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Time Travel Sex Story: Cast of Characters - Half-sibs Ramie and Kyle think Pa is joking when he tells them they might be time travelers. And if the price of passage is letting a boy put his thing in her coochie, Ramie will pass, thank you very much. Kyle, though, can't wait. A complicated 3-way relationship with best friend Aubrey develops. Old Blackfeather has control of the situation, but their travel is all out of synch. When Kyle and Ramie discover they have become their own ancestors, a little incest doesn't seem like such a big deal

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Time Travel   Historical   Western   Brother   Sister  

Twenty-first Century

Laramie ‘Ramie’ Wyoming Bell: Narrator. Teen girl on a cattle ranch in Wyoming.

Kyle Redtail Bell: Ramie’s six-month younger half-brother.

Phile Bell: Ramie’s three-years younger brother.

Caitlin Bell: Ramie’s three-years younger half-sister.

Cole ‘Pa’ Bell: Laramie and Kyle’s father.

Mary Beth ‘Mom Mar’ Bell: Cole’s cousin/wife. Ramie and Phile’s mother.

Ashley ‘Mom Ash’ Bell: Cole’s wife. Kyle and Caitlin’s mother.

Aubrey Diaz: Ramie’s best friend in high school.

Annie Wilcox: Neighbor girl thought to be fast and easy.

Forrest Knight: High school friend of Ramie and Kyle.

Shelby Morris: High school friend of ramie and Kyle.

Merv Longsteer: Cheyenne medicine man who owns a trading post.

Kurt: Gun shop owner.

Nineteenth Century

Miranda Lewis: Teen girl who becomes Ramie’s host in 1865.

Dorothy ‘Dolly’ Lewis: Miranda’s mother.

Theresa Bell: Miranda’s stepsister.

Jonathon Bell: Miranda’s stepfather.

Harriet: Kidnapped girl.

Katie Forster: Kidnapped girl who goes with Miranda.

Beulah: Kidnapped girl who stays at trading post.

John: Owner of trading post.

Jason Wardlaw: Young soldier. Kyle’s host.

John ‘White Horse’ Hamm: Cheyenne brave educated at Harvard working as Kyle’s translator.

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