Chapter 1: The Dawn of a New Day and a New Life

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Fantasy Story: Chapter 1: The Dawn of a New Day and a New Life - Kaitlin or Kay as everybody calls her is changing in a radical way. putting her in the center of a dark world hidden in daily live of Chrestroplis.

Caution: This Fantasy Story contains strong sexual content, including Magic   Fiction   Horror   Mystery   Paranormal   Vampires   Torture   Interracial   Black Female   Pregnancy   Slow   Transformation   Nudism  

Dawn was slowly creeping across the landscape, lighting up the city at this 8th of November.

Slowly the night was pushed away to make place for the light of daytime.

The sun was shining and buildings started to show the shadows created by the still low but rising sun.

In some of those buildings one could see lights shining through the windows.

People rushing to get ready for work and some from people getting back home after a night-shift.

Some just early risers and some still working but hardly awake after pulling an all nighter.

But most couldn't and never would suspect the dark and dangerous events that were about to unfold.

From the window in a small, one room apartment, within the city of Chrestroplis was also shining some light.

In one corner of this room, right side opposite of the door, stood a small one person bed recently slept in.

The floor was scattered with clothes that were far from haute couture.

In fact one could say it was the opposite of fashionable, but they were clearly womens clothes.

A small table stood underneath the only window in her apartment and it had a chair standing next to it.

The table full with dirty dishes clearly from someone that had no self respect and abandoned all hope of ever gaining it.

There was no kitchen or shower nor a toilet in the apartment, just one sink.

The toilet was shared and in a dark hallway that smelled of dust, rotting wood and mold.

There was one closet with on the door a large mirror.

In front of this mirror stood a young woman completely naked.

Kaitlin or Kay as everybody called had her birthday today.

Her 20th. But she was feeling far from festive.

She looked in the mirror and blamed her living conditions and every bad thing in her life on what she saw there.

She was terrible to look at.

Her boobs uneven and sagging, an enormous amount of pubic hair, hair she laked on the top of her head where it was thin and bald spots were showing.

Her eyes lay deep in her skull and she had bags underneath them.

She was fat in some places but skinny in others and her mood was falling even deeper into a depression then on other days.

Her mom must have died her at the birth because her ugliness.

It must have been her mis formed back that ripped her mother open and killed her while giving birth to her.

That was actually the only thing she knew about her parents, that her mom died at her birth and she was then put into the system. She never got adopted, another fault of her appearance.

Even her lack of friends was probably caused by her looks.

"Happy fucking birthday Kay" she whispered with a low and raw voice that gave away her heavy smoking and drinking.

She turned and even her ass was sagging as much as her breasts.

looking with teary eyes at the small clock on the nightstand next to her bed she yelled "FUCK" and started to dress quickly.

not bothering with any underwear just an overall littered with flowers, shoes and sweater.

"Fuck, fuck fuck fuck,..." she kept yelling, quickly grabbing the bag, that lay between the dishes on the table.

She was late, she should have been at her lousy job were she needed to drive through the city in an electric cart to empty public waste bins.

she hastily closed the door behind her and searched her bag in the hallway for her keys.

While pulling them out of her bag she dropped them "oooh why the fuck am I always so fucking clumsy I'm such a stupid idiot" she yelled while bending over to quickly grab her keys from the floor. then another yell when she hit her head on the door while bending over. "FUCK! you stupid retard!"

It hurt like hell and was adding to the splitting headache she already had for weeks now.

She grabbed the keys she had just dropped again and used them to lock the door.

One of her neighbors opened the door and started to yell at her "jeez you ugly stupid bitch for fucks sake keep your voice down some people are trying to sleep here!" before she could reply he closed the door again with a bang that was very impressive for such a skinny guy.

This caused small parts of the ceiling to come loose and drop on the dirty, dark wooden floor.

The small light bulb hanging from the ceiling was swinging back and forth, making all shadows in the hallway dance.

Kay didn't listen to the man, she was used to being yelled at, she accepted it.

Why not, she was a stupid ugly bitch, so who could blame someone for calling her that.

while she saw stars in front of her eyes from her still growing headache she ran down the 14 stairs to the 1st floor.

Her head felt like the pain was going for a new record, the pinnacle of all headaches worse even than the ones that mammoths must have suffered.

Arriving on the 1st floor her headache felt suffocating, even breathing felt like it was adding to the pain she felt like everything started to spin out of control.

Slamming the door behind her she walked onto the street next to the apartment complex.

She couldn't walk straight, but she had to go to work, it was all she had, it wasn't much but it was all that made her feel at least useful and gave her at least a little money.

One step after another, cross eyed and almost blind from the pain.

Forward, was all she could think of, forward one step and another, hitting a streetlight made her loose her balance.

Taking a step sideways and walking into a pedestrian that was walking along the road.

She hardly heard the woman yell in anger and then in concern.

"heey watch it you ... what are you doing, lady!? stop!"

She hardly felt the car hit her.

The pain in her head was just to much.

Before her body hit the road she tried to cross all went dark.

Blissful darkness, no more pain, she didn't even feel her body hit the ground.

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