The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 19

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 19 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Jessica's contribution:

That night, putting Ryan to bed, Madison said, "Sorry."

"Me too."

"How about a blowjob, sweetie?"

Dull voice, "Okay." Then, "Thanks."

The deflowering of Ryan was both worse and better than Madison had feared.

Saturday morning before breakfast, Madison and Ingrid took Ryan into the bathroom to prepare him for Jake. Ingrid mostly masturbated, softly humming a sprightly little tune. This morning was right in her wheelhouse.

Madison was feeling ... mostly numb. Ryan finally told her stop apologizing.

When Jake told Brooke and her to hold Ryan's ankles up, Madison complied like she was in a trance.

The first second was horrible, their worst nightmare. Jake didn't go slowly, didn't go gently. Ryan screamed at the top of his lungs as Jake pounded suddenly, fully, forcefully all the way in.

Ryan's cherry was gone in a nanosecond.

Margaret steadily wiped away Ryan's tears. It was several minutes before he stopped sobbing.

Then ... surprise! Ryan moaned and shot off. Madison hadn't even considered the possibility.

Brooke smiled up a Jake, "Good work, baby, keep going."

Ryan's howls had subsided to a steady, painful moaning.

Jake reached up to the two hands holding the kids's ankles and moved them back and forth. Brooke, then Madison, started moving Ryan's legs back and forth, back and forth. Like a metronome.

Jake adjusted his strokes in time with the movements.

Brooke said to Madison, "Different angles, different pressures."

Madison didn't respond, she stared at her son's face. Then, a tiny smile appeared. Madison glanced down, Ryan was erect again. She relaxed, just a fraction.

Jake sped up a little, so did Brooke, then Madison.

Ryan moaned and spurted up into the air for the second time.

Jake kept fucking him.

By now Ryan was lifting his hips to meet Jake's thrusts. Just a fraction of an inch, but still.

Madison sighed and reached down to fondle her son's balls. She knew just exactly what he liked, what turned him on. Brooke winked at Jake.

Ryan became more active, more of a partner. After a particularly forceful plunge, he breathed, "Yes!"

Madison sighed. Jake had won here too.

Brooke could tell that Jake was willing himself not to cum, that he wanted to make Ryan spurt off a third time. She smiled to herself, she knew him so well. He wanted to show Madison that he owned Ryan too.

Brooke read the expression on Ryan's face and smiled up at Jake, "It's time, baby, let it go."

Just before Ryan started spurting Jake slammed all the way in and held it there, pumping his seed into the virgin receptacle.

Brooke led Madison and Ryan back to her own bathroom. Helped her clean up Ryan. Brooke was relieved that they didn't have to calm him down. His tears had long stopped, the pain was diminishing.

Now, it was his psychological state that needed attention.

Brooke smiled at Ryan, "Jake said you have your choice of pussy all week, your mom, me, Ingrid, Margaret."

"You know about me and Madison?"

Automatically Madison said, "Madison and me."


"Yes, honey, I knew. We all knew. You and Madison look at each other with love just oozing out. Same with Jake and me. But you think about who you want to fuck, starting right after breakfast. Jake and I want you back in the saddle right away."


"I'm yours, honey, all yours."

At breakfast, Jake startled both Ryan and Madison by kissing Ryan, deeply, with a lot of tongue, for a long time. Tentatively, then strongly, Ryan put his arms around Jake's neck and hugged him back.

Madison thought: Shit, Jake's never kissed me like that.

A couple of hours later, Brooke led Ryan, holding hands, back to the living room from her bedroom. Both had wide grins.

Brooke said, "Whew! This little stud really took me downtown. He had me cumming like the slut I've always wanted to be."

Jake bent down to shake Ryan's hand, "Way to go, partner."

Madison knew they building up Ryan's self esteem, but she still felt a surge of pride at Brooke's comment.

Then Ingrid held up a bottle of salve to Madison, "This will ease the pain."

Madison read the label carefully, then nodded at Ingrid.

Ingrid bent the little boy over the arm of the sofa. Margaret pulled his butt cheeks apart and used her fingers to gently coat Ryan. "Feel good, honey?"

Ryan nodded, not the least embarrassed. Not after what everyone had seen Jake do to him. And had seen his reaction to getting fucked.

Madison watched the two women working on her son and thought: this isn't their first time.

Ingrid pulled a small white vibrator out of her purse and coated it. Madison judged it to be about 8 inches long. Not very thick, but still. She bit her lip, but didn't say anything.

Ryan said, "It's okay, Madison." Then, "Go ahead, Ingrid."

Jake and Brooke were in the kitchen, putting away breakfast things. Madison and Margaret watched intensely as Ingrid gently inserted the slippery vibrator. She pushed slowly, ever so slowly.

Madison watched it disappear, thinking: well, shit, why not? Jake was longer and fatter and he got it all in.

With only an inch or so showing, Ingrid said, "How's it feel, honey?"

"Okay. Good."

"Want me to turn it on?"

Ryan looked up at his mother.

Madison said, "Up to you, baby."

Ryan said, "Okay. Yes."

The sound was soft, barely audible. It got even softer as Ingrid eased it all the way in. She said, "Stand up, walk around, it'll feel good."

Ryan did as he was told. The pleasure he felt was written across his face.

Then, incredibly, his cock gave a little twinge, then another. Madison watched in amazement as her son stirred to life yet again. She couldn't keep a little smile of pride off her face.

Jake and Brooke came back from the kitchen. Brooke took one look at Ryan and smiled at Madison, "I don't believe it. He came three times with Jake and twice with me. You must be so fucking proud."

Madison, pleased, just shrugged.

Brooke kissed Ryan on the cheek and said, "Remember, Jake said you can have as much pussy as you want this week. Who's next?"

Ryan grinned a cheeky grin at his mother, "Madison."

Madison gave a mental shrug. Why not? Why the fuck not? She lay back on the leather couch and opened her arms to her son.

Ryan felt that his mother was moist and entered her missionary style. Madison glanced at Jake, then Brooke, then Ingrid, then Margaret. They seemed interested, but not titillated. Certainly not scandalized. Just another mother fucking her son.

After a few minutes, Ingrid put her hand on Ryan's butt, "Hold still, honey."

Margaret pulled his cheeks apart again and Ingrid worked the vibrator out several inches. Then she started butt-fucking him slowly, then faster, then faster.

Ingrid whispered, "Start fucking her again." She soon matched the vibrator strokes to Ryan's own, giving him favorable sensations fore and aft.

Jake folded Madison and Ryan neatly into his life. Because he and Brooke liked an early start, they ate breakfast early in the morning. Madison and Ryan usually joined them, along with Ingrid, Margaret and, often, Ivy.

At least two or three times a week, Jake had Madison and Ryan spend the night with him. By now both Madison and Ryan were so used to doing whatever Jake wanted, neither felt the slightest embarrassment in getting fucked in front of whoever happened to be in Jake's house.

Jake switched things around, putting Ryan in the middle between Madison and Jake. Putting Madison in the middle between Ryan and Jake. Sometimes Jake gave Ryan to Brooke for the night. Sometimes her gave her Madison.

Ryan not only got used to being butt-fucked, he came to enjoy it, then crave it, then love it.

Madison tried not to let her life revolve totally around Jake, but she was falling for him. Falling hard.

Not that Jake seemed to notice much. He worked hard at Misty, fucked whoever he was in the mood for. He was always pleasant to Madison, ever polite ... he was cheerful and friendly. It drove Madison crazy.

Ingrid and Ryan became even tighter pals. After school and on weekends, Ryan joined her, holding hands, as she made her rounds of the property. The poolside regulars quickly grew used to seeing the 50-something year old woman with the butt-length blonde braid walking beside the 14-year old boy. Masturbating, joking with him, masturbating, laughing.

Ingrid fucked him all the time. In her office, at home, in Jake's house. Madison had long ago forfeited any pretense of control over her son. Ryan roamed where he wanted, fucked who he wanted, was as independent as Ingrid.

The first Misty mother knocked on Jake's back door shortly after he and Brooke returned from their early morning inspection tour. Brooke smiled brightly, and sincerely, "Hi Connie, come in. Coffee's made. Sorry I can't stay, Lars is trying to con me in to buying new generators. But you can visit with Jake."

Connie, short, a little chubby, a little sag in the boobs after four kids in five years, wasn't shy. She winked at Jake, placed the tip of her index finger on the tip of his cock and said, "Word is you like pussy."

For an answer, he bent down and kissed her on the lips. Connie reached up to put her arms around his neck and pulled herself close. Jake was already erect.

Connie was a rambunctious, boisterous lover. Foul mouthed and open to anything. She was also a gossip, which was one of the reasons Ingrid and Margaret had targeted her.

Brooke 'happened' to run into Connie in the cafeteria line at lunchtime. Brooke leaned in and whispered, "Come by anytime, Jake said he had a great time.'

So. Brooke knew. And approved. More for Connie to tell her friends.

It wasn't a land rush to Jake's house, nothing like that. But, as at Merry Meadows, one wife led to another and another and another. The total Jake was fucking soon passed 10, then 15.

Except for a woman's first time with Jake, Brooke didn't bother to leave the house. It was hardly a secret why they came knocking. As she had done at Merry Mesa, Brooke served them coffee or wine or something stronger. With snacks.

Ingrid saved at least one tape of every woman Jake fucked. Margaret kept her log current so they would know how many times Jake fucked each woman.

The massages were finally taking off. It started with the husbands of course. A back of the hand accidentally rubbing a soft penis. A soft penis becoming history.

A handjob. A blowjob.

Some of the masseuses fucked the clients, others just sucked them off. No pressure from Jake or Brooke.

One of the wives Jake was fucking, feeling frisky, talked her husband into a couples massage. A masseur for her, masseuse for him. As he lay down with a towel around his waist, she plucked it off, "Don't be silly."

After 30 sensuous minutes, she reached over to his table and guided the girl's hand to her husband's cock. She smiled at him, "Be silly."

She moved her masseur's hand down to her pussy, pulled her heels up by her butt and offered herself to him.

Later she told Brooke over coffee at Jake's house, "He's fucked every secretary he's ever had. I'm no angel myself. Why not enjoy the Misty staff?"

Brooke smiled, "That's why we hired them."

Brooke didn't push it immediately. But a couple of weeks later she said, "Have you let your kids get a massage yet? It's very gentle, very soothing. But there can be a hint of sensuality if you want."


Brooke just winked.

As it turned out, that woman wasn't the first to take her kids for a massage. It was Connie leading the pack again. At poolside she motioned Brooke over, "They won't try to fuck them, will they? At the spa?"

Brooke whispered back, "Not unless you want them to."

Connie giggled. She'd been upbeat ever since Jake started fucking her.

Connie had a long talk with her oldest. A chubby boy who'd never had a date. Although to be fair, he was only 14.

She scheduled an appointment with a masseuse named, or nicknamed, Keeper. Keeper was one of the spa staff who said yes.

Connie's son returned home looking pleased. But he refused to talk with his mother other than to say it had been a pleasant experience. Connie asked Brooke, "Can you find out what happened?"


Brooke made a phone call even though she'd already watched the monitor in Jake's office. She said to Connie, "Hand job, she jacked him off, that's all."

Connie nodded, "I know he can cum."

"Keeper offered to blow him, but he was too nervous."


"Keep scheduling him, he'll get past it. Let him score some pussy. But don't try to get him to talk about it."

"She'll fuck him."

"She'll fuck him."

Connie high-fived Brooke.

Connie the gossip, started the gradual kiddy massage migration. The staff went slow, extra slow. Mothers were encouraged to stay with the younger kids, at least the first few times.

To the kids themselves, it went from strange and a little scary to normal to anticipated. Every morning, every afternoon, poolside mothers would see kids walking, skipping, trotting from child care to the spa.

Ingrid watched, masturbated, saved many of the tapes. Margaret notated every handjob, every blowjob, every finger-fuck, every fuck.

Brooke said to Jake, "Time to sic the whores on the dads?


One morning, fresh from an after-fuck shower at Jake's, Connie joined Brooke at the kitchen table for coffee. She said, "How do you get away with it?"


"All four of my kids love the spa. The boys don't talk to me, both girls do. They're being molested. Time after time.'

"Molested is a strong word."

"What would you call having your pussy fingered?"


Connie couldn't help but giggle. "Well, they do enjoy it."

"How about yourself?"

Brooke knew, had seen Connie getting fucked by three different staff members in the spa.

"I let one of them feel me up sometimes."

"Good for you."

The first whore to score one of the fathers worked as a lifeguard in the common area pool. Since all she wore was a whistle around her neck, it was easy to advertise the goods. In her case, the goods were huge boobs with protruding nipples. Which she rubbed against friendly fathers.

Most of the staff, including the whores, both women and kids, lived in staff quarters about a half mile from the residences. The construction was well designed and made of quality materials, but wasn't fancy, not even close.

Each staff member had a studio apartment with an enclosed bath. There were no restrictions on interacting with each other. In fact, they were encouraged to be friendly.

Jake and Brooke wanted open relationships, a lot of fucking, a lot of trading, a lot of fun. Staff was well paid with good benefits and a generous annual bonus. Turnover was low. Sex was another perk.

But having their own rooms meant opportunities for the homeowners to enjoy little trysts. The whores of course always said yes. But, over the months, so did some of the staff.

To Jake and Brooke it didn't really matter who was getting fucked, they captured it all digitally.

Once Ingrid had Margaret had a list of which fathers were fucking whores and / or staff, it was time to move on to the next phase.

Over a series of early morning meetings at Jake's house, he, Brooke, Ingrid, Margaret and Madison developed a plan, revised it, revised it some more.

Madison had been amazed, when first told about the setup. "You not only hired whores, but kiddy whores?" She sounded a bit in awe. Worried, that too. But impressed on some level.

The five of them, sitting around Jake's kitchen table, each had a copy of Margaret's list. The names of the fathers who were fucking whores, masseuses, other staff.

The goal: narrow the list to the five men they felt most likely to show an interest in a kid.

They compared their first checkmarks. Brooke laughed, all five of them had selected the same three guys. Four of them, not including Madison, had selected the fourth one.

Jake said, "No consensus on number five. Let's start with these four, see how it goes."

Madison, leaving to go back and wake Ryan up for school, asked, "What's the next step?"

Brooke said, Ingrid will bring one kid past one guy. Margaret will follow and casually mention that she was surprised when the kid's mother told her she was already sexually active.

"That's it. No more parading the kid, no more conversation. It'll take or it won't."

Madison took one last look at the list, "You have Barry targeted for a boy."

Ingrid nodded, "He always gets a masseur."

Misty Acres was sold out, except for the final three houses, all of them 4-bedrooms. Jake had already started on the next construction phase. Another 90 homes in three distinct areas. This time it was 4 and 5-bedroom houses priced at $1,900,000 to $2,400,000.

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