Try It, You'll Like It!
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Both Leslie and Sam were running away to try and start over. Some would say it was the car for sale that brought them together. Others would think that is it was 'pre-destined' to happen. It was not the 'first' time for either of them but from that day it sure did seem that they 'belonged' together.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Doctor/Nurse   Slow   Cat-Fighting  

$100? No, I’ll give you $20. And so it went that afternoon. There were a lot of people for a Friday afternoon, just those that saw the ad, ‘Moving, everything must go!’. I should have said, to come and try to ‘steal’ what you can. That was the way I felt.

I decided that if Saturday was like this the trash, homeless shelter and a charity would have a few donations. I was not going to just ‘give away’ something I had paid $500 or $600 for and sell it for $20! I would rather give them away to charity; besides the main thing I was trying to sell was the car. It was a top end Lexus, less than 4 years old. New today they were like over $70,000. I wanted $29,000 and badly needed the cash.

Like more than one other divorcee, or soon to be, I was alone now. I was thankful I would not be a single mom at 26. Husband wanted, and I gave him, the divorce. He and the 16-year old ‘Miss Bakersfield, ‘ or whatever, were going to add to the population boom soon.

Small problem though, formerly he and I worked together and I would be damned if that was going to continue. We both were still paying off our Med school loans, rented a house and the business was a small clinic we both worked at and neither of us owned it. Read neither of us were flush with money. I hope ‘Miss Bakersfield’ gets what she deserves.

“What?” That sounded catty? I hope so. The good thing was, he was gone; the bad, he was gone. Going to bed now took on a whole new meaning. I had used the Internet to select someplace where the weather was not too hot, too cold, too wet, cloudy or dry. There seemed only to be a few candidates with populations large enough for a new doctor, I thought.

My starting cities were, Phoenix, Charlotte, Denver and Richmond. Other possible sites included, Atlanta, Mesa, Lexington, Annapolis, Omaha, Des Moines and Cincinnati. These alternates had rated 50 or 60% of the things that seemed important to me. Remembering that phrase about beggars not being choosy. I gave all 11 sites to an agency to see where I might be needed.

Seattle, Miami, Las Vegas and Dallas all came up as having spots right now for me. Not the life style for me. I could have stayed in LA or gone to NYC if I wanted a ‘rat race’ life style. No, I wanted, no needed, to find someplace for 5 or 10 years, pay off my bills and establish myself. A clinic or small hospital with an Emergency wing would be ideal. I think a ‘trauma’ response situation would offer me the challenge and growth a new doctor like me needed. The problem I faced was, Ta Da, I needed a job. Like now. That beggar thing popped up it’s ugly head again.

I even called my old Med School to see if they had any leads. A couple came in. Africa, The Middle East, China and some place that was 32 letters long in India came up first. Not me, I thought. There were openings at the VA, a lot, all over too. Navy in Maryland and Air Force had become serious options now. ‘Can I speak German?’ became the first interview question.

The phone rang! At the 11th hour, like most things in life, the voice on the other end was offering me a job. If I counted up the 10 or 11 things that I had told the agency were ‘must haves’. This met exactly ZERO of them. But it was a real job, with subsidized housing. In addition to a decent salary, if I stayed for five years, half my school loans would be paid off by them.

Albuquerque New Mexico. I thought I had seen it on a map somewhere. I looked it up on the Internet. Yep, there it was; right between walk and don’t walk, the desert and mountains all around, foothills they wrote. When I checked further a bit, I was really surprised. The weather there was rated as the best, not just in the top 10, but number ‘uno’ for all-round weather. Looks like I’ll be brushing up on my Spanish.

The blurb about crime, rape, murder and gangs seemed to pass on by. I laughed at that! LA was not in the top three, for nothing. I called Mr. Sanchez back and told him to get a scalpel ready with my name on it. I would be there in two weeks.

He took my e-mail, sent me a confirmation offer, which I accepted. Something about the hospital, a planned expansion, new services including my desire, an Emergency center.

Then he almost knocked my socks off; had I been wearing any, by saying the place I would be staying was subsidized, all right. It was free for up to five years!

‘Try us, you’ll like us, and you’ll want to stay’ became like a mantra now. It was a two-bedroom apartment, only two and a half blocks away from the job. It had been part of a rehab project and had housed a slew of doctors and nurses for the hospital.

He told me that my recommendation from school and the real world experiences in LA made me a ‘prime new hire’ for them. They planned an Emergency room to be in service within two years. They currently had some of the services available on a limited basis, and were planning on adding more.

One problem, he said, was a lack of doctors and nurses. Extra funding would be nice too but he was working on that. There might be a ‘deal’ with the VA and military in the offing.

Another problem, he said, was keeping me once I got there: hence, the free apartment.

‘Not too shabby!’ I thought. The idea of walking to work seemed unreal. Here in LA, I spend four to five hours, on a good day, driving back and forth. Maybe I would get a hobby with that extra time. Right! From the way he was telling me about staff shortfalls, I would be lucky to have only twelve hour days, seven days a week.

‘Experience, Leslie, experience, ‘ I told myself.

Sam read the ad. He needed a car. He needed one badly. LA was not for him. Too many memories; bad ones. The four-year-old Lexus seemed as though it was going to be more than he could afford; but hey, the address was less than thirty miles away via expressway, or five by the way a crow would fly. LA did not have the easiest of highways to navigate. He knew of no other cities than LA and NYC that had ‘traffic jams’ at three am.

At $49.99 a day and 38 cents a mile, he wanted his own car. Prison was somewhere he wanted to forget. His ex was another. If he had it to do over again ... yep, he would do the same thing to her ‘boy toy.’ Hell, they did that to bulls didn’t they. Five years ‘inside, ‘ and 5 on probation seemed ... Seemed? Hell, it was Hell. He had to start over, somewhere. He had been a ‘model’ inmate. His parol Officer would allow him to move. He just had to register, wherever, as long as it was in the US. He drove on; not even thinking ‘Destiny’ beckoned.

The suburb he drove into was much like any other in Southern California. It was built onto a leveled portion of a cliff, and the house was barely bigger than the small bungalow that he grew up in. There we not so many cars around but they, as did he, had to park on the street. The incline caused him to set the brake and turn the wheels in. He wondered then what San Francisco was like. He had heard that each day they lost a car or two to this feature.

There was a lot of things set out on the drive and on the lawn. He saw and read a hand lettered sign by the entrance that listed a few pieces of furniture that were inside and for sale. Not of any interest for him. He saw the pearl shine of the Lexus in the garage. That’s where he gravitated, looking casually at one or two ‘man’ things. Most everything else was geared to a female. Even the color of the car would not be the first choice for a guy, but it looked good.

Upon closer inspection he noticed a few dings and scratches. The tires were gone and he decided to inspect under the bonnet and inside the car.

The engine was pretty dirty. The Battery was OE and any stickers there for oil or fluids were 3 years old. Yes, definitely owned by a woman. Not that anything was bad, but he had to start her up and see what damage might have been done.

Leslie zeroed in right away on the guy in the garage. Not too many people had been interested in the car. He was tall, short hair, some hair on his face and rugged looking. Not military, though. She wondered how old he was, if he was married and...

‘Get a grip girl’ she thought. ‘He’s looking at the car, not at you!’

That may have been his intention when he began but when Les asked ‘if he wanted something?’ He turned then opened his mouth as if to say something. Nothing came out.

When he turned, Leslie noticed the two scars then the Tat on his neck. Gang, Motorcycle or Prison. She had seen many in LA both in the clinic and the morgue where she had to work while in school. He looked ‘dangerous’ but he looked damn good to her. Her mind started to dream up a few fantasies now. He finally spoke.

“Hi, my name is Sam. I am looking for a car. Yours may be too much money for me, but I would like to see it, please. Do you have any receipts or paper on how it was taken care of?”

“What? I’m sorry, could you please say that again, I was ... thinking of something else.”

“Do you have any receipts or paper on how it was taken care of?”

“Huh, one more time please. It must be the sun or something. I just can’t concentrate?”

“Ha! That should be what I say. It had been a long time since I was near such a beautiful girl!”

Yep! Magic words. Girl, beautiful and his voice. She could listen to him read the news. She had no doubt now this man was dangerous by the way she had to stand now.

“Could I get inside?”

“Les had some ideas about that too. Then she realized that maybe he meant the car?” She went for the keys. All the time that song, ‘Bad Boys, bad boys’ was racing through her mind. ‘Whew!’ she thought.

She handed Sam a key on a fob.

“I promise not to ‘run away’, a few obstacles in the drive. If I like what I see could I have a ‘test drive’ later?”

She nodded. ‘You certainly could!’ she thought, ‘me too’.

His inspection went a bit further than just the car every time she came into the garage to check on what he ‘thought.’ He did not think she really wanted to know what he was thinking. As he had told her, it had been a long time since he had been so close to a girl, he thought of her as a girl by the way she dressed and looked, a ‘California girl.’

“I’ll wait around and help you put things away. Then I would like to take the car out. Is there a parts store nearby. It needs oil, transmission and power steering fluids, water in the battery, and some octane boost also. California gas is low octane, and this one has some water in the tank. You don’t drive it much, do you?’

“Not any more! Bad divorce or bad husband or both. I needed to start over. Didn’t need a car much, not with finding a job out of state.”

“Me too! About starting over again. I just got out of prison. I would never hurt you; but if you want me to leave, I will. Like I said, it has been a while since I was so close to such a beautiful girl.”

Not knowing what to say. “So you like what you see, about the car I mean (‘Yeah sure, about the car’ she thought) Will it delay you much, there is a Auto Center in the Valley?”

“Nope! No where I need to be, just to check into a motel tonight. I also noticed the tires. All need air and one is really bad. Can I put on the spare then try to get it fixed when we take a test drive?”

She was thinking now of her California King bed and would have told him that there was some extra space there. But...

“Sure. As you might surmise, cars are not what I am good at.”

“I can only guess. It will take me about a hour or two to get and fix everything. Is that Ok before we get gas and have a drive?”

“It should, I’ll see if there is anywhere nearby for you tonight while you’re fixing the car.” Leslie was having some thoughts about that too.

He came back, two bags in hand and carrying a large container and a oil pan.

“I thought I’d put on a new filter and change the oil. Will that be OK?”

“If you keep that up, I may have some things inside that need fixing too” she said; turning a little red. Both were now turning red.

He set things down and stripped off his shirt. She saw his body, more scars, another tat and muscles and abs that she had never seen outside some porno movie. “Yes’ she thought, she was looking forward to a ‘test drive’.

While he worked, she brought iced tea out. Then wanted to refill his glass.

The people looking, not buying dwindled off. As she was walking back, she thought how nice it was to have someone around. It had been very lonely alone. The fact that her husband, soon to be the ex was never around and when he was, she wished he was not.

A black MB, a older C Class pulled up. Her Ex got out while a new blonde remained in the car.

“I see you did not wait around long. You have lover boy doing chores I see. I hope he is as good as I was in bed too.

Now an Ex con had to be careful, especially one on Probation. Sam had heard what he said, saw the look on her face and stood up and stepped out. His body was gleaming from the honest work. Scars and tats clearly visible.

“I hope the lady does not have any complaints about me, like she had about her ex. You wouldn’t be that ‘slime ball’ would you? You smell like one!”

Now Cliff may have been a jackass but when faced with a man with muscles, scars and tats he too saw in the morgue, there was not much he could do or say.

“If you apologize to the lady real nicely, you just may be able to ‘walk’ to your ride? If not, then we will take door number two and I guarantee you and your whore in the wagon won’t like it? Tick, tick, tick. Times a’wastin boy!”

If you counted, maybe ten seconds went by before he and the car were out of sight.

“I’m so sorry. It was not my place, but something snapped. I just saw him as the same kind of man that my ex was seeing. I had no right to do that.”

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Looking into his, Leslie knew that this man would never hurt her. “You had to let him walk, huh?”

“I was feeling generous. Fifteen minutes, and then we can take a test drive.”

“When your done with the car. Come inside the house, first. I think we both could use a shower. It’s hot out here!”

“Best orders I’ve gotten in five years!”

That ‘test drive’ ended up as more than one that night. The car’s was the next day.

There were tears on Leslie’s face the next morning.

“Don’t cry! I’m sorry if I hurt you! I didn’t mean to, you just are so beautiful I forgot myself.”

She hit his arm. “I’m not hurt you big ox. I just was crying about all the days I did not have you around. Your ex must have been a fool, or on drugs.”

“Yep, like yours, too. I met him, he’s an ass. Drugs are one of the occupational hazards for a doctor. What’s the saying, about the ‘forest and the trees’, I just didn’t see it coming.”

“My ex’s downfall was sixteen-year-old blondes. Dr, Leslie Smith, M.D., at your service, sir!”

“Doctor! Doctor Samuel Wright, M.D., former Doctor I should say. I performed a little operation on my ex’s boy toy. What do they call a man steer?”

“A ‘Eunuch’ I do believe.”

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