The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 27

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 27 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Jessica's contribution:

The eight new resorts were modeled after the original Misty. The misters, the number and placement depending on the climate, were all over every property.

As the lead venue for the new iterations, Virginia had the first Adults-Only section. The buyers were told upfront, "Fun. That's about the only reason, well, the main reason, to buy into Misty."

In a subliminally targeted message to the mothers, "Misty is entirely open range for the children. Not the Adults-Only area, of course. But the waterpark, the game rooms, childcare center, pizza place ... even the kiddy massage areas are entirely open to children of all ages.

"You can keep as close an eye on your kids as you want. Or, if you want some time for yourself, just turn them over to our licensed staff members.'

This was most often met with approval. Yes, they loved their children. But they didn't want them around 24/7.

The mothers were told, "Based on the original Misty, we found that most mothers went through stages, watching their kids like a hawk. It's a new environment and a new experience for most mothers. Then they hear more and more good things about the childcare center, about the staff, about how the kids have fun, learn social skills.

"Then, as they become used to, and appreciative of, their own free time, the moms unclench and let the kids scamper about with their friends."

Of course the Virginia Misty, as would all of the new resorts, was salted with mothers who had been paid to let their kids have massages, roam freely, enjoy the Kids-Only clubhouse, with its porn everywhere.

Brooke told Sully, "These whores are using their own kids, or kids posing as their children, to lead by example. Expensive, but worth it."

Sully agreed, "It's an investment, not an expense. The more we capture their kids in action, even if it's just with other kids, the more leverage we'll have."

Sully occasionally took Brooke with him on one of his trips. He always sent Casey and Corey to stay with Jake, which Jake thought was a nice courtesy. He also thought that he'd been a bit immature and even silly, to be so jealous of Sully that first Christmas day when he fucked Brooke.

He was, for the most part, over it. Jake knew his mother loved her little trysts with Sully. A good lover, a change of pace from Jake, the spice of variety.

Neither Jake nor Sully thought that Jake was getting two pussies as opposed to one for Sully. Their minds just didn't work that way.

For his part, while Sully loved Casey, and certainly Corey, he had to guard against falling for Brooke. Any more than he already had.

Brooke, experienced, could read the signs. But she wasn't concerned. Sully was too smart, too wise, to let things get out of hand. She knew she was more than just a piece of ass to Sully. A lot more. But she also knew that he would control his emotions, would never let her be more than a close friend and occasional pussy.

Brooke was more than content with the new, and still evolving relationships that she and Casey shared. She knew that Jake missed her when she traveled with Sully. But she didn't worry about him either. Besides Casey and Corey to spoil him -- in bed and out -- Jake had Madison and Ryan.

Brooke grinned to herself, "Plus acres of pussy anytime he tells Margaret to send someone over."

Madison told her son, "Jake hasn't turned me into a whore. Not yet. I don't think."

Ryan, knowing his mother better than anyone else in the world did, said, "What if he does?"

Madison shrugged. They both knew the answer to that.

It had begun when Jake asked her to fuck a fellow resident. Mr. Banks who had gotten Lars a huge discount on some construction material or another. Madison could no longer remember the details. Just that she still fucked Mr. Banks whenever he wanted.

Then Jake asked her to fill in at the kiddy massage. Then the regular massage. Where she was expected to, and did, fuck whoever wanted some pussy that day.

The latest started at the daily breakfast meeting when Margaret asked Jake, "Our Special Deliveries are really taking off. Could I have Madison to help with the overflow?"

"Sure. When?"

"Today would be good. Right after we finish this meeting."

Ryan was sitting next to his mother listening. On his other side Corey was stroking Ryan's cock. Ingrid sat on the far side of Corey. Masturbating.

Jake said, "Margaret, Madison works hard for us. Start paying her for her extracurricular activities."

Margaret made a note, "How much?"

"Same as the whores. I should have thought of this sooner. Pay her a $10,000 bonus for past favors."

Margaret made another note.

Brooke was bemused that Madison, listening to herself officially become a whore, didn't react. She simply reached down to her son, joining Corey is stroking Ryan's throbbing cock.

Madison, in fact, had listened intently. But she wasn't insulted. It was simply an open acknowledgement of what everyone at the table already knew -- Madison was fucking men and boys for Jake.

Her mental reaction? Good. I can certainly use the extra money.

Madison glanced at her son. She knew him so well. She bent down and replaced her hand with her mouth. Ryan immediately spurted off.

Ingrid climaxed.

That night, in bed with Ryan, Madison said, "Well, that answers your question."

"How do you feel about it?"

"We can use the money. I'm going to ask Margaret to schedule me as much as she can. So you won't be seeing me all that much."

"I'll be fine, Madison. What about me? Could she use me too?"

"I'll ask. But you're at an awkward age. Too young for most of the mothers, too old for most of the dads."

"But you'll ask?"

"I'll ask."

Madison found she enjoyed her new, now official role. She appreciated the money, no question. But Jake had long ago unleashed something in her. Her body, most certainly. But he had set something free intellectually and emotionally.

She felt no guilt about being paid pussy, none whatsoever. She took to hanging with the other whores, trading gossip, laughing, passing the time between tricks. Passing a joint around.

As the Misty attorney, Madison had always treated everyone, including the whores and the kids, with respect and kindness. So she was readily accepted into the sorority of working girls.

Madison thought: I belong here.

Casey followed Madison's career from a distance. But closely.

Corey told his mother, "Don't even think about it."

Casey giggled, "That's impossible."

Corey said, "Casey."

"Oh, don't worry, honey. I wouldn't do that to Sully and you." She grinned, "But it does bring back fun memories."

Which Corey also remembered full well. When his mother had been one of the hottest cocktail waitresses in the South. The hottest. When she came home with a special glow. Having been fucked and having brought home an extra $50 or $100 or $200. Or less for blowjobs. But always something, always a tip.

Corey remembered one Saturday when his mother came home looking triumphant and shy at the same time. Three different men, $600 in total. He had been so proud of her. And not a little jealous.

Corey said, "Fucking Jake was bad enough, Casey. If you started turning tricks ... well, I don't like to think what Sully would do."

Casey sighed, "I know."

As summer approached Casey called Brooke from Connecticut, "Do you think Jake would send Ryan to stay with us for a couple of months or so? Corey misses his little buddy and Sully wants to fuck him too. So do I."

Brooke asked her son and Jake said, "Sure." Then, "Why don't you fly out with Ryan? Give Sully some surprise pussy."

Brooke grinned at Jake.

Brooke said to Casey, "All set. I'll have Madison pack him a case."

"Will Madison mind?"

"Doesn't matter."

Casey giggled.

Brooke said, "Send Ryan back in time for school."

"Will do."

Brooke said, "Not that it matters, but will Sully be giving Ryan to anyone else to fuck?"

"He didn't say anything about it. But Sully's like Jake, he does what he wants to do."

"Don't I know it. Hey, is Corey still a girl?"

"Full time, that's how Sully likes her these days. I'm thinking about having her get boobs. She doesn't want to, or thinks she doesn't, but wouldn't she be sexy?"

"I agree. I think you should. If Sully approves of course."

"He's thinking about it."

Brooke didn't mention to Casey that she'd be traveling with Ryan. Jake wanted her to be surprise pussy and Casey couldn't keep any kind of secret.

Brooke strolled over to Madison's, but she wasn't home. Brooke walked over to the pool where the whores hung out between tricks. There she was. Brooke smiled at her friend, at Misty's attorney, at one of Misty's whores, "Honey, go pack a case for Ryan. Sully wants him."

"How long?"

"A couple of months. Until school starts."

"He'll love seeing Corey again, those two lovebirds were inseparable."

The two women walked back to Madison's and she immediately began packing Ryan's things. It had never occurred to her to question that her son was being sent away. Her only reaction to the news that Sully wanted her son was a shrug, "Ryan can take Jake, Sully won't be a problem."

Brooke smiled at Madison, "Ever think of fucking Sully yourself?"

"Shit yes! I told Casey he could have me anytime he wanted." Madison winked at Brooke, "Of course that was after I had permission from our lord and master."


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