Murphy's Law

by blackrandl1958

Copyright© 2015 by blackrandl1958

Romantic Sex Story: He takes in a mother and her daughter who were in an abusive situation. He doesn't dream what comes next

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Daughter   First   .

My rental house on the back side of my property had been empty for a month. I had decided against renting it out. I was just going to use it as a guest house for a while. Renters are a hassle and I didn't need the money. My latest book was still on the shelves and it was doing a pretty good business on Amazon. The previous two had been successful beyond my wildest expectations and I was rolling in the tall clover. The last renter I had was a friend's sister and it had turned a little ugly. She didn't pay her rent, had a succession of parties that seemed to involve pickup trucks with confederate flags in the back windows and loud, bad country music.

It took me three months to get rid of her. I have a good bit of company, four sisters and their kids, that love the white sand beaches in south eastern Alabama and I was just going to keep it open for them. Then Reilly called me.

I didn't know her personally; she was just the wife of a friend. He was one of those guys that always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't think he intended to get in trouble, but trouble followed him wherever he went. I learned quickly that I needed to avoid him in all public situations. I was riding with him to play golf and he couldn't keep his speed down. It's possible to speed a little and get away with it; we all do it, but he pushed his luck. We got pulled over and he was stupid enough to let the cop search his car. That was really stupid because he had a loaded .38 in his glove box. It was locked, but you can't keep a loaded gun in your vehicle in Alabama without the right permits. He didn't have them.

The cop asked to see my ID. I don't take kindly to that sort of thing; this isn't Nazi Germany. I asked him if I were suspected of committing a crime. I wasn't, so I told him I just wanted to go on my way. He argued and threatened but I called my lawyer and he showed up in five minutes. Another five minutes and I was on my way home and George was on his way to jail. I never rode with him again.

He asked me if I wanted to go to a club and I told him I was driving. He got hammered and wound up standing up in the middle of the bar and telling anyone that wanted to hear that he and his buddy could whip everyone in the bar. I had to whip a few of them to get out of there. I went home and he went to the hospital. From then on, I only hung out with him at my house, and it was just the two of us. He had showed me pictures of his wife and she was a stunning redhead that I have no idea how he got to marry him. He told me they were high school sweethearts and got married when they graduated from college. They had a fourteen year old daughter and I wondered what her life must be like with George for a father. Apparently he couldn't keep his dick in his pants and he wound up getting caught in a prostitution sting and arrested for soliciting. That was the last straw for his wife. Reilly called me up and asked me if I had rented my place.

I told her that I hadn't, but that I wasn't going to. She begged until I relented, against my better judgment. She came over that night. She was even better than her picture. Why anyone with a wife like that at home was fucking whores, I couldn't understand. She was amazing looking. She was about five ten and about a hundred and thirty pounds, most of it in ass and tits. She had freckles and creamy white skin that just begged you to reach out and touch it. She had on a little gold sun dress and flats and she made my heart pound. She introduced herself and cried a lot while she thanked me over and over for letting her rent to place.

"My daughter Murphy is in the car," she told me. "Is it alright if I introduce her to you?"

I told her I would love to meet Murphy and she went out to the car to get her. She was a shy little thing, tall for her age and already beginning to show what her mother had looked at at her age. She was a ginger too. Her hair was lighter, a strawberry blonde color and she had freckles too. Braces showed when she smiled and she was enchanting. I got them a coke and we sat on the sofa while Reilly signed a six month's lease. She told me she was working at doctor's office. She was the office manager and I suspected money was going to be tight. I knocked the rent down to what I thought she could afford and she asked me if she could move in that evening. She didn't want to be there when he came home.

It made no difference to me. Everything in the place had dust covers on it and I had them pull their car up to it so we could unload. Like I said, the place had been empty for a month and it needed a good cleaning. We ran out of time and I asked Reilly if they just wanted to sleep in the spare bedroom of the house until tomorrow and I would get my cleaning ladies to give it the treatment.

"We don't want to impose," she said. "You've already done enough, Michael."

"Nonsense," I told her. "I'd love the company. We'll get carryout, eat dinner and get to know each other a little."

Murphy was on board and we quickly wore Reilly's resistance down and she laughingly agreed to it. I called a Chinese restaurant down the street and while they got settled into the house I went and picked it up. When I got back we watched a show on Netflix and ate on the sofa. The girls sat on either side of me and when the show was over we talked for a long time. Reilly told me she needed to go to work the next day and she was tired.

"Michael, I hate to bother you," she said, "but do you think Murphy could stay with you tomorrow? I don't have a sitter yet but I'll figure something out at work."

I figured she wouldn't be able to afford much to pay a sitter for a while. "I'll tell you what," I said. "I don't have anywhere to be most days. I work here and if it's ok, Murphy can stay with me during the day until you get on your feet. Once you girls get settled in, you can work something out. I'll even give her a little job. Can you type, Murphy?"

"Yes, really well," she said.

"Do you think you might like to answer fan mail for me?" I asked her. "It wouldn't take more than an hour a day and it would help me a lot. I'll pay you twenty dollars an hour if you'll do it."

"I'd like that," she said. "Mom, can I?"

"I don't see why not," she said. "I'm not sure that's worth twenty dollars an hour though."

"It's worth whatever I say it is," I told her. We agreed and she took Murphy and went off to bed.

When I got up in the morning she was getting ready to leave for work. One look at her and I decided I needed an office to be managed. She had made biscuits and fried sausage and eggs to put on the biscuits for Murphy and I when Murphy got up. She started for the door and then came back and hugged me.

"I'm very grateful, Michael," she said. "Thanks for everything you've done for Murphy and I. You're a good man."

Murphy slept until ten and when she came out I was in my office. I heard her moving around and getting breakfast. She knocked on the office door after a while and I told her to come in. We talked for a while and I showed her around. I have three computers, two desktops and a laptop. I gave her the laptop and she was a little unfamiliar with OSX, but she got it figured out with the ease of the tech savvy young. I gave her a template to work with and she was very good at writing letters. She said all the right things and I left her to it. She answered a dozen letters and we took a break.

"What do you want to do today, Murphy," I asked her.

"Can I go swimming?" she asked. "You have a nice pool."

"You can use it any time you want to," I told her. "We also have a quarter mile of beach you can use. I would prefer that you not go down there by yourself, but it's up to you."

"Will you swim in the pool with me?" she asked.

"Not right now," I told her. "I'm in the middle of something. I'll come out and use the laptop to write for a while if you want me to. I won't be much company for a while, but I'll be there."

She went away to change and I made lemonade and took it and the laptop out to sit under one of the umbrellas. When she came out she had on a little red bikini and she took my breath away. She was long and slender and gorgeous. Her slim body was beginning to take on that hour glass shape of womanhood. She had breasts; not full womanly breasts, but the small, perky teenage breasts that drive young boys wild. They were about the size of half a lemon, perched high on her slender frame and her nipples were obviously erect. They made little twin points under her top and jiggled a little as she walked.

"I made lemonade," I told her.

She smiled and came over to take a drink of the glass I poured for her. She turned away and walked toward the pool and her ass was fantastic. It was filling out nicely and it looked hard and muscular. I had expected the usual girlish play in the water but she just swam laps. She must have hit somewhere close to fifty before she levered herself up and out. The sunlight glistened off her wet body and the bikini had become a second skin. I had sunglasses on and I was thankful she couldn't see my eyes. She picked up a towel and dried her face, every movement graceful and vibrant. She must have felt my eyes on her because she blushed a little. She arched her back, thrusting those little boobs forward so that they looked bigger and glanced at me out of the corned of her eye to see if I was watching. Was she teasing me a little? It didn't seem likely, but that's the way it looked.

She pulled a lounge chair over next to mine and lay on her face, soaking up the sun. I took off the glasses and worked for a while. It was hard to concentrate with that sexy little girl wiggling her butt every so often beside me. She turned over after a while and it became even more difficult. Her bottoms had slid up a little and the thin material had slipped between her pussy lips and formed a definite crease between her legs. I could feel my cock stirring. I couldn't believe this little girl was turning me on like this. I loved cute little girls, but everyone does. I really hadn't thought much about little girls as sexual creatures but I was revising my opinion by the minute. She toasted on the front side for a while and then sat up, reaching for her lemonade. She took a drink and licked off her upper lip. Her little pink tongue slid around and my imagination ran wild.

"Michael, do you think I could use the hot tub?" she asked.

"Sure, Murphy," I told her. "You can use it anytime you want. Just make sure you're clean when you get in there, ok?"

She nodded. "Will you go with me?" she asked.

I went and put on trunks and we went to the tub. I eased myself down and she got in beside me. She tended to float a little and she giggled.

"Hold me down please, Michael," she asked.

I put my arm around her thin shoulders and she gradually drifted over until she was on my lap. I didn't move for a while and she settled in. She sighed when I wrapped my arms around her from behind and I just held her there until she wanted to get out.

I took her to the outdoor shower and we rinsed the chlorine off. We dried off and I wrapped her up in a towel. I wrapped one around my waist and we went inside. We threw the towels into the laundry room and went to the kitchen and I made sandwiches and we took the sandwiches and some chips and lemonade to the sofa and watched the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy on Netflix. It's actually a very funny cartoon. She waited until I sat down and climbed up on my lap. I put my feet up on the coffee table and she stretched her legs out on top of mine, leaning half on me and half on the side of the sofa arm where it joined the back. We ate our sandwiches and she put my left arm around her. I petted her hair and we watched until she fell asleep and took a little nap. It wasn't long, just fifteen minutes or so and she went off to get dressed. I got up and got dressed myself. I went to the office and she came in after a bit and sat at her desk, earphones on, and surfed the internet.

We stayed there until her Mom came home. They stayed with me again that night, the cleaners hadn't come yet and I took them out for dinner. We watched a movie and ate popcorn and they went to bed. The cleaners came the next day and they moved into their new place.

Murphy came over every morning and we fell into the same routine over the next three months until school started. We would work for an hour or two and she would swim while I pretended to work. She would soak up the sun and then we would get in the hot tub. We would eat lunch and watch cartoons while she sat on my lap. She would take a little nap and we would spend the rest of the day in my office. We became very good friends. She told me everything and I bounced story ideas off of her. Reilly told me she had found a babysitter but I told her she didn't need one. Murphy stayed with me and the matter never came up again.

Murphy was fascinating to me. I had never known a fourteen year old girl before. She was extremely smart; I mean scary smart. I suspected she had a very high IQ; probably in the genius range. She could be hilariously funny when she wanted to be. She was very moody, especially with her mother but she turned that off around me. She became very comfortable with me and I think I got to see a side of her that no one else did. She hated her father. He tried to see her several times and we had one encounter with him.

He showed up one day drunk and when I answered the door he tried to push past me and come in. I gave him a stiff arm and he reeled back.

"What are you doing here, George?" I asked him. "You know you don't have any visitation rights and Reilly doesn't want you around."

"You son of a bitch," he snarled. "You can't keep me from seeing my daughter."

She came into the entry and looked at him. "Hey, sweetheart..." he began.

She cut him off. "You're pretty much of an ass, aren't you, Dad? We don't want to see you anymore."

"You little bitch," he started. "You and your whore mom..."

It was my turn. I hit him in the solar plexus. It wasn't a love tap. He crumpled to the porch and puked on my steps. I knelt beside him. "Listen good," I told him. "If I ever see you again I'm going to kick your ass. If you ever bother these girls again, I'm going to bust you up bad. I'm going to hurt you real bad. Get the fuck off my porch and get in your fucking truck."

I hauled him up by the hair and he actually tried to hit me. I spun away and hit him alongside his jaw with a spinning back fist. Something cracked; either a tooth or his jaw. He sank down and I pulled him back up by the hair. I bitch slapped him twice and he went staggering away, blood dripping from his nose. He got in his truck and we never saw him again. Murphy came outside and got the hose. She started washing the puke off the steps. I could see that she was crying and it broke my heart. I didn't do anything until she was finished and had reeled the hose back up. When she came back to the porch I picked her up and carried her inside. She was sobbing now and I took her to the sofa and just held her while she cried out the anguish in her heart.

"I'm so sorry, baby," I told her over and over. I petted her hair and stroked her bare little body in that little red bikini.

"Why does my dad have to be such an asshole?" she sobbed. "What's wrong with Mom and me? Why doesn't he love us?"

I tried to calm her down. I squeezed her little body tightly and petted her. "There's nothing wrong with you, Murphy," I whispered in her ear. "You're the most precious girl I've ever met. There's nothing wrong with Reilly either. You're both wonderful, beautiful girls. I love you and I don't know why he doesn't. Like you said, he's an asshole. I don't like for you to talk like that though. There's something wrong with him, not you. How could anyone not love you? You're perfect, baby. It's him."

She looked up at me with red, swollen eyes. "I'm sorry he came here, Michael. I'm sorry you had to hit him. I didn't know you could fight like that. I mean, I know you work out all the time, but I'm sorry you had to do that."

"It's not your fault, Murphy," I told her. "I just couldn't stand to hear him abusing you like that."

"He used to hit Mom and me," she said. "I'm glad you hit him. I love you Michael. You're so nice to me. You're nice to Mom too. Why couldn't you be my Dad?" she began to sob again.

I reached out and got her the box of tissues. She stopped crying and blew her nose and wiped her eyes. "I'm ok now," she said. She laid her head against my chest and just sniffed now and again for a while. I could tell she was thinking. She sat up in her usual position on my lap and looked up at me with those huge brown eyes.

"Michael, do you like Mom?" she asked.

"Yes, baby; I do like her. She's a very sweet girl. She's beautiful too."

"Why don't you ask her out?" she asked. "I know she would go if you asked her.

"I'm in love with you," I told her.

She blushed. "I'm fourteen, silly. I'm in love with you too, but Mom needs someone. She cries at night sometimes when she thinks I'm asleep. She's miserable, Michael. If you'll ask her out I'll let you kiss me. I know you want to. I know you like to look at me. I let you touch me all the time. I'll let you touch me more if you'll ask Mom out."

I laughed. "You're so smart, aren't you, baby? You've got me all figured out. You don't have to bribe me, Murphy. I'd love to go out with your Mom. I'd love to do that stuff with you too, but not so I'll take Reilly out. I wasn't kidding about being in love with you."

"I know," she blushed again. "I wasn't kidding about being in love with you either. I won't try to bribe you anymore."

"Good," I said. "Your mother is a beautiful person in her own right, Murphy. She deserves to be loved for herself, not because I want to love you."

"I know, I'm sorry, Michael. I shouldn't have said that. I'm really upset and I wasn't thinking straight. I do want you to kiss me and touch me though. I'll let you. What would you like to do?"

"Can I show you?" I asked her.

She nodded. "I'm all ugly now," she said. "I know I look like a mess because I've been crying. Can we wait till tomorrow? Will you still think about taking Mom out?"

I squeezed her. "I'll ask her for Saturday night. We can wait for the other as long as you want to."

She got the remote and we watched cartoons until she went to sleep. She slept a couple of hours this time. I fell asleep too and when I woke up I felt a throw being drawn over me. I looked up and Reilly was home. She saw that I was awake and held her finger up to her lips.

"I'll cook," she whispered.

I closed my eyes and squeezed Murphy's little form a little tighter and went back to sleep. I woke up again when I felt lips kiss my forehead. Reilly was kneeling beside the sofa.

"She loves you, Michael," she whispered. "She's never been like this with anyone else. She's all stiff even when I hug her. Don't hurt her and I'll be your slave."

"I don't need a slave," I whispered back. "I need a date for Saturday night. Will you go out with me?"

She blushed. She was very like her daughter, or maybe Murphy was like her. "Yes, I'd love to. Dinner's ready."

She stood up and walked away. I looked down at Murphy. Her beautiful little lips were slightly parted and her chest rose and fell softly under the throw. I could have just held her forever. I kissed her lips and she stirred. Her eyes fluttered and I kissed her again. She stiffened in my arms and looked at me. I felt her relax and she kissed me back.

"Reilly's home and she made dinner for us," I whispered.

She sat up and pushed back the throw. She walked away to get dressed, those perfect little cheeks jiggling as she walked. When she got to the bathroom door she looked back over her shoulder and flexed them for me. She was smiling when she closed the door and I went in and pulled on shorts and a t-shirt. I helped Reilly set the table and Murphy came in and poured juice. We had a nice dinner. Reilly is really a very good cook.

After dinner they stayed a while and Murphy told her about what had happened. They both cried a little and I wound up with two wet girls, one under each arm. They got better after a while and I told Murphy that I had asked her Mother out for Saturday evening. She was very pleased with that. I asked her if she would be ok if my sister Sam came over and stayed with her. She was ok with that. They had met a couple of times and they liked each other. Sam isn't married and she's pretty cool. She's my baby sister and she loves me. They went home after a while and I went to sleep feeling pretty good. Murphy had told me that she loved me and I was going out with Reilly on Saturday. I didn't think life could get any better.

Murphy was a little late the next morning. She looked as beautiful as ever. We kept our schedule only things were about an hour later. The first change came when we got in the hot tub. I wasn't paying much attention and when she floated over to sit on my lap I wrapped her up like always. I stroked her firm little tummy and she purred. She took my hand and pushed it up. There was nothing but firm brown skin until my hand was pressed against one hard little breast. I was a little shocked. I looked and saw her bikini top on the side of the tub. The little minx had taken it off! She pressed my hand hard against her little boob and I could feel a hard little nub in the center of my palm.

She looked up at me. "Feel me," she said. "I want you to. This isn't about Mom, I want it."

I ran my fingers over that hard little mound. It was fuller than I expected. She was well developed for her age. There was quite a bit of flesh to that little cone and it was capped with the hardest little nipple I have ever felt. I tweaked it and she moaned.

"That feels so good, Michael," she breathed. "Do the other one."

I used my other hand and I pinched the little nubs gently, rolling them around until she was panting. Her face was flushed. I wanted to see them but there were too many bubbles in the water. She declared that she was boiling and levered herself out of the tub. She walked away to the shower before I could get more than a glimpse. I followed her and we stood under the cool stream. They were amazing. There's nothing quite as beautiful as a young girl's breasts. Murphy's were as erotic as anything I had ever imagined. She let me touch her all over as we rinsed off and my cock was so hard it ached. We got our towels and went inside to eat. When we got to the laundry room she threw her towel in as usual and went to the bar and climbed up on her barstool like it was normal for her to be sitting there with her boobs bare. I sure wasn't going to object to having a nearly naked, absolutely gorgeous young teen sitting at my bar.

We took our food into the living room and she waited for me to sit down. When I did she took up her usual position on my lap and turned the TV on. I had no idea what she was watching, I was watching Murphy. When we finished eating she relaxed on my lap and I petted her. I played with those little nipples and she squirmed around more and more on my lap. I ran my hands all over that perfect little body and she became more and more agitated.

"Something's happening to me," she looked up at me with heavy lidded eyes. "I feel all wet and tingly down there," she told me. "I feel like I need you to touch me ... you know."

"Your pussy feels good?" I asked her.

She nodded. "You don't like me to say words like that," she said.

"When you're talking about your pussy it's ok to say pussy," I told her. "Do you want me to touch it?"

"Yes," she said.

"Inside or outside your bikini?" I asked her.

"Outside first," she said. "If I like it we can try it inside."

I slid my hand down over her smooth belly, stopping to tickle her navel and cupped her pussy with my hand. She spread her legs apart so I could play with her and pushed up against my hand. I stroked her little brown thighs and traced the line of her bikini up between her lips. She moaned and I continued to caress her as her excitement mounted. She was twisting her hips now, pushing up for more contact and she made little whimpering sounds. She was very wet and her bikini was soaked with her juices.

"Inside now," she murmured. "God that feels good, Michael." She lifted the bikini up so I could slide my hand inside and I let my index finger slide through her creamy pussy lips down to her opening. I gathered her moisture and stroked the tiny lips, coating them and making them slippery. The material of her bikini was confining and I pulled the tie at her hip. The material slid away and she was beautifully and gloriously bare in my lap. I used her secretions to make my finger slide over the little button of her clit and she started when I touched it. I penetrated her with one finger and used the other hand to manipulate her clit. It grew firm under my touch and her moans and motions became nearly uncontrollable. She bucked her hips up to meet the thrusts of my finger inside her hot little pussy and she came explosively as I took her clit between my fingers and rolled it around. I let her enjoy the sensations until she became uncomfortable with me rolling her clit and let her come slowly down. I left my finger in her and I could feel her pussy clench and relax inside as she shuddered to a stop.

She looked up at me with those huge brown eyes. Her face had that slack look of prolonged sexual excitement and seeing that on the face of a sweet little fourteen year old angel was the single most erotic thing I had ever seen.

"What was that, Michael?" she asked.

"It was an orgasm, baby," I told her. "You came for me. That's another word for it: cum. Did you like it, Murphy?"

"Oh, yes," she breathed. "That was the best thing I ever felt. I felt like I was going to fall apart in little pieces it felt so good. Did you like it, Michael?"

"It was the sexiest thing I've ever done," I told her. "I love you, Murphy. I love looking at you and touching you. I love seeing you cum. You're so gorgeous, baby."

"Good," she said. "I'm going to want to do it a lot."

"Thank you for letting me touch you like that," I said. "I know how much it means. Most guys never get to be with someone like you."

"You mean because I'm fourteen?" she asked.

"Yes, that too, but I meant someone as sweet and beautiful as you," I said.

"I wouldn't let anyone else touch me like that," she said. "I feel sort of uncomfortable when anyone else touches me."

"Why don't you feel like that with me?" I asked her.

"I don't know," she said. "You're so beautiful and kind to me. I know you love me and I trust you. I don't really trust anyone else."

"What about Reilly?" I asked her. "You trust her, don't you?"

"Yes, I mean I trust her not to hurt me, but she doesn't make very good decisions, Michael. It's because of her that I had to live with Dad all those years. I know she would never intentionally harm me, but I get caught up in the blowback of what she does and it does hurt me. I think she's going to do better. I know she was very young when they got married. Maybe Dad used to be different. She should have left him years ago when he beat her up for the first time. She didn't and that got me beat up too. It's hard for me to trust people, Michael. I want to ask you something. Can boys feel like you made me feel?"

"Yes, we cum too."


"Well, reach down and feel my cock," I told her.

Her little hand slid down and squeezed me over my trunks. "It feels hard," she said. "Is that uncomfortable?"

"It would be if it were like that all the time. It only gets hard when I'm around someone as incredibly sexy as you. Looking at you makes it that way. Touching you makes it feel even better. If you pet it like I did your pussy, I'll cum. It's different with a man. When we cum; white, creamy stuff called sperm or cum spurts out the end and it's the best feeling on earth."

"Yes," she said. "That's what I want to do. Let it out."

I couldn't help laughing. "That sounds like it's some sort of monster. 'Unleash the Kraken!'"

She giggled and pulled at my trunks. I lifted my butt so she could pull them off and my cock sprang up, hitting her left breast. It left a little trail of precum and she felt it with her finger.

"Is that like the stuff my pussy made when you were playing with me?

"Yes, I don't know if the chemistry is the same, but it serves the same purpose."

"What?" she asked.

"It's designed to make us slippery so my cock can go in your pussy easily," I told her.

"I don't want to do that," she said. "I do know about that and it makes babies."

"That's very unlikely," I told her. "Have you had a period yet?"

"No, not yet," she said. "Mom told me about that."

"Well, you're not ovulating yet then. You can't get pregnant, but I didn't intend to fuck you, Murphy."

She covered her ears. "I'm not supposed to say that. You wouldn't like it if I did. I heard you say it to Dad though."

"It's ok if you're talking about fucking," I told her. "Sometimes you want to sound really threatening so you tell someone to shut the fuck up. I don't use it all the time like a lot of people do."

"No, me either," she said. "I still don't want to do that ... fuck. Jesus, Michael; it is a Kraken. That would never fit in me. It would kill me!"

"No it wouldn't," I told her. "It's physically possible, I'm just not sure it's a good idea. We're pushing the envelope really hard now. Most people would say you aren't old enough to make an informed choice. Probably with most fourteen year olds, they're right. They don't know you though."

"That's stupid," she said. "I'm a child; not a slave. I'm perfectly capable of making my own decisions. I'm a lot more capable than a lot of adults I know."

"I know, baby, but you're smarter than most people. You're way smarter than me."

"Thanks," she said. "I want to make you feel good now. I want to make you cum. Show me how; we can talk later."

I took her tiny little hand and wrapped the fingers around my cock. It looked very erotic; her fingers couldn't reach all the way around. She gripped it firmly and I showed her how the loose skin could slide up and down. She did it on her own and I knew I wouldn't last long. She was just too gorgeous and too sexy. I took her other hand and we coated the head with precum. I brought it to her pussy and gathered up some of her fluids. She was very wet and we used that too. She twisted the head of my cock around and I showed her how to stroke under the sensitive crown. I came in three minutes, spurting up into the air as she pumped. A glob flew up and stuck to her hair and her hands were covered. She watched my face as I came and she pumped until the last drops oozed out.

"God, baby; that was so good," I told her. "I've wanted to do that for months. Ever since the first time you sat on my lap in the hot tub I've been wanting you."

She looked at her hands. When she spread her fingers, strings of cum clung to them and she smooshed it around. "It's really slick," she said. "What does it taste like? I've seen women drink it on the internet."

"I have no idea," I laughed. "I haven't tasted it."

She raised one finger and sucked it clean. She wrinkled her nose. "It isn't bad," she said. "I don't like the texture much. I could stand it if you wanted me to drink it. Those women on the internet sucked on the ... cocks. Would you like that?"

"I would love it. I'll lick your pussy too but not right now. Most of all, I want to make love to you, Murphy."

"You mean put it inside me? I'm afraid, Michael. I'll let you if you really want to."

"We'll build up to that," I told her. "Thank you, baby. I promise not to make you do anything you're afraid to do. When you want it too, then we'll do it."

"Will you fuck Mom?" she asked.

"Do you want me to?"

"Yes, I think it would make her happy. I need her to be happy, Michael."

"Will you be jealous?"

"Yes, I want you all to myself, but that's selfish. I won't be upset. Can I watch?"

"That isn't just up to me," I told her. "It's fine with me. I'd like for you to join in, but that's up to Reilly too."

"Maybe not the first time," she said. "I have an idea though. She knows I love you, Michael. I told her. I told her I was going to let you pet me. When you come home from your date, we can send Sam home and Mom and I will spend the night. You can fuck her and then I'll come and get in bed with you after. We can talk. I'll tell her I want to watch and play with you guys."

"What did she say when you told her you were going to let me pet you?"

"She didn't like it. She cried and said I was too little. I told her it wasn't up to her. She eventually said she knew I loved you and that you were the gentlest man she knew. If I was sure, she wouldn't cause any trouble. She thinks you're gentle, and you are; but she didn't see you with Dad."

"I'm gentle with gentle people," I told her.

"I know. I love you Michael. My hands feel really yucky."

I laughed. "Will you take a shower with me, Murphy?"

She stood up and took my hand in one of her yucky ones and led me away.

By the time Reilly got home we were clean and innocent looking. I wondered if she could tell what we'd been doing but she didn't say anything.

Reilly came over at six Saturday evening and she looked great. She had on a short green dress that fit her well. I had our date set up. We went to a coffee house and played board games for a while. She was very good at scrabble and she knew lots of words. We fought about the rules like kids and then I took her to the zoo. We ate hot dogs and pretzels and drank a lot of Coke. I took her down to the park on the river and they were having a jazz concert. We danced a couple of times and she moved like a dream. She turned a lot of heads and there wasn't a man that could see her that didn't check her out. Even some of the women couldn't keep their eyes off this gorgeous redhead. The band was playing a slow, sweet number and she felt very nice against me. She was tight and voluptuous at the same time. George was an idiot but his loss was my gain.

"I want to kiss you, Reilly," I said.

She raised her face and I pressed against those generous lips. They were soft and sweet and she tasted delicious. We danced and I held her and kissed her a dozen times. She squirmed against me and her big delicious breasts were against my chest. I took her home about eleven and Murphy and Sam were watching TV. They finished their show and Sam kissed us and left. Murphy said she was very sleepy and she wanted them to spend the night. Reilly didn't take much convincing. We sat on the sofa and Murphy climbed the stairs and we heard the bedroom door close. I pulled Reilly close and kissed her. She was very excited and she pulled her dress up and straddled me. I unzipped it and felt her bare back. She pulled away a little and whispered in my ear.

"Not here, Michael. I'm afraid Murphy will come out and see us. Take me to bed."

She stood up and I led her to my bedroom. I picked her up inside the door and carried her to the bed. I set her down and slipped the dress down. It slid down, hung on her hips for a minute and puddled at her feet. She had on a gold, silk bra and matching panties. Her skin was very white and creamy with a sprinkling of freckles over her shoulders and decreasing down to the tops of her big breasts. I took her in my arms and she was all soft, beautiful woman. When I released the catch on her bra it slid off and all that beautiful, firm flesh spilled out. Her breasts were large, even bigger than they looked in her clothes. They were very heavy and they swayed and bounced with her every movement. They didn't sag, in spite of their weight and her nipples and areolas were pink and virginal looking. She was very shy and she blushed as I drank in the sight of her. I could tell she wasn't very confident.

"Jesus, Reilly," I breathed. "You're beautiful! My God, I knew you were gorgeous, but nothing like this!"

Her belly was flat and her hips swelled dramatically into beautiful legs that were toned, very long and totally flawless. I pulled the comb out of her hair and all that flame tumbled down. I couldn't believe how gorgeous she was.

"Lie down on the bed, and let me just look at you," I told her. "I want to remember this."

She was still blushing and she lay back on the bed as her flaming hair fanned out around her, framing her clear white skin in a beautiful picture. I knelt on the bed over her and stroked that amazing body. Her breasts still didn't sag or flop over to the side. I bent and took one nipple inside my lips and she groaned.

"Michael," she moaned. "It's been a while. I've never been with anyone other than ... him. You're making me feel so good. I need you, Michael. I need you inside me. Don't tease me, just take me. We can play later, I need your cock now."

I pulled the little panties down her long legs and shed clothes until we were both bare. She had a little, neatly trimmed landing strip and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen, just a bit of flame colored fluff over her sweet pussy. Her pussy lips were glistening with moisture and I could tell she was more than ready.

When I moved up on her and she got her first look at my cock she gasped. "Jesus Christ, Michael, I don't know. I don't think ... I don't..."

I silenced her with a kiss. Our bodies pressed together and she was as soft as a feather pillow on the surface. Underneath she was steel. I knew she worked out four evenings a week and it was obviously paying off. Her body was perfection. I thought about Murphy. The difference was stark. She was slender, long and, to my mind, the absolute pinnacle of desirability. She was a fourteen year old goddess. Reilly was something different, almost as if they were a different species. She was an earth goddess and Murphy was a nymph. They were both the stuff of young men's wet dreams.

Reilly had the personality of your little sister, sweet, uncomplicated and in love with life. She also had the body of a porn star. The combination was something to fall in love with. Right now I was interested in falling into a hot, tight pussy. She was very wet and very horny. She moaned as the head of my cock sliced between her creamy lips and slid inside. She was very tight and hot. I got four inches into her in the first few seconds and she groaned.

"God, Michael; not so quick, honey. You're way too big to go that fast."

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