The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 24

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 24 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Jessica's contribution:

Madison said, "I just don't care any more, Ryan. I fuck whoever Jake tells me to."

"Well, you like sex."

"I do."

"And he doesn't have you fucking any creeps."

"No, but if he told me to, I would."

Madison was snuggled up with her son in her bed. She'd just gotten back from the spa. Brooke had asked her to fill in for one of the kiddy masseuses who'd gone home with the flu.

It wasn't the first time that Madison had taken care of kids.

Ryan said, "How was it, Madison? Fun?"

Madison giggled an un-lawyer like giggle, "It was fun, honey. I love those boys who can't spurt off yet. They can dry cum and dry cum and dry cum. When I find the right rhythm with some of them, I can get them bucking up and down, completely out of control."

"I wish I could see that."

"Well, ask Jake. No ask Margaret. She'll know which mothers wouldn't mind if you watched. Then ask Jake with specific kids in mind."

"Okay Madison."

Jake agreed to let Ryan watch Madison's massage sessions without hesitation. Jake and Brooke wanted to open things up sexually around Misty and the more participants the better.

Jake told Madison at breakfast, "Take Ryan with you next time. Let him suck off some of the boys too."

Ingrid moaned.

Jake said, "Margaret, try to make sure the mother is in the viewing room. We'll want to see her reaction when Ryan starts sucking her son's cock."

Margaret made a note.

Ingrid climaxed.

At their regular pre-dawn breakfast meeting, Margaret grinned at Jake, "New homeowners bought a three-bedroom yesterday. Interesting people."


"Two women, Holly Hilton and her friend, Magpie. Magpie's older. Holly looks about 20, but she must be 30. At least. They payed cash."

"Cash cash?"

"No, certified check. But what caught my eye is these two ladies are live wires. As soon as they handed over the check, they stripped and went out to 'check the merchandise.'

Ingrid masturbated.

Margaret said, "Holly has twin boys, she didn't bring them this time. But she was particularly interested in activities for them. She lit up when I told her about the kiddy massage and the Kids-Only Clubhouse. So I took her and Magpie around."

Madison grinned, "To the Clubhouse?"

"I saved that for last, but yeah. Not much sex, just some porn watching. But the Jenkins kid was fucking Susie again."

Brooke laughed, "He's a scamp."

Jake said "How did they react?"

"Holly and Magpie laughed out loud, they were delighted. So I told them about our Special Deliveries. Huge grins. Holly told her friend that she'd let the twins order as much pizza as they wanted."

Brooke said, "Excellent, exactly the kind of people we want."

"They're both married, but I got the impression that their husbands don't know about Misty."

"Even better. More leverage if we ever need it."

"How old are the twins?"

"They're 14, I had the distinct impression they're sexually active."

Ingrid moaned.

Brooke said, "They surely as should be by that age."

Jake said, "Keep an eye on them, they sound interesting."

"Magpie's son is in college, UCLA. She told me he'd be visiting. And then she winked at Holly. I'm pretty sure there's something between the son and Magpie's friend."

Brooke measured her son. Jake had grown another inch, he now stood at 6' 5". His cock looked bigger to her too, but she didn't bother to measure. It was simply huge.

Brooke, looking at her handsome son, thought: a god, he's a fucking god.

Jake sent Ingrid and Margaret to meet Casey in Florida. The two women would begin the interviewing process for the eight new Misty resorts. Construction on all eight sites was well underway.

Jake would have built one at a time, but one of Sully's companies put up a no-interest loan to cover the construction costs for every property. Sully said, "No sense in wasting time."

Jake said to Ingrid, "You and Margaret, and Casey too, if she's interested, interview more candidates than we need. Far more. I'm putting Brooke in charge of HR, she'll make the final selection on all new hires who will come in contact with the homeowners. I don't care about maintenance and landscape, just find some warm bodies and tell Lars to hire whoever looks best."

The division of labor between Jake and Sully was pretty straightforward. Sully was the big picture guy, Jake ran day-to-day operations. He didn't consult with Sully unless it involved considerable money.

Brooke said, "Jake, I'm really curious who those homeowners are that Sully is targeting. Both friend and foe."

"So am I, but I doubt he'll tell us."

At the daily breakfast meeting, Jake said, "That interior designer is a genius. She put in paneling or wallpaper or other decorative flourishes that make spotting the hidden cams virtually impossible. And they're the best spyware that exists. We'll have fantastic results."

Sully had argued for having every third housing section in each new Misty property Adults Only. Brooke concurred.

Sully said, "I like what you did with Misty. Started out all clean and above board. A truly family-appropriate venue. And you've had a blast slowly corrupting family after family.

"But I'd like to move things along at a faster place. The new Misty properties will still be mostly family, but with plenty of spice just down the street."

Jake nodded, "Let's do it." Now that he was confident on their ability to draw relatively innocent parents into a deeper and deeper web of sex, he wouldn't mind a speedier process.

Sully asked, "How are the whores coming along?"

Brooke said, "Whores aren't a problem, I have more than enough lined up already. We're thin on kids, though."

Sully said, "Let me look into that. I know a woman who can help us with the supply. The kids might not speak perfect English, but I doubt that matters much."

Brooke said, "How old?"

"Most will be a year or two younger than your Misty kids."

"Great. Thanks for the help."

Holly and Magpie were thrilled with Misty. Magpie said, "I think the rumors we heard are right. Sex is in the air."

Holly grinned, "I can't wait to turn the twins loose. Did you see all those naked little girls?"

"And naked little boys too. The twins will be walking boners."

"Let's test drive that Special Delivery, I could eat some pizza too."

Magpie looked around the completely empty house they'd just purchased. Not even a mattress. She grinned and reached for her cell.

Margaret had already programmed their numbers into her system. The Special Delivery calls were automatically transferred to her office. Margaret or one of her three assistants made sure the right delivery people went out with every Special Delivery order.

She laughed when Magpie told her they wanted one pizza, but two delivery boys. "No problem. 20 minutes or so."

Margaret called Brooke, "Does Jake wanna play delivery boy? Holly and Magpie just asked for two."

Brooke laughed and told her son, "Go over and sample some new pussy."

Jake rode on the golf cart with Brad, a teenager who worked part time as a lifeguard.

Holly opened the door to the two nude teenagers and didn't waste any time. She lay the pizza box on the floor and gazed openly at Jake. 6' 5", slender build with wide shoulders just like his mother. Long shapely legs and a narrow waist, also like Brooke.

But Holly and Magpie stared mostly at his cock. Even soft, it was huge.

Then Holly blinked and turned to Brad, graciously leaving Jake to Magpie. Without saying a word to the boy, Holly sank to her knees and sucked him erect. Then lay back and tugged him to her pussy, missionary style.

Jake thought: these two homeowners aren't shy.

Holly, lying on her new hardwood floor, took one last look at Jake, now fully erect. Then she turned her attention back to getting fucked.

Jake did Magpie for over 30 minutes. He quickly learned that she was multi-orgasmic. From the sounds Holly was making beside him, she must be too.

Brad finished a few minutes before Jake. After a quick shower he thanked Holly and went back to work. Holly lay there on the floor watching Jake intently as she masturbated to two more climaxes.

Holly thought: I would leave my husband for this one. The twins too.

The next morning, before dawn, Jake was fucking Madison on his leather couch when the usual gang began arriving for the breakfast meeting. Only Ryan and Ingrid watched Madison get fucked, everyone had seen it so many times.

Ivy was helping Brooke prepare breakfast -- the crew ate a big one most days. Margaret was going over her meeting notes. Ryan and Ingrid sat side by side, watching, masturbating.

Brooke and Ivy served the food after Jake and Madison came out of their showers. Brooke teased Madison, "Honey, I think you should be aware that your son was masturbating in front of everyone this morning."

"I am so sorry. Did he make a mess?"

"Just in Ingrid's mouth."

"Thank you so much, Ingrid."

Ingrid, eyes closed, masturbating, didn't respond.

Margaret had to explain to Holly that Jake wasn't a regular delivery boy. In fact he and his mother owned Misty. She pointed, "That's his house, stop by and introduce yourself to Brooke. That's where she and Jake live."

Holly and Magpie strolled over immediately.

Holly took one look at Brooke and thought: shit, no wonder.

Brooke, as always, was friendly and gracious even though it was after 10 at night. She served wine and dope. With au pointe cheeses and heated cocktail nuts.

She welcomed them as new homeowners and said, "How will you be using Misty?"

Holly, still slightly off balance by Brooke's stunning appearance, said, "Our husbands are in the military, gone a lot. We live in La Jolla, so Misty will be mostly a weekend getaway."

Magpie smiled, "Although when we're alone ... well I could see spending a week or so here."

Brooke said, "I'm sure Margaret told you that you can call her office when you're planning a visit. She'll have the house aired out, stocked up, whatever you need."

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