The Privacy Project
Chapter 7

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 7 - Annie Sullivan is, first and foremost, a clinical psychologist. Single mother, friend, volunteer, occasional lover ... everything else is secondary. The Privacy Project began with a baby video monitor in her son's nursery and was followed by increasingly advanced hidden cams everywhere. Her son Christian's home life was recorded, every second. Annie conceived this as scientific diligence. She would write a groundbreaking paper, maybe a book. But she got carried away.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Son   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Annie and Monica hit it off, they both had an irreverent sense of humor. Monica, who ran an interior design service out of her home, started walking Jordie over to Annie's when school let out. She enjoyed Christian and Cody's company, just as she had enjoyed Jordie's three Cheyenne buddies.

Monica never stayed long, she knew the boys were anxious to be by themselves. For endless video games. And, Monica was pretty sure, jacking off. Why not? They're at that age.

Christian and Cody never questioned the fact that Jordie didn't suck their cocks. He was now the leader, the leader did what he wanted.

Then Monica got in the habit of dropping by Annie's when she saw her car in the driveway. They enjoyed each other's company, an after-work glass of wine or two, and their increasingly intimate conversations.

Monica, nodding toward Christian's room, whispered, "Think they're masturbating?"

Annie smiled and shrugged, "I assume they are. Any time I don't hear a video game, I figure they're playing with themselves." She smiled wider, "Or each other."

Monica smiled back, "You mind?"

"Not in the least. You?"

"Me neither. In Cheyenne I actually caught Jordie and three of his pals. Naked. Taking turns, jerking each other off. I left before they saw me, but I talked with Jordie that night. Just to make sure he still liked girls."

"You're certainly doing something right. He has so much confidence. He's already the alpha in my home."

"Jordie's always had leadership qualities. He was the top dog among his little group of banditos up in Cheyenne."

"You must be proud of him."

"I am. But Christian's a wonderful boy too. Such nice manners."

"He usually remembers his manners, but I sometimes wish he had a little more spine, a little more Jordie in him."

"He's fine, Annie, just fine."

"At least Christian isn't as slutty as Cody."

Monica laughed, "Cody has a bit of girl in him, I've noticed that too. Do you suppose... ?"


"I wonder ... they're spending so much time by themselves. Do you think ... there might be more than masturbation?"

"How would you feel about that?"

"I'd need to think about it. To know who's doing what to whom."

"Sounds reasonable."

"How would you feel about it?"

"I guess I'm more relaxed than you are. I don't think it would bother me. I know I started fooling around when I was younger than the boys are. You've met my friend Nancy. She and I did everything two little girls can do with each other." Annie smiled, "Still do."

"Really? Hmm."

Annie wouldn't have said anything if she'd thought that Monica would have been upset. As she gazed at Monica's serene face, Annie thought: I'll probably go ahead and fuck Cody's father. Why not a little pussy eating with Jordie's mother?

Annie wouldn't push it though. She'd dropped a broad enough hint. Monica would follow up or she wouldn't. No big deal either way.

Because Jordie wasn't yet sleeping over with Christian and Cody, Annie started arranging for some private flirtation time with him when she was able to get off work in time. She told Christian and Cody, "Stay in your room when he has to go home. I want some private time with him."

"Okay, Annie."

"Okay, Annie."

One evening Annie teased Jordie, "Whatever in the world do you boys do with each other?"

Unfazed, Jordie grinned back, "Ever hear of raging hormones, Annie?"

She laughed and tousled his hair.

Gradually, she increased the number of times her boob would accidentally graze Jordie's arm. He didn't blush or back away. One evening she walked him to the door, "Tell your mother to come by for a glass of wine, I haven't seen her for a while."

Jordie looked her in the eyes and said, "I dig it that you don't wear a bra, Annie. Great boobs."

"Why thank you, kind sir. Now don't forget to tell Monica."

"Mom's a 34 C. You're not quite as big."

"34 B."


Jordie eased his hand under Annie's tee and slid it up, stopping his palm just short of her boob. Annie felt a familiar tingle between her thighs. When she didn't say anything to stop him, Jordie smiled and moved his hand from breast to breast, playing with her erect nipples.

Annie sighed.

Jordie said, "Let me see."

Annie looked at the calm, confident little boy for several moments. Came to a decision. She drew her tee over her head and tossed it to the floor. Didn't stop, tugged down her slacks, then her panties. Annie stood there naked, letting Jordie check her out. Neither spoke.

Then when Jordie stood on his tiptoes to kiss her, Annie leaned down and met him with her mouth open and her tongue hungry. She could feel his erection through his jeans.

Annie gently guided his head down to her boobs and smiled as he devoured her nipples with his mouth and tongue. When his hand started toward her pussy, she caught his wrist and whispered, "No. Not this time."

He shrugged, grinned, and ignored her. Annie let go of his wrist and thought as he finger-fucked her: he's done this before.

Jordie must have delivered Annie's message to Monica -- she showed up the next evening with a bottle of red, an Argentinian Malbec. Monica knew it was one of Annie's favorites. As Annie poured, Monica grinned and said, "I don't hear any video games."

Annie grinned back, "It's quiet. Too quiet."

Monica laughed at the old oater reference. Monica said, "I've been thinking about our last talk, about what the boys might be up to."


"I realize I don't have much control over what Jordie does in private. I'm not naive, not about sex. We can try to guide them, establish boundaries, but..."

"But that's not going to stop them."

"No, it isn't. So I've sorted out how I feel. Without embarrassing you with graphic details, I'd feel more comfortable if Jordie were the pitcher, rather than the catcher."

Annie, however, wanted to discuss graphic details. She wanted to get closer to Monica, to draw her in. Annie said, "You don't mind if Christian and Cody suck Jordie off."

Monica laughed at Annie's boldness, "Yes. No. I mean I don't care if Jordie gets an occasional blow job. I know he's still interested in girls, he's constantly trying to get a peek at me."

Annie smiled, "What do you do?"

Monica smiled back, "Depends on my mood."

"Good answer. Now, how would you feel if Jordie started fucking Christian and Cody?"

"I admit I've thought of that. Do you think they're actually going that far?"

"Maybe. Just maybe. I've decided not to worry about Christian. I'm willing to let nature take its course. I've been thinking about buying him some pussy, I want him to like girls as well."

"He's a handsome boy. And so nice, he'll be scoring for himself one of these days."

"I hope so. But some girls like bad boys. Like Jordie."

Monica laughed, "I know, I just don't want him knocking one up."

"I can speak from experience, it's not a good idea."

"Poor dear, you had to have been so young."

"Could have been worse, I could have been 11 or 12."

"Well, Christian is turning out to be a fine young gentleman." Monica grinned, "No matter how slutty his mother was."


The women laughed easily with each other, finding common cause.

Monica said, "Speaking of sluts, what's your take on Cody?"

"If anyone is taking it up the butt, Cody is the one."

"Yeah, that's the way I see it too."

Annie, enjoying the tenor and the direction of the conversation, decided to push it along a little. Just a little. She said, "I actually catch a glimpse of Christian and Cody once in a while. They like to shower together and they scamper from Christian's room to the bath."

Monica's grin widened, "Interesting. And... ?"

"Cute. That's the word that pops into my mind. And sexy too, even if I am bragging on my own son."

"Their ... um, equipment?"

"I don't see them erect all that often, but I'd say Christian's probably about average, maybe a little longer. Cody is smaller, but not by much."

Monica's cheeks turned pink.

Annie poured more wine and said, "What?"

Monica sighed, "You're not the only one to see your son naked. Jordie is going through a stage ... Jordie ... when Mort isn't home ... Jordie..."

Annie came to her new friend's rescue, "Let me guess. Jordie is already a Type A in some personality aspects. He's a take-charge character. So, at home, masturbation?"

Monica nodded, "Yes. No. Worse than that. He doesn't even give me the courtesy of pretending it's an accident, that he forgot to close the door. No. Jordie actively seeks me out, upstairs, downstairs, he doesn't care."

"Will 'boys will be boys' fly?"

"Hardly. I have to confess. That's one reason I was relieved when he started hanging out here. My design work is hard enough without having a 13 year old jacking off in my office."

"He's 13? I thought 14 for sure."

"Next month. The 10th, a Tuesday. Christian and Cody and some other friends will be over. Why don't you see if you can get off work, help me herd those outlaws around."

"I'd love to, depends on my schedule though. Now, Jordie. I'm intrigued. What do you do when he's acting out?"

"I'm past the screaming stage. Didn't do any good anyway. I've stopped throwing my sketchbook at him, same result. Or lack of result."

"Well, I'm sure he'll outgrow it. Probably be embarrassed to death, apologize over and over." Then Annie shook her head, "No, that doesn't sound like Jordie does it? He's probably proud of himself, getting something over on mom. Monica, what about Mort?"

"No. Mort is ... ineffectual. Especially regarding sex. He'd be too mortified to do anything except blame me. I like Mort well enough, maybe even loved him around the time I got knocked up. But ... with Jordie, no, Mort wouldn't do anything."

"Monica, now don't go batshit bonkers on me, but Jordie is one hunk of a boy. That sexy little smile, so knowing for his age. Shit, 13. So much confidence."

"I know. I'm sure my worst years are ahead of me. Not the masturbation crap, I can put up with that, but when he starts getting in girls' panties, that's what I worry about."

"I have a feeling you're right, there are going to be a lot of panties sliding down a lot of legs. So, tell me, what about his ... endowment?"

Monica sighed, "That's another ... concern. Jordie's already larger than Mort. Much larger. And I'm there's a chance it was Mort who knocked me up."

"You could always find out, it's an easy test."

"I know, but Mort's the one I chose to marry, so I'm just going to leave it alone."

"Understood." Annie smiled and held her hands about 5 inches apart, "This is Christian. More or less."

Monica grinned, some pride in that particular grin, and moved Annie's hands another two or three inches apart, "Jordie."

"Oh my."

Monica nodded, pride beating out concern in her expression.

Just then Jordie came out of Christian's bedroom. He smiled and hugged Annie briefly. As Jordie and Monica were leaving, Jordie winked at Annie and patted his mother's butt. "Mom works out, her ass is gangster."

Monica sighed.

Annie thought: interesting.

Annie called Monica after dinner, "Is Mort home?"

"He is."

"Come on by, I'll open another bottle, we can continue our discussion."

"I'd like that."

Annie and Monica settled in to their regular spots at the kitchen table. Facing Christian's room and his bathroom. Before calling Monica, Annie told Christian and Cody, "Around 8:30 come out and head for the bathroom. Be sure you're erect, I want Monica to see everything. Then on your way back, Cody, you hold onto Christian's cock."

"Okay, Annie."

"Okay, Annie."

Annie made sure she was away from the table, preparing some cheeses, when Christian and Cody emerged. Monica caught her breath. The bathroom door closed on them and Monica hissed, "Annie! I just saw them. Naked! Christian and Cody."

Annie brought the snacks over and sat down, smiling. "Naked? As in stark fucking naked?"

Monica, still staring at the bathroom door, nodded, "Stark fucking naked."

Christian and Cody, walking casually with Cody's hand where instructed, returned to Christian's room.


"Actually, I think it's sweet. Those are two sweet little boys."

Monica looked at Annie appraisingly. Then said, "Did you set me up?"

Annie laughed, "Busted."

Monica tried to look stern, then had to laugh, "You must have those boys under your thumb."

"They're good boys. But not Jordie, he's certainly not under my thumb."

"No, he wouldn't be, not Jordie."

Monica changed her visiting times with Annie from after school to after dinner. With dinner out of the way, both women were more relaxed. One bottle of wine often led to a second one as they bonded, talking about their sons, about teachers, about sex. Monica lived across the street and just four houses down, so it was convenient for her to walk to Annie's, even after dark.

Nancy joined them sometimes, but usually she was getting fucked by one of her two boyfriends.

On Friday nights, Cody would sleep over and Annie and Monica rarely saw the boys. One night Monica nodded toward Christian's room, grinned, and made a jacking off gesture. Annie held Monica's wrist and took two of Monica's fingers in her mouth and pretended she was sucking a cock.

Monica giggled, "Think so?"

"Know so."

"Do tell."

"I asked Christian."


"He and Cody suck each other off. Almost every day, from what I gather." Annie patted the back of Monica's hand, "And both of them suck off Jordie."

"But he doesn't ... reciprocate?"

"No, he just has them suck his cock whenever he's in the mood."


Then Monica blushed, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it was good that Christian is ... you know. I'm just glad that Jordie isn't."

"I understand. And don't worry about Christian, he enjoys it. So I told him to go for it."

Monica nodded.

Annie said, "It's not going to stop there, though. Jordie already told them he's going to be fucking them."

Monica tried, and failed, to hold back an expression of pride. "He is ... something, Jordie. Unlike Mort."

"Well, I'm sure he's a good provider."

"He is that. But not in the bedroom. Oh well."

"There are alternatives of course."

"I don't like to fuck around on him."

"You married Mort because you were pregnant?"

"Mostly. Also he has family money he'll come into some day. And a solid job, accountants are always in demand."

"Well, you got a wonderful son out of the deal too."

"I know." Monica rested both hands on Annie's. "Annie, I fibbed to you. Mort isn't Jordie's father. It's just that Mort was the best potential father. I was fucking five or six other guys, but they were all married. Or not husband material. Shit, maybe seven or eight, I can't remember."

"It was a tough time being pregnant, I remember."

"This is so silly. When I do have a little fling, I rationalize it by telling myself that Mort isn't Jodie's birth father. As if that makes a difference."

"I think it does make a difference. It gives you more freedom."


Every night around 9:30 or 10, Christian came in to tell Annie and Monica goodnight. Annie told Christian, "Pajama bottoms only. Be erect every third or fourth night."

"Okay, Annie."

The third glass of wine seemed to affect Monica more than Annie. Not noticeably, Monica just seemed a little more relaxed, looser. Monica began joining Annie in giving Christian a good night hug. As instructed, he always pressed his boner against Monica's tummy. Monica had to have noticed, but she didn't say a word.

As their wine nights became more frequent, Annie became aware that Monica didn't mind leaving Mort at home. Not at all. Monica didn't knock him much, just admitting that he was mostly a flop in bed. But she certainly didn't praise him. In fact, she rarely mentioned him.

One evening Annie said, "Monica! I have a conference this weekend in Colorado Springs.The Broadmoor. Come with me. I have to attend some sessions Friday and Saturday, you can shop. Then we can kick up our heels at night."

"I'd love to!"

No hesitation, no mention of clearing it with Mort. Annie thought: good.

Annie whispered, even though Christian was back in his room, "Pack some sexy undies."

Monica grinned.

Annie made sure her hotel room had just one bed. Then changed her mind. Monica might be more uninhibited with her own room. Annie wanted to get her friend laid more than she wanted to start an affair with her. That could come later. Or not.

They got hit on the first 10 minutes. The two businessmen weren't part of Annie's conference. Not that that mattered to her one way or the other. Later that evening, Annie asked Monica, "Trade?"


That was Friday night. Saturday was more of a challenge because so many of the businessmen had gone home to their wives. But Annie spotted a doctor she knew. It was rumored that he fooled around. He was with two other men, Annie didn't know them.

Annie told her waiter, "But a round for that table, those three men."

Done deal.

This time Annie and Monica lay down, side by side, in Annie's bed. A feeling, familiar and welcome, flooded through Monica as she and Annie fucked the three men. A pre-pregnant feeling, a feeling of freedom, of possibilities. Of sex.

On the drive back up to Denver, Monica said, "Thank you so much. I didn't realize how much I needed a weekend just like this."

"I have lots of trips scheduled. We'll do it again if you can get away."

"I can."

Annie thought: good.

Monica smiled, "Five was just right. I couldn't have fucked one more."


Annie waited until their third trip, this one in nearby Boulder, to pick up a little boy. She was pretty sure Monica wouldn't freak. Annie was taking a break from the series of lectures she was attending. She and Monica sat in the sun on a park bench, holding hands. They hadn't yet become lovers, but Annie was pretty sure it was in the cards.

As a boy around 12 or 13 approached on his bike, spokes rippling against playing cards, Annie stood and held up her hand, smiling. The boy slowed, then came to a stop, also smiling. He was wearing a baseball uniform with the belt about a foot too long. Annie thought: is his mother blind? Or just dumb as a stump?

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