The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 17

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 17 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Jessica's contribution:

As at the original resort, Merry Mesa, Jake decided he wanted a house built for Brooke and him at Misty. Brooke teased him, "A private place where you can fuck mommies all you want."

Ingrid, masturbating, "And little boys."

Margaret smiled, "And don't forget the little girls."

Brooke beamed up at her son, pleased thinking about how much pleasure he'd be having.

Jake decided on a four bedroom home, a master bath for Brooke, one for himself. The guests weren't to know he fucked her, slept with her, lived with her, loved her like a wife.

The other two bedrooms would also have their own baths for the comfort of guests who visited for 15 minutes or spent the night.

Jake said, "We'll hide cameras all over our house too."

Brooke nodded, "Leverage. Are you planning to blackmail any of them?"

Jake shrugged, "Depends. If we can get the right Daddy fucking a kid, probably. Maybe one or two a year. Nothing heavy like Mr. Molinari's operation, but if we can net a few hundred thousand a year, why not?"

"Tax free."

"Tax free."

The misters, serving the entire property, made walking around pleasant even in triple-digit temperatures. The misters were programmed to chill the water slightly as the day grew hotter. The effect was to cool the body, not chill it.

As they had at Merry Mesa, Jake, Brooke, Ingrid and Margaret toured the property every day. Brooke had to refrain from touching Jake, she wanted him so much. Ingrid masturbated as they strolled through the misters.

Margaret said, "This is actually quite pleasant. It's 99 or 100 already and I'm still cool."

It was pleasant. The misting experience turned out to be almost as big a selling point as Ivy's.

As for Ivy herself, she was jazzed about opening her eponymous restaurant. Jake had turned everything over to her -- the menus, the decorations, the kitchen design, the staffing -- everything. It would be her first restaurant she was 100% responsible for.

She told Jake and Brooke, "Working for Mr. Molinari was wonderful in most ways. I learned so much. And his contacts in the industry! Linens, food, drink ... I'll stay in touch with them for the rest of my career."

Brooke nudged Ivy with her elbow as they walked through the misters, "And, what about the other stuff?"

"Danny didn't have me fuck that many guys. Just ones he wanted to do a favor for. I didn't mind, most of the time."

Ivy grinned at Brooke, "Some of those old-time Italian gentlemen sure liked dark meat."

Ivy, a light skinned African American, was tall, slender, beautiful, graceful. And a brilliant restauranteur. Plus, she would do anything in bed with Jake and Brooke. Anything.

One of the first Misty applicants was a single mother, an attorney, from Memphis. Jake preferred married couples, but there was something about Madison that intrigued him. But, she didn't have the preferred minimum of children -- two. Just one son, Ryan.

Yet, there was something about her. And Ryan too. Enough something that Jake had Brooke sit in for the second hour of the interview process.

Jake and Brooke were nude; Madison and Ryan dressed casually in shorts and tees.

Brooke glanced through the application, "Memphis?"

"Yeah. Barbecue and blues, both of which I like. But I'm ready for a change of pace. Bored, no super hunky men chasing after me. My buddy here is merely my slave, he doesn't have any say in it."

Madison tousled Ryan's hair, he grinned at her. Two pals.

Brooke continued reading. Financially, it would be a stretch for Madison. She could swing it, had a pre-approved loan from a San Diego branch of her Memphis bank.

Brooke said, "Will you take a license in California? Apply for a job?"

"I've already been approved. Passed the test. The paperwork will take some time. Naturally. I think this time around I'll hang out my own shingle. I'll never get rich, but I like the idea of being out on my own. Right, slave boy?"

Ryan, earnest, said to Brooke, "Madison's a top lawyer, one of the best in Memphis, her boss told me so."

Brooke smiled at the 14 year old boy, "And what about you, ready to live naked and free?"

Ryan nodded, "Me and Madison are nude around the house, I'll be fine."

Madison mock-kicked his shin. Ryan said, "Madison and I."

Brooke was inclined to approve the sale, but she knew it was up to Jake.

Jake smiled, "Let's take a tour. You can undress if you like. But don't feel you have to. Clothes are welcome at Misty anytime."

Ryan looked to his mother who stood and whipped off her tee. Small, perky boobs, just like Brooke. Waxed pussy too.

Ryan followed suit. Slender boy, nice cock for his age.

Brooke took Ryan's hand and smiled at Jake, "Lead on McDuff. Whoever the fuck McDuff was."

Madison and Ryan laughed.

Jake asked Maison, "Three bedrooms?"

"Yeah. Even that's more than we need. But I figure I'll be fine if I ever decide to sell it."

Brooke and Ryan followed Jake and Madison to the middle section of houses. The adobe-tiled roofs were available in various colors as were the stucco exterior walls.

Both model homes -- the three-bedroom and four-bedroom were furnished in eclectic styles. A lot of Mid-Century Modern in homage to Palm Springs. But mixed with Deco, modern and Nouveau. Nothing heavy, just hints to some of the possibilities. At this level of income, even young couples had a strong sense of style, knew what they wanted.

Jake nodded at Madison, "Choose a roof color."


Jake opened the door and Madison, then Ryan, then Brooke entered. Brooke brushed the back of her hand against Jake's cock as she passed.

Madison gushed, "Oh! I like it better than the models. I could do so much here."

She put her arm around her son's shoulders and he put his around her waist as they toured living room, small dining room, large kitchen, master bedroom and the other smaller bedrooms.

Madison loved all the walk-in closets, Ryan was more impressed by the backyard patio and hot tub. "Our own hot tub?"

"Yeah, and I don't want you farting in it, Bubble Boy."

"Madison!" Beet red.

Jake led them through the common area, Brooke again holding Ryan's hand. She smiled to herself, Ryan was about as subtle as a locomotive in checking out her body.

Just as his mother was checking Jake. Shit, Brooke didn't blame Madison. Who wouldn't be at least curious, if not impressed, by the huge cock swaying back and forth with every step.

Ryan was blown away by all the gaming equipment. Yet, he'd obviously been raised well, he didn't even ask his mother for permission to play a game.

They crossed paths with Ivy, who graciously put up with Madison's flowery praise, "One of the main reasons I wanted to live here. Ryan and I ate at your San Francisco restaurant ... the greatest! Right, baby?"

"It was really good. Real tasty, but expensive."

Madison swatted him on the butt as Ivy laughed.

As Ivy strolled away, Jake told her, "Ask Ingrid to stop by."

Brooke grinned to herself. Ingrid! Jake was curious about Madison's reaction to the Princess of Masturbation. Especially with her son right here.

Madison said, "I love the indoor / outdoor pool. We could practically swim home after dinner."

When Ingrid walked casually up to them, she didn't have her hand at her pussy. Probably on her best behavior. Jake sat everyone out by the common pool, relaxing under misters.

Brooke said to Madison, "Ingrid is the brains of the operation, runs everything. She's the General Manager and her husband, Lars, is in charge of all the construction. When Misty's built, the first phase anyway, he'll head up a maintenance crew of ... how many, Ingrid?"

Ingrid, stealing glances at Ryan, inched her right hand up her thigh. She said, "Eight full time, not counting landscapers. But there's hardly any landscaping to do. It's mostly desert-friendly plantings, nothing to water, very little to trim."

Ingrid continued talking in her normal voice as she always did. But Brooke could tell her eyes were starting to glaze over, just a bit. Then ... good! Her middle finger reached her clit.

Ingrid sighed and leaned back in her lounge. Continued talking as she openly masturbated, "Because everything's new, there's really not that much maintenance either. Mostly keeping on top of small things. With this sun, Lars has his crew doing a lot of repainting."

Madison tore her eyes from Ingrid to glance at her son. Who crossed his legs. Madison looked to Brooke who merely smiled at Ingrid and asked her how the cafeteria lighting was coming along.

Madison shifted her gaze to Jake. He smiled at Madison and said, "We'd be lost without Ingrid. Literally lost."

Ingrid sucked in her breath and whispered, "Oh God!," climaxed and smiled at Ryan, "Ninth grade, right?"

Ryan blushed even deep and nodded.

Ingrid stood and looked to Madison, "Borrow him for a minute? I'll show him the latest batch of Xbox games, came in just yesterday."

Madison was torn, she knew her son would love nothing more than that. She'd cut him off new games as they contemplated buying a house they couldn't afford. Yet she also knew he had an Ingrid-inspired erection and would be mortified to be seen.

Brooke came to the rescue. She stood in front of Ryan holding out her hand, "Come on, honey, I'll go with you."

Ryan looked to his mother who nodded, "Have fun, baby."

Ingrid held his other hand, giving him no chance to cover himself. As she watched his little butt twitching away, Madison blushed and said to Jake, "He's at that age."

Jake was sympathetic, "So am I."

Madison blinked in surprise, "But you're not ... erect?"

"I've seen Ingrid masturbating for years and years. It's just the way she is."

He smiled at Madison, "But it's taking some will power around you."

Clearly pleased, Madison grinned.

Jake continued the tour. This time Madison put her arm through Jake's, her nipple against him. He knew this was not accidental.

Tour complete, Jake brought her back to his house. Opened some white wine and held up a blunt, "Want to spark?"

"Hell yes!" Then, "Wait, no. I have to drive back to Palm Springs tonight."

Jake lit the blunt, "We have extra bedrooms here."

Madison grinned, collapsed on the leather couch. Jake eased down next to her, touching her hips and thighs with his. Madison sighed and slumped lower, resting her arm -- elbow to wrist on his thigh.

She took a deep hit, holding her breath for almost a minute. Exhaling, "God, that feels good. Just what I needed."

Jake said, "Ingrid likes little boys. Younger that Ryan when she can get one. But teenagers too."


"She won't do anything with him, not without your permission."



They passed the joint back and forth, Madison feeling looser and looser. She said, "Ryan's so young."

"That he is."

Another strong drag. Madison's cheeks colored a bit, "But he's not a virgin. Not quite."

"Good for him."

A long, comfortable silence, then Jake poured them more wine. Madison resettled her arm on his thigh. She said "What are you, 18, 19?"

"16, just tall for my age."

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