by Jimmy James

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Sex Story: Two - count 'em, two! - mothers. Mothers who aren't very faithful to their husbands. Two horny sons. Extremely horny. Next door neighbors. A recipe for disaster? Or a recipe for something else? It's up to Ellie and Angie, they pretty much do as they please. The boys? Ricky and Vic are typical teenagers, thinking with their cocks. Let's see...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Teenagers   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   .

Let's get one thing straight, I love sex. There, that's out of the way.

My husband Derek and I moved into the Highland Park neighborhood, north of downtown Dallas right after we were married. Before real estate prices went kaboom. These days you can still find a house for under a million. Not many though.

We would have to stretch a little to buy our house today. Although Derek does pretty well as an architect for the Dallas office of a New York firm.

My name is Ellie. Stats: blonde, 5' 2". Blue eyes. At 120 pounds I think of myself as lush. Not plump. Big, full boobs, shapely butt, pretty decent gams. I'm 35.

We have one son, Eric. Known far and wide as Ricky. He's 14 and already 5 inches taller than I am. He'll be tall, like his father. Dirty blonde hair worn short.

Ricky and I lucked out, neighbor-wise.

The house to the immediate west of ours is populated by a fiery Texan-Italian family, Vito and Angie. They have one son, now 15, Vic.

Vito, an exec with the Dallas Mavericks (it's basketball -- college I think. Or maybe pro.), gives Derek free tickets all the time. Angie and I go to a game once in a while, yawn, but it's usually Derek who takes Ricky and Vic.

The two boys have been best friends since they were two.

Angie and I have been best friends since before the boys were born.

Ricky and Vic are rambunctious. They aren't juvenile delinquents, just adventuresome boys. Their fathers get a kick out of some of the mischief they get into. Their fathers also travel a lot and don't have to sort out that mischief.

A stranger to Highland Park wouldn't be able to tell which boy lived in which house. Ricky is as likely to eat dinner at Angie's while I'm feeding Vic as he is to eat at home. Or both boys are at one or the other's house. Angie and I gave up trying to figure out any pattern long ago. We just provide meals and a bed to whichever boy or boys happen to be home.

I feel like Vic is my son almost as much as I do Ricky. Who is my son, but spends so much time at Angie's that he could be her son.


I get a kick out of it when Vic sleeps at my house and Ricky is at Angie's. Angie and I have no secrets, so I know she enjoys having Ricky to herself. Angie and I are both flirts. We love shocking the boys with salty language and dirty jokes. And we don't mind showing a little skin too. Okay, sometimes more than a little.

If Ricky disappears for a couple of days, I no longer even bother to ask Angie if she's seen him. He'll be at her house. Both boys have keys to both houses and they're in and out all the time.

Our husbands, Derek and Vito, are pals.

Ricky and Vic are inseparable.

Angie and I like sex. A lot.

Angie is the opposite of me so far as looks go. She's tall, 5' 9" with black hair worn long. Legs like a runway model. Thin like a model too. Small boobs, but her nipples really protrude when she's excited.

Angie is as open as I am. We knew all of the intimate details of each other's husbands the first time we sat down for coffee. Angie said, "It's Vito's own fault that I cheated on our honeymoon. Cocksucker was always playing golf."

I knew in that instant that Angie and I were two of a kind.

I hadn't fucked anyone but Derek on my own honeymoon. I would have, had the stars aligned. I certainly wanted to. The tennis pro at our Bermuda resort. He's still on my list to revisit some day. We sext each other every month or so.

But I did fuck one of my favorite boyfriends the morning of my wedding. Twice. He was Derek's best man that afternoon. He winked at me during the ceremony. I winked back from under my bridal veil. Angie got such a kick out of that little anecdote. She said, "Shit, I wish I'd thought of that."

Angie and I would babysit for each other on those days when a lover was on tap. This was after the boys were old enough to figure things out. Before then, we'd just pop them in a crib and dance the two-bear mambo with whoever was the guy of the day. Or guys.

Angie and I both fucked a couple of lovers while our babies were nursing at our nipples. Multitasking, I believe it's called. One of mine nursed at my other breast right beside Ricky. Share and share alike.

There are some differences between Angie and me besides our looks. I like big cocks, the larger the better. Angie is mostly indifferent to size. Although Vito is well endowed. Angie told me. Plus I've seen Vito at both of our swimming pools, he packs a nice bulge.

Derek is okay, just average, around 7 inches.

Another difference, I love taking it up the ass. Angie will do it if she really likes the guy, but it isn't at the top of her list. Unless it's two guys. Double penetration is her thing. I like it well enough myself, but Angie LOVES it.

When the boys are in school, Angie and I sunbathe nude in our backyards. They're fenced for privacy and in our neighborhood the houses are pretty far apart anyway.

If we don't have a boyfriend or two scheduled, one of us will stroll over, nude, to the other's back door. We'll sip coffee in the kitchen, laughing and joking, catching up on the latest sexy gossip.

Then we'll slather each other up and lie out in the sun at poolside. I need a lot of protection because I'm fair skinned. Angie not so much. During the sunblock process, we might get each other off, might not.

Angie trims the small blonde arrow that points to my pussy. I wax her, she prefers the bald look.

I also lick Angie when she's in the mood. She doesn't lick me. Another difference, but not an important one.

If one of us has a boyfriend scheduled, the other one covers. Takes charge of both boys, whether it's for a couple of hours or all night. Our sons often sleep over, one house or the other. Again, depending on some mysterious boy formula, sometimes Vic sleeps in my house while Ricky's in Angie's.

Interchangeable boys, interchangeable houses.

Angie and I agreed early on not to fuck each other's husbands. It could lead to jealousy on their parts, anger. Who needs the grief when there's so much cock out there in the world? Although Vito is awfully tempting.

Sons? Now that's an equine of an alternative hue. Once we got them past the diaper stage, Angie and I didn't bother with their trunks as we taught them how to swim. They've skinny dipped ever since.

The boner problem? What problem?

Angie and I have been talking openly about fucking each other's kid for ages. We would look out our kitchen windows and marvel at how they could maintain erections while they raced up and down, cannonballed, went of the high diving board. Slick as seals and sexy as hell.

They slept nude too. Always had. Morning wood? Almost a given. Tented sheets in both side-by-side beds. Angie and I never complained. 
I might be shaking my son's shoulders trying to get him up for school. After I pulled the sheet off him of course.

Or I might be waking Vic. Or both of them.

Ricky, unfortunately takes after his father, cock-wise. It is a solid 6 inches or so and thick enough to do the job. Vic, fortunately takes after his father, cock-wise. Over 8 inches and thicker than Ricky.

Early one Saturday morning I was having coffee over at Angie's and she grinned, "Let's check the little cunts out."

They were upstairs, snoring softly. Ricky had a sheet over him which I carefully lifted off. Vic's sheet was on the floor. Both boys were throbbing in the morning sunlight.

Angie grinned and planted a kiss on the tip of Vic's cock. Then she did Ricky. Not to be outdone, I followed suit.

Back downstairs Angie grinned again, "Good thing you're a size queen."

I giggled, "And Vic's still growing."

"Ricky's sexier looking."

"Ricky is sexy."

We decided to fool around a little so we went over to my place. Looking at our sexy sons had heated us up a little. Angie had a certain look in her eye. And I was just in the mood to lick some pussy.

The eye candy isn't just one way. Angie is a little more careless than I am, but both our sons had seen us in various stages of undress several times over the years. And nude too.

I'm a little vain about my appearance so I wasn't exactly displeased when Ricky or Vic or both of them caught me in an unguarded moment. There seemed to more unguarded moments when Vic slept over by himself. Just a coincidence of course.

Angie told me she didn't go to any special trouble to let Ricky see her. I believe her because she has no inhibitions about telling me everything she does, thinks of doing, fantasizes about.

Another way Angie and I are alike.

I don't think our sons suspect that she and I have lovers on the side. Angie and I have active social lives that could explain our frequent absences. We belong to the same country club, play tennis, serve on various charitable committees, shop, and we go out to lunch, cocktails, and dinner frequently.

For just one example, Angie and I have regular group of good ole boys down in Houston. It's about a four hour drive, so we spend the night. When we're going to be gone for more than one night, we tell our sons we're going to drive to New Orleans. Or fly to Vegas to catch some shows.

The boys are used to it. And perfectly capable of fending for themselves.

Our husbands, we agree, are clueless. They married the girls of their dreams and haven't looked back.

So there Angie and I would be, say in a suite in the Houston Four Seasons. Both of us equally available for the five or six men who could get away from business and wives to fuck two gals who are happy to do everything they want.

I always let Angie get in as much double penetration as she could. More her thing than mine. Neither of us could count the times we've watched the other one getting fucked.

Back home, we knew from the hidden cams we'd had installed in our sons' bedrooms that they'd started jacking each other off. They do it more than ever with their mothers gone.

Angie and I didn't mind. Angie said, "They can fuck each other for all I care." I agreed.

The reason for our casualness was because both Ricky and Vic had girlfriends. The four of them fuck like little bunny rabbits. The boys had no finesse, all speed and hunger. But they'll learn. And maybe Angie and I would be their tutors. Homeschool them.

When we watched our sons fucking the girls on those cams, Angie and I openly played with ourselves. Naturally we were pretending the boys were fucking us. Usually I watched Vic and imagined he was doing me. It wasn't Vic every time though.

As much as the boys skinny dipped in front of us, they were rarely nude and even more seldom erect inside our houses. Except at bedtime in their own rooms. Ricky and Vic somehow sensed it would be more sexual inside than out by the pools. They weren't quite sharp enough to grasp that that was exactly what Angie and I wanted.

Angie and I weren't stupid. We had good lives with good husbands. Neither Derek nor Vito ever went without pussy whenever they wanted it. I wish Derek had a stronger sex drive, but nobody's perfect.

It started with Vic and me one night when Ricky was sleeping over at Angie's.

It was around 11 on a school night. I went upstairs to make sure Vic was getting ready for bed. Rather than using the bathroom attached to Ricky's bedroom, Vic was in the hallway bath, the door wide open.

Naked, standing in front of the mirror, every light on bright. Masturbating. I walked right in, "What would you like for breakfast ... oh, excuse me, Vic."

He did stop stroking himself, but looked directly at me in the mirror. Not embarrassed, not at all. Obviously a planned encounter.

I said, "Sorry to barge in, sweetheart. Go ahead and finish, them come see me." I patted him softly on his smooth butt and went into my room. I stripped and pulled on a semi-transparent negligee that barely covered my butt.

He knocked softly.

"Come in, honey."

I was disappointed he'd wrapped a towel around his waist, but I didn't let it show. I said, "Bacon or country ham? Or both?"

"Both please."

"Good. Now get your butt to bed, it's past time."

I made sure my boobs were plastered to his tummy when I reached up on tiptoes to kiss him good night. We did that sometimes. I gave him a little tongue, just a hint. Sweet dreams.

"Goodnight Ellie."

"Goodnight Vic."

I thought about calling Angie to give her an update, but decided not to. It could be that Ricky had plotted a similar scenario and Angie might well be busy with my son.

Angie and I would have fucked the boys ages ago, but we had some concern about how it might change the family dynamics. Ricky could become jealous of Vic because Vic was fucking me.

Less likely, but still possible, Vic could become jealous of Ricky for fucking his mother. There was no chance, zero, of their not finding out about each other. They shared everything just like Angie and I did.

The next night both boys slept over at my house. That surprised me, I was expecting just Vic. Oh well.

I watched on cam as they brushed their teeth, this time in Ricky's bathroom. I came hard watching them jack each other off. As usual they just spurted off into Ricky's carpet. I made a mental note to have it cleaned next week.

This was a first, they both got into Ricky's bed. Vic spooned up behind him and they went to sleep with Ricky in Vic's arms. Sweet. I might have started to worry, just a little, if they didn't have girlfriends.

Angie and I decided to let the boys set the pace with us, move at their own speed. We'd been letting them know we were available for some unspecified, but sexy games. We'd see where the boys took it.

One improvement was the boys were staying at each other's house more than ever. I enjoyed looking across the dinner table at tall, handsome Vic. That bronze Mediterranean skin darkened even more from hours in our swimming pools. That white smile.

For his age, 15, he had aplomb. More so than Ricky. I teased Vic, "Getting any?"


I liked it that he didn't brag. He even did the dishes while I worked on a United Way speech that was coming up.

Most nights nothing really sexy passed between us. But there was a definite undercurrent. Then one evening I told Vic I was going skinny dipping. Leaving an unspoken invitation in the air.

After doing my quota of laps, I glanced up to see a shadow behind one of Ricky's windows. Good. While I didn't turn on the outside lights, too obvious, I made sure my air mattress was positioned in the light from my kitchen window.

I masturbated. I pointed my pussy in Vic's general direction and openly masturbated. Fantasized about fucking the 15-year old boy watching me from that upstairs window.

I let myself go, thinking about Vic up there watching me. Then an unbidden thought popped into my head: I wish Ricky were up there too. I climaxed. Climaxed hard. Whew.

The next day, a Saturday, the four of us were having breakfast at Angie's. Ricky stole a couple of sly glances at me. Of course. Vic would have told him I finger fucked myself for over half an hour. I kept a straight face, but my heart bumped in pleasure.

Angie hid her impatience with my son. Ricky was moving even more slowly than Vic.

Angie told me, "Yesterday morning I took a glass of juice up. Cranberry. I pulled the sheet down and sat on it."

"Good thinking. Was Ricky hard?"

"As a telephone pole. I finally got him awake. He was almost finished with his juice before he realized his morning wood was pointing at me."

I giggled, "What did he do?"

"Blushed like a preacher's daughter. But I had him trapped, my butt was next to his hips."

"What were you wearing?"

"That green tee."

"The V-necked one?"

"Yeah, he was seeing plenty of tit, I wanted to keep him hard."

"Of course."

"So I put my hand on his thigh, start tracing little patterns, talking about what he and Vic had planned for the day."

"I can just picture it."

"Then my own little cunt comes thundering up the stairs."

"Shit, if I'd known, I'd have kept him longer."

"Next time I'll call. Anyway, Ricky relaxes when Vic waltzes in. Vic strips and he and Ricky go swimming. Fuck."

"Bad luck. We need to coordinate our game plans."

It wasn't an everyday occurrence, but both Angie and I would sometimes make sure the sheets were out of the way and serve the boys juice in bed. Angie finally got Ricky to relax. She got to the point where she would grip his erection and say something like, "You look so sexy in the morning."

Angie told me, "Little cocksucker is lapping it up. He wakes up and brushes his teeth before I go up."

I was proud of my son. "Does he pretend he's asleep?"

"Nope. Just lies there with a happy smile."

In fact, Angie made faster progress with my son than I did with hers. We would have thought it would be the other way.

Now Angie would hold Ricky's cock, "Come on down with me, I want to think about fucking you while I fix breakfast." She had finally gotten through to him that she liked seeing him naked. Naked and hard.

I wasn't doing that badly. My progress was more at nighttime. I now gave Vic his goodnight kiss after he went to bed. Tongue every night. Longer and longer kisses. Then, emboldened one night, I pulled his sheet aside and said, "I should kiss your best friend too."

I planted the briefest of kisses on the tip of his cock. No tongue, but I'd established the precedent that I wanted to.

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