Earth's Core
Chapter 7: Dewgong Family On A Lock Down

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“Conceited punk”, mayor Deg muttered, thinking hard how to manipulate this predicament.

By basing Zax’s battle ability on the average fluctuations of dark attribute and potency of his killing intent, he did not fear him. Also, the lad was practically no one before he heard about him from his second nephew and met him now, therefore, at most, mayor Deg assessed that he should only be careful from the opponent’s remarkable recovery capability, which indicated that he was a bodily cultivator, that even the joint effort of the two Overlords failed to entirely exterminate.

The real issue was not exposing the existent of the dark attribute’s essences. There were many eyes currently watching the confrontation between the two of them. Mayor Deg was afraid that should the experts behind those eyes will discover that the source of the strife is in his family possession and are three dark attribute’s essences, the likes of which have never been seen before, they might forget the rules of the city...

At this time that mayor Deg contemplated his moves, Zax was counting in his heart. Going down from ten was enough time for the other party to comply, that was his bottom line, and afterwards, he will destroy all formation protected structures in the city and collect all spatial rings, regardless to whom they belong.

‘We can come into agreement’. Mayor Deg’s Sublime Soul Sense voiced in Zax’s sea of consciousness. ‘Gadik will return the Splinters, and the dark attribute’s essences, you will receive a fair price-’

Before he could finish the sentence, mayor Deg’s pupils contracted. Sensing a spike in the fluctuations of dark attribute and that the opponent is ready to make a move, he raised his wrinkled hand, from his spatial ring retrieving a long double edge sword. About to change into countering posture, he realized that the thing he concentrated on was an afterimage and Zax...


Like a spear head, Zax’s darkened hand punctured mayor Deg’s abdomen, the old man’s dantian in his grip. It was a blow that harnessed all the dark attribute energy he could muster without transforming. Mayor Deg was an Intermediate second level Martial Mortal and though Zax could beat him in an attrition war, to win swiftly and without wasting time he had to rely on the element of surprise and not hold back.

“In-sane!” Mayor Deg stared in fright at the wriest which hand was buried in his stomach.

“Channel a hint of mist energy and I’ll tear apart your dantian!” Zax warned upon reading the expression of mayor Deg and realizing his intentions.

Mayor Deg stiffened, the look on his face turned ugly and blood trickled from the corners of his mouth.

“You are the patriarch of your family; this is your one last opportunity. I want all back! Everything! Otherwise...”

“You can’t. You have no idea with whom you are messing, boy! Ugh!” Mayor Deg growled and moaned painfully when Zax pressed his dantian with a bit of dark attribute energy. Still insisting, mayor Deg said. “Those I associate with all have an agreement between us. Should one die by the hand of an outsider, the rest of us will chase the murderer restlessly until they are caught and killed alongside the loved ones, alongside anyone they ever had sentiment toward-” Mayor Deg coughed blood, his words of warning only made Zax tighten his hold on his dantian.

“I don’t care if you have the five powers behind-”

“No! Not the five powers! We may not be as strong, but we are also not as fickle! My acquaintances will surely avenge-” Again, Zax’s dark attribute energy began to assault the old man’s internals.


Zax flew, maintaining his hold on mayor Deg, in a few seconds he made it to the mayor office building.


From the ground, residents of Monivore city felt a gust of rancorous wind blowing. Shifting the gazes up they met a sight that caused all their hearts to sink.

“It’s mayor Deg!”

A woman in a skirt suit alarmingly called, pointing with her finger. She worked in the mayor office building and though mayor Deg rarely showed himself, she instantly recognized him.

“Who is that?!” Another person pointed at Zax. “Do something, mayor Deg is being wounded by that person!” He shouted at the two officers at the entrance to the mayor office building, but the duo was at loss. Is there something they can do against someone who subdued their almighty mayor? They quickly sent word through their communicators, asking for reinforcement.

“Old man, if I won’t find my stuff here, your family’s estate is the next destination and whoever we will find there... I’m curious how many lives you are willing to bear losing before surrendering!” Zax said, prepared to punch.

Mayor Deg powerlessly watched, always readying himself for Zax to lower his guard, always cautious not to stir him further and have his inwards ruined.





The defensive formation of the mayor office building was as tough as the warehouse’s and even more complicated. On each of the one hundred and four floors of the building was an emergency power sources to reignite the formation if anything were to happen to it.

‘No! No! No! No!’ Zax was vexed. He had to search in a hurry a section of the building every time the formation collapsed, yet he never found where his spatial rings were hidden, at the best, there were couple of experts in the building with their own spatial rings. They seemed to notice Zax probing. Some allowed him to examine them, though not the content of their spatial ring, as that was impossible without handing them over. Others were a little bit lest content and raised a mantle to obstruct the Soul Sense.

“Listen to me well”, Zax spoke to those experts with spatial rings, but his voice reached all ears. “If you are in cahoots with Gadik or someone else from the Dewgong family, I suggest you submit yourselves now. The more aggrieved you make me feel, the more pain I’ll inflict!”

Zax warned and turned to mayor Deg. “You were awfully obedient till now. Is it because that you are patiently waiting for someone to come and save, or were you buying time for your family?!” His words were like whip, lashing at mayor Deg’s pride.

“So long as you don’t cross that line, an agreement can still be endorsed”. Mayor Deg said in a small voice. ‘Do you thing rampaging would help you finding their location?’ He sent via Sublime Soul Sense. Certain words could not be said out loud to avoid their hidden spectators from thinking too much.

Zax tacitly ignored mayor Deg. He, too, was aware of the several experts spying on them and the kind of problems that can arouse should they get involved. The most worrisome aura was conveyed from the direction of the Mercenary Association’s branch. It was not weaker than mayor Deg’s and to make it worse, if there was an organization that knew better than the five powers what transpired in Demirva Ridge, than it would have been the Mercenary Association.

The Dewgong family estate’s had no grand walls around it; only two acres of a lavish garden encompassing it and not one living soul could be seen outside the estate house.

“By the time you will break it they will arrive”. Mayor Deg duly, indicating the protective formation of the estate.

Zax measured the formation. Mayor Deg was saying the truth. “You’re right”. For the first time he spoke calmly, yet there was great meaning to his tone.


He blasted mayor Deg’s internals and pulled out his arm, letting the pale and bleeding old man fall while trying to support his body with mist energy.

“You will pay-” Mayor Deg gathered his strength to get up on his knees and look up after hitting the paved ground. He was willing to trade his life for the dark attribute’s essences, the prestige that his family will gain after those second and third to him would absorbed them will be worth it, as well as his legacy. However, when he spoke those dreadful words and stared at the white menace, he suddenly had a bad premonition. ‘The fluctuations of dark attribute... how can they still grow stronger?!’ He was sure that Zax’s bodily cultivation was higher than his mist cultivation, high enough to catch off guard someone of his caliber, but not enough to accumulate so much dark attribute, neither by mist nor by body.

What little did mayor Deg know that Zax was actually stimulating the dark attribute worldly energy and that in fact it did not stem from him.

Zax’s physique changed, transformed... Dark Titan Storm!

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