The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 31

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 31 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Jessica's contribution:

The lovebirds, because Casey had negotiated with their private school in Greenwich to allow her to homeschool them for the months of November and December, were free to roam the Misty property all day.

Once Casey, or Brooke, had signed off on the day's homework.

The two naked lovebirds were inseparable. Holding hands, stopping to neck, then flirting, flirting, flirting with the Misty housewives.

Ryan was still growing, taller and filling out. Misty housewives, who had once automatically dismissed him as a kid, now noted his build, his larger package, his growing confidence, his overall maturity.

Corey was still diminutive, a peppy little bundle of charm and enthusiasm. Her shoulder-length red hair was as thick and luxurious as Casey's.

Corey flirted openly with every man and boy who showed the slightest interest. And there were several who had a lot of interest in the sexy little girl.

Casey and Brooke no longer applied the light makeup she wore every day. Corey was adept at it.

Somehow, oddly enough, Corey's not having any boobs made her more female, more attractive, more tempting. More alluring.

Because she was, in almost every way, such a girl, the Misty mothers gave her erections a pass. Even when small children were around.

In addition to being a world class flirt, Corey was a bit of a tease. On a typical day, she might playfully touch 10, 15, 20 cocks as she flirted and joked her way around the Misty property.

She might lightly run a finger down a soft penis, heft another in the palm of her hand, give yet another a soft squeeze with her petite hand.

Casey told Brooke, "I used to worry so much that Corey never grew very tall. But now that she's a girl, she'll be just fine. If she shoots up a few inches, fine. If not, fine."

"I agree."

Brooke and Casey, when they were in the same location, talked often about the lovebirds. To Ryan and Corey, it felt that Brooke was almost as much their mother as Casey.

The lovebirds still fucked Madison whenever they wanted, but any maternal role for her had long since vanished. At first, Madison had felt she should feel guilty for ceding her son's control to Jake and Brooke. And, later to Sully and Casey.

But she didn't.

And she didn't worry about Ryan. He was living the dream, living with Corey. With his sexy redheaded girlfriend.

For her part, Madison was more than content with her life. Independent of her compensation as Misty's attorney, she was banking serious cash as one of Jake's whores. His most popular whore, thank you very much.

She now had over $100,000 in tax free earnings in her safety deposit box, more than she had ever in her life. Madison owned her Misty house free and clear. And meals were included in the Misty homeowner package.

She was becoming close to three of the other whores -- the four of them went into Palm Springs on their nights off. They didn't try to make any extra money on those girls' nights out. Jake wouldn't allow that, and would, in fact, be furious.

They were Misty pussy and that was that.

Not that they didn't have some bedtime fun in Palm Springs. They were four attractive women and not in the least shy.

Whenever the lovebirds came by her house for some pussy, Madison always updated them on her latest Palm Springs exploits. Which she knew they passed along to Margaret.

Margaret kept a close pencil on the the whores, the kids, the Misty wives who fucked around.

Ryan, in particular, was proud that his mother was Jake's most in-demand whore. He brought the subject up often with Brooke and Casey.

Brooke told him, "You're right, honey. If you're going to be a whore, be the best fucking whore you can be."

Corey spoke up for his own mother, "Casey was the sexiest barmaid in the South. In the country."

Brooke patted Casey's hand and said to Corey, "I bet she was baby. And look at her now, she has Jake and Sully fighting over her."

Jake had followed Sully's advice and flew up to San Jose to meet with July and Jax. Although he was certain it would be Jax who did most of the talking.

When July got home from the station, she squealed with delight and rushed into Jake's arms.

July looked at Jax with a little-girl expression on her face, "Can I?"

Jax smiled at his beautiful mother, his smoldering hot mother, "Of course."

Jake followed July into the shower and they were in her bed moments later. Jake had had Corey suck him off right before his flight. He wanted to last a long time with July.

For dinner, Jake pulled on some shorts, July didn't bother.

Jax said, "Stay the night?"

"I'd like to, thanks."

Jax smiled at his mother, "Sofa bed for me, Mamacita."

"Let me take care of you at bedtime, please, baby boy."


July was almost giddy during the meal. Nobody could make her cum like her Jax. But Jake ... that time down in Misty. Dios MĂ­o!

Jake made the decision to talk about the Graves situation in the morning. Let July enjoy her night.

Jax took a shower around midnight. July joined him, not the least embarrassed.

Jake offered to take a walk. July said, "Don't be silly, it's just a blowjob, my pussy belongs to you tonight."

Jake watched with fascination as as July sucked the beautiful boy off. Jake was erect watching. He thought: If Jax were a few years younger, I'd go for him myself.

July swallowed, licked, squeezed, pumped, licked until she was confident she'd captured every last morsel.

July smiled gloriously at Jake as she walked toward the bathroom. She slapped her taut, brown butt, "I'll be already for you, Jake."

As they heard water running, Jax said, "15 minutes."

Jake nodded, about how long Brooke took.

Neither teenage boy, Jake 17, Jax 14, was the slightest bit embarrassed about being nude in front of each other.

As a courtesy, knowing that Jax made the family decisions, he said, "In the morning we'll talk about Graves. And his cunt wife."

Jax sighed.

Jake said, "Have July tell me everything. Everything."


"We're going to put a stop to the gang-bangs. But more important we're going to shut down his wife. Gretchen will never torture another girl."

"I'd like to electrocute her pussy."

"Don't blame you."

"But he promised to help July, big time. He owes us."

"That'll be part of the deal, we'll make sure he does everything he promised for July. And more."

"Who's we? You and Brooke?"

"Yes. And one more ... my business partner, a former Recon Marine. Very connected, very ... capable."


"When Gretchen was doing July, were there cameras taping it?"

Jax nodded bitterly, "Three."

"That's good. That means she keeps a library. We'll liberate the tapes and use them against Gretchen. And her husband. And the other gang-bang gang if we need to."

Jax's cock was stirring back to life, "Can I have some time with Gretchen?"

"I understand the desire, but I'm not sure that's a good idea. I'll ask Sully, that's my partner. He has more experience in this stuff than I do."

"Fair enough."

In the morning, after breakfast, Jax said, "Tell Jake about Gretchen, Mamacita. Everything."

July opened her mouth to argue, then closed it. A lifetime's subservience to men, then to Jax ... well, she would do as she was told.

Jake recorded everything. July was so thorough that he could think of only a few questions. Jake said, "I'll play this for Sully and Brooke. And Sully's wife, Casey. No one else will ever hear this and I'll destroy the tape right after."

Jax said, "We have to trust him, July."

"I do."

Jake was home before lunch.

So far as Margaret could ascertain, there was no discernible pattern to which women the lovebirds fucked. They did Brooke, Casey and Madison at least once a month. As well as Ingrid and Margaret herself.

The lovebirds knew to tell Margaret about every Misty housewife they fucked. She was always encouraging them to keep trying to seduce new ones.

They did know Margaret kept a detailed record of who they were fucking, they just didn't know why. Nor were they very concerned about Margaret's reasons. So long as Casey or Brooke were satisfied with their schoolwork, they were free to fuck each other and as many wives as they could persuade.

While Ryan and Corey technically were too young to be allowed in the Adults-Only section, they usually got away with it. Not to get fucked, Margaret wouldn't allow that. But the lovebirds were eager voyeurs. Very eager.

In the meantime Brooke and Casey woke up every morning not knowing if Jake or Sully would be trading them once again.

Casey told Brooke, "It should be demeaning to be given away like we're a couple of Margaret's kids. But I don't feel that way, not at all."

Brooke laughed, "Neither do I. Let's admit it, Casey, we're prime pussy and Jake and Sully know it."

Sometimes, after the pre-dawn breakfast meeting, Jake would take Casey's hand and lead her back to his room. Or Sully would take Brooke's hands and lead her to his house.

Sully, Brooke and Casey listened silently to the entire recording Jake had made of July. Testifying to the horrific things that Gretchen Graves had done to her.

Brooke and Casey turned ashen. Sully's only reaction was a slight reddening of his face.

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