Meeting Mallory

by blackrandl1958

Copyright© 2015 by blackrandl1958

True Sex Story: He adopts a three year old girl. She grows up nice.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Father   Daughter   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Petting   .

This story is largely autobiographical, told from my husband's point of view. The names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent.

I had been watching them for some time. I belong to a cop watch group, but that's just the start of my activities. Ever since my foster father was tasered on a morning walk by some dipshit beat cop who thought he shouldn't be walking in the community he lived in, I've been working against police violence. I'd had my eye on two vice cops that I suspected of being involved in a white slaver ring. Prostitutes had been disappearing around the downtown area and four college girls were missing. Nobody cares much when prostitutes disappear, but college girls stir up a fuss when they're missing. I had suspected pimps might be involved when the prostitutes went missing but I talked to a couple and they were very angry about their hos vanishing. One of them told me about these two vice cops arresting his girls and that when they made the arrests he never saw the girls again. I tracked them for two weeks and I finally had video. They were using shipping containers down at the docks and there were more than two involved. There were at least six. I taped for a week and when I saw one of them go to the container with a little girl, I decided to act.

Obviously, I couldn't call the police, so I waited for the next delivery in the container area. The security guard must have known what was going on so I gave him a love tap with a sock full of quarters and took his uniform. When the two cops showed up they had two unconscious girls in the back of their car. I shot them with a taser and made sure they stayed down with a couple of love taps each. I used their handcuffs to fasten them to another container and walked back to the truck for bolt cutters. I put on a ski mask and walked back to the container. When I cut the lock off and opened the door the stench was horrific. They had a couple of buckets for toilets inside and there were about fifteen women looking at me with terrified expressions on their faces. Some of them were asleep and I yelled to wake them up.

"Come out here, single file and one at a time," I told them. They all stood up and began to file out. I gave each one of them five hundred dollars and told them to catch a cab to Palm Beach and go to the police. I gave them DVD's with the video on them and they filed away. One of them gave me a hug and told me thanks. The others were in shock and they didn't say a word. Finally I saw that only the little girl was left. She just stood there. I took off the mask.

"Come here, honey," I told her.

She slowly walked toward me and seeing her broke my heart. She couldn't have been more than five and probably not more than three. She had on what had been a little white dress. It was stained and wet and she had obviously peed on herself at some point. She was bedraggled and very dirty. She was a little brown thing with a mop of dark, very curly hair with a white, cloth headband. I guess they were into black slavery as well as white slavery.

"What's your name, honey?" I asked her.

"Mallowy," she said.

"Mallowy?" I asked.

She shook her head. "No; Mallowy."


She nodded. "That's a very pretty name, honey," I told her. "Where do you live, Mallory?"

"Home," she said.

"Do you know the address?" I asked her.

"Don't know what that ... addwess is," she said. She obviously had difficulty with the "r" sound.

"Is there a number on your house?" I asked her.

"Don't know," she said. "Need to pee."

I looked around. "Go around there and pee," I told her. "I'll wait here for you."

She nodded and went around behind the container. When she came back I had decided we couldn't stay here. I took her hand and led her to the truck. I opened the door and she hesitated.

"Not supposed to wide with stwangews," she said.

"I'm not a stranger," I told her. "I'm helping you. How did you get here, Mallory?

"A policeman bwought me," she said.

Jesus Christ! There went my plan for finding out who she was. I helped her climb up on the running board and into the cab. She smelled like a toilet but I turned the heater on and rolled the windows down a little.

"Are you hungry, Mallory?" I asked her.

"Yes, thusty too," she said.

"Do you like McDonalds?" I asked her. She nodded and I drove through and got her a couple of happy meals on the way home. She wanted cheeseburgers and I bought a Big Mac meal for myself. She didn't want to touch her meal.

"Hands diwty," she said.

I got her some Germ X out of the pocket of the door and she used a paper towel I had to clean her hands. She devoured the happy meals and eyed my fries hungrily. I handed them over and she drank both her cokes. We pulled up in front of my place. I live in an old factory building down on the water. I've remodeled it over the years and I have a nice living space inside. There's a garage door in one side and I pulled in and lifted her down. She held my hand and I took her inside.

"Mallory, we need to get you cleaned up. Do you want a bath or a shower?" I asked her.

She thought about it for a minute. "Bath," she decided. "Clothes diwty too. You have clothes?"

"I'll find you something, baby," I promised. I rummaged around and found an old Dolphin's jersey. I went in and ran water in the tub, putting lots of bath gel in it. I got her a couple of towels and a wash cloth. "Can you wash yourself, Mallory?" I asked.

She looked very dubious. "Mama wash me," she said.

"Mama's not here," I told her. "Do you want me to wash you?"

She seemed unsure about that too. "Not supposed to let people see me naked," she said.

"You'll be in the tub and the bubbles will cover you up," I assured her. "You'll just be naked getting in and out of the tub, ok?"

"Ok," she agreed.

She took off the filthy little dress and very dirty panties and put one foot in. "Too hot," she complained.

"You'll get used to it," I promised. "You're very dirty and we'll need hot water to get you clean."

She sank reluctantly down and eased her little body into the water. It took her a minute to get all the way down and when she had relaxed I covered the washcloth with soap and began to scrub her. The dirt peeled away and there was a lovely child underneath. She was very light for a black girl and she had green eyes with flecks of gold in them. I wondered if one of her parents was white. I scrubbed her face until it glowed and made her lean her head back so the shampoo wouldn't get in her eyes when I washed her hair. The bath water was very dirty by the time we were through and I made her stand up after it drained and rinsed her off with the shower. She stepped out on the mat and I dried her off and slid the jersey over her little head. It was like a dress on her and I took her into the living room. I sat down and she crawled up on my lap.

"I need to talk to you, Mallory," I told her.

"What?" she asked. "Am I in twouble?"

"No, baby; I just need to find out some things about you. Do you know what your Mom's name is?"

"Mama," she said.

"What color is Mama?" I asked.

"She like you," she told me. I nodded. That explained a lot.

"Do you know your Dad's name?"

"Don't have no Dad," she said.

"What does your Mom do?" I asked her. "Does she work?"

"She wuuk for Jewome," she said. "She Jewome's woman."

The only Jerome I knew was a pimp downtown. Jesus, this little girl's mom was a whore! I had no idea what to do. Would her mother even want her back? If she did, could I give her back to a whore? Jerome was a vicious bastard with a reputation for stringing white women out on drugs and whoring them out.

"What am I going to do with you, Mallory?" I mused.

She looked up at me. Those wide, emerald eyes pierced my soul. "Hug?" she suggested.

I pulled her little form close, wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly. She smelled like a clean little girl now. She snuggled in and I petted her for a while, just lost in thought. When I looked down, she was asleep in my arms. She looked so tiny and innocent. My heart was melting just watching her slightly parted lips and the rise and fall of her breathing. I didn't know what I was going to do but she needed to sleep now. I eased her onto the sofa and went to get her a pillow and a blanket. She sighed and shifted in her sleep when I slipped the pillow under her head. I spread the blanket over her and went to take a shower myself. I left my bedroom door open and the night light on in case she woke up. I drifted off and slept the sleep of the virtuous.

I woke up to the feeling that someone was watching me. When I opened my eyes Mallory was standing in front of me.

"Are you ok, honey?" I asked her.

She shook her head. "I'm afwaid," she said. "You house is too big and scawey."

I lifted the covers and she gratefully climbed in bed with me. "What's you name?" she asked me.

"I'm sorry baby, I should have told you. My name is Vallon; Vallon Drake."

"Vallon," she said.

She scooched over against me and I wrapped my arms around her. We quickly went back to sleep, a little dusky angel pressed tightly against me.

She was an early riser and that suited me just fine. I'm usually up by seven anyway. School was on Christmas break and I didn't have to go to work. I helped her climb up on a barstool and she watched as I cooked breakfast. I scrambled eggs and fried sausages. I put cheese on the eggs and fried Texas toast in butter while hash browns were cooking.

"What do you usually eat for breakfast, Mallory?" I asked her.

"Captain Cwunch," she said.

"Well, I eat real food," I told her. "You try this. I think you'll like it."

I sat by her and we ate together. Evidently she did like it because when she was through she looked up at me with those huge emerald eyes. "Mo?" she asked.

I translated that to mean "more." I filled her plate again and put strawberry jam on her toast. I got her a glass of chocolate milk and she drank it all. She looked up at me with a little mustache from the milk and I had to laugh. "You have a milk mustache," I explained.

She smiled and licked her upper lip. I turned the TV on for her while I cleaned up the dishes and she sat happily on the floor watching a cartoon, still dressed in her Dolphin's jersey. I still didn't know what I was going to do with her so I called my sister, Kim. She agreed to come over and talk to me so I sat on the sofa to wait. Mallory noticed I was sitting there after a minute and came to sit on my lap. She was still there, her eyes fixed intently on Dragon Ball Z, snuggled back in the crook of my arm like a kitten when Kim came in. She just stood and looked at us for a minute. Mallory glanced at her and then snuggled down a little more on my lap, still fixed on the TV.

Kim came and kissed me then she sat down beside me. "Who's your new girlfriend, Vallon?" she asked.

Mallory heard that and she giggled. "Kimberly, this is Mallory. Mallory, this is my sister Kim."

Mallory looked at her for a second then climbed over me and gave her a hug. She settled back into my lap and turned her attention back to the TV.

"She does that a lot," I told Kim.

"She's gorgeous," Kim said. "Are you babysitting, Val?"

"Not exactly," I told her. I explained the situation to her. "I have no idea who her mother is except she's a prostitute. I have no idea what I'm going to do with her. The police kidnapped her and they were going to sell her as a slave."

"What's a pwostitute?" Mallory wanted to know.

"Someone that works for Jerome," I told her. She seemed satisfied with that answer.

"What about child services?" Kim suggested.

"We were in child services," I reminded her. "Have you forgotten what that was like?"

"No, it was horrible," she said. "I just don't know what else to do. You can't give her back to a whore, Vallon!"

"I know, but what else am I supposed to do?"

"Why don't you keep her?" Kim asked.

"Keep her! I don't know how to take care of a little girl! How would I do that anyway?"

"You took care of me," she said. "Look at her, Val. She's beautiful and she obviously loves being with you. She breaks my heart! If you won't take her, I want her."

I hadn't even thought about the possibility of keeping her. I looked down at her and she smiled up at me. She really was a beautiful little girl.

"How old are you, Mallory," I asked her.

She held up three chubby little fingers. "Fwee," she said. Jesus Christ!

"How would I keep her, Kim?"

"I'm an attorney," she said. "You know everyone in this city. We're rich and we've got connections. We can make it happen."

"Mallory, would you like to live with Vallon?" Kim asked her.

"Love Vallon," she agreed.

"There you go," Kim said. "She loves you. How can you resist that?"

"Will you help me with her?" I asked Kim. "This isn't one of your crusades, Kim. Mine either. This is a child and she's a big responsibility."

"I know," she said. "Yes, I'll help all I can. Where should we start?"

"She needs stuff," I told her. "We need to get her everything and what am I going to do with her when school starts back up?"

"Take her with you and put her in the preschool at your school," she said. "I've decided you're going to adopt her, Val. I'll go get her some sweats at the store and then we'll take her shopping."

I groaned. Just what I wanted to spend my day doing.

"Would you like some new clothes, Mallory?" Kim asked.

"Yes," she said. "Need panties too."

Kim laughed. "She's delightful, Vallon. You've needed something like her for years. She's going to be so good for us."

"Yes, I be good," Mallory said. "Love Kim too."

We took her to the mall and she chattered happily the whole time, trying on item after item for Kim until we had her sizes down pat. We got her shoes and clothes and packed my truck full of stuff.

"We need to get her stuff to play with," Kim said. "Take us to Toys R Us, Vallon."

We got a million more things there and Mallory fell in love with a big white bear. She held it all the way home and she seldom let the thing go. Kim went home and we ordered pizza for supper. We had gotten a bunch of movies for her to watch and she sat on my lap, holding her bear while we watched Up. When the movie was over she climbed down and took my hand.

"Bath," she said.

I bathed her and she pulled on her jersey again and went and got in my bed with the bear. That became our routine every night. I got her into pre-school and she did just fine there. She was very smart and she loved to color. My refrigerator was decorated with her pictures and she went to practice with me every day. The kids on my basketball team loved her and she sat on the bench beside me during the games, a little brown pixie. Her adoption papers were a lot of trouble but we finally got it done. We told them I found her on the street and her parents couldn't be located.

Child Services threw a fit for a while but Kim kept filing injunctions and petitions and wore them out. I got the Mayor to intervene and our Senator was on the same football team as me in college. He got involved and finally it came down to a hearing. The judge asked Mallory who she wanted to live with.

"Want to live with Vallon," she said. "Love Vallon. Love Kim too." That was it.

She was mine and I loved her. She spent a lot of time with Kim too and I think Kim fell in love with her the first month. When track season opened she went to those practices with me too and she attended every meet. The track kids adopted her and I would find her sitting under the bleachers with the girls, the center of attention and loving every minute.

I hadn't realized how empty my life was until Mallory came to live with me. I had imagined that I was happy, but I had no idea. I could come home from the worst kind of day and when that little brown girl climbed up in my lap I would feel like the king of the world.

"I love you best of all, Daddy," were the sweetest words I ever heard.

She was reading simple books by the time she started kindergarten and she was the teacher's pet. She shot up like a weed and she was soon the tallest kid in her class. She never gave me a minute's trouble and she quickly forgot I was Vallon and I became Daddy for several years. I quit the cop watch thing; all that didn't seem half as important as going to birthday parties, trick or treating or Christmas programs.

She messed up my hair, my home and my world. I was a puppet in her hands and she made me dance a merry tune. I loved every minute of it. She loved what I loved except for a dirty white bear. It smelled terrible after a couple of years. I tried to get rid of it several times and there was a huge clash of wills. I told her he was dirty and all his stuffing had fallen out. There was nothing left but a dirty white rag. She finally agreed to get rid of him when I told her we would get him again, just like he was new. She was very unhappy for a day until Kim dropped off a new one.

"Bear looks nice," she said. She hugged him and everything was ok. She mastered the "r" sound when she was five and by the time she was ready for middle school she knew more words than me. She read everything she could get her hands on. We were the library's best patrons and she had shelf after shelf of books she read over and over.

She wanted to learn how to play an instrument. We debated it for a while and decided that she could start with piano. We got her an electronic one and she took lessons religiously. In the seventh grade she decided she wanted a French horn. She was very good at both instruments.

When she turned 13 we had a talk about the baths. I told her she needed to take her own baths and she agreed. She was very stubborn about the sleeping with me thing. We built her a bedroom and she kept her stuff in there but she absolutely refused to sleep there. I made her sleep there for three nights and she didn't speak to me the whole time and she cried every time I looked at her. I couldn't stand it anymore. I went into her room and she was curled up on her bed crying. I scooped her up and took her to the sofa. I sat down, holding her on my lap and she sobbed into my chest.

"Baby, you're killing me," I told her. "Talk to me. Tell me why this is such a big deal."

"Don't you love me anymore, Daddy?" she wept. "Why are you punishing me? What have I done? I don't understand."

"I love you more than anything in the world," I told her. "I'm not punishing you and you haven't done anything wrong. You're just growing up, baby. What would your friends say if they knew you were sleeping with me?"

"I don't give a damn what they would say," she sobbed. "I don't tell them. It isn't any of their business."

"Baby, you know I don't like for you to curse," I told her.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," she sniffed. "I'm just so miserable. What's wrong with me that you won't let me?"

"Mallory, I'm trying to tell you that there's nothing wrong with you. You're a big girl now. You're growing things and becoming a woman. It's just that grown up girls don't sleep with their fathers."

"Since when do we care what other people do?" she asked. "What are you talking about, 'growing things?'"

"Look down at yourself," I told her. The old Dolphins jersey had worn out long ago and been replaced by new ones. There were two definite little mounds under it.

She looked down at herself. "What?" she asked. "Do you mean my boobs?"

"Yes, Mallory, that's exactly what I mean."

"So, because I have boobs, you won't let me sleep with you?"

"Well, that's not all. Your shape is changing. Your butt is getting sexy and you have this hourglass shape going on. You're becoming a woman, baby and I don't think I should be sleeping with a woman."

"Daddy, do you know I remember the day I came to live with you?" she asked.

"No, Mallory; I thought you had forgotten. You never talk about it."

"I'm not stupid. I know you're not really my Dad. I mean, you are, but I know we're not related. Do you think I haven't noticed that I'm black and you're white? I know Aunt Kim isn't really my aunt. I know you adopted me. We don't talk about it, but I remember. I remember my mother. I know what a prostitute is. I remember you said she was one and you took me away from all that. I remember being in that container and I remember you taking a very scared little girl home with you. I love you, Dad. I need to be with you and for you to love me. It's going to make me very sad if anything ever changes between us. I understand the bath thing. I don't mind, but I know it embarrasses you to bathe someone with boobs and I'm ok with that. I'm not ok with this. I'm never going to be ok with it. I'm sorry I've been a bitch about it and I'll sleep by myself if you insist, but it's going to make me very sad."

"It was never about me, Mallory. If you don't mind, I guess I don't. Feeling you in bed with me just ... disturbs me a little."

"Why?" she asked.

"Well, it's embarrassing, baby."

"Dad, it's me. Last week you washed me naked in the tub. Now, all of a sudden you're embarrassed?"

"Well, like I said, you're becoming a woman. I'm a man and when you do things like scoot your butt back into me it feels good in ways it shouldn't. Do you know about sex stuff, Mallory?"

"Are we going to have the talk? You can skip it, because I've heard it all. I probably know more than you do. Why don't you have a girlfriend, Dad?"

"You know I go out with girls sometimes. I don't want anything serious. I've got you, baby. I don't need anyone else."

She looked pensive for a while. "What are you thinking?" I asked her.

"I'm not going to tell you now," she said. "I'm going to sleep with you, Daddy. That's precious to me. It has been since that first night when you let me crawl in bed with you. I need that."

"Ok, Mallory; I won't mention it again. If you ever want to stop, or if there's ever anything we do that you don't like, you just have to tell me. Don't shut me out, baby."

"I won't," she said. "I'm sorry I didn't talk to you."

I hugged her tightly. She got her computer and came back to my lap. She put her headphones on and fired up some music channel or other and started doing her homework, leaning back on the arm of the sofa.

Mallory was a very good student. She was also becoming quite an athlete. She played basketball, volleyball and ran track. In a couple of years she would be running for me. She was running the 300 meter hurdles; the four hundred and two hundred meter opens and triple jumping. She won every event she entered her seventh grade year. She made the all-city league for basketball and volleyball.

She kept me young. When she was seven she started working out with me and at ten she started making me run with her. She was faster than me at thirteen and she was running that 400 in a minute. I think I was in the best shape of my life. I played football in high school and college, but I was a middle linebacker and always carried a little more weight than was ideal. When I got Mallory I was probably twenty pounds overweight. When I started running with her that melted away and I felt ten years younger. Her weight training was paying off and she got very strong for a girl her age.

When she became a freshman I got to see her every day at school. She took my conditioning class and I also had her for health class. She was very popular with the other kids and I noticed the boys were starting to take quite an interest in her. She had started out gorgeous and you could tell that she was one of those little girls that were going to turn every head in the room when she grew up. She was five ten by the time she was a freshman. She had impossibly long legs and her butt was legendary. It was one of those black girl sprinter butts but it hadn't come from steroids. I keep my kids clean. I don't mind HGH, but if I find out they've been using anything else they're gone. I figure it costs me an athlete or two every year that go to South, but I've seen what steroids do to kids.

I didn't have to worry about any of that with Mallory. She had a dynamite body, anyway. She had those perky little teenage titties that make all the young boys hard and the old guys feel young. There were two boys in particular that made fools of themselves over her. Cole was one and Brandon was the other. Cole pole vaulted for me and ran a leg of the 4x800 relay. Brandon played baseball and I don't coach that. Of course, I favored Cole but I didn't dare tell Mallory. She didn't really seem interested in either one of them. I mean, she was friendly and she went out with them when there was a group going, but so far she hadn't really gone on a date with anyone.

I kidded her about it some, but she just laughed and told me she had someone in mind. She wouldn't tell me who and I didn't push it. I began to see less of her as her class started to turn sixteen and began to drive. I asked her if she wanted a car and she said she did, but she wanted to get a job and pay for it.

"Baby, you don't need to get a job," I told her. "We have plenty of money. You know I make good money and your grandparents left Aunt Kim and I more money than we'll ever be able to spend. Don't I give you enough? I try to make sure you always have money in your pocket. You've never minded asking me for money."

"I still don't," she said. "I just thought the responsible thing to do is to get a job."

"It is," I told her, "but not in high school. You only get to be a kid once. You have the rest of your life that you'll have to work. Well, unless you want to just stay here with me the rest of your life. Just enjoy being a kid for now. When you graduate from college you can get a good job. I think you're going to be a star, baby."

"Thanks," she said. "I do want a car then. What kind will you get me?"

"Any kind you want. Do you like hot rods, luxury cars or trucks?"

"How much can I spend?" she asked.

"It depends," I said. "How long are you going to keep it and how much value will it keep?"

"If you let me get the car I want, I'll keep it forever," she said. "I think it would keep a lot of value. How much do our trucks cost?"

"Well, the one we have now cost forty thousand." I told her.

"No," she said. "It's too much then."

"Just tell me, Mallory. What are you talking about."

"My dream car is an Austin-Martin V12 Vantage roadster," she said.

"How much is it," I asked.

"One hundred twenty four thousand," she said.

"Jesus baby, you had better get a good job if that's your tastes," I told her.

"I'm sorry, Dad; I know it's too much. I shouldn't have mentioned it."

"No, you should have, Mallory. It's good to dream big. I was thinking something small and shaped like a box though."

She punched me. "Just pick something out you think I'll like and I'll be happy," she said. "If I don't like it I'll make you drive it and take the truck."

Her sixteenth birthday was four months away and she already had her permit. She drove me nearly everywhere we went and I noticed Kim never drove anywhere when Mallory was in the car either. I started looking for one of the Austin-Martins. It turns out they weren't sold in the US and I didn't feel like shipping one over with the wheel on the wrong side. I browsed the internet and found something I thought she would like. It was an Audi R8 LMX and it was killer. It boasted 570 horsepower and an import dealer in Miami had one. It was a midnight blue color and I took off a couple of hours from school and went to check it out. It was gorgeous and I signed the papers on it that day.

Mallory was out with some friends on Saturday and Kim and I went to pick it up. She drove it to a warehouse she owns and we parked it inside.

"Damn, Val; that's a lot of car," she said. "You spoil that girl terribly."

"You know I don't like you to curse," I told her. "I seem to remember another little girl that got a Corvette when she turned sixteen. I think you turned out ok."

"Yes, I've still got it," she said. "I'll get it out and take you for a drive next week. I may start driving it to work. I forget how fun it is. Are we still having the birthday party at my house?"

"If you don't mind," I told her. "She's a good girl, Kimberly. Do you know she told me she remembers her mother and the first night I brought her home? She's had enough bad things in her life. She deserves this."

"Yes, I know," Kim said. "I love her dearly; Vallon and I know she's a good girl."

I decided to play a trick on Mallory and I put a divider up in the warehouse and got a buddy to park his Focus on the side where we would come in the day of the party. I put a cover over the R8 and locked up. I got Mallory a bunch of small stuff for her birthday and a new big screen TV she had been asking for. There were about twenty kids that came and she had a blast. I had wrapped a picture of her new TV sitting in her bedroom and the key to her car in another.

She squealed when she saw the TV and again when she unwrapped the key."

"Where is it?" she asked.

"We parked it in Aunt Kim's warehouse," I told her. "It's been there two months. I hope it still starts."

When the kids left, we all three piled into my truck and drove to the warehouse. Kim wasn't in on the joke and her jaw dropped when she saw the Focus. It isn't a bad car, just kind of little and box shaped. Mallory was excited anyway and she went and jumped in it.

"The key doesn't fit," she said; looking out at me."

"No, that isn't your car," I told her. "Come here, baby. We walked around the divider and the cover had gotten a little dusty. "Pull it off," I told her.

She gave it a pull and it slid to the floor. She stood there for a minute and started crying. She turned to look at me and those big emerald eyes were glowing.

"Really, Daddy? Is this really my car?"

"It really is," I told her. She ran and jumped on me, her legs wrapping around my waist and her arms around my neck. She sobbed into my chest for a long time.

"I thought it would make you happy, baby," I said.

"I'm so happy I'm about to burst," she said. "I love you, Dad; you're the most awesome person in the world." She pressed her lips against mine and it was so passionate I was a little taken aback. It was a long, long kiss and when she pulled away her little creamy face was flushed.

"Dad, you are such a jerk," she said. "You tried to make me think that little box shaped car was mine! You're so mean!" She rubbed her soft little cheek against mine.

Kim was looking at us a little oddly and I put her down. "Drive Aunt Kim home and then come to our house and take me for a ride," I told her.

She was back in forty five minutes and she took me out toward the Everglades. We were on a long stretch of deserted highway and I told her to open it up. She howled up through the gears and it was fast; as fast as anything I had ever been in. She pulled over and we put the top down for the ride back home. Her mop of dark curls flew in the wind and she was laughing almost constantly. When we pulled into the garage at home she held my hand and we went inside and she got us a soda. She always drank Strawberry and I had a Mountain Dew.

She went off for her bath and I took a shower and got in bed. When she came in I noticed that the Dauphins jersey was getting shorter on her long legs. Instead of turning her back and letting me wrap her up like she usually does; she pushed me over on my back and lay half on top of me, her cheek resting on my chest and one long smooth leg over mine.

"I want to talk to you for a minute," she said.

I fluffed her hair and squeezed her. "Ok, Mallory; is it anything in particular?"

"Yes, Aunt Kim and I had a long talk on the way home. She asked me something and I've been thinking about it for years. We both agreed that I need to talk to you about it."

"Ok, is it something serious?"

"It's the most serious thing we've ever talked about," she said.

"You aren't pregnant or in love with some boy, are you?" I asked.

"No, I'm not pregnant, silly. I am in love, but it's not with some boy."

"I had no idea," I said. "It's not some teacher, or something?"

"Yes, it's one of my teachers," she said.

Visions of strangling some pencil necked geek flashed across my mind. "Who is it, baby? You can tell me, I won't be mad."

"It's you," she said. "I love you, Vallon Drake."

"I love you too, baby," I told her. "I always have."

"Yes, I know; but that's not what I'm talking about," she said. "I'm in love with you, Dad. I mean like a man and a woman are in love. I have been since I was twelve and knew what it meant to be in love. I think I always was, but I just didn't know what it meant."

"Mallory, I'm your Dad. You can't be in love with me!"

"No, you're not my dad," she told me. "My dad is some lowlife that fucked a prostitute; probably Jerome. You adopted me and you're my father, but we aren't related. Aunt Kim saw right through me when I kissed you tonight. She thinks you're in love with me too. Are you in love with me?"

"Mallory, I don't think ... I mean you're the sweetest person I've ever met. You're gorgeous and sexy. You're a good girl. Everyone that knows you loves you. You're kind and generous and it makes me happy to be around you. I want to squeeze you every time I see you. You treat everyone you meet like they're your best friend. I see kids hugging other kids in the hall all the time and I know why. You started that trend. You hug everyone. You're so smart you leave all the rest of us in the dust. Every time you peek up at me with those big green eyes I just ... My God! I am in love with you, Mallory!"

She wiggled like a puppy being petted when I said that. "Good, I thought maybe you were.

"Mallory, there's a big problem here; I'm twenty three years older than you. I'm too old for you, baby. What about boys? What about Cole and Brandon? They're crazy about you."

"Now of all the dumb things you've said to me over the last thirteen years, that's the dumbest," she said. "I like them just fine. If you weren't around I might be interested in them when they grow up. They're silly boys. You aren't that old. Are you about to fall and break a hip?"

I laughed. "Well, no; I'm not that old."

"Are there things about you that don't work?" she asked. "Are you about to have a heart attack; is your hair falling out or do you need false teeth?"

"That's not what I'm saying. I'm just telling you that it's very unusual for a sixteen year old girl and a thirty nine year old man to be in love. Doesn't that seem weird to you?"

"Dad, everything about our relationship is weird. I'm your adopted daughter and I'm pretty sure my Mom is still around. I don't think she ever gave me up. I'm not complaining, I'm glad you took me, but I don't think the judge that signed my adoption papers knew about that. You're not married and I'm pretty sure it's weird for a single guy to get to adopt a three year old girl. You're white and I'm black. I think that's pretty unusual. In spite of all that weirdness you're the only man I've ever met that I want to be with."

"I guess it all must seem pretty weird to people that aren't our family," I told her. "Does it seem weird to you, Mallory?"

"I've never known anything else," she said. "Of course it doesn't seem weird to me. If you don't want to be with me it's going to make it weird. It's going to be so weird that I won't stay with you anymore. I'll still love you, but if you don't want me I'm going to live with Aunt Kim. It would be too awkward to stay here after opening up like this to you if you don't want me."

"I do want you baby. God, you're the most gorgeous, sexy girl alive. I just don't want to harm you in some way I don't even understand. I'd rather you go live with Kim than cause you harm."

"The only thing that's going to harm me is if you don't love me," she said. "Tell me you love me, Dad."

"I do love you, Mallory. I love you more than anything."

"Then I'm happy," she said. "What do people do when they're in love?"

"Anything they feel like doing," I told her.

"I feel like kissing you and being naked with you," she said. "I feel like taking your hand and putting it on my boob. I feel like you should give me baths again. Maybe we could take them together?"

"We need a bigger tub," I told her.

"Well, get one," she said.

"I'll call someone and get it installed this weekend," I told her.

"I want a hot tub," she said. "We have plenty of room. Let's build another room in the back off your bathroom. I like our tub the way it is. I like to soak in it sometimes."

"Ok, we can do that too," I said. "When do you think you might want to kiss me?"

"I think now."

She slid up on me so she could reach my lips. We kissed like a man and a woman for the first time and I thought my heart would stop. Her mouth was a little recurved bow shape and her lips were so full and luscious under mine. I couldn't get enough. She tasted like mint toothpaste and clean, fresh girl. She was breathing heavier and she sat up and pulled the jersey off. I hadn't seen her breasts in three years and there had been quite a change. They were big for her age, maybe a small C cup. They were full, very round and very firm; almost hard. Her creamy skin was surrounding small areolas, almost invisible except for a slightly pink flush. Her nipples were a shade darker; dark caramel colored, small and very erect. She lay back down on me and took my hand, placing it over one little mound. I squeezed it and she gasped. I toyed with the little nipple and she throbbed with pleasure.

"I like that," she whispered against my lips. "I don't want to do any more right now. Will you just hold my boob while we sleep? You can play with my nipple like that."

I can't think of anything I'd rather do," I told her. "Can I feel you more places?"

"Just don't make me too horny," she said. "I won't be able to sleep if you do. I have a biology test tomorrow and I need my rest."

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