The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 4

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Jimmy's contribution:

The Merry Mesa transformation from family oriented to Adults Only was accomplished.

The construction of the new Family facility was completed. It was two stories instead of one, built around a pool. They named the apartment complex Carefree. It had a combination of one and two bedrooms, giving visitors more flexibility.

Carefree guests could see the original Merry Mesa complex as well as The Cabins. But the two pool areas where the sexual activities took place weren't visible. The pool areas were shielded by the U-shaped designs.

Most of the original Family members who had been staying at Merry Mesa migrated happily to Carefree. It was new, had all new furnishings and appliances. What's not to like?

Jake and Luke made their rounds every morning and evening, cleaning all three pools and surrounds. They still flirted with the wives and mothers, now at Carefree. Flirted and flirted, teased and invited, "Stop by for a visit."

Innocent sounding, but all except for the newest guests knew exactly what that invitation meant. A cheerful fuck by one pussy-hungry teenager, maybe two.

Some of the mothers began sneaking over after dinner. The boys didn't know what excuses the wives gave their husbands. Brooke told the boys, "Don't worry about it, wives have been lying to husbands for centuries. They're good at it."

In fact, the after-dinner wives seemed more relaxed. Maybe knowing hubby was tending the kids. They often stayed and visited with Brooke or Dakota, depending on who was there.

And these wives had absolutely no embarrassment in front of the boys' mothers. Everyone in the house knew why they had come. They'd strolled in nude, got fucked, took a shower, and plopped down, still nude, to visit for a few minutes.

Since Brooke and Dakota didn't mind that their sons had turned into pussy sluts, these gals didn't worry either.

Carefree was a hit from the day it opened. Not only did the Mesa regulars stay there, but new families as well.

Everyone within a hundred miles knew that the original property name, Merry Mesa, stood for sex. Much of it out in the open. Wife swapping, girlfriend swapping, public sex, whatever.

The Lucky Ladies website now had over 800,000 unique visitors a month.

The 'I got Lucky' marketing campaign even won a local award from the Phoenix Advertising Association. Dakota accepted the plaque and was supposed to spend 5 minutes on a Q & A session. It ran almost an hour.

Knowing they had a winner, the association posted the racy give and take on its own website. Local TV and radio stations played some of the more tame answers that Dakota gave.

Dakota was herself. Open, honest, sexy.

An independent cable TV producer called Brooke to say they'd like to shoot a pilot on the proliferation of Adults Only facilities. Would she mind being interviewed in the nude?

"Only if my partner Dakota is with me."

"Even better."

"Let me know if you want us fucking on camera."


It took three and a half days to get enough tape to edit into a 30 minute segment. The producer was astonished at how many guests signed waivers to let the cameras capture their most intimate moments.

The pilot has been making the rounds, hasn't been picked up yet.

But the mere fact that Merry Mesa might gain national exposure got local attention. Brooke and Dakota were besieged by interview requests from all over Arizona. They accepted each and every one.

Which was another reason the new Carefree was doing so well. Telling friends that you were staying at Merry Mesa implied that you were daring. Cutting edge. Out there.

Even the parents who would never buy a day pass to see real action got a little buzz from their friends' reaction.

And, the interesting thing, a few, not a lot, but a few, booked one of the Adults Only facilities the next time. They had to leave the kids home, but that only made it more enjoyable. Especially to the primary caregivers: mothers.

While Carefree took off from the start, the original Merry Mesa took a hit. The Cabins was simply more popular, for no discernible reason. The Cabins was booked weeks in advance now, a nice business problem to have.

The overflow went to Merry Mesa, but it wasn't enough to fill it halfway up.

One morning Jake said, "Let's expand Teenage Tuesday."

Brooke said, "More teenagers or more nights?"

"Why not both?"

With 94 one-bedroom apartments to fill, that would be a lot of teenagers. But, why not test it?

Monday and Tuesday were usually slow anyway. They expanded the lottery drawing from ten lucky 18 and 19-year olds to 50. The presence of all those teenagers drew so many of the guests from The Cabins that Brooke added Monday to the mix.

Jake came up with the tagline, "Do You Teen?"

Those three words quickly worked their way into the local lexicon. 'Do You Teen?' meant have you spent a night at the Merry Mesa sex lodge.

The first run of 'Teen' tee shirts sold out in a day. Available in a variety of colors and all the usual sizes, the tee showed a nude boy and girl, smiling, holding hands. His erection pointed up at a 45 degree angle. Look closely and you see a drop of pre-cum. Her pussy was bald, her boobs tilted up and her nipples were erect.

The graphic designer, Nelly, had captured that just-ready-to-fuck look perfectly.

Naturally the image was condemned from the pulpit. It horrified mothers all over the area. Except for the ones who found it amusing. And sexy.

The media loved it. "We cannot show the obscene image, but it's taken the greater Phoenix area by storm."

Of course Teen was featured on covers of underground newspapers, was shown on cable and almost broke the internet.

Nelly, whose parents had no idea she was the artist, became a YouTube sensation.

Schools banned Teen of course. All it took was one post from a 9-year old girl: 'Wear your Teen under a shirt.' Her photograph showed the distinctive collar design -- multicolored stripes half an inch long -- peeking out from under a button-down blouse.

That became, not an overnight school uniform, but certainly a rage.

High school teens competed to see who could show more of the sexy graphic.

Middle schoolers were less brave, although almost everyone had at least one Teen.

Parents were flummoxed how their grade school kids got their hands on the tees. Those kids quickly learned not to don their Teen until they'd been dropped off at school.

The 'Do You Teen?' marketing campaign was a success on several levels.

> It added cachet to the Merry Mesa facility. Occupancy rates went up and stayed up.

> It caused an incalculable number of outraged conversations. As valuable to Merry Mesa as 'Banned in Boston' used to be to assure skyrocketing book sales.

> And, perhaps the most valuable of all was the Merry Mesa awareness that Teen had brought to younger and younger audiences. Future guests.

Once Dakota started fucking her son, the new sleeping arrangements in that two-bedroom ranch house became more or less permanent. Brooke gradually moved most of her clothes into what had been the boys' bedroom.

Likewise, Luke set up housekeeping with Dakota in what had been the mothers' bedroom.

The two mother/son couples hadn't discussed the evolving changes, they just seemed to occur naturally. The exception was that one night or so a week the boys wanted to sleep with each other. Jake and Luke still loved sucking each other off, still loved falling asleep in each other's arms. Although gradually Jake wasn't sucking Luke's cock very often.

Some nights, not that many, the boys traded mothers for the night, Jake fucking Dakota, Luke fucking Brooke. But that wasn't very often, Dakota and Luke preferred each other. Although Dakota really enjoyed those nights when she had both boys fucking her.

Then, and this also was gradual, Brooke stopped letting Luke fuck her.

The four, so deeply tanned by years of nudist life, rarely wore a stitch. And that was only when the had to leave Merry Mesa on in-town errands. Yet, as common as the nudity was, none of them took the others for granted. Two sexy teenage boys, two sexy 32-year old mothers ... all it took was one steamy, across-the-room glance and a cock or a pussy or both would be engaged.

Pillow talk.

Brooke and Jake had always been close. The sexual activity between them, especially oral, bonded them even more. But beyond that, beyond the sex, was the quiet time with each other just before they drifted off to sleep.

Brooke was bringing her son into the world of adults. Sharing more financial information, giving him more responsibility. Grooming him.

Brooke and Dakota were equal partners on paper. But Brooke had always been the alpha, always made the important decisions. Dakota didn't mind, in fact she was more comfortable with Brooke in charge.

Likewise, Jake was more of a leader than Luke. It wasn't obvious, no orders were given. Just subtle things like Luke looking at Jake when they were at a crossroads. Not looking for permission so much as guidance.

Brooke gradually turned over the daily liaison with Ingrid to Jake. There were thousands of details involving Merry Mesa, most of which Ingrid handled herself. But some things required ownership input.

Dakota and Luke became used to seeing Ingrid and Jake sitting at the kitchen table quietly going over this list or that one. Dakota understood that Brooke was slowly turning the Merry Mesa business leadership over to Jake. Dakota didn't mind, Jake was better than Luke in that department. Luke was better than Jake where it mattered most -- in her bed.

As Jake became more and more central to the Merry Mesa operations, Brooke had him drop out of school. Ingrid assigned one of her waitresses, a retired teacher, to provide what little oversight Jake needed to meet the homeschooling requirements.

Margaret was 66. Jake still fucked her from time to time.

Ingrid accepted Jake as, essentially, her new boss. She'd always liked the quiet boy and saw no reason to change her opinion just because she was now reporting to the 15-year old.

In fact, the frisson of sex, the 'something' in the atmospherics when Ingrid met with Jake, added a little spice to her life.

Jake noticed, but didn't comment that Ingrid was masturbating more and more as they met several times a day to discuss Merry Mesa business. It didn't matter to Ingrid whether it was in her office, at Jake's house, outside on the grounds.

Whenever she felt the urge, Ingrid indulged. Everyone knew, everyone accepted. Ingrid was Ingrid.

Jake was a quick study. Both in business and in understanding others. He was intuitive, just like his mother. She had told her son, "That's one reason I'm such a good whore, I drill deep into a guy. Learn what he wants in bed, sure. But more than that what he wants in life. What he wants to hear, what he needs to hear."

Jake had never liked thinking about his mother fucking for money. But he tried to outgrow his unease. Tried to accept the reality for what it was ... reality.

Thus Jake quickly intuited what really turned Ingrid on -- prepubescent boys.

Not that often, maybe every couple of weeks, Jake would treat Ingrid to a childhood memory. He'd stop addressing the current business topic and smile at Ingrid, "When I was 10, just a few days after my birthday, I asked Brooke why she put those balls in her pussy every morning. She explained and showed me..."

Or, "Living in a nudist resort, Luke and I never wore any clothes. As far back as I can remember, Brooke and Dakota had Luke and me kiss each other every night. Brooke showed us how to use our tongues, how to lie on top of each other hugging so tightly..."

Ingrid would be looking at Jake without really seeing him. Her mind would be focused on two naked little boys. With a really strong vision like that, Ingrid would cum over and over and over.

Margaret would sit patiently by with Jake's next homework assignment on the kitchen table.

Even better for Ingrid was the rare times when Jake would say, "Tell me about the time you got Charlie in your office." Or Billy, or Ralph.

Ingrid would be off, describing her illicit seductions in lurid detail. How she got his tiny penis to dry cum. How Charlie snuck away from his mother every morning. How many times, and how rapidly, she could make him shudder with delight with dry cum after dry cum.

Jake and Margaret didn't mind when Ingrid drew her stories out for a long time, reliving her fondest memories. They watched patiently as the slender blonde 50-something year old masturbated to stronger and stronger orgasms.

Ingrid was just Ingrid.

One night, snuggled in bed, Jake told his mother, "Luke really wants me to fuck him. Dakota does to."

Brooke wasn't surprised that Luke and his mother had approached Jake instead of herself. Not that they thought Jake would be easier. It was just a habit that Dakota and Luke had fallen into. Subconsciously accepting Jake's emerging leadership role.

Just as the Merry Mesa staff was doing.

Brooke said, "Okay. But he's not fucking you."

"I know, Brooke."

At breakfast, Jake smiled at his friend, "Stay home from school today, I'm taking you to bed."

Dakota squealed with delight and clapped her hands.

Brooke hadn't given Jake any instructions, she was curious how he handled the new, but somehow familiar, encounter.

Dakota rushed Luke to the bathroom to prepare him for getting fucked. Brooke smiled at her son, "Dakota wants it as much as Luke."

Jake lay Luke on his back on Dakota's bed. She lubricated Jake first, then her son. Guided Jake's cock to the entrance. Helped Jake work the head into Luke.

Brooke watched with interest as Jake suddenly plunged his fat cock all the way up his friend. No warning, no gradations, no gently working it up Luke. Everything all at once.

Luke spurted off.

Dakota's grin widened.

Brooke held Dakota's hand as they watched their sons' first time. Jake started moving Luke around to different positions, Luke was entirely passive.

Dakota masturbated as she watched her son getting butt fucked.

Later that morning Jake put Luke in the middle between Dakota and himself. Dakota was entirely passive.

Brooke, Ingrid and Margaret looked on.

That day, the day Jake had Luke stay home from school, was a line of demarkation for the two families. Not only was Luke even more openly submissive to his best friend, Dakota started asking Jake's advice.

Dakota gradually started asking Jake's permission. Dakota started doing what Jake told her to.

All as Brooke had planned.

All of the regular Merry Mesa guests soon learned that Jake was fucking Luke. For one thing, Luke bragged about it. For another thing Margaret was a big gossip. As Brooke wanted her to be on certain matters.

Brooke wanted the word to get out that her son was fucking Luke. She told Jake, "It'll probably enhance your reputation over at Carefree, you might score even more pussy."

Jake stopped sucking Luke's cock altogether. He wasn't sure why, but he just didn't want to any more. Luke sucked Jake off whenever Jake was in the mood. Brooke told her son, "Good move, sweetheart, Luke is your pussy now, same as his mother."

Indeed, Dakota told Brooke, "Jake doesn't seem to care which one of us he fucks, Luke or me."

"Pussy is pussy."

Dakota nodded, "Pussy is pussy."

For some reason Ingrid enjoyed seeing Jake fuck Luke. She came by early in the morning to sit with Brooke and Dakota as they watched one son fuck the other. Ingrid masturbated of course. Sometimes Dakota did too. Margaret watched placidly.

Then, after the boys showered, Luke would head for the school bus and Jake would sit down with Ingrid and go through the day's schedule for Merry Mesa.

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