The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

When Brooke got home from two weeks at the Biltmore she was obviously wiped out. Jake and Luke sensed it and left her alone, sexually. They would begin to work on her when she was her old self, more cheerful, more bouncy.

Neither Dakota, nor Jake, nor Luke mentioned that the boys had been sleeping with her every night. That they licked her pussy and she sucked them off.

Now wasn't the time.

Then it was Dakota's turn for Biltmore duty. Brooke would join her for two of the 12 nights, but it would be mainly Dakota.

Men loved the overall butterscotch tan that each girl had acquired over the years. Brooke, with her auburn hair, Dakota, blonde. Each girl looked terrific.

At home each girl opened her pussy for the other one to check the contrast between pink and tan. Jake and Luke were especially complimentary of their mothers.

Her first night alone with Jake and Luke, Luke get her off while the other one kissed her. Then Jake started licking her pussy! Jake!

Brooke jerked her head away from Luke to stare at her son. Luke whispered, "Mom lets us."

Brooke thought: figures. Then: oh, what the fuck.

In the morning Brooke asked the boys, "What else does Dakota do?"

Luke sat up proudly, "Sucks us off."

Jake smiled, "Let's us sleep with her."

Brooke thought: when the cat's away.

Brooke sighed. Moved Luke's hand off Jake's cock. Took Jake in her mouth, thinking: fuck it, just fucking fuck it.

After Jake spurted off, Luke waited politely, giving Brooke time to savor Jake's taste for the first time. Brooke thought: fresh. Not bad, not bad at all. She swallowed, smiled at Luke, "You're turn, sweetheart."

That night she fell asleep with two soft cocks pressed against her.

The next morning, feeling sexy and naughty, Brooke put sunglasses on Jake and had Luke tape her sucking him off. She grinned, "Put that on our website."

When Dakota got back from working the website, she insisted on a similar clip with Luke.

It thrilled Brooke more than she admitted to see all the hits of viewers watching her suck off her own son.

With both Brooke and Dakota home for a while, there wasn't even any discussion that the boys would sleep with them. They let Jake and Luke decide every night who would snuggle with whom. So far as they could determine there wasn't any regular pattern, just some mysterious Boy Thought Process.

Some nights the boys went back to their own room, they still enjoyed that.

Jake and Luke decided to come clean with their binocular enterprise. They knew Dakota would think it funny. Would like the idea of all those boys jacking off watching her getting fucked.

Brooke? An unknown. If peril lay ahead, it would be named Brooke.

The boys decided to tell both mothers at the same time. No, to show them. Luke was in charge of the gate that afternoon. Four boys, pants down around their ankles were bent over, eyes glued and jacking off.

Jake led Brooke and Dakota around in a half circle until they were about 10 yards from the boys. Who were completely oblivious to their presence.

Brooke surprised Jake. She laughed out loud. "Your own peepshow. How much are you little cunts charging them?"

"We went from $5 for 5 minutes to $10."

Dakota nodded, "Fair enough."

The four boys were frantically pulling up their jeans, fumbling at buttons.

Brooke and Dakota walked over. Brooke said, "Carry on boys, you paid for it. Don't mind us."

The boys stared, gobsmacked.

Dakota called out to Luke, "We'll give them their privacy, let them stay and finish."

The four young boys were mortified to have been caught. But also electrified to see two naked beauties so close.

On the walk back, Brooke asked Jake, "Do you tell them I'm your mother?"

"No, of course not."

She surprised him for the second time that day, "Go ahead, I don't mind."

Dakota, not one to be left out, said, "Me neither."

Just when Jake and Luke thought they had their mothers figured out, they didn't.

It was a gradual shift. A slow, but steady one.

Jake was spending more and more nights with Brooke in his arms. Dakota, with Luke.

This was fine, very fine with Dakpta.

Brooke had mixed feelings. She was glad her son desired her so much. But she knew that she was playing with fire. And that the flame would burn even hotter when Dakota started fucking Luke.

Which Dakota would. Brooke just knew it.

Finally Brooke decided to expedite matters. She told Dakota and Luke, "I'm taking Jake to Vegas for the weekend. You two are on your own."

Dakota tried, completely unsuccessfully, to keep the glee out of her expression.

In Vegas, Brooke sat Jake down, "We both know Luke is going to score some pussy tonight. Dakota's been wanting him for some time."

Jake nodded, "That's what he and I thought."

"You aren't."

"I know."

"I may never fuck you."

"I know."

She smiled at her son, "Know a lot, do you?"

"I know you."

"Yeah, I guess you do at that."

In the shower she gave Jake a pre-dinner blow job, then watched him get dressed. She smiled, "You clean up pretty well for a hooligan."

Jake smiled at his mother, nude except for her heels, "Let's go down like this."

Brooke shimmied into her short, low cut dress, thinking: I've done wilder things than that. She bent slightly in front of the mirror, making sure her nipples would be visible when she wanted them to.

Even with all the show girls and call girls in the room, Brooke stood out. Jake told her so.

"Thank you, sweetheart, but you're still not getting laid."

"I know."

Brooke made sure the waiter and sommelier saw plenty of her boobs. She knew that Jake loved the way men devoured her.

Back in their suite, they undressed automatically. Even though they were usually naked 24/7 it felt different in Vegas. Just the two of them, no Dakota, no Luke. And being in a hotel they'd never been in. It just felt naughtier.

Brooke lay back on the sofa. Smiled at Jake, "Lick me for a few hours, baby."

Back home, Dakota didn't waste any time. She grinned at Luke, "Let's do it."

Luke shot off with his cock only halfway into his mother's pussy. Dakota laughed with delight, "Wanted me, didn't you?"

"Too much."

"No, not too much. Never too much. Just right." She kissed Luke deeply. "You'll have plenty of time with me, I've been wanting you for years."



Luke lasted 20 minutes the next time and almost an hour the third time.

By the time Brooke and Jake were back from their weekend, Luke was over his awe and amazement. He was now in full adoration mode.

Brooke didn't bother asking if. She just smiled at Dakota, "Well?"


Brooke glanced at Jake, "I'll be sleeping with you for a while."

"I know."

Brooke hugged Dakota, then Luke. Jake hugged Luke, then Dakota.

Life in the little ranch house fell into a new, yet somehow familiar pattern. Brooke moved into the boys' bedroom with Jake full time. She thought: this is how we started out, mother and son sleeping together.

Dakota was now with Luke where she wanted to be most. Where it felt to her like: destiny.

Brooke and Jake fondly watched Dakota fuck her son. For such an unnatural act it seemed, well, natural.

For his part, Jake put no pressure on Brooke to let him fuck her. He knew it was up to his mother, she would let him or not. They fell into an easy rhythm, almost more pals than lovers.

Brooke let Jake eat her as much as he wanted, which was a lot. And she often sucked him off. But the sex was easygoing, friendly. No urgency, no desperation on Jake's part.

One or two nights a week, the boys wanted to sleep with each other, and that seemed right too. Brooke and Dakota smiled at the two handsome, slim, tanned boys slept intertwined with each other.

One morning as they watched their sons suck each other off, Dakota whispered, "It just seems so natural, doesn't it? Like God intended them to be with each other."

Brooke wasn't so sure about the divinity part, but she agreed with her friend. The two boys had been together since birth. Sucking each other off was sexual, to be sure. But it was something more than sex with Jake and Luke. It was bonding. Friendship. Love.

Brooke began to look forward to her quiet time with Jake. An hour or so in bed, snuggled in each other's arms. Sex completed, quiet talking begun. It was like a relationship shift. Jake wasn't replacing Dakota, not in her mind. But he was maturing into a new role.

Brooke was his mother, his love, his sex idol. But more too. She was bringing him into the family business. Sharing with him financial details. How The Cabins were doing. How Merry Mesa was still growing, but at a slower rate.

One night, feeling internal pressure to share everything, Brooke told her son how she and Dakota had started earning extra money back in middle school. And how it continued to this day. They fucked men for money.

Brooke could feel Jake smiling in the dark, "We know, we've known for years."

Brooke thought: if your son knows you're a whore and still loves you...

One morning at breakfast -- new news seemed to be introduced early in the morning for some reason -- Dakota said to Brooke, "Luke really wants to fuck you."

Brooke beamed a glorious smile at Luke, "Come on sweetheart."

Jake and Dakota watched with love in their hearts as his mother and her son 'went all the way' for the first time. For Brooke and Luke it was more than a 'there, that's out of the way' fuck. Luke had grown up spending every bit as much time with Brooke as with his own mother.

And Brooke had watched Luke grow up next to her son, two inseparable boys.

That night, as Brooke and Jake came out of the shower, she told her son, "Go spend the night with Dakota."

That too became part of the rhythm of the household. Two or three times a month the boys would fuck Dakota. Taking turns or simultaneously, whatever she was in the mood for.

So ... most nights Brooke with Jake, Dakota with Luke. Several nights a month, Jake and Luke together. A few nights a month. Jake and Luke with Dakota.

It just felt right and the rhythms were easy.

By the time Jake and Luke turned 15, they were regularly fucking the Mesa wives and mothers. One nude woman after another strolled casually from the apartment complex to the little ranch house.

Not many of them wanted both boys at the same time, but several of them delighted in having one boy right after the other.

It wasn't uncommon for a mother to be walking back to her apartment and pass another mother walking to the ranch house. If they were Mesa regulars, they often paused a moment to compare notes.

If they were just nodding acquaintances, they might just smile or exchange a low-five. One woman had just been well-fucked, the other was on her way.

Word continued to spread among the Mesa women. Not just about the hunky teenage fuck boys. But about their mothers who not only approved, but provided alibis -- a rationale for the women to visit the ranch house.

Jake and Luke gradually realized they preferred fucking the Mesa women over the swingers at The Cabins. The Cabin girls were fun, sexy. But too easy.

The boys realized they were getting off on seducing, or at least luring, daughters, mothers, grandmothers. They enjoyed the banter, the teasing, the flirting as they cleaned the Mesa pool, swept around it, tidied up.

But for Jake, the highlights of his life came back to those quiet times, lying in bed with Brooke, having murmured conversations. He felt his mother was slowly bringing him into the world of adults.

Brooke was gradually grooming Jake to grow into a management role.

Not that it was all work.

Lars and Ingrid continued to enjoy ownership sex. They were in their early 50s, but fit and active. When Ingrid called these days, Brooke and Jake, or Dakota and Luke would amble over to their little cottage.

Ingrid now got such a kick when Jake fucked her on the same bed where his mother was fucking Lars. Or Dakota and Luke.

Ingrid knew, had known for some time that there was some degree of sex between the mothers and their sons. Ingrid didn't know the details, didn't care. Not her business.

Brooke and Dakota sometimes accompanied their sons over to the Mesa while they did their daily chores. They felt a quiet enjoyment watching the other women eye the two nude and very tan boys as they cleaned the pool.

The boys had been browned by the sun for so many years. And they were utterly unselfconscious in front of the women they had fucked, wanted to fuck, would fuck.

Individually they worked different sides of the pool. Stopping to chat, to flirt, to invite. Like seasoned businessmen work working the room at some corporate cocktail function.

Except at Mesa everyone and everything was out in the open. The older the women, the more flaws they had. Cottage cheese butts, flabby thighs, childbearing reminders.

To Jake and Luke all of that made no difference. In fact, it was endearing in a way. None of the guests could come close to matching their gorgeous, sexy mothers. The more ordinary women were almost a welcome relief.

And those women were flattered to be pursued by such handsome boys. Yes, they were only boys, but what boys! Good looking, yes. But more importantly was their utter fucking confidence. Especially Jake. The boys were so casual when they flirted, so self assured when they invited the mothers, "Stop by and visit sometime."

In many minds the boys were indistinguishable. Jake was taller, with auburn hair. Luke shorter, a blonde. But they carried themselves so similarly. Both had white dazzling smiles which were always on display. But there was something about Jake...

And none of the women felt pressured, certainly not insulted. The gentle, "Come visit sometime," invitation sounded innocent enough. Open to interpretation. Although none of the women, and very few of the young girls, found it ambiguous.

They understood that Jake and Luke wanted to fuck them. Understood and often appreciated.

As Brooke and her son grew even closer, she began taking him on weekend outings. They both had enjoyed their Vegas trip so much that she decided to try some Phoenix area hotels with him. As she told Dakota, "It's a little steamier in a hotel room than at home."

Jake felt that even more so than his mother. But he was smart enough not to push things. They usually had more oral sex in hotels than at home. Both of them felt the sexier atmosphere.

And both of them admired the other's sexy beauty. At 15, Jake was now three inches taller than his mother. His shoulders were wider, his tummy just as flat. Brooke often found herself, propped on an elbow, watching her son sleep.

She gently traced a fingernail around his tan chest, just admiring her Jake, her love.

As Brooke shared more and more of the business management side with Jake, he became a sounding board for her. Someone to bounce ideas off. And he began coming up with some ideas of his own.

When Brooke told him she wanted to start attracting a younger crowd to Merry Mesa, one more demographically aligned with The Cabins, Jake came up with Teenage Tuesdays.

It was only a rough idea, but Brooke and Jake molded it into shape. Every Tuesday the first ten 18 and 19-year olds to show up would be given a free room. And, equally important, a free day pass to observe the activity at The Cabins.

The idea was a hit from day one. Each week they had to turn away more and more teenagers. When the kids started camping out Monday night to score a free room, Jake suggested holding a lottery. They didn't want concerned parents to become well, concerned.

The Mesa guests, men and women alike appreciated the younger eye candy.

Because all of the Mesa apartments had only one bedroom, Brooke had to limit the number of guests each teenager could bring to three. But with 10 free room with four teenagers each, there was plenty of new life around the Mesa. Plenty of fresh flesh on display.

Brooke and Dakota now had the Merry Mesa in an Adults Only mode for the entire summer -- June, July and August. They lost a few of their regular families. And the occupancy rate was lower. But as one of Brooke's clients had predicted, the per capita revenue increase more than made up for it.

Jake, who had come up with Teenage Tuesday, thought and thought about Brooke and Dakota's ambition of turning the Mesa into Adults Only 12 months a year, just like The Cabins.

And it was Jake who came up with what Brooke and Dakota now thought of as the Big Idea.

Jake did his homework first. He talked with Ingrid and Lars. Got rough cost estimates which turned out to be fairly close. He talked with one of the Mesa women he was fucking. She was an architect and was only too happy to advise her young bedmate.

One night after a lusty round of eating his mother, and a followup shower, Jake took Brooke into the kitchen. They could hear Dakota fucking Luke across the way.

Jake said, "Turn the Mesa into Adults Only after you build this for the regular families."

He showed his mother the architectural sketches of a third complex, this one two stories. Another U-shaped structure built around another pool. With 40 acres there was plenty of room for the three areas to form a rough triangle with the family complex equidistance and far enough from the other two to ensure discretion.

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