Earth's Core
Chapter 3: Show Your Fucking Face!

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With much effort Zax concealed his killing intent from leaking out. His voice, on the other hand, did poorly and reverberate his fury.

Anet trembled and lowered her shirt. She kept her back to him, shameful and sorrow for what had been done to her, the way she was marked.

"Three month ago, my school, Eden Formation, held its half year Martial competition". Anet slowly recited. "At the time, everything was fine. I even registered to the general fights of the Intermediate class".

"I did well in the fights. Eden Formation is not the biggest Martial School in El-Eden, but it has the best resources and cultivation techniques and so the awards for the first ten places were really good. I contented against other students between the ages twelve to sixteen in the Intermediate class and made it to the last ten. I lost in the fight for the ninth place, but the one that I most regretful about, is the fight that I won for the tenth place..." Anet's voice cracked as she reminisced about the mistake of that day, which nowadays she considered her own.

"My opponent for the tenth place was a student from my year, Binjo Derneldar. He and I had the same level of cultivation and our fight was mostly evenly match. Eventually I was able to surpass Binjo because the comprehension of my technique was better than his. I pushed him to the edge of the ring a lot of times and he managed to preserve just enough to not fall out. But when his mist energy was near depletion ... that's when he began to exploit that status of his family to threaten me, saying that I should concede if I know what's good for me..." Anet clenched her fist. Her gaze was glued to the floor as tears dropped from her face. "I was reluctant to give up, but I knew who the Derneldar family was. One of the five greatest families of El-Eden and an exalt donor of the school. I did not want to give up because of the status of my opponent, but I had no choice. Binjo and I exchanged blows and I told him that I agree ... I told him that I agree to lose and he ... he said that if I am so easily convinced than later he will convince me to sell my body and expect that I comply, 'like the upper class sluts'". Anet bit her tongue and blood spilled from her mouth. Even today Binjo's words filled her with resentment.

Zax's pupils contracted. 'Is there someone really that vile?' In his fourteen years of life he had yet to encounter the perverse. That was why the words that Anet used when she quoted Binjo were more stirring as they contrasted with his morals.

"After he said it I became furious. Not caring who his family was, I beat him and won the fight. Like this I made my mistake". Anet's body loosened as depression sank in. "A day later were the last three days of the month, and when everyone could go home. Some students stay in the dorms, but I chose to go. Binjo did not bother me after the fight and I was excited for making it to the top ten and getting a mist cultivation pill. I was delusional!" Anet cried. "When I waited at the students' terminal for the train a profound force engulfed my body and I lost consciousness. When I came to, I woke up in a warehouse, bound by the same force. Bijno was in the warehouse". Anet's voice faded. Recalling Bijno and the darkness of the warehouse made her pent.

Zax sat quietly, but his heart pounded as if his Master stamped on his chest repeatedly. 'If he... ' Not even in his thought was he able to complete the sentence.

"After Binjo appeared, another person stepped out from the darkness ... A Mist Lord Binjo referred to as 'older brother'". Anet crossed her arms, her fingernails dug into her skin. "Binjo ... he wanted to rape me". She said so silently, if Zax was not a bodily cultivator he would not have heard her. But maybe that was what Anet wanted; after all, she did not know that other than his soul, Zax also cultivated his body.

Zax held himself from bursting the question "Did he". In truth, whether Binjo did or did not, Zax's mind was set on only one decree.

"I wasn't, I was not raped". Rather than to Zax, whether he heard her or not, Anet's words were directed to herself. "Jirendo, Binjo's brother, did not let him rape me despite his protests. Because Binjo sullied their family name more than once in the past year, he could not let him act selfishly again, even if he will choose to kill me afterwards ... Binjo was infuriated, but did not argue. For a short moment I thought that, that's it, he will let me go. I was wrong. Binjo really hated me for beating him in the competition and more because his brother forbade him to execute his deviant tendencies. 'I will not kill you' he said nicely as if to reassure me that nothing bad will happen. But then the expression on his face changed, he turned my back to him, stripped me from my clothes and..."

The blow of the event was too traumatic. Anet swayed and Zax caught her before she hit to floor. His hand touched her back and her eyes opened in shock and her dark white mist energy lashed at him.

Zax did nothing to avoid the lashes of mist energy. They could not hurt him anyway. He sensed Anet's soul level when she mentioned entering the competition and discovered that she is at the Advanced phase of the Core Breaker level. Seeing the color of her mist and aura, he was sure now of her overall level of cultivation. If it was not for the savagery he tried to contain, Zax would probably praise the teaching methods of the number one first rate Martial school in El-Eden.

"No!" Anet yelled and sprang to her bed.

Footsteps rushed through the hallway. "Anet, honey?!" Beka entered the room. She saw her daughter clinging to her bed and she gasped. "Baby!" If Bake knew what happened to her daughter it was not clear. By the time she got to her daughter's side Anet steadily sobered.

"I'm fine, mom". She said softly.

"How exactly are you fine, Anet?" Beka burst into tears, gripping Anet's shoulders.

"I'm sorry, Zax". Anet lowered her head. She was too upset to notice that her outburst did not harm him the slightest.

Zax breathed heavily and got up. "Anet", he disregarded Beka and raised her head with his palms. Maintaining eye contact, his gaze was unwavering. "You don't need to tell me anymore. I will make them pay! I will destroy all those who hurt you!"

Zax's emanated a confidence and might that pierced through Anet's sea of consciousness and washed her soul from the pain. In his longing to comfort and emphasize that his words were not empty, when he touched her cheeks, Zax unintentionally allowed his soul energy to pass from him to Anet. Naturally, it was not in a harmful manner, his soul energy carried a soothing intent. He gave her the "Calm" and kept the "Storm".

Before Anet had the chance to respond, Zax turned his back and left. Hurriedly leaving, when he exited the building his figure flashed.

Anet, who wanted to call him, tell him to stay, that she does not want anyone else to get hurt, ran to the living room's window that viewed the street in front of the building. She somehow felt better after Zax consoled her and sensed the strength in her rejuvenating. However, when she opened the window and saw Zax vanish, faster than she, an Advanced phase Core Breaker could see, her mouth hanged open and no word came out.


Zax's destination was the number one Martial school in El-Eden, Eden Formation. Before he went there he first passed by his home, to check online the address of the school.

Both of his parents were home. They decided to stay and take care of Liz together in her first days in home. They were happy that Zax did not leave yet back to the beast's territory. They knew from Zetsa that he had to, but their son just got back, how could they give their consent for him to go so fast after barely having him home for one day?

Liz was lying in her crib, not that she could do anything else, but after getting the address of the school and learning the route to it from cave twenty five, Zax had the quick desire to see his little sister before going.


Eden Formation was located at the epicenter of cave two. From cave twenty five the distance was two days drive if going by bus and a day or so drive, depend on the vehicle, by private transportation. Zax was around a year and a half younger than the eligible age for driver license, though, with his level of cultivation he could register for a private vehicle unhindered when the time comes.

Having no means of transportation other than his two legs, Zax ran the distance to cave two and after several hours passed through the tunnel of the luxurious and high class cave.

In a way, cave two was the most magnificent cave Zax ever been in. Still ... he did not come to or was in the mood for sightseeing. In no time he arrived to the gates of Eden Formation.

Zax approached the school gates calmly. He stopped a block from the school and walked to the gates in a calm pace.

The gates were closed and behind them were six youths wearing the school uniforms proudly. Five of the six youth stayed by the school gates, talking – the sixth one seemed to busy experimenting different shapes with his mist energy.

The two golden harps that made the school gate were not locked or gave the impression that they ever need to be. Most people knew that the closed gates indicated that entry to the school at the current hour of the day was restricted to school's personal or exceedingly important people.

"What do you think that you are doing, kid?" One of the five youths, not taller than Zax but bulkier, asked Zax when he caught him about to touch the gate.

The other four youths were with their back to the gate and did not pay attention to what went outside the school, and the experimenting youth was in his own small world.

"I have some business in your school". Zax replied indifferently.

"Is that so", the bulky youth that spoke with Zax took upon himself to deal with him and the others, after a glance, eradicated any shred of interest they might have for the visitor.

As a matter of fact, as cultivators with some ability, the youths assessed Zax's cultivation the instant they saw him. When they did not feel any mist energy from his body with their own mist, which circulated every part of their bodies, they immediately thought of him as another rich boy, probably of the same class as they are. They thought the he was using a mist concealment jewel, which no one below the high class can afford, and that actually made them look down on him. They, as proud students of Eden Formation, would never hide their cultivation.

"I suggest you leave, kid, if you hide your cultivation, your talent, at best, is probably so so. That being said, if you really want to get in, you can either wait that we will open the gate in four or try to open it yourself right now".

"Barnard!" The four youth scolded.

"What nonsense are you spouting? This brat is not qualified to enter our school even as a janitor!" One red head youth said in disdain.

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