Earth's Core
Chapter 13: Eventful Night

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Zax was at loss, but in his moment of anxiousness he could still find a silver lining. ‘Senior Ariel explained that the purpose of the marks left in me is to notify the five powers when either my body or supposed mist energy break through the second realm. Hopefully, that’s about it for their surveillance capabilities... ‘

“Listen well; the soldiers from the Violet Scaled Troops aren’t necessarily from the Second Corps. At worst, only one platoon from the Second Corps is on its way. If they do come and happen to find us, we would split into two groups. As only I and Fengar possess communicators, Shouva will follow me, and Zax and Fengar, you two split together to another direction. No matter what, remember not to fight them, we cannot afford offending one of the five powers”. Vouvik instructed everyone and then averted his gaze to the shortest in the group. “Fengar, calculate five meeting points from here to Demirva Ridge and send them to me”.

“Yes”. Fengar said and the four fast made their retreat out of the town like Sifon tribe.

Under the bright light of the moon, the four moved quickly and without hindrance. In contrast to the ordinarily communed manner of villages and tribes, due its unofficial status as a “Travelers Town”, it was easy to enter the Sifon tribe just as much as it was easy to leave it, usually.

Bursts of mist energy from various locations in the Sifon tribe erupted one after the other, as the experts responsible for them made a blatant escape.

“What’s up with them? Are they trying to get caught?” Shouva said in a low voice.

“I don’t think so”. Fengar annoyingly berated. “Considering the current situation and the level of power emanating from their auras ... It’s more like they are experts, either participants or those behind the killings, and in a hurry to get as far away from town as possible”.

“Which means”, Vouvik added. “That they might have an idea of what’s occurring, and more importantly ... By the fluctuations of their auras, some of them do not seem impossible to handle, should we pursue for answers”.

Zax stayed quite as the group discussed and left the Sifon tribe, back to the cover of the Titan Kapok Trees forest.

‘Whatever they will decide, I guess, for now I can comply with. Worst case scenario I’ll say my goodbyes in a moment notice. Till then, continuing with the assignment is still beneficial, and I am curious about the motive of the five powers in this time’s trials’.

The four dashed through the forest, relying solely on their physical’s speed. Three of which had to surpass their mist energy to avoid getting sensed.

Suddenly, surges of Soul Senses began to sweep the forest, enveloping in their reach the four and who knows how many runaway trials’ participants.

“Damn!” Fengar cursed.

Although he, Vouvik and Zax were quick to react, use their own Soul Senses to shield and conceal them, Shouva’s soul was weaker than couple of the snooping Soul Senses. By her upset expression, it was clear that her position was made.

“This ... It’s actually those hurrying to leave bastards!” Fengar spewed a second time.

The Soul Senses were not belonged to the Violet Scaled Troops, but the trials’ participants who used mist energy for explosive escape, those suspected to have an idea of what is going on.





The five or so parties of fleeting experts separated and dispersed in the Titan Kapok Trees forest. Two lone experts headed toward the direction of Zax and his party.

“Are they insane? Actually trying to pick up a fight?!” Fengar half anticipated their arrival, half got angry.

Yes, they were their potential means of find out everything, but for the mark to initiate contact with the bullet ... sending only two experts, an Advanced second level Core Master and an Intermediate third level Core Master, were they looking down on their group?

As he was a Beginner third level Core Master, Vouvik was nearly at the Advance phase. As for Shouva and Zax, one, to his limited knowledge, was at the Peak of the second Core Master level, while the other was at the Advanced phase.

“Fine, make it easier to catch you!”

“No!” Zax retorted. Realizing first the fleeting experts’ intention, his complexion turned ugly. “It’s as if they are not just running away, but knowingly being chased. That’s why they left the Sifon tribe so fast. But while the rest of us are being reserved, they can’t keep up accelerating while beaconing where they are with their mist energy-”

“They want to drag us with them”, Vouvk caught up. “There were many participants in the Sifon tribe, but only few left rushing. I gather they flee due to obtaining unique information from the murdered brokers and therefore are also being targeted by the five powers or some other troublesome entity-”

“But, father”, Shouva cut in. “If any of the five powers or anyone close to their level decides to get involved in the trials, they can do so freely above ground. Why resort to foul play?”

“Claiming that the five powers have something to do with the killings is just the most probable hypothesis, Greenhorn Shouva. The Violet Scaled Troops might act as a cover or because it genuinely unrelated and wants to investigate what’s happening in its territory”. Fengar answered, also finally understanding the motive of the scattering fleeting experts. “In the end, it doesn’t matter from whom they flee. If so many of them, veteran mercenaries and capable Core Masters, chose to do so over simply fighting their pursuers. What matters is that soon they’ll get all the other participants involve!”

The two fleeing experts indeed got close to the party, enough to make up their real numbers by their other senses. The stayed at a distance of approximate one hundred meters from the party, maintained the same running pace and released their auras wantonly.

This vile method of using the ill informed participants as scapegoats was executed by the fleeting experts all across the forest, as if they planed so beforehand. They were aware that even if they left inconspicuously, whoever chasing them will avoid wasting time after those who did not receive the news. Therefore, they decided to lead them themselves toward parties or individuals like Zax, Shouva, Vouvik and Fengar.

“Vouvik, they aren’t advancing anymore”. Zax said, referring to the two experts on their tail. “We should get rid of them and take the chance to find out what they know”.

“Shouva and I will deal with them. You and Fengar, proceed to the second meeting point. We are already too close to the first one”. Vouvik assessment of Zax’s strength was the same as Fengar’s, hence, he preferred to coordinate with his daughter since she was not too far apart from him and more reliable.

“So the two of us don’t get the chance to fight?” Fengar said disappointedly.

“Calm down”, Vouvik said soothingly. “By how eventful this assignment turned out, unless we will withdraw from the trials, I doubt this would be the last of our battles”.




Vouvik and Shouva changed to their animalistic forms, two flaming Blaze Horned Tigers the size of double and near quadruple decker buses.

The duo were, obviously, noticed by the two experts, however, they closed in fast, erupting with red fiery attribute mist energy.

“Shouva, delay her for ten seconds, that’s all”.

“Yes, father!”

Of the two experts, the weaker was a female human. The one Vouvik targeted first was a female Scaled Ape who transformed to her human’s size yet quick animalistic form the instant she realized a battle is inevitable. As it occurred, all three beasts were Zhìhuì class.

“Vouvik, so it was your party we intercepted!” The two meters tall ape with the brown scales said as she maneuvered swiftly from one Titan Kapok Trees.

“You got eight seconds to tell me why you came after us and what your contact told you, Danttena, otherwise this will be your last attempt in the High Rankers’ trials”.

Despite being larger and obstructed by the Titan Kapok Trees, Vouvik managed to keep up and even shorten the distance between him and Danttena.

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