by Jimmy James

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Sex Story: Think you have it tough? Try this one on ... single working mother, a busy attorney with two sex-obsessed children. Older daughter, younger son. What's a mother to do? I'm Jessica, let's call my daughter, Jenny and my son, Jimmy. My kids are grown now, this takes place back in the day. "Surrender" is about what I didn't do. And what I did do.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Son   First   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

My closest friend, a fellow attorney, Cindy said, "Jessica, you worry too much."

"Fuck you very much, Cindy."

"Seriously. Jenny is a little lively, perfectly natural for her age."

"Babe, she's a slut. I put her on the Pill years ago."

"I know, I was with you. No, she is not a slut. She's not doing anything you and I weren't doing at her age."

"Cindy, we were sluts. You still are."

"Me? Ha! Pot."

"I'm going to talk with Jenny. Again. Try to get her to at least slow down a little."

"Good luck with that."


I moan and bitch some, but only to Cindy. To the world, I present a cheerful, professional face. I don't usually let my children see my frustration with them. Jenny and Jimmy are good kids. Mostly.

We live in Kansas City. On the Missouri side of State Line. I wouldn't live in Kansas, not even Johnson County. Kansas is repressed. I'm not.

I suppose that's why I got knocked up twice. Not once. Twice.

Kansas City. Underrated town. Cooler than the flyover folks realize. With my first significant bonus, I made a down payment on a smallish 3-bedroom bungalow just off the Country Club Plaza. Jenny was 4, Jimmy, 2.

Jenny celebrated her 16th birthday last week, Jimmy his 14th a month ago. I became a mother at 16 and was actually lucky it hadn't happened years earlier. I hit 33 recently and may stop counting pretty soon.

My parents in Chicago supported me through college and law school and I can still count on them for emergency help.

Unlike myself, Cindy married the kid who knocked her up. She's serially unfaithful to him, but still likes him okay. I love her, even though she's far sluttier than I am. She would say the opposite.

I have two steady boyfriends, both of them are my friends too. They don't know about each other. Neither one assumes I'm faithful to him. They're both married anyway.

I have between three and four guys I can call whenever I'm in a certain mood. This is an ever changing roster, I like variety. I do keep my two main guys close at hand, they're the best of the bunch.

And they look it too. Cindy and I aren't size queens. Not exactly. But my main two guys sport over 8 inches. Each, of course. And I don't let a fraction of it go to waste.

I don't usually bring a lover home. It's a small house and I'm loud in bed.

Unfortunately, so is Jenny. And my daughter just doesn't care that Jimmy and I can hear her from anywhere in the house. Oh well.

Because I was a teenager, a kid raising kids, I didn't pay that much attention to what I wore at home. I didn't run around naked all the time, but Jenny and Jimmy saw everything there was to see often enough.

I had dumped their father before Jimmy was born so I guess people would say I was on the rebound. I didn't think of it that way. I just knew I liked boys and liked them to fuck me.

I'm not obsessed with cocks. It's just that I've liked them ever since I discovered what they could do. I'd say my appetite for sex is healthy.

So my kids saw their mother in flagrante delicto from time to time. They knew they were supposed to knock first, good luck with that. And I know they saw Cindy and me messing around too. What are best friends for?

This is not to say that my kids saw me fucking a stream of guys on a regular basis. Just once in a while. And I always chased them out. With a swat if I could untangle myself quickly enough.

Jenny was the one who first started going around our house naked. I got tired of paddling her little butt. It didn't do any good anyway. If Jenny did something, Jimmy would be doing it pretty soon. I was past the spanking stage by the time Jimmy went all nudie boy on me.

A horrid whore of a mother? Not at all. A loving mother. Both kids, now grown, still adore me. And even tell me so every once in a while.

Unconventional, I'll grant you that. But not a horrid whore of a mother.

I work right on the Plaza so I can walk to the office. And I am a walker. I love the exercise and keep my weight pretty steady at 115 pounds. I'm 5' 6" and have to disappoint you big boob lovers -- 34 B. Sorry boys.

My best feature is my thick chestnut hair. I wear it shoulder length. Good cheekbones, vivid green eyes, full lips, long neck. Not bad if I say so myself.

Still in the bragging mode, my specialty is sucking cock. Yes, of course I swallow. Many men, many many men, have sung my cocksucking praises over the years. Yet it's not even my favorite thing. That honor belongs to simply getting fucked. I love it with the right guy.

Cindy's favorite is taking it up the ass. I like that for a change of pace once in a while, but much prefer it in my pussy.

So here's the homeland atmosphere. I'm sexually active, my daughter is sexually active, both kids run around naked. We talk openly about sex. Unconventional, yes.

I work for a small law firm. We do the usual -- wills, divorces, trusts, real estate, business contracts. It's not heady but it is steady. And fairly lucrative. Most of our clients are well off.

When I'm not working I'm taking the kids to one event or another. Jenny has shown no interest in a driver's license and I'm just as glad. I don't want my Audi turned into a bedroom.

Both kids are pretty decent specimens. Compared to some of their friends. Jenny at least closes the door when she has a boy over. Or a man.

Jimmy often has an erection, but he doesn't masturbate in front of me. Not yet anyway. I know he jacks of in front of Jenny. I've heard them discuss it a few times. Nothing titillating, just, "More cum than usual, perv." Stuff like that. They get along with each other just fine.

Myself, I'm in a good place these days. I have my two regulars and six on the side. I don't fuck the six all that often, but I like knowing they're available. I've shared one of them with Cindy. We pass a guy back and forth when he's worth it.

Cindy's more into the group thing than I am. But I don't mind it when she and I host four or five at a time. Just so it isn't too often.

I don't fuck any of the guys at work, although a couple of them hit on me every once in a while. I rarely fuck one of our clients. He'd have to be married. And I'd have to be sure we wouldn't lose any business when I dumped him.

I eventually drop all my boyfriends.

Jimmy is less aggressive than Jenny. But lately he's been coming into my room after a quick knock. Hoping to catch me undressed.

Cindy said, "Shit, Jess, let him. You're hot, he's horny." She patted my pussy, "Let me wax you first."

Cindy and I take care of each other. I did let her wax my pussy.

Cindy, have I mentioned she's a slut?, has been offering to fuck Jimmy for years. I'm considering it. He's too old to be a virgin. Jenny offered too. She actually likes her little brother. I must be doing something right as a mother.

I did follow Cindy's advice, stayed nude once in a while after work. I didn't roam around the house like the kids. But Jimmy soon discovered that I didn't yell at him to get out anymore.

I took to painting my toenails in front of Jimmy. Cindy said, "Fuck, Jess, why not just shove your cunt in his face?"

"Because I'm not a slut like you."

I admit my thighs were a little further apart than absolutely necessary. I admit that I felt a little tingle from the hungry look on Jimmy's face. I admit that it pleased me when he spurted off the first time. Untouched. Just couldn't help himself. Couldn't hold it back.

"Sorry Mom."

"That's okay, honey, just wipe it up."

I continued doing my nails and Jimmy remained erect.

My own play time is after dinner. The kids are pretty good about cleaning up after we eat. I take a shower, doll myself up. My exit line is, "Don't wait up for me."

"Have fun Mom."

When I take a small case with me, they know they won't see me for a day or two. Sometimes one or two guys will take me to the Lake of the Ozarks for a long weekend. Or St. Louis, just somewhere different.

One time three guys took me to Vegas for a week. Once they got over the fact that I could and would take all three of them at once, they settled down and gave me some good, steady fucking. That was a fun week.

It's harder for Cindy to get away. Being married. Her son, Bertie, just turned 14. He's a little cutie. Cindy drops him by once a month or so for a sleepover. With Jenny.

Bertie's well endowed, I've seen him a few times. Jenny told Jimmy and me, "Just over 7 inches." She measures her lovers. I remember when Cindy and I used to do that.

I'd guess Bertie's about an inch longer than my son. Jenny could say for sure. But Jimmy is quite a bit thicker. Pick 'em.

I was pleased that Jimmy isn't jealous of Bertie. The two boys get along pretty well. Sometimes Jenny goes out on a date after she does Bertie. Bertie hangs with Jimmy then. But he still sleeps in Jenny's bed. He knows he'll score some more pussy when she comes back home after her date.

Cindy's husband Richard got born again. Which is a drag, I'm glad I don't have to live with him. Strict bedtimes, no nudity, TV censored. Fortunately for Cindy, he travels a lot. Wholesale jewelry.

Unlike my son, Bertie beats off in front of his mother whenever Richard's gone. Sometimes Bertie practically moves in with us. His mother, the slut, makes the rounds of her boyfriends. While the cat's away.

Once in a while both Cindy and Bertie stay with us when Richard's away. Bertie sleeps with Jenny, Cindy with me. My kids caught me in bed with her enough times when they were younger, there's nothing to hide about our relationship.

Except from Richard.

Cindy and I mostly get each other off with our hands. Once in a while we're in the mood to lick pussy. Just depends.

Sometimes one of Jenny's lovers will take her away for a long weekend. I let her skip school, she keeps her grades up.

Then it's just Jimmy and me. He treasures our time together. I enjoy it too. This is when his little boner will accidentally brush against me from time to time. He imagines he's clever about it.

This is also the time when I'm more apt to be nude outside my own bedroom. Somehow it feels more lewd to me. That and the fact that it's just Jimmy and me. I feel naughtier then.

Jimmy is perfectly comfortable being naked in front of Jenny and me. And in front of Bertie and Cindy too. Cindy's been know to cop a quick feel, which Jimmy loves. I've seen her give her own son a quick squeeze too. But then Cindy is a slut.

As far as the "Surrender" referred to in the title, it took place earlier. And I was the one who surrendered.

Back then, Jenny was just starting to fuck. She hadn't yet added many boyfriends. A few months later puberty hit Jimmy. He discovered how great it felt to cum. And cum and cum and cum.

At least he didn't do it in front of me.

I had The Talk with him early on. "It's perfectly natural, everyone does it, etc."

Jimmy asked, "Do you?"


"Can I watch?"


Later that morning Jenny finger fucked herself in front of her little brother. The next morning she showed him how she uses my vibrators. It's easier for me to just buy new toys. Better than chasing mine around the house.

With my kids it was a series of losing battles.

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