The Choir Trip
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On the choir trip, Hilly and Ben fall for each other while others have agendas of their own.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting  

Hilly Foster wasn't very tall and she still had the spotty complexion of an adolescent. Her soft brown eyes were large for her face and her long brown hair often needed to be brushed out. While her bright smile and bubbly personality often made most people think she was younger than she actually was, she had the firm breasts and full hips of a woman. But she wasn't a woman. Not yet anyway.

She loved the attention she got when she sang, so she auditioned and won a place in the school choir. The choir spanned all ages, giving her the chance to tease the older boys. She had discovered her charms worked even better with them than the skittish boys her own age. She would tell them risqué jokes she'd learned from her two older brothers and made sure to smile to encourage their attention.

It was all in fun, she told herself. Their kisses were exciting and when she allowed them to touch her breasts it made her knees weak. She never had to worry about it going further than she wanted. Her brothers had taught her to fight young, and ten years of martial arts training allowed her to protect herself. But she still didn't really understand her power over men.

Health class had described their emerging sexuality in a general sense, but it never really explain why the boys seemed to be so interested in what was going on in her panties. She could have told them it was usually something gross and sometimes a little smelly, but she didn't want to discourage them. She loved the attention too much.

"Are you going on the choir trip?" Hilly asked Ben Meyer. Her real name was Hillary, but when she was born her older brother couldn't say it and his nickname for her stuck.

Ben was old enough that he needed to shave most days and she'd noticed that he bathed more often than most of the boys. Hilly liked the way he looked in his torn jeans and tight t-shirt. But it was his smile and sweet eyes that really took her breath away.

"Yeah," he said as he leaned closer to look down her shirt.

She pushed him away with a sigh. "Knock it off."

"Why?" he grinned as he leaned closer again, his bangs falling into his face. "You got a nice pair. It's like a compliment."

"If you want to compliment me, tell me I'm pretty or I sing nice. Looking down my shirt just tells me you're a creep."

"Well, if you were taller than waist high or buttoned up your shirt more I might not get so distracted."

"Never mind." Hilly turned and walked away, smiling because she knew he would follow and apologize. Three, two, one...

"Hilly wait, I'm sorry." He said. "You do sing great. And I even think you're pretty, in a kid sister sort of way. When we go on the trip you wanna hang out with me on the bus?"

She stopped to look him over as if considering what she would say. She already knew, of course. He was the best kisser in choir she'd found so far. He didn't try to stick his tongue down her throat or twist her boobs like radio knobs.

One time, late at night, she put her fingers down into the furry nest inside her cotton panties and thought about him kissing her boobs. It didn't take very long to give herself what she needed to go to sleep that night.

"I guess," she said, like it didn't matter one way or the other.

They would leave on Friday to travel to a hotel near an amusement park about four hours away. The choir was scheduled to sing at the park three times on Saturday, then stay overnight again to return home on Sunday. There were forty kids in the choir and ten adult chaperones going, which the director thought was adequate to avoid shenanigans. Unfortunately for him, he underestimated the power of their raging hormones.

When Friday morning arrived, Hilly dragged a garment bag with her formal dress and a duffel with the rest of her clothes to the hired coach. She had dressed in tight sweat pants and a loose fitting choir t-shirt and put her hair in a loose tail.

Spying Ben at the back when she got on the bus, she stopped to chat with a half-dozen friends while he practically bounced in his seat to catch her attention. She knew it was torturing him, but enjoyed the anticipation of his undivided attention for the long bus ride.

"Hilly! Back here!" Ben called when she finally looked his way.

"Thanks for saving me a seat," she said as he got out to let her have the window seat.

"I got us some snacks and stuff," he said, showing her the bag of goodies like he was presenting her with treasure. He had gotten her some of her favorites, so she graced him with a grateful smile.

"That's cool," she said. "Do you know what movie they're going to show?"

The coach had two seats on each side of the aisle with drop down video screens every few seats to watch DVDs on the road. Their seats were in the last row next to the bathroom so it didn't have anyone on the other side of the aisle.

Hilly quickly figured out that Ben was hoping to give her a little private attention. She felt a tingle in her panties at the idea, but didn't let on she knew what he was up to.

She stood to chat with Madison in the seat in front of them, giving Ben a nice view of her ass in the tight sweats. Madison was her best friend and roomie for the trip. They had been friends forever and shared everything.

As soon as the coach was full, the director grabbed the microphone to explain some last minute changes before they pulled away from the school. When she sat, Hilly moved the armrest that separated their seats so she could lean against Ben's arm.

Hilly settled in to watch the boring action movie while Ben shifted nervously in his seat. She watched him struggle with himself before reaching over to take her hand. When she didn't pull away, he grinned over for a second before returning his attention to the movie.

Since her their hands were on her leg, she felt his fingers shifting to touch her sweat pants. She didn't acknowledge it, but she did move her knees slightly further apart. She had to tighten her lips to keep from smiling when his finger began to draw circles on her thigh.

He was touching about halfway between her hip and knee as the gentle motion caused her body to respond. Or maybe it was just discharge. She had no way of knowing without checking, but she decided she liked him touching her in either case.

When she finally sighed and nestled into his arm, he leaned closer until she could put her head on his shoulder. Then She noticed him shifting around in his seat.

"You okay?" she whispered as he squirmed.

"Uh..." When his face turned red she realized what he was doing.

"Are you getting a boner holding my hand?" she giggled into his ear.

He shut his eyes for a moment, like he was contemplating jumping off the bus, then let go of her hand. He looked around to see if anyone was coming up the aisle, then used his right hand to pull his jeans away and stuffed his left hand down into his pants.

"Sorry. It really hurts if I don't straighten it out."

When his left hand came out, she noticed his fingertips were wet.

"Did you pee or something?" she whispered in his ear and pointed to his wet fingers. She hadn't meant to ask like that, but the shock of seeing it forced the question out.

Now he looked like he wanted to crawl under the bus wheels while it was moving. "It gets wet when I get horny."

Before he could wipe the moisture on his jeans, Hilly grabbed his hand and pulled it over to inspect it. She touched the liquid and frowned, then noticed it made little strings when she pulled her finger away. "Oh."

"Oh what?" he whispered, watching her with a thin line of perspiration above his lips.

"It's like mine, that's all." She wiped her fingers off on his thigh and let go of his hand.

"What do you mean it's like yours?" he asked, suddenly serious and interested.

She glanced around, then pulled her sweats away and slipped her hand into her panties. Definitely not discharge, she thought as she felt the slippery heat he had brought out in her. When she pulled out her hand, she showed him her own damp fingers. "See?"

He looked at her fingers with wide eyes, then gripped her hand. Staring at the glistening fingertips, he brought them to his nose first, then extended his pink tongue to lick the first one clean.

The sight of him tasting her caused her core muscles to clench hard enough to make her gasp. Then he shut his eyes and licked the next one. One by one he licked her fingers off until she was panting with a kind of desire she'd never felt before.

She put her hands on both sides of his face and pulled him in for a kiss. Tasting herself on his lips made her horny enough to open herself to his tongue. After a few moments, the kisses slowed until he was panting against her neck.

"I've never been this hard in my life," Ben whispered against her damp skin, his hands gripping the sleeves of her t-shirt.

Hilly was confused and horny. She rarely lost control of herself like this. The fantasy of his mouth on her breasts had been replaced with a new dream of him tasting her source. She knew her little bud was hot and swollen, craving the touch of his fingers and lips and tongue.

"What do you do? When you're alone?" she whispered, hardly believing she had the nerve to ask.

He chuckled. "I get some hand lotion and stroke it until I cum."

"I'm cold. Did you bring a blanket?" She hoped her abrupt change of subject didn't require she explain what she had in mind.

He looked over at her with a spreading grin. "Yeah."

Reaching up to the overhead storage shelf, he pulled down a soft blue blanket. They covered their laps and resumed leaning against each other's shoulders.

Under the blanket Hilly moved her right hand into Ben's lap to feel his stiff erection through his jeans. She'd never been daring enough to touch a guy before, but the idea suddenly had an irresistible appeal.

"Oh God, Hilly," he whispered as he helped her with his button and zipper.

It was hard to tell what it looked like from the feel alone, but when he tucked his briefs down under his balls, his long shaft felt hot and very slippery. She allowed herself some time to explore with her fingertips to try and make sense of the diagrams she'd seen back in health class.

Based on the way he twitched and hummed, she figured out he liked being touched everywhere. The skin around it was as soft as her own and just as hairy. She liked his balls particularly and he seemed to enjoy the attention as long as she was gentle.

When she tried to grip her hand around his shaft, she was shocked to discover it was too large for her fingers to reach around. Since it was too big, she started at the tip and used his slippery emission to stroke as much as she could.

"Like this?" she asked, her pulse pounding in her throat.

"Yes," he gasped. "Perfect."

Ben leaned his head back and shut his eyes. She noticed he held his breath at times, then panted a bit, straining against her hand like she was hurting him. But he clearly wasn't in pain.

The most remarkable thing for Hilly was her own physical reaction to giving him pleasure. She knew that boys always wanted this, but she never expected to enjoy it so much herself. Part of it was the excitement of doing something new and secret with Ben, but there was also a real power here. She could see his desire when he licked his lips or when she brushed that soft spot on the front of his shaft that made him shudder.

She wanted to talk to him about how it felt for him. How different was it from what she did for herself? Did he get that same kind of release that she found? Then she remembered something from her health class she hadn't considered.

"This going to make a mess, isn't it?" she whispered.

"Yes." He looked over and down at her with a helpless expression on his face. "And soon."

She suddenly wanted to see. Feeling him was amazing, but her curiosity and arousal made her willing to take more dangerous risks. She looked past him down the aisle to see if anyone was coming, then without stopping her steady stroke she moved the blanket aside to look.

Either he was enormous or the health book was totally wrong. She could tell he was big from feel alone, but now she could see he was twice as long as her palm was wide. His shaft had blue veins visible under the pale skin, but the head was an angry red, like a baby about to cry.

Each stroke brought a drop or two of a slippery clear liquid up. Knowing he had tasted her, she glanced around before leaning over in his lap to taste him back.

"Fuck," he muttered as her tongue touched his quivering head. It was slick, with a salty-sweet flavor. She brought up another drop as she placed her lips over his whole head. He shook and strained for a moment, then she felt a pulsing deep inside him. The next thing she knew he had thrust the head into her mouth and was jetting spurts of a thick, bitter fluid.

Despite the shock, she kept her hand moving, but now his hips were pushing his shaft through her fist more forcefully. Worried his wheezy breaths would draw unwanted attention, she held still until he finished.

Her mouth was full of his cum, but it was too thick and slimy to swallow. She was afraid if she tried she would gag, so she reached down to her purse and got a tissue to spit it out.

By the time she had composed herself, Ben was giving her the kind of smile that said he would do anything she wanted. Forever. She was still trying to process what had happened when he pulled her close and sighed deeply.

"Do you have any gum," she whispered.

"Yeah," he said and pulled the bag of snacks off the floor between his feet. He found some spearmint sticks and opened one for her. The flavor of the gum drove away the slick feeling in her mouth.

Satisfying Ben had been intensely satisfying for Hilly. She hadn't expected that at all. While she had always enjoyed playing around, she got something now that she hadn't realized before. Before this experience with Ben, the point of fooling around had been to enjoy her own excitement. But getting Ben off had made playing around so exciting that she wanted to do it again.

"I wish I could do that for you," Ben whispered without moving. "But I don't know how."

Hilly looked up in his eyes and craved that same intense release he'd just enjoyed. Pulling up the blanket over her lap, she drew his hand under it.

"I'd like you play with me," she confessed with heat rising in her face. This was further than she'd ever considered going before, but her slick heat could not be denied.

When his fingers slipped inside her sweat pants, she felt her stomach pull away from his tickling touch. He kept his fingers on the outside of her satin panties, but she opened her legs to let him touch her lower.

She put her hand on top of his and showed him where to press his fingers at the top of her slit. Then as she moved his fingers slowly in a circle, he quickly got the idea which allowed Hilly to relax and enjoy his touch.

"That's all you need?" he asked with a tremor in his voice.

"Yeah, for now," she whispered as she hugged the arm that was going into her sweats. She twitched as he moved his fingers around, the excitement growing enough to force her eyes closed. "It takes a while sometimes."

The gusset in her panties was slick from her arousal, making the soft fabric perfect for bringing her along. Her reactions as he moved his fingers guided his pace and pressure, giving her electric jolts of pleasure.

Hilly blinked slowly, biting her lip to keep from making noise. She realized her hips were rocking with his motions all on their own. During her own explorations she had focused primarily on her swollen nub, but his touch was giving her an ache for something deeper.

He must have sensed her need because while he kept up the circular motions, he began to work the gusset over to expose her furry lips to his touch. Then he changed the motion to include dragging a slippery fingertip between them with each pass.

"Yes," she whispered as she pushed her hips out even more and hugged his arm harder.

Encouraged by her reaction, he moved the gusset completely out of the way and rubbed circles directly against her slick hair and skin. She whimpered and rocked her hips faster, hoping he'd increase his pace as well. He was panting into her neck while he slipped his middle finger deeper between her lips with each pass.

"Don't stop," she murmured. "Oh, Ben."

Then he began to rock his finger in and out, using his whole hand to keep the pressure on her sensitive nub as he penetrated her a bit at a time. She was so close, but she didn't want the feeling to end. She knew there was a tightness just at her entrance that she'd never dared to pass, but she was so wet and slippery that Ben's finger slid past it without any pain at all.

Her body was on the edge and she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. When Ben finally got his whole middle finger inside her, he began to press up while his palm continued to press down against her. She had to bite his arm to keep from crying out the pleasure she felt.

It was his thick finger filling her and pressing inside that finally pushed her over the edge. She whined as she pulsed around that wonderful finger deep inside. Her hips continued to move on their own to increase the stimulation throughout her minute-long orgasm.

Eventually she was left with nothing but aftershocks and a sense of peace. She slumped against Ben's arm, rubbing her face against the teeth marks she'd left there. When she realized his finger was still inside her, she let go of his arm with a sigh.

"Did I do it right?" Ben asked as he withdrew carefully.

"Oh, baby..." Hilly pulled her legs up in the seat to curl into a warm ball next to him. Then she purred and patted his chest.

She could feel his smile when he kissed her head. He settled his arm around her shoulders to draw her closer, then she fell asleep in his arms.

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