Director's Cut
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Catherine (Cat) Anderson, 40, was a professional film director, a good one. While her métier was documentaries, she funded them by directing commercials and porn films. Cat brought all of her films in on time and on budget. Annie's daughter, Kit, was 16. She not only knew about her mother's porn career, she had served as a part time fluffer for years. Cat's son, 14-year old Tom, was vaguely aware of his mother's porn involvement, but was curious. The kids' second mother was Simone.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Jessica's contribution:

One Sunday morning Kit said to Simone and her mother, "Candice is coming by to fuck Tom."

Cat smiled, "Good."

Simone smiled, "About time. Why'd you wait so long?"

"I couldn't decide if I wanted to take his cherry."

Simone nodded. Understandable.

Kit said, "Will you help me set up your cameras, Cat?"

"Of course."

Kit decided to film her brother's first time in his bedroom where he'd be the most comfortable. She and Cat and Simone carried the equipment back to the nervous boy's room. As they were positioning the lights, Simone led Candace back.

Candace winked at Tom as she casually undressed.

Cat stroked her son and said to Kit, "Better take care of him first."

"I was planning on it, Cat."

Completely at ease, Kit began sucking her brother in front of her friend from down the street.

Cat put her arms around Candace for a quick hug. "I appreciate this, honey."

Candace grinned, "Kit did Billy for me, no biggie."

"Really? I hadn't heard about that."

Candace's brother was considerable younger than Tom.

When Kit had her brother erect again, she got behind one camera, Cat the other. Simone sat down to watch, a little smile on her face.

It had never occurred to Tom that his family wouldn't be there to watch. The idea never crossed his mind.

Candace straddled him, eased her bald pussy down on him. Sat still, obviously squeezing him. Tom gasped in pleasure at the new sensation.

For a tyro, he did okay. His mother and sister turned off the camera while Candace got him erect for his second go-round.

Kit, who was beginning to do some post-production work on her mother's porn films, would edit her brother and Candace down to 10 or 12 minutes. Give it to Tom to jack off to.

To fund her beloved documentaries, Cat directed a lot of mainstream commercials. Some clients were better to work with than others, but all were sources of serious bank.

She also customized her porn work. As the genre evolved from videos to streaming, from paid to free, from professional to amateur, Cat tried to stay ahead of the trends.

Early on, she started concentrating on Custom Clients. She would use established porn stars in films that fit a wealthy client's fantasies. She would even let the client participate if that was what he wanted. Or she.

Asia was a particularly lucrative custom market.

Because there were no watchdogs for the custom porn market, Cat allowed almost everything. Any fetish, any personal client involvement, almost anything the client wanted.

For example, Cat had access to several well-trained dogs.

At dinner one night, Kit asked her, "You ever fuck a dog?"

Cat, openly, "No, the money was never right."

Tom listened, agape. New worlds continued to unfold around him. Simone patted his knee.

For a price -- a huge price -- Cat would create underage fuck films for clients she trusted absolutely. She wasn't concerned about the little girls and boys, merely the legal consequences.

Cat did draw the line at snuff films. She told Simone and Kit, "It's tempting though. I hate leaving money on the table."

In the porn industry, Cat was a den mother to her crew and actors. They trusted her from-the-heart advice. Love / relationships / finance / careers.

And Cat was always good for a short-term loan that both parties knew would seldom be repaid.

Cat regarded small financial losses -- under $5,000 -- as long-term relationship builders. As positive fodder for the gossip mill. Cat was right.

By the time she was 20, Cat was already a mother hen. By 40, a legend.

Cat was ruthlessly pragmatic. She knew her place in the Industry pecking order.

She lusted after a one-picture deal with one of the major studios. Two-pictures, three.

The money was seldom right. The artistic control she wanted was never right. Cat was respected, but not quite enough for the majors.


She was determined to make it on her own. That fierce determination -- that willingness to do everything short of snuff -- earned her some begrudging admiration from the big guys. This in a town unwilling to grant much respect, especially to women.

Cat was fairly, or unfairly, slotted. Talent? Check. Risk-taker? Check. Award-winner? Check. Team player? Not so much. She continually hit the old boy ceiling. Cat was in a niche somewhere between accepted and admired.

Cat traveled around the world making her documentaries. And she always took Simone with her. She had started leaving Kit alone for a month or two at a time to see to Tom when Kit turned 9.

While Tom missed his mother and Simone terribly, he loved that Kit took him to her bed to sleep. He loved the way she nestled behind him, hugging him to her, whispering until he fell asleep.

Kit loved her little brother.

While Cat was too obsessed with her work to call home very often, Simone always did.

It was on a trip to the northern Chilean Atacama Desert for a documentary on copper miners' wives, that Simone reported to Cat, "Tom had his first wet dream. Kit's jacking him off now."

"Fine. What's tomorrow's forecast?"

After Candace took Tom's virginity, Kit told her mother, "I'm going to show him those old porn videos you were in."

Simone giggled, "Drive him crazy, he's nuts about Cat."

"I know. He'll jack off to them for months."

Cat grinned.

Tom was astonished. And crazed. He spurted off 10 seconds into the first video. Cat massaged his shoulders from behind, "Don't be embarrassed, sweetheart, it's actually a little flattering to an old bat."

"You're no old bat!"

Cat nodded at the screen, "Maybe not, but I'm not the little lolita I was back then."

Tom couldn't tear his eyes away. His mother was younger than he was now. And already fucking grown men for money. A porn star!

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