The Privacy Project
Chapter 5

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Annie Sullivan is, first and foremost, a clinical psychologist. Single mother, friend, volunteer, occasional lover ... everything else is secondary. The Privacy Project began with a baby video monitor in her son's nursery and was followed by increasingly advanced hidden cams everywhere. Her son Christian's home life was recorded, every second. Annie conceived this as scientific diligence. She would write a groundbreaking paper, maybe a book. But she got carried away.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Son   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Annie waited several weeks before she escalated the nightly bubble bath scene. The event was playing out as usual: Annie up to her neck in bubbles, Christian, in his pajama bottoms, was doing her back with a sponge.

Annie said, "Slave time, Christian, hop in."

Heart racing, "Really?"

"Move, you little cocksucker. I want a proper sponging."

"Should I..."

"Undress? For a bath? No, of course not. Go put on some jeans and a sweater. Idiot!"

Christian no longer even tried to hide his 6-inch tentpole from Annie and Aunt Nancy. But this was different. Taking off his pajama bottoms.

Annie laughed and covered her eyes, "Come on in, the water's fine."

Blushing furiously, yet excited beyond belief, Christian shed his PJs and used his mother's shoulder for balance as he lowered himself into bath behind her. Anne gripped his ankles and pulled his legs forward, against her hips.

She said, "Sponge me, slave boy."

Annie didn't push things that first night, content to have her son naked in the same bath. Over time, she would have him turn around, his back to her and pull him to rest against her chest, her nipples poking into his slender back.

She loved running her soapy hands up and down his heart-thumping chest. She would tweak his little nipples, a move that Christian and Cody soon incorporated into their games as they explored each other's bodies.

Annie would slide her slippery hands further down, past his waist and onto his upper thighs. There she caress him so lightly he could barely feel her fingertips drawing closer and closer. He held his breath every time, but Annie always stopped just short of his pulsating erection.

After a few more weeks, Annie, when Christian had his back to her, took to gently stroking her pussy. She not only made no attempt to disguise it, she made sure her son knew exactly what she was doing. With her knees raised above the bubbles and Christian between her legs, Annie squeezed and unsqueezed her thighs against his sides in a rhythmic tempo in time with her masturbation.

Annie told Nancy, "Just to make sure the little cocksucker gets it, I keep the back of my hand against his butt so he can feel me finger-fucking myself."

"Very smart, Annie."

It took months, but Annie got her son to the point where they took an after-bath shower together and then toweled each other off. Not very often, maybe once every three of four weeks. Annie saved it for a special treat.

During those infrequent sessions, Christian seemed almost unaware of his constant erection. He was so thrilled and enthralled to be able to see his lovely, sexy, mother in the nude.

Annie told Nancy, "One of these nights I'll start giving him his Goodnight Kiss while we're still nude."

"I would."

One Saturday morning at breakfast, Annie winked at Christian, "I'm going shopping, be gone a couple of hours. Why don't you take Cody into the shower with you?"

Christian blushed furiously, but Annie could see his mind working.

Nancy watched the tape with her. The boys immediately undressed in Christian's bedroom. Business as usual. Then Christian, trying so sound spontaneous, said, "Hey, Annie's gone shopping, wanna take a shower with me?"

No hesitation, "Sure, dude."

The boys walked naked toward the bathroom, then Christian stopped in his tracks, thinking. He whispered, even though they were alone in the house. "Wanna see something cool?"


Christian took Cody's hand. Annie and Nancy thought, "Aw, how sweet." He led Cody to Annie's bedroom and opened her lingerie drawer. Cody sucked in his breath and stared.

Christian tied one of Annie's thongs around Cody's cock and balls, then took care of himself. He took some silky panties and started stroking Cody's erection with them. Cody, breathed, "Man."

Christian smiled at his naked buddy, "Check this out." He opened the bottom drawer and, one by one, brought out Annie's four vibrators. Both boys were well familiar with their function, it was a stable of the porn links Annie sent to Christian.

Christian turned on the smallest one and ran it along Cody's erection. He gasped, "I'm gonna cum!"

Christian set the vibrator down and held out both hands to capture Cody's sperm. Christian licked one of his hands clean while Cody held Christian's other wrist with both hands and licked that palm clean. A ritual they usually followed, sharing each other's cum.

They put everything away as carefully as they could, which wasn't very neatly, and walked back toward Christian's bathroom. Cody put his arm around Christian's shoulders, Christian his arm around Cody's waist. Two naked pals out for a stroll.

As Annie and Nancy watched the boys' first shower together, Nancy said, "They are so sweet. Do you think it's love?"

"Maybe puppy love."

They watched the boys shampoo each other's hair before they took turns soaping each other's bodies. Cody was on his knees stroking Christian's erection, when he impulsively leaned in and planted a quick kiss on his friend's cock.

Nancy, "Yes!"

Christian's reaction: a huge grin. Then, "Man, that felt good."

Cody, still on his knees, smiled up, then put his hands on Christian's hips and took his cock into his mouth. Christian put his hands on the sides of Cody's head and moaned in pleasure.

As the water streamed down, Cody actually shot off first, even with no one touching him. Clearly enjoying himself, Cody continued licking and sucking. When Christian whispered, "Now," Cody pulled him in even closer and swallowed greedily.

Christian said, "Wow." Cody stood up, facing Christian. They looked into each other's eyes, then Cody leaned forward and placed a brief kiss on Christian's lips. Christian put his hand on Cody's butt and drew his closer, kissing him just the way he kissed Annie -- deeply, tenderly, lovingly. And sexily.

They drew back, smiling at each other.

Christian said, "My turn," and got down on his knees, taking Cody's limp cock into his mouth. Cody had already cum twice in just a few minutes, so it took a while. Christian didn't seem to mind.

They would still jack each other off, more for the novelty, the change of pace, but mostly they just sucked cock. Annie was pleased, but not surprised, that 90% of the porn they watched was heterosexual. Annie told Nancy, "If they had girlfriends, they'd still suck each other off, but not so often."

"You're right."

Cody, such a regular visitor, was now so comfortable in front of Annie. Still in awe of her, but comfortable. He didn't blush any more when Annie would smile at them and say, "Go on, you little cocksuckers are dying to take a shower. Hop to it."

Once Annie and Nancy heard Cody on tape, as he was about to take Christian's cock into his mouth, say, "Does Annie know? About us? What we do?"

"She knows. But she's cool with it. Aunt Nancy told me Annie thinks it's hot, she'd like to watch us."

"Aunt Nancy knows too?" Then, gasp, "Watch us!!!!" "Annie?" Cody spurted off at the very idea.

Christian shrugged, "Annie and I take a bubble bath together some nights. No big deal, you can't see anything."

Cody, still on his knees, began stroking himself. "A bath? You and Annie? Together?"

"Chill, man."

Annie rarely teased the boys when they finally emerged from the shower. An occasional, "Did my favorite little cocksuckers have a good time?" was about it.

Cody said, "Yes we did, Annie, a real good time."

"Good, that's why God gave you cocks and mouths."

Neither boy blushed any more. Nor did they deny what they were doing. That particular cat was long out of that particular bag. Plus, Annie was just so damned cool about it. About everything.

One night in bed Nancy asked Annie, "Are you going to have Christian and Cody fuck each other? Their cocks aren't that fat."

"I go back and forth, haven't decided yet. I think I'll want them to have some pussy first." Annie considered. "At least Christian. I think Cody's more into the whole boy thing than Christian is. Maybe I'll just have Christian fuck him."

"Shouldn't be that difficult, Cody is so sweet on Christian already."

Annie and Christian ordered pizza once a month or so. Annie always contrived to give her son enough time and privacy to jack off on her side of the pizza. She knew how much it thrilled him to watch her not only eat his cum, but to go on and on about how delicious the Pizza Palace pie was.

As he gained confidence, he grew bolder. Believing his mother was clueless, Christian stopped mixing his cum into the sauce with his finger. He no longer felt the need to disguise his culinary contributions.

For her part, Annie was pleased by her son's brazenness. She would spot a glob of his cum and dip her finger directly into it, savoring the taste. "Baby, they've added a secret sauce, I just love it!"

Sometimes Annie lifted a slice to her mouth and, looking Christian directly in the eye, would lick his cum into her mouth. "Yum!"

One night in bed, Nancy said, "Why not invite Cody over for pizza?"

Annie laughed out loud.

The next Friday night pizza ... well, the two slices that Annie allowed herself, were covered in cum. She smiled at Christian and Cody, "Look at that! They put more of my favorite sauce on this time."

She looked from boy to boy as she licked up their cum. They stared, transfixed.

Annie later told Nancy, "I thought I'd be able to tell them apart, but cum mixed with cheese and tomato sauce..."


Christian and Cody weren't inseparable, but they were a constant. As many days as not, other friends came over to play the latest video games, to talk about girls, to view the bikini picture of Annie.

The boys no longer apologized to Christian because she was his mother. They soon realized that he was proud of Annie, proud of how foxy, how sexy, she was. Comments about her nipples and her pussy and her fuckability were now routine.

Annie had mixed feelings about the other boys. She was pleased that Christian was popular -- whatever the reasons were -- but disappointed that they never jacked off in front of each other. The group dynamics allowed plenty of sexy chatter, but not much else.

Oh well.

On some weekends, when Annie had watched the boys looking at her bikini picture, she put on the matching green headband to give them a reminder that she was the real life woman whose nipples and pussy had just been under discussion.

Christian and Cody, when it was just the two of them, had no reservations. They stripped the minute they closed the bedroom door. Annie and Nancy loved watching them lie on the bed, in each other's arms, kissing passionately. One slender boy would be on top, then the other as they humped against each other.

They seemed to prefer cumming in each other's mouths, but often got carried away as they necked.

Another positive was the way they roamed the little house, naked, when Annie was still at work. This eventually led to a little more boldness on weekend mornings when Annie was home. Christian and Cody had taken to peeking out his bedroom door, and, when the coast was clear, scampering nude into the bathroom next to Christian's room.

That, in turn, had led to the boys' -- oh so casually -- coming into the kitchen with only a towel wrapped around their slender waists. Annie, correctly, played it casually, not saying a word, just smiling and pouring them more juice.

After a month or so, Annie sometimes joined them in her own towel. The boys couldn't really see anything, but ... she was STARK FUCKING NAKED underneath! Annie, of course, was totally unaware of the display she put on when she bent down to reach something on a lower shelf.

Just as she was unaware of the boys' hands, busy under the table, under their towels.

As summer approached in Denver, Annie announced to Christian and Cody, "Thank God! I'm so pale, now I can work on my tan."


As the naked boys watched from Christian's back window, Cody said, "I don't see any hair."

"Aunt Nancy waxes her."


It wasn't clear whether Cody was more impressed with the idea of Annie's bald pussy or that Christian knew that his mother was waxed.

Annie, for her part, was judicious with the boys. She rarely let a nipple be seen when she untied her top. When she lay face down on her little patio, she sometimes let a hand stray down toward her pussy, but it was never explicit. The boys speculated endlessly on: was she finger fucking herself or not?

Now that school was out, Cody became a regular sleepover guest. Cody's mother sought reassurance from Annie that he wasn't too much trouble.

Annie said, "Not at all. Cody's a real gentleman, helps Christian with his chores, is always polite to me. It's a pleasure having him here." Annie thought: if only she knew.

Of course the boys slept nude, they were naked with each other more of the time than not. The two pals usually woke up early enough to have breakfast with Annie before she left for the hospital. Seeing her in a towel or a short tee was far preferable to sleeping in. They could always go back to bed.

For breakfast the boys wore a towel, or pajama bottoms, or -- and this was new and they thought daring -- their white jockey shorts. Annie's reaction? Her regular 'good morning boys' smile.

Even without the hidden cams, she would have been aware of how they fluffed each other up to create larger bulges. Boys were so easy.

Occasionally, not very often, on the nights when Cody stayed over, Annie invited both boys to visit with her when she took her bubble bath.

Tent poles.

Annie was adept at keeping the conversation flowing just as if she weren't STARK FUCKING NAKED in front of two 13 year old boys with raging hormones. She gradually moved things along in Cody's presence. She would smile at Christian and Cody as she slowly ran a soapy hand from her knee down her thigh until it disappeared under the bubbles.

"A little private time, thank you ever so much, gentlemen."

Naturally Annie played it subtly for her just-outside-the-bathroom-door audience. Her whispered 'yesses!' and 'oh my fucking gods' were barely audible as she brought herself to climax.

These games, and others, were fun and amusing to Annie. Arousing and inflammatory to the two pals. But Annie enjoyed her conversational gambits every bit as much. She told Nancy, "When I introduce a new subject, they go into shock. Then they get used to the new normal and we discuss it openly, just like ... oh, taking out the recycling on Tuesdays."


Last Saturday I was in my yellow bikini..."

Nancy giggled, "Camel toe!"

"The very one. They were already off balance trying not to stare and I asked Christian what Cody's cum tasted like. Did he simply love it?"

"Aw ... poor boys."

"It was Blush City all right. But the topic was now on the official agenda. At dinner that night I asked Cody if he liked the taste of Christian's cum. I caught him off guard because he told me he liked it a lot before he realized what he was saying."

"I think you're right about Cody -- he seems to like boys more than Christian does."

"Yep. I'm still thinking about having Christian fuck him. Anyway, the next morning at breakfast, I told them that I knew all boys tasted their own cum -- whose was saltier, Christian or Cody? Of course they went all instant red on me, but they were puzzled at the same time."

"They hadn't thought about it in terms of saltiness."

"No, they hadn't. Then Cody said, Christian? And Christian nodded."

"Annie, you are so wicked, corrupting those two little lambs."

"I know."

"And... ?"

"And cum is now a regular item of discussion. I told them I'd always loved the taste, even back when I was younger than they were. I told them how you and I were so popular with older boys."

Mock horror: "Annie! I have a reputation to maintain."

"And I'm maintaining it for you. The next time the boys see you, they'll be thinking about all the cocks that you've taken in your mouth."

Nancy grinned.

On the nights that Cody slept over, Annie usually waited until around midnight to tiptoe into Christian's room. She loved looking at her sleeping beauties as she pulled the sheet down. They looked simply ravishing in the moonlight.

One or both of them sometimes had a boner. Annie traced her finger along their cocks, hard or soft, and often planted a little kiss on both cocks.

She initiated a new element to the early morning routine. Annie would knock on Christian's door and call out, "Juice. On the way." When she let herself in, carrying orange or grapefruit juice, the boys would be sitting up, wiping sleep from their doe-like eyes, sheet pulled up to their waists.

Annie told Nancy, I want them to get used to my seeing them in bed together."

"Makes sense."

Annie had to wade through tangled heaps of jeans, tees, underwear, socks, sneakers in untidy piles on the floor. She let it go, the boys were pretty good about neatening up Christian's room after she left for work.

Once in a while, not very often, Annie would playfully whip the sheet off the boys, causing them simultaneous embarrassment, heart failure, and delight.

And that allowed her to introduce an additional conversational topic, "You boys have the yummiest looking cocks. Well, you already know that, why else would you be sucking each other off all the time?"

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