Chapter 2

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An old Lady in one of the destroyed villages was working again in the fields as we came in to try to help. When asked why she was re-planting, she laughed. Not much had changed in over 1,000 years since the times of the Great Khan there. War, death and destruction was a way of life.

This was the 'Breadbasket' and if it was not seeded then what meaning would be left.

I had to think of how many 'celebrations' of life there were. The Crusades, War Of Northern Aggression (Civil War to Some), Bunker Hill, Memorial Day, WW I, WW II, Normandy, The Revolution (France and USA), 911, nope, nope, nope, even that Book Of The Christian Bible tells mostly of Man's downfall. Sanskrit text, The Stories of Atlantis, Troy, The Ides of March, and the stand of the Spartans were not shining examples of a celebration of life either. Vlad from Romania probably does not do it. Let's see, The book of the Dead, Ah, The book of Life, see, I just knew there were some others. We have Easter too, right?

We would not go 'peacefully into the night'! Germany, China, even the UN had said this genocide would soon stop. They Guaranteed it! And there was this bridge for sale, cheap.

Money talked, at least a small squeak. For when we would buy 1, 20 or 50 of something the OPFOR was moving in 200, 1,000 even 10,000 of them. That story of Goliath became prophetic, only we were not going to play the role of 'David'.

Short of a couple of a few $ Trillion thrown our way in gear and a million men to use it, we would have a tough way to go against the OPFOR.

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