The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 5

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Jessica's contribution:

Jake was around 10 when a wise woman asked him, "You want to know how to make a girl cum?"

Jake's head was nodding like a bobblehead doll.

The wise woman was his mother.

Jake, when he was 14-years old, touched his first pussy. Dakota. Soon after, his second. Brooke.

Jake remembered the morning when when he asked Brooke about all the noise she and Dakota made some nights in their bedroom. He was 10 and innocently curious.

Brooke took him for a long hand-holding walk around the Mesa property. Explained the basics. Talked about the orgasms she and Dakota gave each other. That her boyfriends gave her.

Talked openly as she always did with her son.

Brooke told Jake, "When you have a girlfriend, remember one thing: her clit. That's what will get her off, that's certainly what gets me off. My pussy is for men, when they feel it loving their cocks, squeezing their cocks, that's how they cum."

Brooke grinned at her son, "And my pussy was handy for giving birth to a certain baby boy."

Jake grinned back.

"But it's my clit that is the nerve center, my pleasure center. If you concentrate on my clit with your hand or your tongue, you can get me to do anything."

Back at the little ranch house, Brooke showed Jake exactly where her clit was located. Luke wandered by and she showed him too.

By the time he was 14, Jake had studied his mother's clit intently. He had learned how to worship it properly. How to be gentle and when to increase the pressure. When to lick her clit slowly and softly, when to tongue-fuck it as hard as he could.

When she was in the mood, Brook would let Jake spend hours working on her pussy, concentrating on her clit. Jake learned, not from words, but from his mother's reaction what worked best. What made her cum faster. What made her cum harder.

Jake loved pleasing his mother more than anything in the world. An attribute that would last all of their lives.

Brooke had considered tempering his enthusiasm, having him develop a broader perspective. In the end she decided she liked her son just the way he was. Completely devoted to her. Hopelessly, helplessly, in love with her.

Jake had grown up adoring his mother. Then adoring her pussy. When he saw Brooke it was like there was a glow to her. When he touched her pussy, he felt a thrill, a vibe, a warm sensation. When he licked her pussy, it was the most delicious taste imaginable.

Jake was programmed, hardwired to love licking his mother.

When he first started eating her, before he was very good at it, Brooke often had him spend an hour or so after school learning how to please her. On weekends while his friend Luke watched TV with Dakota, Jake couldn't get enough of Brooke's pussy.

It wasn't at all unusual for her to awaken in the morning with Jake's head between her thighs. A very pleasant way to start the day.

When Brooke had a meeting with Ingrid or Lars, it was common for Jake to sit under the kitchen table and lick his mother's pussy as she went over budgets, schedules, guest reservations.

Brooke and Ingrid would smile at each other as Ingrid masturbated to orgasm after orgasm while Brooke strained against her son's mouth.

Jake's love of eating Brooke's pussy was reinforced on a daily basis by the climaxes he was able to give her. By the praise she showered on him. Jake knew his mother liked to cum and he loved making her cum.

As he learned her body over the years, Jake grew more and more skilled. His love for Brooke and his love for pleasing her became a lifelong part of who Jake was. He could not get enough of his mother's pussy.


Jake told himself that it was only partly because the 34-year old Ivy was so attractive that he hired her. He did actually believe that she was the best fit for the Carefree Cafe out of all the resumes he'd reviewed and all the candidates he'd interviewed.

Jake laughed at himself, Brooke would see right through him. Ivy was one sexy number.

He met his new Chef at the Carefree parking lot. He wanted to begin the tour at the Family site. He didn't think Ivy would be shocked at Merry Mesa, nor The Cabins. They had discussed the entire operation in detail the night before. Plus the greater Phoenix area was well aware of the Lucky Ladies, Teenage Tuesday, the public sex.

Ivy was a head turner. Partly because of her African American heritage. There were a few black families who stayed at Carefree. And singles and couples at the other two facilities. But blacks were in the decided minority.

Ivy was tall, right at 5' 10" and slender. Long legs, just like Brooke. And she was the same age as Jake's mother as well.

Jake guided Ivy through the Carefree lobby, introducing her to the nude staff. Out to the pool where he introduced her to the many regulars that he knew. Including the ones he and Luke were fucking.

Ivy was impressed with Jake's quiet, friendly, easygoing ways. She liked the way the guests smiled at him, obviously he was well liked. And Ivy noted how some of the mothers looked at the teenager. Making no secret of checking out one of the fattest cocks that Ivy had seen.

Jake had fucked one of those mothers right before he met Ivy. He hoped to refrain from going erect during the tour.

Jake took Ivy into Ingrid's office, where, naturally, Ingrid was masturbating. Ivy's lips made an 'O' but she didn't say anything. Both Jake and Ingrid were so relaxed that Ivy figured it wasn't an unusual occurrence.

Jake introduced Ivy to Dakota and Luke. Again, Ivy didn't comment on Luke's erection in front of his own mother. Ivy's discretion made Jake feel even more comfortable with his decision.

Back outside, Ivy grinned at Jake, "Saving the best for last?"

"I'm not sure it's the best, but it's the naughtiest."

"Lead on."

It was still early in the morning so there wasn't that much going on. A couple of blowjobs at Merry Mesa, a girl eating another girl. Friendly, "Hi Jakes," rang out.

Ivy watched a girl getting double fucked by the pool at The Cabins for a few minutes. During which Jake's cock stirred to life. Then was fully erect, pulsating in the sunshine.

Ivy grinned, "What did you do, jack off so you wouldn't have an erection?"

"Yeah." Jake didn't talk about the women he fucked.

She gave him a friendly squeeze. "I don't mind, Jake. I certainly don't mind."

They held hands for the rest of the tour.

Jake was falling.


Jake rushed outside when the taxi pulled up with Brooke inside it. The driver watched, amused, as the naked teenager with the huge erection kissed the beautiful woman like he couldn't get enough of her.

Dakota and Luke stayed at Carefree that afternoon and all night to let Brooke and Jake have the little house to themselves.

As she broke the kiss, Brooke said, "I'm going to fuck you, but not for a while. I need some recovery time."

In the morning Brooke noticed how much more acquiescent both Dakota and Luke had become to Jake during her two months' absence. Brooke thought: good.

At breakfast with the four of them, Brooke reinforced Jake's ascendancy, "Are you going to keep Dakota working the Biltmore, sweetheart?"

"You bet, she's a real good earner. I'm so fucking proud of her."

Dakota and Luke beamed with pleasure.

The Carefree Cafe wouldn't open for two more weeks, but Ivy was already working full time. She had worked the front of the house at the old-school Durant's, a venerable Phoenix institution. That was another reason Jake hired her -- Ivy's management experience before she got her first kitchen job.

Jake let her hire the rest of the staff. She selected the top cafeteria workers and interviewed for maître d' and the rest of the wait staff. Ivy teased Jake, "Usually the owners like to do casting couch interviews."

"I would, but my mom would kill me. I'll be in enough trouble because you're so gorgeous."

"And sexy, don't forget sexy."

"And sexy."

Ivy stopped by the little house right on time to meet Brooke. The two women clicked. The both appreciated that the other was a no-nonsense gal.

Brooke looked Ivy up and down, her white uniform molded perfectly to her taut body. Brooke grinned, "Shit, no wonder the little cunt hired you."

Ivy grinned back, "Your son is quite the young man."

Brooke grasped Jake's cock, waving it back and forth, "If only he didn't think with the little head."

Ivy thought she would be getting along fine with this outrageous woman,"Not that little."

Brooke thought she would be getting along fine with this sexy woman, "No, you're right."

Ingrid showed up a few minutes later. The three of them -- Brooke, Ingrid and Jake -- ran Merry Mesa. They realized how integral Ivy would be to the success of Cafe Carefree and would spend as much time with her as needed.

Brooke was pleased that all three times Ingrid stopped to masturbate, Ivy took it in stride, didn't say a word. Just watched with interest. Nonjudgemental.

An attribute that would help her immensely at Merry Mesa.


Ivy quickly blended into the Merry Mesa leadership family. She began sitting in on the early morning meetings with Brooke and Jake, Ivy and Margaret. Although Margaret wasn't management -- her role was to ensure that Jake's homeschooling requirements were fulfilled -- she enjoyed listening in on the inner workings of Merry Mesa.

Ivy was now as used to seeing Ingrid masturbate as she was to brushing her teeth. It was just part of the daily routine. Ivy was surprised however -- surprised, not shocked -- the first time she saw Jake fuck Luke.

Ivy thought: now that's interesting.

Ivy also noticed how Dakota and Luke looked to Jake for guidance every morning. They waited for his instructions. Ivy thought: now that's interesting. Very interesting.

As Ivy grew closer to Brooke she asked her about Dakota and Luke's seeming subservience to Jake. Brooke smiled, "I'm turning my son into a man."

Ivy got it.

Living in Carefree, Ivy fell into the easy rhythm of the place. The Carefree Cafe didn't serve breakfast or lunch, it did two turns at night -- 7 and 9:30. Wednesday through Saturday. The Cafe also served a Sunday Scrumtch, a portmanteau word combining brunch and scrumptious. A little too cute, but it caught on.

So Ivy's workday didn't begin too early.

Ivy was a serious swimmer. After the morning meeting at Jake's house, she did power lap after power lap in the Carefree pool. Then, spent one glorious hour, behind dark shades, lounging poolside.

With her cinnamon colored skin, Ivy didn't darken much. But she loved being the quiet observer. Watching and listening.

Ivy quickly caught on that Dakota, and sometimes Luke, were lining up Carefree mothers for Jake to fuck. This amused her no end. Jake was a boy of many talents.

Within her first week working at Merry Mesa, Ivy learned that Dakota was fucking Luke, was fucking her own son. She learned this from Dakota who told her, "I know how naughty it is, but I couldn't resist him. Isn't Luke the handsomest boy?"

Ivy agreed while thinking: naughty? How about fucking perverted?

Ivy had assumed that Jake and Luke slept in one bedroom, Brooke and Dakota in the other. That notion was reinforced the first time she saw Jake fuck Luke.

But learning that Dakota was fucking her son, not only fucking him, but proud of it, made Ivy reassess. If Jake were sleeping with Brooke, was he also fucking her? Ivy remembered the day she first met Brooke. Brooke's easy familiarity with Jake. The way she had playfully waved his cock about.

Hmm. Ivy was curious.

Dakota was a bit of a ditz. But Brooke was one impressive package.


Ivy came from a similar upper middle class background to that of Brooke's. Ivy's mother was a pediatrician in Oakland California, her father, white, an electrical engineer.

Ivy got the foodie bug from dining with her parents in some of the finest Bay Area restaurants. And there were some very fine ones indeed.

Ivy and Brooke drew closer. They shared a mutual interest in Jake. Brooke loved her son unconditionally. Ivy was intrigued with the quiet mature boy.

Jake, as the Cafe buzz increased, opened it to outsiders. To non guests. It didn't hurt in the least that these visitors had to walk by the Carefree pool on the way to dinner. Seeing a few naked bodies was titillating.

Jake soon assigned a few of his more comely employees -- both young men and women -- to meander between the Cafe and the parking area. The buzz grew.

Brooke told her son, "Have a few naked kids hang out too. Feed the diners' fantasy life."


As Brooke and Ivy grew closer, Ivy became more familiar with Jake's sex life. She had seen him fuck Dakota and Luke. Ingrid and Margaret. Dakota, the gossip, and Luke, the gossip, filled her in on which of the Carefree mothers paid regular visits to Jake's little ranch house.

Dakota told Ivy, "Jake hardly fucks any of the girls at Merry Mesa and The Cabins any more. He prefers the Carefree mothers."

Luke said, "And grandmothers."

Dakota said, "But lately he's been having us pressure the mothers to let him fuck their daughters."

Luke explained, "Young pussy."

Ivy thought: Jake is something.

Brooke told Ivy, "Jake is just going through a stage. He gets off on those suburban moms sneaking away from their kids and husbands to fuck him."

One morning Brooke, Ivy and Jake were walking the grounds. Something Jake did several times a day. Brooke was holding one of his hands, Ivy the other. Ivy was now nude all the time she wasn't working. She fit into the lifestyle, loved it in fact.

As the three looked over the guests around the Carefree pool, Ivy mentally clicked off which ones she knew Jake had fucked. Then Brooke startled her. She said to Jake, "Sweetheart, look at Dee Dee's little boy. Isn't he sexy? Why don't you have Dakota let her know you want to fuck Bobby?"

Ivy's mind raced. Brooke was raunchier than she had suspected.

Jake, as he always did, considered his mother's words carefully. He studied Bobby as Dee Dee applied sun block to her little boy. Jake's cock started stirring.

Without a word, Brooke, Ivy and Jake turned and started walking back to Jake's house. Erections, except on little boys, weren't allowed at Carefree. And Jake was certainly no longer a little boy.

It wasn't uncommon for Jake to have a boner on their strolls around the property. Brooke told Ivy, "He's 15 fucking years old."

Ivy grinned.

That morning, back at Jake's house, he motioned for Dakota to come into the kitchen. She took one look at him and went to her knees to suck him off. Brooke and Ivy continued their conversation about a new dessert item that Ivy was experimenting with.

Jake asked, "What would the portion size be?"

He was interested in every Cafe detail. Partly because it had been his own idea. And partly because of Ivy. Jake was interested in all things Ivy. He hadn't made a pass because he was, technically, her boss.

But he knew from her flirty ways she had some interest in him. He hoped: a lot.

Ivy was amused the Jake kept up his end of the conversation even as he spurted into Dakota's mouth. These days Dakota and Luke seemed little more than receptacles for Jake. And Ivy knew that was the way Brooke wanted it.

Brooke had stopped fucking Luke. She just no longer felt that Luke deserved her. But Brooke told Jake, "Keep fucking the little cunt."

"Reinforce that he's pussy?"


Brooke didn't feel resentment toward Dakota and Luke. She didn't mind that they weren't quite as bright, not quite as tough as she and Jake. Brooke didn't even mind that Dakota and Luke didn't do a quarter of the work.

Her feelings were more ... indifference. A growing indifference to her former best friend. And to Luke.

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