The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

One problem with the boys' sexual appetite, one problem of many, was the nightly kiss. A ritual now, neither Brooke nor Dakota could remember how it started, nor which boy initiated it.

Over the years it had become a bedtime ritual. A naked, and usually erect, Jake would deep kiss Dakota, then his mother. A naked, and usually erect, Luke would deep kiss Brooke, then his mother.

Neither mom bothered to keep the boys' hands off their bare butts. Neither mom stopped the boys from humping against them. It had been allowed for too many years, the boys didn't even think about it now. It was just the way it was.

When one of the girls was gone for a week or so, earning some extra money, the bedtime kiss would last at least twice as long. Brooke and Dakota let that go on too.

Brooke said, "What the fuck does it matter? The little cunts get a charge out of it."

Dakota nodded, she no longer thought about the consequences much. She just enjoyed it.

The boys' final kiss of the night was with each other. Soft, tender, deep. This kiss had been suggested by Brooke and Dakota years and years ago. They still encouraged the nightly ritual between their sons. Thought it was sweet.

Another contributor to the boys' sexual hunger was their own mothers. Sexy and sultry, a little slutty from time to time. Jake and Luke taped a new segment featuring Brooke and Dakota every month for The Cabins website.

While their mothers hadn't yet made up their minds about a clip showing them fucking, they knew enough about marketing themselves to at least hint at the possibility of having sex with the owners.

Jake and Luke taped their nude mothers kissing each other, feeling each other up, playing with each other's pussy. All in the sunshine by the pool ringed by The Cabins.

Another vignette showed Brooke standing between two nude men, Dakota between another two. They used both hands to jack off the four guys. Jake and Luke edited it down to 10 seconds before the cum started to fly.

Each month their mothers' new segment ended with the girls smiling in the sunshine, arms around each other's waist. They said in unison, "Stop by and see us, you might get lucky."

And some visitors did, indeed, get lucky.

Brooke explained it to the boys, "It's the best advertising there is. Word of mouth. Guys brag, gossip just as much as girls. When they score the owners, they'll tell everyone they know."

Jake grinned at Luke, "Plus Mom just likes to fuck."

Luke stood up for his family, "So does my mom, just as much."

This -- fucking the visitors -- further contributed to the problem. The boy problem.

Brooke and Dakota had decided from the beginning to fuck any visitors outside by pool at The Cabins. By the pool where everyone would see them.

Brooke told Dakota, "The more people who see us fucking, the more people to tell our story."

Dakota nodded, "We need to send out a good slut vibe."


Both girls were now 33. And worked hard at staying in shape. Kegel exercises, Ben Wa balls. Another thing for curious boys to notice, ask about, and then appreciate.

And fantasize about.

"When do we get to see how tight your pussies are?"

"Fuck you."


And on and on.

The concern Brooke had with fucking guests in public was, of course, Jake and Luke. The girls had known for a long time that the two pairs of expensive binoculars were trained on The Cabins almost every day. Brooke and Dakota had just given up trying to discourage the little cocksuckers.

Now, at 14, the boys were poolside regulars. Cleaning the pool, sweeping around it, changing the air mattress linens on a regular basis. Plus taping for the monthly website update.

One day the mothers sat their sons down. Brooke said, "Listen up you cunts. We're serious."

Dakota said, "You see things every day that you're too young to see. Fine, Brooke and I can live with that."

Brooke said, "But The Cabins are off limits when Dakota and I go there. Dig?"

Dakota said, "You boys are not to watch your mothers fucking. That's final."

"Why not?"

"Because I said so!"

Brooke muttered, "Cocksuckers."

Left unsaid because the two moms knew there wasn't any solution: the binoculars.

So late one evening with the sun behind them, Brooke and Dakota took their sons' binoculars to see exactly how visible The Cabin guests were from 50 yards.

Very visible. Extremely visible.

As they scanned around the pool, watching scene after scene, Brooke said, "Oh shit."

A moment later, Dakota said, "Oh shit."

Jake was standing at the end of one bed fucking Candy doggy style. Luke was lying on his back at the next bed getting fucked reverse cowgirl by Cathy.

Brooke fiddled with the focus as she zoomed in on her son.

Dakota did the same with her son.

Both mothers openly masturbated.

Back at the ranch house, still turned on, the two girls tumbled into their bed. As Brooke reached another loud climax from Dakota's mouth she saw the boys jacking off, grins on their faces.

She shrieked and heaved a pillow, "Get the fuck out, you cunts."

Such was life in their little two-bedroom ranch house.

Moments later with Dakota lying in her arms said, "Our fault, we forgot to close the door."

Dakota nodded. She wasn't very concerned. Luke had known his mother licked pussy for years. Jake too.

The boys never closed their bedroom door. They loved it when their mothers watched them suck cock. The boys had no sense of shame. None whatsoever.

Jake and Luke made their proposal at breakfast one Sunday morning.

Jake told the girls, "Luke and I've been talking about fucking each other. Candy and Cathy want to watch."

Brooke, staying calm, said, "Don't sweetheart. Sucking cock is one thing. Fucking is something else entirely."

Luke said, "You and Mom like getting fucked up the ass."

Dakota, her voice rising, said, "That's different! We're girls."

Jake said, "We're curious, that's all."

Brooke said, "No. Case closed. No."

Luke said, "Well, if Mom would let me sleep with you."

Jake grinned, "And me with Dakota..."

Dakota couldn't help grinning, "Sleep?"

Brooke said, "Yeah, right."

The boys cleared the table, put the dishes in the dishwasher. Their mothers knew they were on the way to see Cathy and Candy. Brooke let the girls stay in one of the Cabin bedrooms for free. So long as they included the boys along with any other sex partners.

As the girls watched their sons' brown butts twitch through the sunshine, Brooke said, "What do you think?"

They'd discussed the subject many times.

Dakota said, "I'd like to fuck Jake. But..."

Brooke nodded.

The boys didn't try to hide the fact that they lusted after their own mothers too.

On the business side, The Cabins were helping draw more visitors to the family-oriented Merry Mesa. Some of the Mesa guests were merely curious to see what all the talk was about.

And there was a lot of talk.

Those Mesa guests would walk the 100 yards, maybe not quite that far, and spend an hour or so watching the activity around the pool. And there was a lot of activity. The Cabin attracted as many exhibitionists as voyeurs.

Some Mesa guests merely watched. Others, men and women, masturbated. Unlike most nudist resorts, The Cabins encouraged public masturbation. And any other kind of public sex.

Other Mesa guests joined in. Either with their own partners or, when invited, with someone new.

Many of those Mesa guests switched over to The Cabins.

The Cabins area was becoming so popular that Brooke and Dakota started charging $25 for a day pass. Then $50. Now $100. There didn't seem to be much price resistance among the mostly affluent guests.

Cathy and Candy were now sharing Jake and Luke with some of their girlfriends. The two boys weren't that accomplished yet. And their endowments were more than adequate, but nothing to amaze anyone. Although Jake's cock was awfully fat.

It was their cheerful enthusiasm for pussy. And their remarkable 14-year old recuperative prowess.

As for Brooke and Dakota? They no longer bothered to sneak behind The Cabins to watch through binoculars. They openly, and with no little amount of pride, stood beside their sons' outdoor beds and watched their sons fuck girl after girl.

The boys never commented on it to Brooke and Dakota, but it was obvious how much they enjoyed having their mothers watch them in action.

Likewise, Brooke and Dakota never said a word when their own sons stood watching their mothers get fucked as they grinned and jacked off.

After the first time the boys watched them, Brooke told Dakota, "Fuck it."

Dakota shrugged, "Fair's fair." She rather enjoyed having Luke watch her.

But as mother - son things steamed up in public, so they did at home.

The first bedtime kiss where Luke reached down to caress Brooke's pussy, she slapped his hand away and broke the kiss, "Watch it, you little cunt."

At the same time Jake slid a finger into Dakota's pussy. She didn't slap his hand away. Brooke thought, "Oh shit."

The next night when Luke reached down for her, Brooke moved her feet further apart.

At the end of the week, Brooke told Dakota, "The little cocksuckers have learned some things from The Cabin girls."

"I'll say."

The following week Luke took Brooke right to the brink. Then he traded with Jake. For the first time, but with no hesitancy, Jake touched his mother's moist pussy.

Brooke tried to fool herself, "Just for a moment, I'm so fucking close."

Then she heard Dakota say, "YES!" to Luke.

Brooke refocused on Jake, now thinking, "Do it, you little cunt! Get me off."

Jake obliged.

The bedtime kiss had evolved into the bedtime finger fuck. The boys changed the routine. They stopped trading the girls. Each one would spend 10 minutes or so with his mother. Or with his friend's mother.

Another change. They no longer stood up. The boys lay their mothers side by side on the bed. The girls were more comfortable. More open, more available.

The girls discussed the nightly ritual often. Brooke said, "I dread it and I love it."

Dakota said, "I love it."

Brooke and Dakota decided to install hot tubs behind each of the Cabins. It was an expensive, calculated decision. The hot tubs would be visible to the Friendly Mesa guests. But, being 100 yards or so in the distance any sexual activity wouldn't really be discernible.

The families who brought their kids to Merry Mesa had no reason to be upset. Whatever fucking and sucking was going on across the way couldn't be seen by young eyes. No matter how curious.

As Brooke told Jake and Luke, "But the parents will see the hot tubs, will know that a lot of sex is going on in broad daylight."

Dakota said, "It's good advertising. Those Mesa dads will be curious, they'll be more likely to come over and check out the action."

Brooke said, "And some of the moms too."

But the new hot tubs ate up all the cash flow. Brooke contacted her clients to let them know that she and Dakota would be available any time at the Phoenix Biltmore.

Dakota told Luke and Jake, "Me and Brooke have some business travel coming up. For the next few months."

Luke grinned at his mother, made a fist, and poked it with a fucking fashion using his middle finger.

Dakota giggled, "Bite me."

While they were loving mothers, Brooke and Dakota had never been that attentive. Starting when their sons were 8 or 9, they hadn't hesitated to leave the boys alone for a few days at a time.

When the girls needed to make some money, they needed to make some money.

Besides the school bus stopped right at the end of the road to Merry Mesa. And Ingrid could look in on them once in a while. She liked the polite kids and was amused at their perpetual erections.

If there were a real emergency, Ingrid or Lars lived full time in their own little cottage.

Back 10 years ago when the girls were thinking about buying Merry Mesa, they knew they needed the Olsens to stay on. Ingrid looked Brooke and Dakota up and down. "Lars will want to fuck you."

Brooke said, "Of course."

Ingrid said, "A lot."

Dakota said, "He can have us right now. Whether we buy the joint or not."

Owner pussy became a regular perk for Lars. Ingrid would call the house and tell whichever boy who answered, "Send your mother over, honey, Lars needs to show her something."

Now in her 50s, but still in pretty good shape, Ingrid starting fucking Jake and Luke. When she first brought the subject up, Brooke just shrugged, "Help yourself."

Ingrid had never resented her husband's having some pussy on the side. Lars wasn't so understanding about her however. But ... they were the owners' kids. If only Ingrid weren't so fucking loud. Oh well.

Brooke and Dakota didn't mind leaving their sons alone, but they'd be doing so much fucking over the coming few months that they tried to take turns staying at the Biltmore.

That wasn't always possible. Not when Brooke got lucky and was able to book several men at once. That required both girls giving everything they had.

But often one of them was able to stay home with the boys.

Which escalated the Problem.

Jake and Luke decided, correctly, that Luke's mom, Dakota, was the weak link. So the first night that Brooke was working at the Biltmore, they moved on Dakota.

The Bedtime Boys, which was how Dakota thought of them this time of night, had her lying on her back in her bed. Jake was lying on his tummy between her legs, just starting to play with her pussy.

Luke was also on his tummy, kissing his mother deeply and playing with her nipples. She moaned into his hungry mouth.

Then Dakota's body stiffened. Jake's mouth was suddenly on her pussy, his tongue unerringly on her clit. Dakota was torn, she and Brooke hadn't talked about escalation. Well, Brooke had said, "They aren't going to fuck us."

Dakota's mind was a little fuzzy from the dual attention she was receiving. Then Luke caught it just right. Dakota's left arm tightened around Luke's neck and her right hand pressed against the back of Jake's head.

Dakota was off to the races.

When the boys traded places 20 minutes or so later, Dakota was expecting it. Looking forward to it. When she was right on the verge of having her first climax from Luke's mouth, she thought, "Shit, he's better than Jake."

The boys went into their bath for their nightly ablutions. Dakota showered and brushed her teeth in her own bathroom.

But the boys returned. Jake smiled at her, "You shouldn't sleep alone Dakota. Brooke's gone for two weeks."

Dakota knew better, but opened her arms, unable to hold a grin back.

The boys, both of them now taller than Dakota, fell asleep on either side of her. Dakota told herself: see, nothing to worry about.

The boys played it cool. It wasn't like they were desperate. They got plenty of pussy over at The Cabins. And from Ingrid whenever she was in the mood.

Plus they loved sucking each other off.

But Dakota was definitely in their crosshairs. They didn't need her, but they certainly wanted her. Brooke too, but that would be a tougher code to crack.

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