100,000 Years, or Longer

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The new exodus was to begin. From Lodz, ULM and Hamburg Phase I would start. Everything had been planned out well in advance. It was only that now the time had come to put words to the feet, so to speak. The 'Vril Groupen' had done many a huge favour. Rumour, myth and assumptions had hidden the real purpose of 'Queen Maud Land'. Ahnenerbe, or 'gift from the Ancestors' was so much more.

Piri Reis, the 16th century Turkish Admiral started it all with his damned map of Antarctica in 1513. Other such maps exist, many in great detail, and ice free, such as the Oronteus Finaeus (Oronce Finé's ) World Map of 1531. The fact that the land would not be discovered for another 300 years was not the striking part, in itself, it was that the precise coastal outline and details were of a continent that was free of ice and snow and more accurate than humanly possible, even in 2020.

So many people have searched for the 'Templar Treasure, rumoured as anything from blood, nails, The Grail, maps, documents, lost knowledge, to the storehouse of secrets from Atlantis. It was not until the admiral's map was re-discovered in 1926 that Antarctica and Atlantis were even thought to be the same place. The direction of an entire nation would change focus based on this knowledge. The real goal now was to re-establish Atlantis and contact the sources of that vastly superior technology. The race was on to do both under the guise of other things.

It was 1938 and 'New Swabia' would finally receive its rightful due. Germany had begun to adopt the policy of 'superior quality' weapons rather than large quantities of them. Many were starting to be deployed but the 'advanced' technology would have to wait for greater amounts of resources, like Uranium, Calcitrine, Benzite and Trillium as well as the special knowledge promised by our new friends on how to use them to create our 'Wunder Weapons'. In 1922 Viktor Schauberger had made the 1919 dream or vision a reality by sketching out the first of many 'saucer' like flying machines. (Wernher von Braun eventually made the Haunebu series viable 50 years later.) Using Schauberger's 'implosion' engine the final piece for the flying machine was in place and a prototype took off.

Although dozens of these discs were made, only one 'observed' report of the Haunebu(Model II with the Kohler Converter, using water not petrol) was made by both German and Russian commanders at the Battle of Kursk.

The third generation Haunebu and the Andromeda series had been designed to venture into space. We knew the only way to reach the home world was to distort time, hence space and get home that way. To that end they would assist us. Time was running out, for them as well as us.

Our technology, whatever Vril and Haunebu vehicles available were used to transport the things and people needed for Base 222 and the protection of 'New Swabia' was undertaken. The 'Bellonzo' variants were now safely in Antarctica with final testing of 'Bellonzo 1' scheduled for the underground facilities in Prague as well as later in the Amazon for the Anaconda prototypes. By 1945, 132 of our advanced and 54 of the 'Super' class submarines were able to take 53,000 more scientists and technicians adding to the 345,000 men, women and children already in Antarctica.

The arrival of 'others' had drawn the resources away from helping us. The inability to reach home, the subsequent termination of that support effort and the re-establishment of a centuries old conflict between the other species had now forced us to go on alone.

Our undersea craft and yes, many of those later disc and saucer shaped vessels had long ago discovered the 'Paradise' hidden deep below the ice. Just like the fabled Troy, myth and fable had been based on fact. In this case, the time was just off several hundreds of thousand years. Atlantis was no longer where it once had been, hence the ice.

I am going to relate to you a story. It is not really just my story, nor the story of one people, race, country or any other sect. Nor is it even that of only this world. More on that later, perhaps.

Mankind draws much from history as well as imagination. Radio, Television, train, plane and space travel was once thought of as science fiction. Teleportation(Qbits) and the art of turning lead into gold or coal into diamonds was thought impossible, until it was fact.

Fact and fiction may be two sides of the same coin, depending on the viewer. We believe in many things you cannot see, touch or sense yet you believe. It is not always faith. At times knowledge, logic or some rational conclusion is reached which leads one to agree with some finding, 'Dark Matter' or 'Dark Energy' something just has to be there, holding everything together.

Imagine then, is there not the possibility of at least one other world like this one in all the hundreds of trillions out there where another life force might exist. Perhaps even more than just one more? Say that those flying saucers your Admiral Byrd found above Antarctica in 1947 were not German craft, then who sent that invasion fleet packing? Have you considered that other countries on Earth may not have the same censorship or restrictions that your government does.

I guess in a way that raises the question of Who Am I? I say our craft, our base, our technology. Maybe a look into your past might help answer this. Each of your nations is somewhat different. In one you think you enjoy freedom, yet you fear anything you do not understand. In another, the simplest form of news or information is a violation of the rules and principles which govern your existence there. Yet those inhabitants enjoy their life, prosper and have little fear about the unknown. This is strange to an observer.

An Observer, that is what I wish to be called.

And so our story begins.

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