The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 9

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 9 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Jessica's contribution:

News of the professionally run No Parent Zone spread quietly around Phoenix and Scottsdale. One mom told another.

"I just drop the little cocksucker off, don't have to worry about him all day."

"Doug's at work. I'm getting even."

"I've fucked all four boys. Three of them were worth it."

"NP is free, included in the package, just like the meals."

With the dawning realization that NP was not only legitimate, but that kids of all ages loved hanging out there, more are young families started staying at Carefree.

For those who had never been to a nudist resort, it usually took less than a day to get comfortable. To move beyond shyness or embarrassment.

The dads made one or two or three friends. Golf on the the little three par course. Tennis. Drinks in the lounge.

The moms bonded more easily. Shared tips, spread gossip, formed cliques.

Their friendships really blossomed when their husbands went back to work. In the city they had been women of leisure, ladies who lunch.

At Merry Mesa they became ladies who fucked.

Brooke smiled as she saw naked groups of three, four, five and more women strolling over to the Adults Only sites. Giggling, holding hands, teasing each other.

With their kids under NP supervision, they fucked Pedro and the twins on a whim.

Brooke had Margaret spread the word that the two teenage girls would also lick pussy. A few of the wives found that to be true and a cajoled and teased some other ones to sample the merchandise, 'just for the fun of it.'

Brooke had to replace one of the NP boys, he was a premature ejaculator. She told him, "Get it fixed and I'll hire you back when I have an opening."

Brooke had fucked all four before offering them an employment contract. She told Jake, "He didn't have a problem then." Brooke shrugged, "It happens."

Jake had fucked the four girls. He told his mother, "Prime."


After the NP staff had been in place a couple of months Brooke had Margaret tell the four girls, "There's a $500 bonus for every new Carefree dad you fuck. Doesn't matter if he has kids at the NP."

The NP opened at six in the morning. Nudists, some of them, were early risers. And many of the moms were eager to drop off their kids.

The NP closed at six in the evening, giving the staff plenty of time to mingle, flirt, fuck into the night.

Margaret reported to Brooke and Jake, "All of the staff have fucked each other. Miguel tells me there aren't any serious couples forming. No jealous rants. They seem pretty friendly with each other."

Miguel was Margaret's NP mole. But Margaret still fucked all four of them.

So did Ingrid. But Ingrid also spend considerable time at NP. Masturbating. This was her target group. But she would never take one of the little boys off for a ride. Not without his mother's explicit permission.

Mostly Ingrid just watched the kids. And masturbated.

When they felt they had reached a revenue ceiling at Merry Mesa, Brooke and Jake spent weeks working on an expansion proposal for one of her clients, Mr. Molinari.

Mr. Molinari liked Brooke, she wasn't as stupid as most whores.

He gave her credit for turning Ivy over to him. The restaurants actually made a tidy profit, but that was secondary to the money laundering.

Brooke told her son, "Mr. Molinari has seen everything. He's 87 now and he's done everything. We'll make our proposal like we would a Chase capital venture. We'll detail everything, exhaustive footnotes, conservative projections.

"It'll probably end up over a hundred pages. I'll have Karl double check every number. Willy will vet our assumptions. That proposal will be tighter than a virgin's cunt."

Jake nodded.

Brooke said, "Mr. Molinari will never see it. We'll give him a two or three sentence proposal with one number in it -- the first year's net from the first new Mesa property."

Jake didn't have to ask why he and Brooke would work so hard on the Merry proposal. You didn't give someone like Mr. Molinari a bum steer.

Brooke said, "I'll show him the overall work we did, but I doubt if he'll have his people look at it. Mr. Molinari has done hundreds of projects far bigger than Merry."

Brooke and Jake did the work. They checked and rechecked. Brooke finally gave it to two of her clients to vet. They tweaked a few things, not much. Jake didn't attend those client meetings, he knew they'd probably fuck Brooke first. Or after. Or both.

Mr. Molinari was a fist. A gnarled gnome of a man. Hunched and haggard. Red in the face. Hands that trembled with old age. He didn't look it, didn't sound it, but he had a Harvard MBA. His own father had a Harvard MBA.

He had been one of the first to see the wisdom of moving assets into legitimate businesses. Well, semi-legitimate.

Mr. Molinari glanced at the half page summary, "You're a dumb cunt, Brooke."

Brooke smiled happily at him, "Then Jake and I are a couple of dumb cunts, he did just as much work as I did."

Mr. Molinari didn't call it blackmail. He said, "Identification Insurance."

He told Brooke and Jake, "We open a ... Merry fucking Mexican resort. Or Merry Mountain, Merry fucking Meadow, who gives a fuck?

"What do we have? Sex. Naked people having sex."

He paused, looking at Brooke.

She said, "Cameras! Hidden fucking cameras."

Mr. Molinari said, "We sell Identification Insurance maybe once a fucking year. Some fat cat can't stand a hit. Wife problem, business problem. We'll research the richest cocksuckers and pick one."

Brooke nodded, "One in every new market."

"And Arizona, no sense letting it go to waste."

"If your research people find a kiddy fucker, I can supply a kid."

Jake said, "Boy or girl. Or both."

"How young?"

Brooke said, "As young as you want.

He nodded.

Mr. Molinari didn't call it industrial espionage, he called it Investment Intelligence.

"So we're researching the cocksuckers. We'll come across some typhoons who are working on a merger. A buyout. Unfriendly fucking takeover. I'll put one of my smartest whores on him."

Mr. Molinari had said 'typhoon' to see if Brooke or Jake were stupid enough to think he didn't know 'tycoon.' They weren't.

Jake nodded, "Pillow talk."

"Pillow fucking talk."

Mr. Molinari swiveled around in his his chair, unzipped his pants.

Brooke beamed at him, undressed and got on her knees.

Jake sat quietly, passing another test.

Mr. Molinari thought: maybe I'll have somebody keep an eye on the little cunt.

On the drive back to Merry Mesa neither Brooke nor Jake even thought to mention the blowjob she had just performed in front of her son.

The NP kids were so used to seeing Ingrid masturbate in front of them, they no longer paid any attention. Even the boys.

Focusing on one little penis at a time, Ingrid brought herself to one orgasm after another. She loved NP.

Brooke and Jake had mostly positive feelings about selling Merry Mesa to one of Mr. Molinari's shell companies. They were proud of what they'd accomplished, but it was time to move on.

In April they closed Merry Mesa for the annual two weeks it took to refurbish everything. It was repainted every year, inside and out. New carpeting where needed. New furniture and appliances when needed.

Merry Mesa was well cared for.

This April a quiet man around 40, horn rim glasses, a pipe smoker, installed hidden cameras everywhere. Thousands of them. All of the guest rooms. Ingrid's office. Lars's office. Everyone's office. The Cafe, the cafeteria, NP, bathrooms, everywhere inside.

And outside. All four swimming pools and the wading pool.

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