The Privacy Project
Chapter 6

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Annie Sullivan is, first and foremost, a clinical psychologist. Single mother, friend, volunteer, occasional lover ... everything else is secondary. The Privacy Project began with a baby video monitor in her son's nursery and was followed by increasingly advanced hidden cams everywhere. Her son Christian's home life was recorded, every second. Annie conceived this as scientific diligence. She would write a groundbreaking paper, maybe a book. But she got carried away.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Son   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Christian and Cody did bring Jordie home. Annie approved. Cute, as advertised. A little shorter than boys. Blonde. Good manners and not shy, not at all. Annie decided: this is one to keep an eye on. He lived across the street and just four houses over.

Because she didn't want things to develop as slowly as they did between her son and Cody, Annie took a couple of steps. She baked a large batch of homemade biscuits and took them to Jordie's mother, welcoming her to the neighborhood. Monica was petite and blonde, just like Jordie. Nice tits.

Annie explained how Cody had practically moved in with Christian and that Jordie would be equally welcome if the three boys hit it off.

Annie also sat down with Christian and Cody to discuss strategy, something that would never have occurred to them.

Annie said, "Swear Jordie to secrecy, then show him my pussy picture." They boys, rapt, nodded in agreement.

"If he's cool with that, surf some porn with him."

Christian said, "What kind?"

"Whatever you're in the mood for, baby. Wait. Don't show him any boys sucking cock. Not yet, not until you know him better."

Heads nodding.

"After a week or so, if he's still cool about everything, just casually take out your cocks and start jacking off."

Cody said, "Ourselves or each other?"

"Yourselves, there's plenty of time to reel him in. Just take your time and try not to scare him away."

More nodding.

"Keep me up to date on your progress. I'll let you know when it's time to touch each other. Not him, just each other."


"Of course you might get lucky and he might make a move on you boys. Then you know what to do."


Boys are so easy.

Annie had some rules. One of the main ones concerned school. Grades in particular. Before the start of the school year, Annie sat Christian and Cody down, "Nothing less than a B. If I see even one C from either of you, that's it. Cody loses his visiting privileges and you little cocksuckers will have to find someplace else to suck cock. Capiche?"

"Capiche, Annie."

"Capiche, Annie."

Sucking cock, once a forbidden topic between Annie and the boys, was now a regular subject of conversation. The boys sucked each other off, Annie knew all about it, that was that. It didn't occur to either boy the least bit odd when Nancy, too, would question them on it. "Have you boys sucked each other off yet this morning?"

They answered openly and honestly, no longer embarrassed in the slightest.

As Christmas approached, the boys turned 14 within a week of each other. One night, in her bubble bath, which the boys now ran for her every night, Annie said, "Okay, you outlaws, strip. Hop on in."

Grins, big grins.

Annie had a brief glimpse of two boners as they peeled off their pajama bottoms and slid into the tub. "Get to work, slave boys."

Christopher washed Annie's back with both soapy hands. Cody took the sponge in his right hand and went straight for her boobs. Annie winked at him and took the sponge away, tossing it in her bathroom sink so that Christian would be fully aware that Cody was getting bare tit.

Bare Tit!

Cody was using both hands on Annie's boobs and was surprisingly gentle for as excited as he was. Suddenly he stiffened and his cheeks turned pink. Even though she couldn't see his cock underneath the bubbles, Annie knew he was spurting off.

The next night Annie put Christian in front. He was more hesitant than Cody had been and Annie didn't press him. He couldn't resist for very long though and was soon massaging his mother's breasts as gently as Cody had done.

Annie limited bath time for the boys and her to once a month or so. A special treat.

To keep Cody's mother from suspecting any hanky-panky, Anne invited her, her husband, and Cody's younger sister to dinner with Christian, Cody and herself. She showed Clara, the mother, around her modest house. She was just as casual about Christian's bedroom as the rest of the house, pointing out all the gaming equipment, where they kept their schoolbooks, where they did their homework.

Annie had purchased a new, king sized bed for Christian. Not that the boys needed, nor wanted, the extra room. But she didn't want Clara to have any second thoughts about Cody and Christian.

Annie hadn't instructed the boys on deportment, they were smart enough to know to be on their best behavior. He only point: "Don't act like angels, moms can sniff out phoniness in a heartbeat."

Annie's other reason for inviting the family was Cody's younger sister, Emily. Annie had pegged Emily as a lively child. Quick and tart-witted. Annie had mentally put Emily down as possible pussy for Christian. Hell, for Cody too. Well, perhaps Cody, perhaps not.

Annie was going to arrange some pussy for Christian for sure. And probably for Cody too. But she would want Christian to learn to score pussy on his own one of these days. Annie could care less about Emily's age. Annie told Nancy, "The younger the better. She'll be easier to seduce before all her defense mechanisms are in place."

"And you can encourage her from the sidelines while Christian is trying to get in her panties."


Before Cody and his family arrived for dinner, Annie told Christian, "Try to get Emily alone. In your room would be best. Be subtle, don't scare her off, but let her know you think she's hot."


"Yes, stud boy, Emily. She's got a pussy, doesn't she?"


"Earth to Christian. We can work on her, I'll be your sideline coach. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if you're scoring her some day."

Ear-to-ear grin.

Christian's chance with Emily came when Clara insisted on doing the dishes with Cody, "It's the least I can do, you've been so gracious with Cody practically living over here."

When Annie reviewed the tapes later that night, she was proud of Christian. He did take Emily back to his room. And he didn't waste any time after he closed his door. He whispered something in Emily's ear and she giggled.

Christian leaned in a placed his lips gently on hers. Emily's first kiss. The little girl showed the spark that Annie had spotted. She put her slender arms around Christian's neck and kissed him back. Annie wondered if Emily had a little girlfriend that she practiced with, as Annie and Nancy had done at her age.

Christian ran his hands down Emily's back to her butt. He pulled her close and then they were dry humping each other. Annie was so proud. And even more so when Christian whispered something else and drew Emily's hand down to his erection. Emily didn't jerk away, she looked up at Christian with adoring eyes.

Annie thought: pussy.

Meanwhile, with Clara and Cody in the kitchen and Emily with Christian, Cody's father, Bob, made a move of his own. He sat on the couch way too close to Annie. When she didn't protest he placed a hand on her thigh, "Do you know what a MILF is, Annie?"

"Of course, a Mom I'd Like to Fuck."

"Cody isn't the only guy in our family who thinks you're a MILF."

Annie hadn't expected the pass, didn't mind it, but the possibility just hadn't been on her radar. She was so focused on placating Clara and targeting Emily that she hadn't thought much about the father, about Bob.

Annie looked him over. On the shortish side, but well built. Not bad looking, an older version of Cody.


Then, why not? She gave him her cell number and went in to talk with Clara.

Annie had several parallel missions going at the same time. While she was laying the groundwork to nail Emily, Annie had also introduced the subject of butt-fucking into her regular conversations with the boys.

Annie wasn't pushy about it, but she kept up a gentle intermittent pressure.

"When you boys finally test drive it, you'll wonder why you wasted all those months."

Or, "Let's go to the video tape." The three of them watched the little boy butt-fucking videos that Annie had found. And, there was no doubt that the subject had their full attention. Tent pole pajama bottoms didn't lie.

One Saturday morning, Annie nudged things along. She came back from the drugstore and laid out the cleansing apparatuses. She spoke to the wide-eyed boys, "Look, you know and I know you're going to be fucking each other any day now. So let's go about this in a smart way."

She opened the packages and laid out the contents, "Cleanliness is hugely important. No matter how excited you are, take time to prepare each other first."

Both boys nodded, listening hard. They trusted Annie.

She went through the instructions twice. Slowly, and asking questions to make sure the boys were following her. Then she said, "Okay, time to try it out. You boys go into Christian's bathroom, I'll give you your privacy. This first time, anyway."

Annie adjusted her bedroom TV set and watched as the boys fumbled, giggled, and, eventually, got through the procedures. She was delighted when they voluntarily went through it a second time. Cody spurted off and Christian was erect the entire time.

Back in the kitchen, the boys wearing pajama bottoms, Annie said, "Well?"

Christian said, "It wasn't horrible, Annie."

Cody said, "It felt kind of good."

"Excellent. Start doing it every day after school. Use warmer and warmer water, as hot as you can take it."

"Okay, Annie."

"Okay, Annie."

Annie reviewed the tapes every evening when she got off work. The boys were diligent, she had expected nothing less. And she was pleased that the dinner table conversation had shifted from would they fuck each to other to when would they?

Once their after-school routine was set, Annie brought them to the next step. She poured scented and heated oil into her palms, "Lubrication, you'll need that, especially your first few times."

The boys nodded, staring at her hands.

She made a fist out of Christian's hand, then poked a finger in it, saying, "This is Christian's butthole, Cody." He nodded.

Annie oiled up Cody's middle finger and eased it slowly into Christian tightly clenched fist. She pointed to Cody's finger and said, "This is his cock, Christian." Christian nodded.

Annie pointed to Christian's bedroom, "Go oil each other up, do a good job. Cody, you do Christian's ass first."

"Okay, Annie."

"Okay, Annie."

Watching the hidden cams, Annie sensed a hushed presence in the boys. They were certainly smart enough to understand that this was a minor step in a major process. Sucking each other off was one thing. But fucking each other?

She also knew that while they were understandably nervous, they were both excited at the same time.

Annie smiled as Christian instinctively bent over the side of his bed, making himself available. Cody became the aggressor, the more eager one. He pulled apart Christian's cheeks and stared. Next he spilled a little oil as he poured it into his left palm. Annie thought: Cody wants this.

Cody oiled up his fingers, spilling more oil, then ran his middle finger up and down Christian's butt crack. Cody whispered, "How does this feel?"


Cody said, "Get ready."

Christian tensed, but said, "Okay."

Cody, to his credit, took his time and was as gentle to his friend as he could be. Then: the tip of his finger made it in. Both boys held stock still. Cody let out his breath, "Okay?"

"I don't know. I guess so."

Cody eased a little more in, then some more, then his finger was all the way up Christian. Cody said, "How's it feel?"

Christian's voice cracked, "Full. Like your finger's 10 times as big."

"Want me to pull out?"

"I don't know. Maybe. No, don't."

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