The Privacy Project
Chapter 8

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 8 - Annie Sullivan is, first and foremost, a clinical psychologist. Single mother, friend, volunteer, occasional lover ... everything else is secondary. The Privacy Project began with a baby video monitor in her son's nursery and was followed by increasingly advanced hidden cams everywhere. Her son Christian's home life was recorded, every second. Annie conceived this as scientific diligence. She would write a groundbreaking paper, maybe a book. But she got carried away.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Son   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Note: my mom thinks it's time to bring 'The Privacy Project' to an end. I agree. This will be the last chapter. I've had fun. Catch 'ya on the rebound. (Someday I may revisit this rather sluttish group in another story.)

A few mornings later, Annie called Monica from the hospital. Monica was in her home office, working on her latest interior design project. The office was littered with swatches, samples, tiles, scrapbooks.

Annie said, "Can you get away this afternoon? Around 3?"

"I guess so, what's up?"

"I had a hidden cam installed in Christian's room. I'm going to watch Jordie do the kids today."

"Annie! Absolutely not! That's ... obscene."


Five minutes later: "Could they spot it?"

"Not even if they were looking for it."

"What time?"

"Around 3."


Watching her son in action appalled Monica. Enthralled her. And, in a highly improper way, excited her. As Annie had figured it would. One thing definitely pleased Monica -- how kind, how thoughtful Jordie was to Christian and Cody.

Jordie was obviously in charge, the two boys jumped to do whatever he wanted. Monica smiled as her son placed a hand on Cody's cheek, "Blow-job?''

When Monica arrived, Annie had been naked. So Monica stripped too. its not like they hadn't seen each other dozens of time on the road. Yet, yet it felt different. It was different -- no men this time.

The first thing Annie said was, "God, is Jordie ever hung. Your son has one beautiful cock on him."

A little ruefully, "I know."

As Jordie neared orgasm, Annie placed her hand on Monica's thigh. No resistance. Annie slid upward and was finger-fucking her Monica as her friend's son exploded into Cody's mouth. Monica climaxed a moment later.

Annie withdrew her hand and both women watched as Jordie smiled and turned toward Christian, who used both hands to squeeze the last of Jordie's cum into his mouth.

Annie whispered, "Jordie's like a god to them."

Monica nodded.

Jordie and Christian played a violent, brutal video game while Cody sat crosslegged on the floor sucking Jordie hard again.

Monica watched her son, fascinated.

When he was erect again, Christian and Cody oiled up each other's butts and lay back on the bed side by side.

Annie whispered, "They cleaned each other out just before you got here."

Monica leaned forward, nodded, "Good."

As Jordie easily entered Cody, Cody spurted off almost immediately. Monica licked her lips.

As Monica watched her son slide his cock up Christian, she opened her thighs again for Annie's wandering hand. When Christian started spurting, Annie brought Monica off a second time.

Cody's turn again. Then Christian. In all, Jordie went back and forth fucking them for over an hour. Annie's comment: stud. Monica just nodded, no argument there.

When the three boys were back in the shower, Monica left for home. Annie went back to the hospital. Standing by her car, Annie said, "I'll give you a copy of that video."

Monica turned scarlet, but didn't argue. She just nodded and headed toward her house.

Because of the intensity of that afternoon, because of the strongly mixed feelings Monica was having about Jordie, she skipped three wine and gossip nights at Annie's house. Annie didn't press, she understood.

When Monica did reappear, she hugged Annie, "I forgot to say thank you. You went to a lot of trouble for me."

"For me too, babe, I've been getting off on it. Which ... here." Annie placed a copy of the video in Monica's purse.

Annie poured wine and smiled, "Now that I've seen Jordie for myself ... well, I am impressed. He's so handsome, so sure of himself. And, he's so kind to the kids." Even though Jordie was a year younger, Annie and Monica now referred to Christian and Cody as the kids.

Monica smiled back, "Not to brag, but he impressed me too. So polite, so ... undemanding."

"Undemanding is exactly the right word. Christian and Cody are so in love with Jordie, he could be ordering them around. You really have done a marvelous job with him."

Monica laughed, "Over here, maybe. At home? Not so much."

Annie was glad that Monica had brought the subject up. Annie loved hearing about Jordie at home. But Monica was almost mortified to talk about it, so Annie never mentioned it. Until now, "He's still masturbating in front of you?"

"Every day, almost."

"Not to make light of it, but that's one cock I'd love to see every day."

"Well, I'm resigned to it. Nothing I was saying had any effect on him. I think he might be a little disappointed that I don't hit the roof any more."

"What do you do?"

"Depends. If I'm not behind on a gazillion projects, I'll just sit and watch him. Why not? I know he enjoys it more when I'm paying attention."

"That's sensible, Monica. Sweet. And you're right, why not?"

Monica sighed, "Sometimes I feel almost hypnotized. Like the mongoose does to the snake. Or is it the other way around?"

"I never can remember. Why do you feel that way with Jordie?"

"Shit, it's embarrassing."

"Monica, you've seen a dozen men fuck me. More. You've seen me suck off a 12 year old kid. A total stranger."

Monica sighed, "It's when he cums. He puts his little towel down on my desk, you know, with my laptop off to the left?"

Annie nodded, remembering. "A towel is good."

"Yeah, at least I'm not cleaning up his cum."

"But you don't want cum in your keyboard."

"No, Jordie shoots the other way." Monica demonstrated on the kitchen table.

Annie nodded, "Got it."

"Anyway, he likes to show me how far he can ... spurt."

"How far?"

"Oh, I don't know. A good three feet. At first anyway. And when I'm busy, just simply do not have time to watch him, Jordie waits until he's just about to cum, then says, Mom."

"That's understandable. It's such a glorious feeling for him. And he's proud, proud of his cock, how far he shoots, how much ... the whole nine yards. But most of all, he's proud of you. Jordie adores you. Talks about you, how sexy you are. How fucking hot. He told me you're a real babe."

Monica blushed and looked down at the table. But Annie knew she was flattered by her son's praise.

Annie grinned, "Why not give him a treat, surprise the lad."

"What? How."

"Go topless. Shit, go naked. Play with yourself while he plays with himself."

Monica shook her head and stood up. "I love you, Annie, you know that. But you take things too far. No mother would do that."

Annie smiled.

Monica shook her head again, "I've had too much wine, I need to fall into bed."

But Annie knew she'd planted the seed.

As soon as Mort was on his way to the office and Jordie was off to school, Monica took off her robe and padded naked into her office. She placed a towel where Jordie did, and ... played with herself. She came.

Then she watched the video that Annie had given her. She watched her son get sucked off, then watched him fuck the kids. She had three more climaxes, the last one really strong.

Monica took another shower and put her robe back on. She was working on her sketchbook, a design for the interior of a fairly large vacation house in Vail. But Monica's mind, today beyond her control, kept going back to Jordie.

She hadn't kept Annie up to date, hadn't told her everything that Jordie was doing with her. The latest -- which began just last week -- was at the breakfast table, right after Mort left for work. The minute the front door closed, before she heard the car start up, Jordie smiled at her and reached inside her robe. She was paralyzed. Part outrage. Part shock. Part ... something else.

Her son kept smiling as he gently massaged her inadvertently erect nipples. She pushed weakly at his hand.

The next day -- she should have dressed for breakfast! -- Jordie opened her robe and Monica somehow found herself shrugging out of it. He licked one nipple then the other. Jordie kissed her on the lips, no tongue, thank god, and then helped her back into her robe.

Nothing untoward had happened since. Monica was off balance. Then this morning Jordie hadn't touched her, but kissed her deeply. All tongue. She kissed him back.

Monica watched the Jordie video twice more that day. Fuck the ski house.

The breakfast incident wasn't the first time that Jordie had felt her up. She had first noticed his emerging interest in her boobs when he was around 10. He didn't stare, didn't ogle. Just glanced at them once in a while. Interested.

A week or so later, Jordie 'accidentally' brushed his arm across her left tit. A few days later, her right boob. Monica thought it was harmless. And cute in a boyish way. She let it go without commenting. Without forbidding him.

That was her first mistake.

It didn't happen very often, but by the time he turned 12, -- and by then he was openly masturbating in front of her -- Jordie would brazenly caress her boobs, play with her erect nipples, through whatever top she had on.

Monica told him, yelled at him, dozens of times to cut it out. It was as if Jordie knew, or sensed anway, that his father was ineffectual, was, in fact, a dud. In any case, he was not anyone Jordie had to worry about. When Monica protested, no matter how vehemently, Jordie just grinned and continued on his merry way.

Monica knew that she could -- should! -- do something. Start wearing a bra. Slap Jordie. Get him into counseling. Or get therapy for herself. For both of them. Yes, Monica knew all of that.

But reaching inside -- inside! -- her robe was just ... a step too far. Then, without a word spoken by either one, he stopped. What The Fuck? Then, The Kiss.

Annie had shown Monica how to activate the equipment to watch the hidden cam in Christian's room. Of course Monica had no idea that other cams, in every room of Annie's house were recording everything. Including Monica masturbating as she watched her son, Jordie.

Annie told her, "You have a key. Come over and watch your son fuck my son anytime you're in the mood." Annie winked at her, "You know where I keep my vibrators. Help yourself."

Monica did know where the vibrators were. Annie used them on her. Annie wasn't yet licking Monica's pussy, although Monica believed it was just a matter of time.

As far as watching her son perform ... well, Monica didn't pretend to Annie that she wouldn't do it, didn't try to act like she wasn't the least bit interested.

Monica found herself getting up a couple of hours earlier in the morning to work on her interior design projects. That freed up her after-school time. Mort hadn't noticed. Jordie did, but didn't say anything. He also left her completely alone when his father left for the office. Not even a Kiss.

After the first week of watching Jordie on the hidden cam, Monica became not only comfortable, but ... she oddly felt it was appropriate. She was keeping track of her own son. Keeping an eye on his progress.

Then one night Annie, ever so casually, said, "I told Jordie about the camera. Told him you'd been watching him fuck the kids."

"Annie!" Monica's face was redder than Annie had ever seen it. Filled with shame and embarrassment, Monica fled.

At the breakfast table the next morning Jordie winked at her. Letting her know that he knew she knew that he knew. Monica turned so red that even Mort noticed. "You okay?"

"Fine, just a slight fever."

Monica forced herself to concentrate on her work. She was behind on two projects, one of them a large one. She didn't hear Jordie come home from school until his shower started. She put down her pen, concentration time was over.

Jordie came into her office, smiling, nude, stroking himself. Without the little towel he always brought. Knowing without knowing, without conscious thought, Monica moved her sketchpad and pens from the right side of her desk to the left, over by her laptop.

Not saying a word, Jordie bent down and kissed his mother. Monica, will power drained, opened her mouth to accept his gently probing tongue. In the back of her mind Monica became aware that she was straining up to meet him, that her nipples had been erect ever since she first heard his shower.

It was Jordie who broke the kiss. Still smiling at Monica, he jacked off on her glasstop desk. When he softly curled his mother's fingers into her palm, leaving her index finger extended, Monica didn't hesitate. She scooped her finger through one of the cum puddles and brought it to her mouth. She thought: sweet. Then: delicious. Then: I'm sick.

Monica sat back, staring at Jordie. Satisfied?

Jordie, still smiling, placed his palm on the back of her neck. Monica hesitated briefly, then, both hands gripping the edges of her desk, licked up every drop of her son's cum.

She looked back up at him. Satisfied?

The next afternoon he jacked off into his mother's mouth.

The following afternoon Jordie said, "Undress, please, I'd love to see you." Monica found her hands unbuttoning her blouse without conscious thought. A minute later she stood in front of him, hands at her sides, feeling anxious. Not because she was his mother, not because she was nude, but because she yearned for his approval. Monica found her self confidence evaporating.

Jordie spent a good two minutes looking up and down her body, into her eyes, then back to her body. Monica thought: at least he's erect.

Jordie smiled at her, "You're beautiful, Mom. Sexy as hell. I'm proud you're my mother."

Monica's heart fluttered, she felt weak as a kitten.

Jordie sat down in her office chair, still smiling, "Could I talk you into a blow-job?"

Monica thought: you can talk me into anything, Jordie, anything you want. She got down on her knees and hungrily lowered her mouth. She took her time, savored it, savored the tingle between her legs.

Monica watched Jordie dress himself, casually talking about a math problem that had eluded him. Then he walked her over to Annie's house where a nude Christian and Cody were waiting for him.

The two kids were startled when Jordie started undressing his mother. Monica offered no resistance. None. And no resistance when he lay her back on Christian's bed. Jordie placed his hands on the inside of her thighs and Monica spread them apart, willingly exposing her bald pussy to the three boys.

Then, sensing that Jordie wanted more from her, Monica pulled her heels back by her butt and used her hands on her knees to open herself even wider.


Jordie smiled and said, "Christian."

Christian grinned and mounted Monica missionary style. In the back of her mind, Monica noted how wet her pussy was. At this point, she didn't care. She just didn't give a fuck.

Christian didn't last long. Cody was even faster.

The two boys were still taking turns when Annie got home from work. Monica -- Christian happened to be fucking her -- watched as Annie and Jordie exchanged a high-five. He said, "You were right, no problem."

Annie stroked Jordie and said, "You fuck her yet?"

"Not yet."

The fact that her best friend and only son had been conspiring about her was something Monica would have to think about later. For now most of her concentration was on watching Jordie fuck Annie. They seemed as comfortable with each other as an old married couple.

The rest of Monica's concentration was on her own pleasure as Cody replaced Christian for the third time that day.

The next afternoon, Jordie smiled at Christian and Cody, "Put Mom in the middle. You can feel your cocks rubbing together."

Monica offered no resistance.

The new normal: Monica would shower and wait, nude, for Jordie to get home. After his shower, she sucked him off. Sometimes he played with her pussy, most times he didn't. Then Jordie walked her across the street and four houses over to Annie's where Monica let Christian and Cody do everything to her that Jordie wanted.

Sometimes Annie made it home from work before Monica had to go home to prepare dinner for Mort. Usually Annie didn't. It made no difference to Monica how large, nor how small, the audience was.

One evening Jordie said, "Go down on Annie, Mom. Please."

"Okay, Jordie."

Why not? Why the fuck not?

Monica continued her after-dinner wine / gossip sessions with Annie just as if nothing had changed, just as if Annie and Jordie hadn't been manipulating her. Monica felt ... what? Resentment, certainly. Gratitude? Maybe. Okay, yes.

Jordie still wasn't fucking his mom. Monica began to believe that it was another form of manipulation. That he and Annie wanted her to ask for it. Maybe even beg. Monica realized every time she watched her son fuck Annie that begging wasn't out of the equation.

The Goodnight Kiss at Annie's had evolved into the Goodnight Blow-Job for Christian. And for Cody, when he slept over. Annie seemed to be just as pleased sucking Cody off as she was her son. It made no difference to Monica which one she sucked either. The two interchangeable boys had one thing in common: neither one was Jordie.

Annie and Monica continued their road trips, continued picking up a string of lovers. Two things had changed:

Monica now told Jordie everything that the men did to her. Everything. Such as: "I think both of mine were closet fags. The wouldn't do anything except butt-fuck me." Monica grinned at Jordie and kissed the tip of his cock, "At least one of the was hung almost as well as you are."

The second difference had to do with the young boys that Annie so loved to pick up.

One Saturday morning Annie drove Monica back up to Boulder. No business reason, purely for the fun of it. Monica's fears were confirmed when Annie parked at the same park. The Boulder Blowjob park.

Sitting on the same bench Annie said, cheerfully, "Pick one up."

Monica's heart thudded.

It wasn't the same boy -- although he had returned time and again, hoping for an encore from Annie -- but it could have been his cousin. Monica did pick him up, did get him into Annie's passenger seat, did suck him off.

Back home, Jordie smiled, "I'm proud of you, Mom."

Monica thought: I'm Jordie's slut. No, Jordie's Slut. Capital S.

Monica smiled.

At home, Monica was barely aware of Mort. Her husband, not the most perceptive man in Denver, didn't notice any change in Monica's attitude toward him. He did notice that she seemed to be wearing shorter skirts.

Mort didn't realize it was for Jordie, nor did he know that Monica never wore panties at home. She made herself as available to Jordie as she could. Sometimes he finger-fucked her, sometimes he didn't. Monica couldn't figure out why he didn't.

One constant was blow-jobs, it was a rare night when Jordie didn't want at least one.

Mort traveled infrequently, but the first night he was gone, Jordie asked, "Sleep with me?"

Monica loved pleasing him with her hands and mouth, but she enjoyed the closeness, the snuggling every bit as much.

She now ran him to school in her car. That gave her an extra 15 minutes with Jordie when he didn't have to catch the bus.

One night, and he didn't usually do this, Jordan accompanied his mother to Annie's for the regular gossip session. The two women played with each other as they watched Jordie fuck Christian -- the main reason he had come over.

When Jordie spurted off, he pulled out and smiled at his mother. Monica pulled Christian's cheeks apart and inserted her tongue, swirling it around, tasting her son's cum.

Christian moaned and humped against his bed, so Monica kept tongue-fucking him until she got him off.

The two boys, shower-fresh, joined Annie and Monica in the kitchen. Christian, as usual, sat on Jordie's lap. The two naked boys, slender arms around each other kissed deeply. Christian loved it, Jordie went along out of kindness.

Annie said, "Jordie! Why don't you and your mom move in with us? You can give her to the kids to fuck and sleep with me."

Monica said, "No." She shook her head, "No way." Mort might be a dud, but he was ... stability. An island of sanity.

Jordie seemed interested, "Cool. I'll think about it."

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