. She slowly woke and realized how we were lying. Her hand held mine to her as we both woke fully. She murmured, “I like sleeping with you.”

I rumbled. “The feeling is entirely mutual.” I gently gave her breast a squeeze. “We do need to get moving before we have a public. I’ll meet you outside our rooms in twenty minutes.”

She nodded and stretched holding my hand in place. She held and pulled my hand tightly to her for a moment. “I want you to have a happy feeling to think about.” She released my hands and slowly rolled out of bed. Reluctantly, I got up and went into the other bedroom. I showered and shaved. I dressed and then went into her room and retrieved my clothes from the floor. I took them back to my room and packed. I gently closed the connecting door. Then, I took my case and rolled it out into the corridor. Moments later, she rolled her case out of the room and came to me. “Good morning, Brian.”

“Good morning, Laura. I hope you slept well.”

“Yes, I did. My dreams were sweet.” I nodded and pulled her to me and gave her a simple kiss. There were people in the corridor as the rest of our party started their day. We all went into the lobby to find that Dorothy and Helen had prepared a light breakfast with coffee and tea. We ate with Laura and I having coffee. I found that she liked her coffee black with no sugar as did I. We noticed and smiled at each other. We sat together in the lobby almost oblivious of any activity around us.

Finally, George said, “If you two are finished staring into each other’s eyes for a while, you could get this show on the road.” We blushed and gave a start to the happy laughter of many. I noticed that Amber and Chris seemed to have eyes only for each other, too.

That statement and our action seemed to be the signal for everyone to get moving. We cleaned up, left a sign, got in our vehicles and left to make our slow, but steady way toward Augusta. Our older folk had been looking at a map. On their behalf, George suggested that we make a slight detour through Social Circle and then, at US 441, detour north to Madison and south to Eatonton.

Social Circle was a nice little town that was picking up growth from Atlanta. We honked our way through it to no results. Back on the Interstate, we rolled down to the US 441 exit. I pulled off heading north and stopped. We gathered around George’s big car. Laura and I walked over there holding hands. I said, “George, we’re here. What are your thoughts?”

George replied, “These were the two main places on our route. It follows your method of travel. You seemed to be busy lately and the four of us went over the map for you.” He grinned at me and I looked around to see a small sea of happy, smiling faces. Laura blushed a bit but looked happy.

I decided to nod. “George, we’re heading north so Madison will be first. It’s supposed to be a pretty place with many old homes. We will tour through it in our usual manner making noise. I don’t know if we will see anyone but we can always hope. Then, we’ll head south.” I paused and looked around. “Let’s go!”

We drove though Madison and looked at its beautiful old homes. Laura liked it. It was deserted and looked as if no one had been there since the vanishing. We roamed around and then headed south below I-20 going to Eatonton. As we went south, I saw a neat-looking sign for Rock Eagle 4-H Camp. I switched on my turn signal and went right to the camp. It was a truly beautiful place!

I said, “Laura, here’s my phone. Call Ed or Bert and tell them where we are. We will be delayed to enjoy this spot. They will enjoy hearing your voice as much as I do.”

She took my phone and made the call. “Good morning, Bert. I’m Laura riding with Brian. We are taking a little detour to the Rock Eagle 4-H Camp off US 441 south of I-20. It’s a beautiful place. Please be understanding. I want to trap Brian in a pretty spot and kiss him.” She laughed to hear the answer. “I thought you would understand. I look forward to seeing you soon. Bye.” Her chuckle was low and sweet as she thumbed the off button.

I said, “That may have been more information than they needed.” I grinned.

“Bert said that he totally understood the delay. He wants you to kiss me once for him.”

“Being the agreeable soul that I am, I will give in to his request.” She looked at me with a mock frown. “I want to kiss you for me totally, too.” She smiled and leaned to my shoulder.

We found the main administrative building on the shore of the lake. No one seemed to be in a hurry. I didn’t even want to honk and disturb the stillness of this beautiful place. Laura and I got out of the car. I had gone around to help her get out, a totally unnecessary chore but it gave me an opportunity to gaze at her long legs encased in a pair of short shorts. She looked hot! I pulled her to my body for a quick kiss. “Laura, you look so hot. How did you find time to paint those shorts on?”

She smiled. “I put them on normally. I will show you tonight.” We smiled at each other again.

Others were getting out and moving toward the entrance of the building. Lisa said, “There really is a rock eagle like the sign said. Here’s a picture.”

We looked around some more. The camp had been in session when everyone vanished. I said, “I think we need to walk around pretty carefully. The camp was in session and there might be a kid or two here who is very lonesome. They will need comforting.”

Everyone nodded seriously. According to the schedule, the junior camp was just ending. This was an older group of kids but still young. Before we left to walk around for a while, I said, “Try to stay in groups with mixed sexes. I think it will make any kids more confident that we aren’t monsters out to get them. They might be scared.”

With that said, I took Laura’s hand and went went walking along the lake shore. It was tranquil. I said, “Laura, someday, I would like to return to this place with you for a little vacation.”

She looked at me and smiled serenely. “I would like that, Brian. I would like that very much.” We walked along slowly enjoying the place and each other. We came to a little walking bridge and walked about a third of the way across. We had our arms around each other just looking into the other’s eyes. We kissed.

I said, “Laura, I think being in this place with you is magical though all of our time together has been magical.” At that instant, my phone rang. I jumped a little. “Damn! Excuse me.” I pulled my phone from my pocket. It was Lisa! “Hello, Lisa. What’s happening?” I put it on speaker.

Lisa said, “Karen and I found people! We need your help, Brian. We’re in cabin forty-three.”

I said, “Okay, Laura and I are on the way. We had gone the other way but we will be quick. Bye.” We jogged along and began to trace the cabin numbers finding forty-three quickly. We went inside to see Lisa and Karen along with three younger teens. Lisa said, “Good. This is Laura and Brian, our leaders.”

Laura said, “Brian is our leader though we are together a lot.” She had resumed holding my hand though I made it easy for her. I liked to hold her hand.

Karen said, “The two of you are a great team and make a great leadership pair.

“Please meet Tom, Brittany, and Samantha. They were campers when everyone vanished. They found each other and have been together since.”

Brittany said, “I’m Brittany. Please, Mister Brian and Missus Laura, where did everyone go? Our parents were supposed to pick us up and we haven’t seen them or anyone else. Do you know what happened?”

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