Chapter 18

Copyright© 2015 by Bill Offutt

Bud sat quietly, nodding now and then, his stomach churning, as Mr. Weston explained exactly how it was going to be from then on. "There will be no divorce," the man said, "never. We will not allow it."

Bud nodded and mumbled, "I understand. Yes sir."

"And you are to stay away from her and the children unless you are asked to come and visit. She says she will try to give you a weekend once a month."

"Yes, sir," Bud said, feeling his stomach churn.

"We can go to court and get a restraining order and all that," said Mr. Weston. "If you do not stay away."

Bud glanced past him to his angry wife who sat with her baby on her lap.

"If you bother her, she will call us and call the police. Get it?"

Bud nodded.

"And you are to give her half of everything you earn, and we expect that to be at least one hundred dollars each month. Understand, a hundred a month at least?"

"Yes sir, that's about half of my take home."

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