The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 28

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 28 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Jessica's contribution:

Brooke spent a pleasant, relaxing time in Greenwich. Sully fucked her first thing every morning. Casey always watched, Ryan and Corey usually did too. Neither Brooke nor Sully much cared whether there was an audience.

Sully spent most of his day working in his office, which had large floor-to-ceiling windows looking over the vast expanse of his backyard. Ryan and Corey raced all over, in the pool and out, nude, with boundless energy.

They fucked each other early and often. Indoors and out. By the time Brooke flew home, the cook and maids scarcely took notice of the ongoing sex, they'd gotten that used to it.

Brooke thought: good thing with Ryan here for two more months.

One night at dinner Brooke asked Sully, "What are your and Jake's plans for the new resorts? I mean, the ultimate plans?"

Brooke knew Jake's intentions; she was curious to see if it coincided with Sully's.

He said, "We want to get as close to 100% occupation -- houses, trailers, storage -- as we can. Then we'll start building up leverage points."

Brooke thought: blackmail points. But for influence instead of cash.

Sully said, "When we've milked that, depending on the different real estate markets, we want to sell. Ideally, one corporate buyer for all the properties. Jake will probably include the original Misty in the package."

Brooke nodded. Good, Jake and Sully were on the same page.

It was just Brooke, Sully and Casey at dinner. Corey and Ryan were eating in the kitchen with a happy cook and two giggling maids.

Sully fucked Brooke again after dinner, then a third time around midnight. Casey spent considerable time with her face between Brooke's thighs getting her worked up for her husband's enjoyment.

And enjoy her he did. Sully was a forceful lover, he knew what he wanted and took it. Brooke smiled: just like Jake. While Jake and Sully took what they wanted, they were also skilled and sensitive, attuned to Brooke's needs and desires.

Although Brooke missed her son, she was glad he'd given her to Sully. Brooke thought: it's like a vacation. A sex vacation.

Still, Brooke was happy to return home. To not have to get dressed every day. She had an exquisite wardrobe, she had exquisite taste, but she preferred being nude. And Jake preferred her that way too.

She sat down with Ingrid, Ingrid masturbating of course, and Margaret. Margaret went through her notes, no major crises. Margaret smiled at Brooke, "Interesting little development ... the demand for little boys is ticking up. Slowly, but fairly steadily."

Ingrid moaned.

Brooke smiled back, "Wonder why that is?"

Margaret said, "I've been talking, very casually, with some of the wives. It seems Misty has some husbands who come here for a night when they know their wives and children will be in town."

"Let me guess -- these temporary bachelors have a hankering for pizza."

"Bingo. And it's not frequent, but some of these midnight Lotharios order a second pizza. And order breakfast early the next morning."

"Fascinating. I know you have these guys flagged in our system."

"Becky does. We're not 100% accurate, but I can usually tell within two or three how many kids we'll need for any given day."

Brooke nodded, "And that's not so vital with the normal whores."

"No, it isn't, we have a deeper bench there. And I can always dip into the staff if we have a sudden surge."

Brooke and Margaret watched Ingrid climax, and a few moments later, climax again.

Margaret said, "You know that most of the wives have figured out we have pussy available here?"

Brooke nodded.

"Two of them, independent of each other approached me. They hemmed and hawed, but the gist is they wanted to let me know they're available."

"Really! They're that bored with hubby dear? And the kids?"

"I think it's partly that, but more horniness than anything. Each one ended up giving me a list of guys they wouldn't mind getting close to. No money, just sex."

"Are any of the guys already ordering whores?'

"Seven of them are. Enough for those two to get laid."

"What did Jake say?"

"He's all in favor of it, but said to ask you before I hooked anyone up."

"Go for it, Margaret. From the beginning we've wanted to get more people fucking more people. If those wives begin to spread the word ... who are they, anyway."

"Gloria and Mindy. Mindy can't keep her mouth shut."

"Good. How are you going to hook them up?"

"I thought the straightforward approach would be best. I'd just tell a guy that there's a sexy woman who thinks he's hot."

Brooke smiled at the 70-year old woman, completely comfortable in her own wrinkled, saggy skin. More than willing to fuck anyone Jake wanted her to. More than willing to send whores and kids out to be fucked.

Brooke smiled, "Go for it."

Margaret made a note.

Ingrid climaxed again, her eyes closed in concentration.

Brooke said, "Once you get Gloria and Mindy used to getting fucked, send them to Ronnie and Trigger."

Margaret made another note. The two 19 year old boys were lifeguards. They could fuck the wives in their staff dorm rooms. There was a back entrance, purposely discreet that was used by the guests.

There was only one reason for a husband or a wife to visit staff quarters. The back entrance was screened by hedgerows. Jake had planned ahead.

Just then Jake emerged from his shower with another one of the wives he was fucking. Mrs. Carpenter was 50, plump, homely and not the least embarrassed to be seen by Brooke, Madison, Margaret and Ingrid.

She gave Jake a quick squeeze, "Thanks, honey. I better head back before George begins to wonder."

"Any time."

Jake was already starting to stir back to life. Mrs. Carpenter's parting glance was of Madison taking him in her mouth.

Ingrid hit a sweet spot, leaned back on the couch and pointed her feet at the ceiling as she let out a low, pleasure-filled moan.

Brooke thought: what a collection we all are.

Jake started each daily breakfast meeting the same way, "Any fires?"

There usually weren't. Misty was a smooth running operation. Brooke and Ivy usually cooked the pre-dawn breakfast, they both enjoyed the chore. Margaret consulted her notes. Madison, without Ryan, was happy for the relaxed company. Ingrid was ... well, Ingrid.

It was a lot quieter, not more pleasant, just quieter without Ryan and Corey. Brooke missed Casey, wished she and Sully spent more time here.

If Jake weren't fucking one of the wives who had scrambled over before her family woke up, he'd make the coffee.

Margaret usually started her report with how many whores and kids had been fucked the previous day. That was the main fluctuation in otherwise stable numbers. Ivy's head count for her restaurant might be up or down a little, but it was usually a two-turn sellout.

Margaret looked at Jake, "Just 14."

"Shit. Well, it's summer. How many kids?"

"Four. Two and Two."

"That's okay. How many horn dogs today?"

The number of husbands here on their own.


"Excellent. How many wives fucked around yesterday?"

Another variable, but steadily increasing one.

"Counting the two you did, 18."

Jake and Brooke grinned. A good, solid number.

Brooke said, "How many wives are fucking around in total?"

Margaret consulted her notebook, "We went up one yesterday, so it's 42."

Brooke smiled at her son, "How many has Jake fucked?"

Margaret looked down at her notes, "18."

After the sex report came the normal housekeeping matters. New hires, vacancies, major repairs, utility bills.

Then back to sex. Which staff members were fucking other staff? How many homeowners were fucking the staff? Kiddy massages up or down? Any unusual Kids-Only Clubhouse sex going on?

Jake told Ingrid, "There's a new generation of cameras that Sully ordered. Tell Lars to be ready to replace the old ones starting next week."

Lars was an old hand at this. Margaret would tell him when each unit would be vacant and Lars would enter on one pretext or another -- checking the fire alarms, thermostat, etc. Both of which held cameras.

It was a long, labor-intensive job, but there wasn't any particular urgency. The current cameras were working just fine.

Brooke said, "Jake, maybe you should consider giving Ryan to Sully and Casey. Full time."

Madison looked up.

Jake said, "Oh?"

"The two little lovebirds are inseparable. Ryan and Corey are always together, can't keep their hands off each other. They're fucking each other several times a day. All over the house, out back."

"What about staff?"

"They were used to it by the time I left. The two kids obviously love other. I imagine the cook and the maids began to think it was just natural, like puppy love."

Brooke grinned, "Although they were up each other's butt 5 or 6 times a day."

Ingrid moaned.

Jake looked thoughtful.

Brooke said, "The lovebirds took to eating their meals in the kitchen. With Sully's staff. That tells me everyone must be pretty comfortable with all the kiddy sex going on."

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