The Joy of Joy

by TexasFeller

Copyright© 2015 by TexasFeller

True Sex Story: Exploring a sexy friend/colleague at the office after office hours.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Workplace   .

It started out as simple, and what I thought would end up only as unfulfilled, flirtation. Joy worked in the same office where I subleased, and, like me, often worked late. I had long admired this foxy lady with her blonde, shoulder-length hair, a pair of wide-set breasts that she often showed off with scoop-necked dresses, a shapely set of legs and a wide, promising ass. Since she was nearly 15 years younger than my 40, I figured the most I would ever get was the occasional peek down her blouse or a view of her smooth thighs when she sat slouched in a chair in my office and crossed her legs. Boy, was I ever wrong. What I didn't know for a long time was that she wanted my dick in her as much as I wanted it there.

I usually kept a six-pack in the small refrigerator in my office so I could enjoy a brew as I finished up paperwork after everyone else cleared out at 5 o'clock. Joy began popping in about 5:15 every day and sharing a beer and conversation and it seemed that every day she wore something a little sexier, giving me fresh fantasies and a hard-on. One evening I was sitting at my desk with my back to the door when she slipped in behind me and popped her head over my shoulder and asked in a very sexy voice, "Working on anything exciting tonight?" I twisted my head to the right and my heart damn near stopped as I was treated to a close-up view of her gorgeous tits displayed down her low-cut dress. I realized that for the first time, I could see her nipples which were hardening as fast as my dick and later learned that she had worn a special bra that pushed her tits up from underneath, but didn't cover anything.

All day, she told me later, she had been thinking about giving me an extra special show that evening to see if I would finally make a move. And, because her nipples were exposed, they had been rubbing against the wool fabric of her black dress, keeping them hard and sensitive and her panties wet with excitement.

But all of that I learned later because when I first saw those smooth mounds, my tongue was too hard to talk. I glanced from her tits to her face and saw that she was watching to see my reaction, her eyes dancing with mischief and fire. I simply reached up and pulled her face down to mine for a long, tongue probing kiss. When our lips parted, I told her I hoped she didn't mind my sudden impulse, but it was something I had wanted to do for a long time. She assured me she wasn't offended, only curious why I had taken so long to make a move. Confident that she was as hot as I was, I quickly closed and locked the door and was back in her arms in a heartbeat. Our lips met and tongues clashed and we held each other in a tight embrace fueled by mutual lust, my hands roving over her back and down to her ass, kneading her springy cheeks as she grabbed my ass, pulling my rigid cock against her mound and squirming against me in a stand-up dry fuck. I reached between us to cup her right breast and felt her body tremble, her body sagging as her knees weakened. I eased her to the carpet in the middle of my office, stretching out alongside so I could continue exploring her mouth with my tongue while my hands roamed over her body.

My lips left hers to trail down her neck to the tops of her flaunted tits, my right hand sliding back over her ass and down to the backs of her thighs, now exposed by her hiked-up dress, getting my second pleasant surprise of the night when I encountered bare flesh and realized she was wearing stockings and not pantyhose.

She must have noticed my reaction because she asked, "You like?" Like? Was she kidding? I thought the head of my dick was going to explode right then, spoiling my suit and my chance for the fuck I had fantasized about for weeks. The urge only got worse as her hand landed on my cock and her fingers closed tightly. "I wore them for you," she breathed. "When I put them on this morning, I got hot just thinking about how you would react when you saw them. I'm glad they aren't wasted on you." All I could do was groan as my mouth was filled with her right nipple, my tongue rolling it around in my mouth, my hand sliding over her thigh to her swollen mound, covered in silky bikini panties sopping with the juices virtually flowing from her hot pussy. Now it was her turn to moan as I cupped her pussy, pressing my fingers against her clit through her panties.

"Damn, but you feel good," I gasped as I let her nipple slip from between my lips. "You don't know how long I have thought about this, wanting you, wanting to hold you and feel you," I told her. "Every night when you've come in here, I've wanted to throw you down on the floor and pull your clothes off and fuck you."

She responded by squeezing my dick and running her tongue around my ear, whispering, "Yes. Fuck me. I want you inside me." Our lips met again as I slid my finger under the crotch band of her panties to feel the wet lips of her pussy, sliding my finger over her clit to dip just inside. I could feel the muscles inside nip at my finger, trying to pull it in deeper. As much as I wanted to fuck her, I had to taste her first, I wanted my tongue to feel those lips and taste her copious juice. I started sliding down her body and she at first resisted, tugging at my head saying, "No, don't. Fuck me now. Give me your cock."

I kept going, finally lodging my face between her thighs and pressing my mouth against her panty-covered mound, inhaling her aroma. I pulled the crotch of her panties aside to get at her pussy and she protested, "No, I'm too wet," but her protests changed to urgent "yes, yes, yes" as the tip of my tongue flicked first against her exposed clit and then trailed along her pussy lips.

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