Runaway Niece

by blackrandl1958

Copyright© 2015 by blackrandl1958

Romantic Sex Story: His niece turns to him to escape an abusive situation with interesting results

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Interracial   First   .

Lucas Ramsey collapsed in his La-Z-Boy and sipped his scotch. It had been a very long day. In fact, it had been a long week. He had just arrived home from a business trip to Hong Kong. He had been there all week and had worked very hard to put this deal together. He needed manufacturing and he had found a group he thought could put it together. He hadn't expected to find a major new market, but that's what had happened.

He didn't really need to work anymore, but he enjoyed it. At 56, he could retire and never get out of his chair again, but he liked staying busy. His wife had wanted this business to succeed and it had. After her passing, caused by a blood clot after a visit to the dentist, work had been all that kept him sane. He had loved Lilly with every fiber of his being. Her death left a hole in his life that had never really filled in.

The scotch was very good. It was a single malt and he made a note to buy it again. He felt something unusual and then realized his cell phone was vibrating. He had turned it to vibrate and forgotten to turn it back up.

He got it out and looked. He didn't recognize the number, but he got calls from many people he didn't know so he answered it.


"Uncle Luke?" he heard a girl's voice on the line. "Is that you?"

"This is Lucas Ramsey," he said. "Is that you, Samantha?"

Samantha was his only niece. She lived in Seattle and he saw her maybe once a year. His youngest sister was her mother and he never really got along with Rebecca. She was too careless with her life and too slutty for his tastes. She was drop dead gorgeous and she had parlayed her looks into a series of marriages that had left her very well off. They rarely spoke and Samantha had never called him before.

"Yes, it's me. I'm sorry to bother you."

"You aren't a bother to me," he told her. "I'm just surprised to hear from you. I didn't even know you had my number. How are you, honey?"

The last time he had seen Samantha she had been about 12 and she had looked more like eight. She was a tiny little blond pixie of a girl and Lucas had thought she was charming. He took her to the zoo in San Diego that Christmas when they had met at his parents' house, and he had loved her enthusiasm at everything they saw.

"I got your number from Aunt Susan," she told him. "I'm in trouble, Uncle Luke and I don't have anywhere else to turn. I need your help. If you don't help me I don't know what I'm going to do."

He could tell she was crying. "What's wrong, sweetheart? Where are you?"

"I'm in Portland. I was wondering if you could come and pick me up?"

"You're here? What are you doing ... never mind that. You can tell me after I come and get you. Where are you?"

"I'm at the train station. It's not in a very nice place and I'm scared."

"Find a policeman or someone that works there," he told her. "I'll be there in twenty minutes."

"Ok," she sniffed a little. "Thanks Uncle Luke."

"Hang tight," he told her.

He jumped up and grabbed his coat and keys. He went to the parking garage and fired up his 1970 Buick GSX. The big yellow and black muscle car rumbled to life and he drove quickly to the train station. He caught most of the lights and he was parking in fifteen minutes.

The train station was underground and it was in a rough neighborhood. He took the stairs two at a time and looked around the platform for Samantha. There were only three people in sight and none of them were her. He walked along the platform and saw a corridor leading off to the right. He heard voices and walked down to the turn. He saw a group of four young men, a young girl and a slightly older girl. The two women were backed against the wall and the men had surrounded them. He saw one of the men reach out and touch Samantha. She slapped his hand away and Lucas was close enough to hear what they were saying now.

"Come on, baby," the one that had touched Samantha was saying. "You know a fine looking bitch like you wants the big package. Tyrone got the big dick. He make that pretty little white pussy feel real nice."

"Leave us alone," the older girl said. "I've already called the cops and you punks better get out of here."

She was a tall, slender black girl who looked like she was in her early twenties. She had on a uniform and she evidently worked for the train company.

"Who asked you, bitch?" one of the other's asked. "You better watch yo mouth. Popo don't come down here. He afraid we fuck him up."

Lucas was now within ten yards and he cleared his throat. The thugs turned to look at him.

"May I help you gentlemen?" he asked.

"Old white man better get to stepping," the one that had touched Samantha said. "This none of you bidness. You don't want none of this."

"I'm afraid I can't do that," Lucas said. "This young lady is my niece and I'm here to pick her up. I don't think the ladies are interested. I suggest you pull up those pants and get moving."

"You talking shit to Tyrone? I fuck you up, white boy."

"I don't think so," Lucas advanced toward him. They were now within reach and they got a feel for his size. Tyrone looked at his boys a little nervously. This white man was huge.

Lucas was six feet six inches tall in his socks and he weighed 285 pounds. None of it was fat belly. He had played tackle in college and could have played pro ball. He was the number 12 pick in the draft his senior year. He had chosen to go into shoot boxing and then mixed martial arts and fought for six years in Japan. When the company was bought out by the Americans, it became evident that they weren't going to have a weight class he could compete in and he retired.

Tyrone pulled a straight razor out of his pocket and Lucas kicked him in the belly. He flew across the corridor and slammed against the wall. He slumped to the floor unconscious, but Lucas was already moving. He got a right in just below the ear of the nearest thug and he dropped like he had been shot. Lucas spun away and caught the third with a spinning back fist on the bridge of the nose. The nose broke with a sickening crunch and the remaining thug was running as fast as his low hanging pants allowed.

"I told him he should pull up his pants," Lucas said. "Are you ladies ok?"

They stared at him in silence for a moment, their mouths hanging open.

"I'm leakin," the thug holding his broken nose cried. "Somebody call the ambulance."

Samantha shook her head and ran to Lucas. She jumped on him and he caught her easily, hugging her to him as she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

She kissed him fiercely and buried her face in his shoulder. "My God, Uncle Luke, I can't believe you did that. I thought they were going to rape us or kill us. Maybe both. Thanks for coming to get me."

He laughed and set her down. "You're welcome. I think we should get out of here before they wake up or the cops finally show up and we have to answer a bunch of awkward questions. Are you going to introduce me to your friend?"

She took his hand in her little one and the young woman's hand with the other. They walked back toward the platform and Samantha introduced them.

"This is Lila. She works on the trains. She lives here and she was taking me back to the office to wait for you when those men saw us. Lila, this is my Uncle Lucas Ramsey."

"Pleased to meet you," Lila said. "Especially since you got us out of a bad situation back there. There's supposed to be a security guard here. I don't know where he's at. Are you the Lucas Ramsey; the telecommunications guru?"

He laughed. "No, he's an imposter. I'm really just Uncle Luke. I pretend to be a tycoon but my real job is rescuing damsels in distress."

Lila laughed. Lucas liked her laugh. It was full and deep like her voice. She was a very attractive lady, he decided.

"Well girls, let's get out of here. I know an all-night diner that's close. They have good pie. Will you let me buy you a piece of pie and a cup of coffee? There's a story I need to hear and I'd love to have two beautiful ladies go with me."

"I'd like that," Samantha said. "Please, Lila; will you go with us?"

The girl hesitated for a minute. "Yes, I'll go. I should call my mom and tell her I'm in. She worries if I'm late."

When they reached the street Lila called her mother and Lucas led the way to where he had parked his car.

"Oh my God," Samantha exclaimed when she saw the GSX. "Is that your car, Uncle Luke?"

"Yes, do you like it?"

"I love it," she exclaimed. "It looks like a giant bumble bee."

"Well, you're going to have to sit in the back," he told her. "You're the only one little enough to get back there."

They climbed in and Samantha sat forward so that she could put an arm around each of their shoulders. When he fired the big V8 up she was thrilled with the rumble of the exhaust. "Is it fast?" she asked.

He pulled into the street and stopped at the light. "Want to see?" he asked them.

"Oh, yes," Samantha said. Lila nodded, her big brown eyes shining.

When the light changed he punched it. The 455 roared and the big car fishtailed as the fat tires clawed for traction. Samantha was pinned back to her seat and Lila clutched her arm rest as the GSX roared through the gears. The streets were deserted and the speedometer quickly climbed past one hundred before Lucas dropped it back down to the legal limit.

The girls chattered excitedly. "Jesus, Uncle Luke. That was like one of those powered launch roller coasters," Samantha said. "I love this car."

"I'll let you drive it sometime," he told her. "Do you have your license?"

"No, I'm only fifteen," she said. "I have a permit though. I can drive with an adult in the car."

"Well, it's a good thing Lila's an adult," he laughed. "That way us kids can drive."

Lila laughed again. That was what Lucas had been hoping to hear. "You are just a big kid," she said. "One of us has to be responsible."

They pulled into the diner and sat down in a booth. Samantha sat very close to Lucas and they ordered. Lucas and Lila had coffee with their pie and Samantha had hot chocolate.

"I guess you want to know why I called you," she told him.

"Yes, I've been wondering about that. If you want to wait until we're alone to tell me, that's ok," he said.

"No, I don't mind Lila knowing," she said. "She was very nice to me on the train and she tried to help me when we got here."

"Have you run away from home?" Lila asked her.

"Yes," she glanced up shyly at Lucas. "I know you don't like Mom very much, Uncle Luke. I don't like her much either. She's always been nice to me, but with her, she's what matters most and everything else comes second. I've always been sort of an inconvenience to her." Her deep blue eyes filled with tears.

"I've always been ok with that. I'd just as soon not be around her much anyway. But two months ago she met Raymond. He puts on a good show, but after a couple of weeks of living with us he started ... doing things," she shifted uncomfortably.

Lucas knew where this was going. "I understand, honey. You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."

"No I want you to know. If you know you won't send me back to her. He would come in 'accidently' when I was getting out of the shower or getting ready for bed. He started brushing up against my boobs or my butt. He watched me all the time and it made my skin crawl. We went swimming once and he had his hands all over me. He would come into my room in just his underwear. He wanted me to touch him..." her voice broke and she began to sob. "I hated him. He makes me feel dirty and ashamed. I had to get out of there, Uncle Luke. I tried to tell mom and she was furious. Not with him though, with me. She called me a slut and said if I didn't tease him and go around looking like a whore, it wouldn't happen. I'm not a slut, Uncle Luke."

Her small body shook with sobs and he hugged her tightly. "I know you aren't, baby girl. None of this is your fault. Don't worry about it. Did you tell Aunt Susan about this?"

"Yes, after I ran away I called her. She's the one that suggested I come to you. I'm sorry to bother you, Uncle Luke, but you and Aunt Susan and Grandma are the only family I have. I remembered when you took me to the zoo and I thought you liked me. I tried to make you like me. I thought if you liked me maybe ... If you thought I was pretty ... you might... " she was sobbing so much she couldn't continue.

Lila reached over and patted her hand. Lucas' heart was breaking. He couldn't stand the thought of anyone making this little angel so sad.

"I do like you, baby. I think I would fall in love with you if I knew you better. I just haven't been able to spend much time with you. I'm sorry about that. If I had known ... no that's just an excuse. I never knew you were so unhappy. I've always known Rebecca was a bitch. That's why I avoid her. I was selfish. I should have found a way to get to know my niece better. That's my fault and I'm very sorry. Will you forgive me, baby?"

She looked up at him with tear filled eyes. "It's not your fault either," she said. "I'm not your kid. There's no reason you should have been any different. When you had the chance you were nice to me. That day you took me to the zoo was the best day of my life. Someone was nice to me just because they liked me. I've always held on to that. That's what gave me the courage to come here."

"You're breaking my heart," Lila said. "God, what a mess. What are you going to do?"

"What do you want me to do for you?" Lucas asked. "I'll do anything I can."

"I don't know what to do," Samantha said. "I need help. What do you think I should do, Uncle Luke?"

He thought for a minute. "Do you think you might like to stay here in Portland with me?" he asked. "I guess you could go to New York and stay with Susan, but she already has her plate full with taking care of Bob. Did you know he has cancer?"

"Yes," Samantha nodded. "Would you really let me stay with you?"

"I can't think of anything I'd like better," he told her. "Do you think Rebecca will try to make you come back?"

"I don't think so," she said. "She'll be pissed off about it, but she never really wanted me there in the first place. She might make me come back just out of spite. Do we have to tell her?"

Lila thought that they should tell Rebecca. "I think you should tell her that Samantha is with you and that you know what was going on. You should threaten to tell Family Services that bastard was molesting her. Tell her that if she doesn't give you custody of Samantha you'll have the bastard arrested and she'll go to jail too. I know about you, Lucas. You have the ability to get that done."

"Would that be ok, sweetheart?" he asked Samantha.

She cried some more when he asked her. "I thought that would make you happy," he said.

"It does," she sobbed. "I'm not crying because I'm sad. I just can't believe I could be so lucky to have an Uncle like you. I was hoping you might want me, but I was so afraid you wouldn't."

"You are very lucky, Samantha," Lila told her. "You're lucky too, Lucas. Listen guys, I want to know how this all comes out, but I've got to get home. I'm sorry, but I have to catch a train in the morning. I need to call a cab."

"Nonsense," Lucas told her. "We'll take you home. But there's one more piece of business to take care of before we go."

"What is it" Samantha asked.

"It's about Lila," he said. "Will you go out with me, Lila?"

Samantha squealed with delight. "Oh, please say yes, Lila. That would be so cool."

"I know I'm too old for you," Lucas said. "Would you give me a chance?"

She looked at him with those huge, honest brown eyes. "I might," she said. "There are some big problems though."

"What?" he asked. "Line them up and I'll knock them down."

"Well, you're obviously a very nice guy," she said. "You're very good looking, you're loyal, you love your family and you're taking in your niece that you hardly know."

"Those are problems?" Samantha asked.

Lila laughed and it sent a thrill through Lucas. "No, I guess those are anti-problems. The problem is; first the age thing. You don't look a day over 35, Lucas. That's still 10 years older than me. You're white and I'm black. You're rich and I'm not. I'm sure I'll think of others."

"Ok, I get the age thing," he said. "I'm in good shape though."

"I know," she laughed. "I just saw you put a beat down on four thugs half your age."

"Ok, I think we can work with that," he said. "I don't get the black and white thing."

"Would you want Samantha going out with a black guy twice her age?"

He thought for a minute. "I don't want to offend you, Lila, but you asked. No I wouldn't like that. Not in general. It would depend on the guy. I don't like it on general principle. It makes me uncomfortable. The stereotypical relationship like that is something ugly. Some black guys seem to have a thing for white girls. I think it's racist. I hate that sort of thing. I suppose there are white guys with the same kinds of sick ideas. I don't have a thing for black girls, Lila. I'm only interested in one."

"I understand, but my mother won't. She's going to feel just like you do about Samantha going out with a black guy. I feel that way too."

"Well, we just need for her to get to know Uncle Luke," Samantha said. "Then she'll fall in love with him and there's no problem."

"That sounds right, but it won't be that simple," Lila said. "She's going to have a hissy cow when she finds out."

Lucas laughed. "I love that phrase," he said. "Now, I really don't get the rich, not rich thing."

"Don't you?" she asked. "Don't tell me that there haven't been thousands of women that have tried to get in bed with you just so they could get close to your money."

"Well, I can usually spot that sort of thing a mile away," he said. "They don't usually come up with lists of reasons they won't go out with me."

That made Lila laugh for a long time and Samantha giggled too. "Ok, I see that you've thought about this and you're making me seem silly," Lila said. "I'll think about it. Call me on Thursday when I get back in and ask me again. Ok?"

Lucas had to be content with that. He paid the check and they dropped Lila off. She kissed his cheek and hugged Samantha for a long time. They both cried a little and she went inside. She turned and waved from the top step and they drove away.

When they got home, there was a problem. Samantha didn't have any clothes or personal items. They drove to a convenience store and she bought a toothbrush, toothpaste and contact solution. She still didn't have any clothes, but Lucas got her a t-shirt to sleep in. He had a spare bedroom for her and she went to take a shower and put on the t-shirt. She brought out her dirty clothes and he took them. He took her to the laundry room and showed her how to use the machines. He was a little embarrassed to put a tiny pink thong in the washing machine and the little matching; lacy bra was just as intriguing.

They turned the machine on and he put a frozen pizza in the oven. She was hungry, even after the pie, and they shared the pizza. She looked adorable in his t-shirt. She was a tiny little thing and it made a good nightgown. She wasn't much over five feet and he doubted she weighed more than a hundred pounds.

"Stand there and let me look at you," he told her. "You've grown up a lot since the last time I saw you."

She was a little embarrassed, but she posed with her hand on one hip while he looked her over. She wore her blonde hair long, reaching to the middle of her back. It had streaks of brown in it and she confessed that she colored it with the brown highlights. It was pure blonde naturally.

Her face was gorgeous. Her eyes were huge and a deep, cobalt blue. She was very brown and she told him she tanned. Not artificially, but her mother had a sun deck and she spent a lot of time there. She had a cute little button nose with a dusting of freckles on it, full, pouty lips and a little pointed chin. Her cheeks dimpled when she smiled and she smiled a lot. She was a little brown cherub. She was very slender, but there were definite feminine shapes under the t-shirt. She had small, pointy teen age breasts and he could have sworn he could make out little hard pointed nipples under the thin material. The way she stood showed that her hips were curved in all the right places and he could see a firm little round butt when she turned around to give him a look at her from the back.

"Well, do I pass inspection?" she asked him.

"You're perfect," he told her. "God, you're beautiful, baby. You grew up right. You're going to break hearts."

"Not yours," she told him. "I'm going to love you all my life and I'm going to make you very happy. I'm going to make you proud of me."

"Don't worry about that," he told her. "I already am. Tell me about Samantha."

"Well, I play trumpet in the jazz band at school," she began. "I'm very sad I had to leave my trumpet in Seattle."

"We'll get you one," he assured her. "What else? What do you like to do?"

"I like math and science," she told him. "I was third in my class, I was on the debate team and I swim the 100 meter butterfly and dive. I like old music and fast cars. I like to cuddle," she hinted, "but I haven't had anyone to do that with."

He pulled her over against him and she snuggled into his huge form; one arm across his chest and her head on his chest.

"That's better," She said. "I like being outside, I like fishing and camping and I like horses. What do you like, Uncle Luke."

"I like little gorgeous blonde girls," he said. She giggled and he continued. "I like to snow ski, I like a lot of the things you like. Are you sure you didn't just make that stuff up because you knew I liked them?"

She giggled again. "I don't know anything about you. Mom never talked about you. I think she was jealous of you because you are all the things she could never be. When are we going to talk to her?"

"I think we should do it tomorrow," he told her. "It isn't going to be fun, but I don't like to put unpleasant things off. Do you want to see her face to face or do you want to give her a Skipe call?"

"I don't want to talk to her at all, but I will if you want me to," she said.

"I can handle it if you want me to," he told her. "I'll talk to my lawyers in the morning, get the paperwork ready and fly up to Seattle and confront her. I'll make her sign the papers and be home in time for dinner. How does that sound?"

"It sounds like you're my hero," she said. She took his hand and snuggled her cheek into it. "Thank you, Uncle Luke. I'll make it up to you somehow."

"You don't have anything to make up for," he told her. "That's one thing I won't allow if you're going to stay with me. It's ok to be thankful, but families do things for each other. When they do, it isn't because they expect to be 'paid back.' I'm doing this for you because it makes me happy for you to be happy. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Uncle Luke. But I'll never forget what you're doing for me. You've already saved me from being raped and maybe killed. I didn't know you could fight like that."

"Your mother probably never told you, but I used to fight mixed martial arts professionally. I never lost a fight. Those punks didn't stand a chance. There are some people you just shouldn't fuck with. I'm sorry, Samantha, I shouldn't have said that word," he apologized.

"It's ok, I've heard it before," she said. "I say it sometimes too."

"Not anymore, you don't," he told her. "I won't either. I never want you to talk like that, ok?"

She laughed. "You are old, Uncle Lucas. But if you don't like it, I won't."

"It's time for bed," he told her. "I've got a long, unpleasant day tomorrow."

She jumped up and helped pull him up. "I know, and I know you're doing it for me," she said. She kissed him and scampered off to her bedroom. He fell asleep instantly when his head hit the pillow.

He awoke with the feeling something was unusual. He had been dreaming a very pleasant dream. He was in bed and holding an angel in his arms. Hair was tickling his neck and he felt a warm little body snuggled up against his chest. He had an erection and it was nestled between the cheeks of a very firm, round little butt. A head was resting on his arm and a girl was spooned up against him. His arm was over her and his hand was resting on one firm little breast. He could feel a hard nipple under his fingers. He squeezed it and the form wiggled a little. He opened his eyes. It was dark but he could see the blonde hair spread out over his pillow and over his arm.

He snatched his hand away from her breast and scooted his butt back so that his erection was no longer touching her. She stirred and he whispered, "Samantha?"

Her head turned and the moonlight fell across her beautiful face. "I'm sorry, Uncle Luke. I didn't mean to wake you. I was lonely and scared and I couldn't sleep. Can I sleep with you?"

"No, Samantha. I'm naked. I don't sleep in anything."

"I know," she giggled. "I could feel you getting hard. It's ok. I won't molest you. I don't mind."

"I do," he said. "You're my niece, for God's sake. I can't sleep naked with my niece!"

"Why not?" she asked. "I told you I wouldn't molest you." She scooted her butt back against him and pressed it against his erection. "You feel really nice. Please, Uncle Luke, just hold me. It's ok, I trust you."

"You shouldn't," he told her. "It's been a long time since I held a girl in my arms. You're making me horny, Samantha. It's embarrassing."

"People get horny," she said. "Go take care of it and come back to bed. I'll take off my t-shirt if that will help you not be embarrassed."

Now Lucas was really embarrassed. He couldn't believe that she had suggested he go and masturbate. He got up and went into the bathroom. He sat on the stool and his erection refused to subside. He sighed and stroked it, the thoughts of that fantastic butt and that hard little nipple running through his mind. He exploded and cum flew everywhere. When he was finished, he cleaned up and went back to his bed. He slipped under the sheets and lay on his side facing her. When she felt him get in she immediately scooted across and fitted herself against him again. She laid her head on his arm and pulled the other over her. She settled his hand over that pert little breast and he drew in his breath with a gasp. She was naked!

Her little nipple was rock hard under his fingers and the feeling of her smooth, silky butt against him was amazing. She sighed and pressed his hand over her breast. He felt her relax, and she was asleep. He lay awake for a while, just holding her tiny form in his arms. He felt his heart swell. This little naked waif trusted him, she was counting on him and he wasn't going to let her down.

He fell asleep and it seemed like he had just closed his eyes when the alarm went off. He saw one little brown arm slip out of the covers and slap the snooze button. He remembered that she had slept with him. He was on his back and she was lying half across him. Her cheek was resting on his chest and one arm was across his belly. One leg was over him and he could feel the downy soft curls between her legs pressing on his thigh. It felt incredibly erotic and his heart thudded in his chest. She was stirring a little, gradually waking up and he wanted to move before she woke up. There was no way that was going to happen.

Her big blue eyes opened sleepily and she looked up at him. She stretched languidly, her arms stretching up and out. Her thigh raised up and rested over his burgeoning erection. She pressed it against him.

"Jesus, Uncle Luke; are you always horny?"

He laughed. "Well, there's this thing that's making me like that."

"What?" she asked innocently. "Little old me?"

"I have the most gorgeous, sexiest little naked blond fifteen-year-old girl in bed with me. Her boobs are crushed against me and her nipples are always hard. Her pussy is pressed against my thigh and her leg is against my cock. Is there a man on earth that wouldn't be horny?" he asked her.

She giggled. "I guess when you put it like that, anyone with a pulse would be horny. What are we going to do about it?"

"What would you suggest?" he asked.

"We could fu ... I mean make love," she suggested.

"Really?" he asked.

"Maybe," she said. "I never have before. It scares me a little. I've heard it hurts the first time. I don't like pain."

"No, we don't want that. Why are you so casual with being naked with me and talking about making love, but your mom's boyfriend creeped you out?" he asked.

"I love you," she said. "He was a pervert. I hated him. There's a big difference between being with someone you love voluntarily and having some creep feel you up against your will."

"I know, I just thought you would have been traumatized by all that and be sort of freaked out about the whole thing," he said.

"I think I would be with anyone besides you, I trust you. I know you'd never do anything with me without my permission. I came in here to be with you. If you'd snuck into my bedroom that would have been creepy."

"But it isn't creepy that you snuck into my bedroom?"

"I never thought about it like that. I guess it is creepy. I should have asked. I'm sorry, Uncle Luke. I won't do it again."

"It's ok, baby. Sometimes you just need to do things. This is something you should ask permission for though. Next time you will; right?"

"Yes. Uncle Lucas, can I sleep with you tonight?"

He laughed. "You don't waste any time. Yes, honey; you can sleep with me whenever you want to."

"So, what are we going to do about this?" she asked, rubbing her silky thigh over his erection.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"Will it go away on its own?"

"Yes, eventually it will. It won't be very comfortable for a while though."

"That wouldn't be fair," she said. "I caused it so I should take care of it. Can I play with it?"

"Have you ever done that before?"

"No, but I want to. Can I?"

"Only if you let me play with you."

"I want to do that too," she said. "What will we do? I don't know how. I mean, I've seen things on the internet, but they didn't look like they were having all that much fun. The guys were all assholes and the women had dead looking eyes."

"That's not what real people do," he said. "They do some of the same things, but it's fun because they care about each other and they're excited about each other, not being paid to perform."

"Show me," she said.

"Can I kiss you?" he asked.

"I've been wanting you to since I was eight," she said.

"Really? What happened when you were eight?"

"We were at Grandma's house and you came with Lilly on a motorcycle. You took me for a ride. Do you remember?"

"I remember the motorcycle. Do you remember everything?"

"I remember every word you ever said to me," she said. "I've been in love with you ever since that ride. You were so kind to me. I've really never loved anyone besides you and Grandma and Aunt Susan. You guys are the only ones that ever cared about me."

"That's so sad, baby. Come up here and let me make you feel good."

She slid up until she was astride his stomach. Her face was over his and he could feel her little hard nipples scrape over his chest. He pulled her lips down to his. They were soft and luscious. She tasted like ripe fruit and he let his tongue explore inside her lips. She had braces and he ran his tongue over them. Her teeth opened a little and he let his tongue slip inside to duel with hers. The kiss went on for what seemed like hours to her. The alarm startled them and she slapped it again.

"Turn it off," she told him.

"Someone is on top of me." He said. "There's a button on the side. Slide it back."

She did and then nuzzled her nose into his neck. "You smell like a man," she said.

"I guess that's a compliment," he laughed. "It's better than smelling like a goat. I'm going to kiss you again and touch you other places."

"Ok," she pressed her lips against his.

He wrapped his arms around her tiny form as his hands caressed the silky skin of her back. He ran them down her back, feeling the slide of surprisingly large muscles under the smooth skin. He reached lower and felt the flare of her hips and the rising swell of her butt. He cupped it in his hands and sunk his fingers into the resilient flesh. It felt incredible to him. She had muscles on her muscles. Her butt was very soft but there was iron under the skin when she flexed it against his fingers. He couldn't get enough of it. He wanted to roll her over and kiss it all over, but that could wait. She moaned into his mouth and pressed her pussy against his stomach, rubbing against him.

He broke the kiss and pushed her up a little. Her breasts were exposed to his gaze and his breath caught in his throat. They were perfection. They were small, maybe a B cup, but they formed perfect little brown cones on her chest. She had large areola. They were a shade lighter than her skin, almost invisible except they were puffy, forming miniature secondary cones on the tip of each breast. They were capped by little brown nipples, evidently perpetually hard and about the size of pencil erasers. He pulled her up until his lips could close around one.

She exploded when she felt the shock of his lips on her nipple. She groaned and writhed. "Oh, God, Uncle Lucas. Oh my God; something ... something ... what's happening to me?"

"You're cuming, baby. You're having an orgasm. God, you're hot. I can't believe you're cuming for me playing with your nipples."

"Don't stop, please Lucas, I'm running away!"

She writhed and shuddered against him, grinding her pussy against him. She collapsed against him. "That was the most intense feeling I've ever had," she whispered. "Can we do it again?"

"I hope so," he said. "Maybe not like that, but we can make it happen other ways."

"How?" she asked. "I want to do it."

"Easy, baby. Reach down and feel me," he told her.

Her hand made its way hesitantly down across his belly and she touched his cock. Her hand jumped back as if it had been burned. She quickly reached back down and grasped his erection.

"I want to see," she said.

She dismounted and slid the covers down, exposing him to her gaze. She gasped and used both hands to turn his cock this way and that, memorizing every detail.

"It's huge, Uncle Luke. How big is it?"

"How would you know?" he laughed. "I don't go around measuring my cock."

"I told you I had seen things on the internet," she said. "I know those aren't normal. I've talked to my girlfriends and I think five or six inches is more like the average. How do you ever fit this in a girl's pussy?"

"Slowly," he said. "It took your aunt Lilly a couple of weeks to get used to it. I'm not sure you're ready for that."

"Why not?" she asked.

"I'm not sure fifteen-year-old girls should be having cocks in their pussies."

"Why not?" she asked again. "fifteen-year-old girls have babies. One in my school did."

"I don't know why not," he said. "It might harm you in some way I don't even understand. I'm not an expert in teen age girls."

"No, but I am one and you're about to become an expert because you have one. You better read up. I'm depending on you," she told him. "Can I kiss him?"

"You can do more than that. You can suck it the way you would a lollipop. Everything you want to do with a lollipop, you do with a guy's cock. But while you're doing that, I want you to straddle my face so I can treat your pussy like a lollipop too. No, wait I want to look at you first," he told her. "It might make me have a heart attack. Do you know CPR?"

"Of course," she gigled. "I'm a lifeguard in the summer."

She lay back on the bed and he knelt beside her. He gazed down at her naked form. She was a woodland nymph. She was as brown as a a nut all over. She obviously tanned in the nude. He loved that. He enjoyed a good tan line as much as the next guy, but the thought of this gorgeous little girl, naked on his deck in the sun filled him with wicked thoughts.

She was perfectly formed. She looked like Tinkerbell if she were five feet tall. She had a cute little blonde patch above her pussy, trimmed to a neat little V. Her legs were muscular and trim and she had tiny feet.

"Roll over for me," he said.

She giggled and rolled onto her stomach, looking back over her shoulder at him with her chin in her hands. There was that butt he had been dying to see. It was even more than he had imagined. It was the roundest ass he had ever seen. He had to touch it. He stroked it gently and it grew goose bumps. He bent down and kissed each cheek, running his lips over it until she quivered and giggled.

"That tickles," she complained. He lay on top of her, feeling his cock slip between her cheeks and he rubbed it back and forth.

"You have a thing for butts, don't you?" she asked.

"Not usually," he said. "I like to look at nice ones but I've never seen anything as sexy as yours."

She rolled back over under him. "I'll let you fu ... make love to mine," she told him.

"Oh, my God," he exclaimed. "You're amazing Samantha. You can say fuck if you're talking about sex."

"Ok, I'll let you fuck my butt if you want to," she said.

He looked down at her. His balls were nestled against her pussy and his cock reached nearly to her cute little belly button. The sight was almost obscene.

"I'm going to hell," he told her.

"Why, what's wrong, Lucas?"

"I'm an asshole. I shouldn't be doing this," he said. "You're so young and perfect. I'm afraid I'm going to mess up your life. I'm so in love with you and I want you so bad and I don't even know how I'm going to get through the next hour with you."

"I do," she said. "You're going to lay down here on your back and I'm going to suck your cock like a lollipop and you're going to lick my pussy like a lollipop. You promised me! Then we're going to take a shower together. I'm going to wash you and you're going to wash me. Then I'm going to make us breakfast and you're going to call your attorney."

"Ok," he surrendered. "Let's do that."

He lay down and she scooted around and swung her leg over his face. She took his cock in her little hands and began to lick all over the head. She took it between her lips and sucked it in, swirling her tongue around the rim of his helmet. She had a little trouble because he was so big and she was so small, but she kept at it.

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