The Privacy Project
Chapter 2

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Annie Sullivan is, first and foremost, a clinical psychologist. Single mother, friend, volunteer, occasional lover ... everything else is secondary. The Privacy Project began with a baby video monitor in her son's nursery and was followed by increasingly advanced hidden cams everywhere. Her son Christian's home life was recorded, every second. Annie conceived this as scientific diligence. She would write a groundbreaking paper, maybe a book. But she got carried away.

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At work, at the hospital, Annie had, almost by accident, created a professional niche for herself. Various doctors, mostly surgeons, had come to rely on her, to request she meet with their patients who had undergone a serious procedure.

Besides the physical trauma involved with slicing open the body and moving things around, psychological changes often occurred. After a major operation, Annie would be called in just to chat with the patients. No psychological tests were given -- it wasn't a formal examination -- the medical staff merely wanted her evaluations to help determine the type of post-op recommendations they would give.

Annie was good at her job. Good to the point of going the extra step by analyzing the patient's insurance to determine what type of counseling would be covered. If she thought it necessary, she would ask the doctor to refer patients to this psychologist or that psychiatrist, many of whom she knew professionally.

In addition to insurance coverage, her recommendations were guided by which doctors could take on an additional patient. These days, a lot of them couldn't.

As for sex, Annie told Nancy, "I fuck only one doctor at a time. Usually. They fuck like bunnies, it's probably in their contracts, a benefit, shag the nurses."

During her Saturday night dinner outing where Christian had chosen which dress she should wear, Annie decided not to fuck her date. He was a nice enough guy, but she just didn't feel the chemistry.

Back home, she always checked on Christian first. Sound asleep, crumpled tissues all over the bed and floor. Annie reached inside his pajamas and gave his soft cock a sweet goodnight squeeze.

When she told her best friend about the newly added ritual, Nancy just smiled, anything her best friend wanted to do was fine with her, just fine.

Annie covered Christian up and took a glass of wine into her nightly bubble bath. She wouldn't stay long, just long enough to play lightly with herself. To build up the anticipation for tonight's entertainment. Usually she took her bath before Christian's bed time. They both loved their bubble bath chats. Annie only occasionally let a nipple become visible, but Christian was ever vigilant.

Annie started the Saturday night video at the point where she walked into the kitchen, nude, and interrupted the pizza dinner. As she watched, she stroked herself lightly, approving of how sexy she looked. Annie whispered to herself, "Not bad, babe."

Seconds after she'd locked the front door, Christian was undressing. Annie and Nancy loved how he roamed around in the nude when he was the only one home.

Christian picked up her red silk dress and stroked himself through it. Annie smiled at the sweet child. He loved to cum in her panties, thought she had no clue.

Suddenly he laid the dress back down and rushed to the kitchen table. Annie leaned closer to her flatscreen TV. This was something new.

Christian swept two or three slices onto the table and spurted off on the remaining pieces. Annie laughed, she knew, without doubt, that he would make sure which slices were hers tomorrow. Annie would tell him how delicious it tasted, would wonder if the Pie Palace had started using a new sauce.

Annie was pleased as she watched her son wash and dry his hands before he took her dress into her room. Good boy. She loved how he rubbed her clothes softly against his cheek, savoring the feel and the faint scent of his mother.

Next he opened her underwear drawer -- it was the top one for his convenience. He tied one of her thongs tightly around his cock and balls, then brought garment after garment up to his face. He would lick some of them, not others. Annie and Nancy couldn't figure out his reasoning for selecting some and not others.

Then putting everything away but her thong he opened the bottom drawer. One by one, he put Annie's four vibrators on top of bureau, lining them up from smallest to largest. He always began with the smallest, turning it on, licking it, then gently fucking his mouth.

Christian was fully erect again.

Annie sometimes left a slight taste of herself on the largest vibrator, she knew that was why Christian saved it for last.

Next, and this was almost ritualistic, but Annie never tired of watching, he lay face down on her bed and humped her two pillows, one by one.

Annie, and Nancy too when she was there, tried to time her climax to coincide with Christian's. She and Nancy had gotten fairly adept at it because he was so easy to read.

Even though her left hand rarely left her pussy, Annie noted the time and activity in a notebook. In the morning she'd transcribe it into her official index. For her book.

Christian leaped up from the bed and rushed into her bathroom, spurting into her sink. As he usually did, he dipped his right index finger into his cum, tasted it, shrugged and washed the sink clean.

He untied her thong and replaced it carefully.

Next stop: pizza.

Christian rinsed off the dishes, put them in the dishwasher. He put the rest of the pizza -- Annie's lunch -- into the refrigerator, ran a rag over the kitchen table and repaired to his room.

Unlike Annie, Christian's bedroom didn't have its own bath. His was next door, the one that guests used.

Annie watched Christian jack off twice more to porn before he started yawning. He almost never forgot to wash his face and brush his teeth. Good boy.

While much of Christian's sexual activity was repetitive, he introduced new things on a fairly regular basis. Annie and Nancy were proud of his inventiveness, his clever mind.

And both girls believed the best was still to come. Annie had always encouraged Christian to invite his friends over and he was popular enough. Annie made sure the refrigerator was well stocked with boy stuff and she was always welcoming and friendly to the gang. She made sure to give them all the privacy they wanted.

The boys talked the usual talk -- sports, new video games, (Annie kept Christian up to date with the newest hardware and software, another appeal of the Annie-Christian household), more sports -- those fucking Broncos -- and girls. As Christian and his friends grew older, the topic of girls was gradually replacing sports. Not entirely, but it was still encouraging to Annie and Nancy.

Because of her unfair, and hidden, advantage, Annie knew exactly and specifically what the boys were most interested in at any given time. She was never blatant about it, never obvious, but she would drop in an occasional comment that would make her seem almost like one of the guys.

But her larger advantage was that she was female. Any female would do for boys at that age. As she progressed from a mom to a MILF, Annie's stature grew in the eyes of Christian's friends. It didn't instantly make him the most popular guy in the room, but it certainly didn't hurt.

Annie particularly enjoyed it when a herd of boys stampeded in on weekends. She paid a lot of attention to what she wore when she served them snacks. Annie didn't go for Innocent Slut, that would be too much. Maybe someday.

But she had tops that, when she bent a certain way ... well, more than one fortunate lad had caught a glimpse of a nipple. And it wasn't her fault that those white slacks were so tight. One morning Nancy ran a finger down the outline of Annie's pussy, "Shit, why not just go out there naked?"

Not very often, maybe once every two or three weeks, Annie sent Christian an anonymous e-mail with the header, Enjoy. She knew he had no idea who the sender was because he discussed it with a couple of his friends.

The body of the letter contained only the URL of a porn site Annie wanted to steer him to. Her latest showed showed two naked boys jacking off together as they surfed the net. No luck so far, she hadn't yet seen any of Christian's friends masturbate beside him.

But he was watching that particular video on a fairly regular basis. So, Annie and Nancy had expectations.

Annie hadn't yet decided when she'd send him the first mother-son link.

Another fun stratagem was when Annie and Nancy would sit in the kitchen talking as if unaware that Christian could overhear them. Nancy would say, "Annie, I'd fuck Christian in a New York minute if you'd let me."

Or, "At least let me suck his cock."

Annie alway gave back understanding and hope, "Not yet, Nancy, not yet."

Or, "I don't blame you, he's just so sexy. I wish I could ... no never mind!"

Or, Nancy, "I bet his cum is delicious."

"I bet you're right, Christian just has that look."

Or, Nancy, "I wonder how big his cock is?"

"I wonder too. I wish he hadn't gone all shy on me, I used to love watching him run around naked."

Or, Nancy, "I wonder how many times a day he jacks off?"

"I have no idea, but I would imagine it's quite a few times. He's at that age."

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