Worshipping God
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by chris.lionofthenorth

Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Edward, a young monk from a religious sect known for promoting law and order, sets out with his Brothers to a nearby town. After arriving there, however, Edward encounters a beautiful and mysterious woman, who challenges everything he believes in. This story takes place in a fictional medieval fantasy setting.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   Oral Sex   Masturbation  

“Beware, my brothers, that you do not fall into temptation, lest you lose yourself and your soul. But instead, focus on the Divine, the righteous, and it will lead you to Salvation.”

Chaplain Saul was preaching to a congregation of 42 members of House Righteous, a moderately-sized temple dedicated to Chirrus (“keer-us”), the god of justice. Although not the most popular member of the Divine Pantheon in the current increasingly corrupt and hedonistic age, he was still worshiped by many men who sought to bring about the end of the abuses of power.

Indeed, this was the reason that Brother Godwin had decided to join House Righteous only 5 years prior. He had seen first hand what powerful people got away with in the government, and his sensibilities could not tolerate it.

Now a full Brother, Edward Godwin was one of the fastest advancing members of the organization, and at the tender age of 23. Godwin knew that many of his brothers were jealous of his advancement, and considered him still too naive to be a leader in the organization.

To prove himself to others, and himself, Godwin made a vow to travel with some fellow brothers on an outreach trip. There would be 3 other men with Godwin in their troop, and their mission was to observe the nearby town of Addersfield for any transgressions against the law. Travel was only a one day trip by horse, and it was seen as a necessary function for those who sought to bring Chirrus’ weighing hand to the rest of the world.

“The world we live in is corrupt- full of the personal satisfaction, at the expense of others. When you go out, you will see the influence of this sin- whether it be the thief who steals your gold, or the biased official who overlooks the crimes of their son...” Chaplain Saul continued. Many brothers were nodding in assent.

“Only by submitting ourselves to the law, and becoming obedient to the order of things, do we find our true calling in life. By serving each other through trust and humility, we make our society better for all. It is the calling of our god, and the calling of our order” Saul said, increasing in volume. He lifted his hands up...

“Amen” came the choral reply from the congregation.

The Chaplain looked out over the men with a stoic gaze, his blue eyes searching the crowd. His chiseled face slowly turned around the room.

“There are some of you who have taken it upon yourselves to bring fairness and justice to one of the heathen towns of this world. This is not an easy task- for truly I warn you that the temptations of corruption are strong. They are far stronger now than in ages past, when empires stood guard to protect the rights of its people, when men and women could walk safely down the streets without fear of their fellow man.”

Edward had read about the times of the Icathian Age, when the Grand Empire stretched to control nearly half of the known world. As Saul had described, it was a nobler time back then, one filled with pride and order. It was also a time where Chirrus was worshipped in every city, along with the other deities from the good side of the pantheon. That was nearly three centuries ago, however...

“Although it pains me to think of a time that was much better than ours, the truth is that our mission has always remained the same- to protect the weak and powerless from the unjust, to bring law and order to civilization. The time has come for our fellow brothers to take up this holy task, to spread the news that Chirrus has heard their cries for justice. Will you heed the call?!”

“Yes, by the power of Chirrus” shouted the group.

“May the scales bring us peace” Chaplain Saul intoned, signalling the end of the lecture.

“Amen” Edward replied.

Edward woke up early the next morning, performed his personal rituals, and went to the mess hall to eat breakfast. He enjoyed the peace and quiet of the mornings, when many of his brothers were still sleeping.

“Good morning Brother Godwin”, came a familiar voice. A man only a year older than Edward sat down at the long table.

“Good morning, Eli” Edward responded. Despite being a little older than him, Eli was still an Acolyte, a rank lower than Edward.

“How are you feeling about your trip tomorrow?” Eli continued. Eli always seemed pleasant, and perhaps that was the reason Eli overlooked Edwards’ quick rise in the organization. “A little nervous, but eager to finally put my training to use” Edward admitted. Although Edward always put on a self-confident face with everyone else, he felt like being more honest with Eli.

“Yeah, I’ll bet. I don’t really remember much of my time before coming here, so I’d be nervous going out, too.” Edward remembered that Eli was only a child when he was brought in, homeless and without any family.

“You would do great, Eli” Edward said, smiling. He thought about all the friendships Eli had made here, and how his charisma would be a great asset in spreading their message to an often-deaf world.

“Yeah, thanks. But only Brothers can venture out of House Righteous...”

“You’ll get there soon, Eli” Edward said, optimistically. Based on the time he had been here, Eli was lagging behind some of the others. It wasn’t for lack of effort, though. He’s just a little slower at everything, Edward thought.

“I hope so, then maybe we could go out on missions together” Eli said.

“I’d like that” Edward replied. It’d be nice to go with a friend...

“Godwin, Green, you’re up!”

Edward tightened his grip on the small shield on his left arm, and strode confidently out to the dueling circle. Watching his opponent, he ran through his usual analysis-

Larger in size, longer reach, but often overextends. Relies on strong, heavy blows to weaken opponents and create openings. Stance is good, feet are slow. Psychologically, will likely start with aggressive maneuvers given his dislike for me.

Stay quick, Edward told himself, match aggression with quick movement and counters. Develop range and wait for the right timing before engaging...

“Begin!” came the quartermaster’s yell.

“AAaahhh.” Before a second had even commenced, Edward saw the black sap swinging in a three-quarter motion towards the left of his body.

“Ah” Edward quickly exhaled, shortly meeting the club-like weapon with the soft wood of his shield. The impact jolted his arm a bit, but he was still in control.

Edward landed with his own blow on Aidan’s shield, although his was much lighter. The true purpose of Edward’s counter was to force Aidan to block high, making him a split second slower with his next swing.

Edward slid to his right, away from Aidan’s weapon side. Although Aidan was strong and could swing faster than the other men, Edward was quick enough and smart enough to withstand the onslaught, usually.

bang came the next blow, again towards Edward’s head. Edward knew it wasn’t just his impressive size- Aidan liked going for the impressive knockouts. And if he took out Edward, it would be the talk of the House.

Edward continued sliding to his right, keeping his shield arm up to deflect the incoming blows. With his quick feet, Edward was able to create some space, although Aidan closed it quickly with his large steps...

bang came another blow. That one stung.

Edward winced, which he knew Aidan would see through their reinforced helmets.

Dropping his shield arm just a bit lower, Aidan yelled again with another ferocious swing.

Instead of taking another hit, however, Edward took a small step to his left and brought his shield up tight to his helmet. Bending towards his right with his upper body, he swung himself forward in a dipping motion to dodge the blow, and met Aidan’s knee with a clean hit of his own. Edward felt the hard contact of his club with the side of his right knee.

Following up on his maneuver, Edward completed his motion with a short step of his right foot, and swiveled to his left so that his left foot was forward again. Facing the back of his opponent, he saw that Aidan was limping around to face him again.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Edward slammed home on Aidan’s shield with his club, hitting it hard enough that he would have to keep thinking defensively. After the second quick blow, Edward bull rushed him with his shield in front of him, pushing Aidan backwards.

Not enough to knock him on his back, Edward pushed off with his shield to separate himself, lest they get into a grappling match. Throwing with as much power as he could, Edward took his back leg and snapped it towards Aidan’s right leg, right at the inner thigh.

The next thing he knew, Aidan’s leg fell from underneath him, and he landed forward on the ground.

With his shield down, Aidan’s helmet was exposed, and Edward took advantage by whacking him on the left side of it. With the special reinforcement used in training, it was not enough to knock Aidan unconscious, however it was disorienting.

Knowing that Aidan’s instinct would be to bring his shield up to where he had been struck, Edward circled to his right, around behind Aidan’s shield. Landing a single blow to the back of Aidan’s helmet, he saw Aidan’s head jolt forward, and he knew the fight was over.

“Enough!” came the quartermaster’s bellow. Edward instantly stopped, and circled over to his side of the circle. He strode confidently over to his bench, dropping his shield and club before working on his armor. He could feel the stares of the observers on him, and the silence was deafening.

Looking behind him, Edward saw the quartermaster attending to Aidan, talking to him about his injuries. Edward kept his focus on removing his armor, however, and thought about the fight they just had-

Good lateral move to avoid his swing, although risky. If he had seen me dropping low, he could’ve knocked me down with that heavy swing of his. He won’t leave himself open like that again...

Edward dropped his helmet, and felt the fresh air on his sweaty skin- and it would only take one blow to the head for me to lose any speed advantage.

Looking back to the dueling circle, he saw that Aidan was now sitting up- he’s pretty popular with the other Brothers, this may not bode well with me. Edward sighed, thinking of the ostracization that would be coming his way- and the looks.

Having calmed himself down, Edward no longer felt his heart pumping as loud, and wanted to check on Aidan. But knowing Aidan, Edward knew it would be better to stay away.

Edward was done removing the armor pieces around his torso, shoulders, and thighs, when he heard an angry yell behind him

“Get this thing off me!” Looks like he’s back...

Edward waited by his gear, calmly looking towards the quartermaster. It took half a minute for the quartermaster Bruno to help Aidan remove his helmet, however, and when he did, it flew across the courtyard.

“My fucking knee!” Aidan snarled. Profanity was rarely tolerated in the rest of the temple, but emotions often flared in the courtyard.

“You’re excused, Godwin” Bruno said. Edward nodded in respect, and grabbed his gear so he could return them to the weapons shed.

The reactions from people the rest of the day was mixed; some gave disapproving looks, while others were excited and curious enough to get all of the gory details. Edward knew that the interest in him wouldn’t last long, though.

After completing daytime chores, studying the holy scripts, and eating supper, Edward was back in his 10’ x 10’ room, getting ready for an early bedtime. As was his usual pre-bedtime routine, he worked out for half an hour, cycling from one exercise to another. He enjoyed exercises that tested his endurance, and he liked to slow down his movements until he felt the pain in his muscles.

After completing his push-ups, sit-ups, and chin lifts, Edward worked on his balance and core strength by putting himself into awkward positions. He had read about the different styles of exercise from one of the books from the library, and was amazed at how effective they were. Not only did it give him strength, but quickness and stamina, too.

After finishing, Edward went to the chest with all of his belongings, and went to put on a fresh shirt for bed. He saw his reflection in the mirror, and stopped to examine the progress his body had made.

At 5’11’’ and 180 pounds, Edward didn’t have the big muscles that some of the other brothers had, but he was very toned with very little fat on his body. Although most brothers hadn’t seen his slim and fit figure underneath the heavy silver robes he wore, his strength with the temple’s weaponry was unmatched for anyone his height.

Flexing in the mirror, Edward wondered if there were other men out there with his physicality and strength- I’d like to meet them, he thought. Maybe I can train myself to be better. He had read about massive training academies in the old days, where young men trained to be soldiers and go to war.

Not that Edward wanted to go to war. His military training here at House Righteous was mandatory, same as it was for everyone else. It was expected that members of the Chirrus order could defend themselves should they need to, most often with a mace or other bludgeoning weapon. Justice was not welcomed by everyone, after all.

Edward fell asleep wondering what challenges would await him in Addersfield

Edward woke up in the morning and ate breakfast quickly, so that he would have plenty of time to pack up. He met up with his fellow Brothers for the journey- Amos, Laramis, and Jethros, and they were off with a blessing from Chaplain Saul.

Amos was the oldest of the group at 42 years old, and had been on over a dozen missions outside of the temple. He remained a Brother despite his many years at House Righteous, and the reason was his disinterest in leadership and the managing of the temple’s day to day activities. Amos preferred to be among his brothers, teaching them through his experiences. He was also accomplished in many areas of combat, and knew what to expect on their missions.

Laramis was a few years older than Edward, and like Eli, grew up at the temple. Whereas Eli was pleasant to be around however, Laramis was not. Most times, Laramis was quiet, only speaking when necessary, or to offer some sort of reproach. It was the kind of attitude that the temple fomented in its congregation, and Edward sometimes wondered if he was going down that path as well.

Lastly, there was Jethros, who was also a few years older than Edward. Much more talkative than his counterpart, Jethros was a bit of a know-it-all, who didn’t know it all. A little too egotistical for Edward’s liking, Jethros often liked to joke around to make himself sound better. Although smart and very competitive, Jethros was sometimes put in his place by Edward during shared study classes, and especially during combat training.

Each Brother rode a horse for the journey, with Amos taking the lead-

“It’s been half a year since I was in Addersfield” Amos explained, turning his head to the side so that the other Brothers could hear him. “It’s a town of about 1500 souls, the largest town in any direction for several days travel. Being closer to the more populated cities of Andalusia and Hornwallis, it has many similarities in government- there is a single leader with most of the power, with several bodies of governance below him.”

“What’s his name?” Edward asked.

“Samuel Taggart” Jethros interjected, enunciating the name, “Son of William Taggart, of course.”

“Yeah, Sam’s been ruler since his father passed... ‘bout 7 years ago” Amos continued. “We ran into some trouble with the town guard last fall, but we straightened it out.”

“The Guard are not to be trusted” Laramis said with acrimony. Edward remembered that Laramis was on the last mission trip with Amos. This was both his and Jethros’ first time, having both attained Brotherhood in the winter.

“Yeah” Amos said with some sadness, “I don’t know what to expect this time around. The agreement that we’ve kept with Addersfield for decades now is in the balance.”

The agreement, which allowed Brothers and higher ranking members of Chirrus to enforce the law, was always thought to be an assumed contractual arrangement. Initially an Empiric Order from the times of the Grand Empire, it allowed the religious order to maintain a high level of civility throughout the empire, curtailing the abuses of power than man inevitably succumbed to. Without that agreement, the influence of Chirrus would diminish significantly.

“Seemed that a lot of people were in favor of having us there, after all” Amos continued, “And that’s what made the Town Guard back down on some of the charges we were making.”

Sounds like there could be trouble, Edward thought.

The Brothers did not have any problems on the road, and were within sight of the town before dusk.

“Let me do the talking, Brothers” Amos stated. Moving up to the gate, Amos opened his silver robe and pulled the hood back.

“Greetings, I am Amos from House Righteous. I am here with my travelling companions on our outreach mission to your fair town. I formally request entrance for us.”

From a small opening in the gate’s lower guard house, a head popped into view-

“We know who you are. But we don’t allow entrance at night. You will have to come back in the morning.”

There’s no way we are staying out here in the cold. And it’s not even dark out yet!

“To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?” Amos started.

“The Town Guard” said the voice. This is not going well, Edward thought.

“I will have the Town Guard know that we are guests of Lord Taggart, and will see him on the morrow...” Amos said, implying the threat of reprimand.

Edward heard some grumbling, and thought he heard some swearing from behind the arrow slit.

With a loud creak, the large wooden doors opened, and the party trotted their horses in. Amos gave them all a concerned look-

“I take it you didn’t have this trouble the last time?” Jethros asked. Amos didn’t answer at first- “Come on, the inn is not far.”

The group continued into the town, trotting their horses on the rough cobblestone path that led from the main gate into the center of town. There were many houses about, with little space in between. Men and women walked up and down the street, slowly moving to their destination before dark. Kids were also in the street, running about and playing games, their mothers yelling at them to come inside for supper.

Edward noticed the attire of the townspeople, which was simple and bare. Although he had been raised in the country, even country folk had clothes in better shape than the ones here.

As they got closer to the center of town, the buildings were getting larger, and they passed many businesses. The people here look better off, too.

Edward was taking in all of the sights and sounds, trying to catch up with the group moving in single file, when he saw something that caught his eye-


Standing by one of the buildings was a young woman with curly, fiery red hair. She was wearing a dark blue laced bodice, which pushed her breasts up, and a shimmering blue skirt that ended around her mid-thigh.

Her left arm was resting underneath her bosom, with her right elbow on her wrist. While he watched her, she uncurled her finger from her hair, and pulled the shoulder strap over her left shoulder, leaving it bare. After seeing her seductive movement, he looked up to her face, which was blowing him a kiss. In a state of shock, Edward continued watching the beautiful woman.

Before leaving her sight, he saw her beckon him with a curled finger, and Edward thought he felt a pull on him.

“We’re here” Amos said gruffly, breaking Edward from his reverie. Edward looked up at the sign hanging overhead, which read, Bilgewater Tavern and Inn.

The four men dismounted, and brought their horses to the inn’s stable. They headed inside, and paid the the innkeep for the night.

“Alright, gentlemen, we have a busy day tomorrow, including a meeting at Lord Taggart’s office. Get some sleep” Amos told them.

“You okay, Brother?” Jethros asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. Just new to a town like this, is all” Edward replied. “Addersfield’s nothing compared to Andalusia. They’ve got over 12,000 people living there. I’d love to go there” Jethros continued, “Pretty dangerous place, though. You’d want to take care if you ever went there.”

Sure... “I’ll keep that in mind, Brother Talwin.”

“Amos said we should just stick to first names outside the temple, makes people feel more at ease” Jethros continued.

“Good idea. Have a good night” Edward said, trying to end the conversation.

“You too” Jethros replied.

Edward went to his room, which was actually smaller than the one at the temple. He sat on the bed, still in a daze from seeing that woman on the road

Was she a prostitute? The way she was dressed, showing so much skin...

Edward remembered how she beckoned him, inviting him to come to her- she was so beautiful, so sensual with those breasts and those lips. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen...

He kept picturing her in his mind, with her pale creamy skin, white as milk. Her breasts, which seemed to fill up her laced garment, looking as if they would spill over. Her reddish-brown hair, curled and long. And her face, which had those luscious red lips, and eyes like an emerald.

Edward kept thinking about the woman, over and over, replaying the event in his mind like a loop. He kept every detail of her in his memories, enjoying every part of her image.

His heart pounded with excitement, his mind still fascinated with her-

Who is she? I should find out.

Edward thought about the building where he saw her, and realized that it wasn’t far from where he was staying.

Should I go out? No, that’s crazy.

And yet the idea of meeting her was almost too much for him to handle- I can’t do it now. I have to get some sleep.

Edward’s thoughts went to possibilities he had never considered before, like marriage and love. Despite being a temple for male worshippers by exclusion, members of Chirrus’ Order were allowed to marry once they were outside the temple. And that won’t happen for many more years. Since marriage was seen as a distraction to their work, members had to attain the level of Priesthood first.

I bet there’s no one like her in all the world... Edward thought, laying down for sleep

“Come to me” he heard her say. Her voice was so soft and calm, like an angel

He moved towards her, searching through darkness.

“Come to me” he heard again. He felt the pull of her voice, and was led by it.

Crawling on the uneven ground, he suddenly saw a dazzling white light, which blinded him.

In another moment, the light started receding, and he tried to make out where the light came from...

The light faded enough that Edward could make out a feminine form- naked, he realized

Following the contours of her body, he saw her thin frame, still glowing in a white light

“Come closer” it bid him. Curious, he walked slowly towards her.

As he came closer, her form seemed to change, from one of lithe asexuality, to ... something stronger.

He realized that the closer to this creature he came, the more definite her form became, and the softer the glow.

He stepped closer, and watched as the dots on her chest grew- nipples?

The nipples became more distinct, and breasts slowly formed, small at first.

It was then that Edward realized that he, too, was naked. His penis was growing in size.

“It is your desire” she said, in a normal feminine voice.

He moved closer again, watching her breasts develop before his eyes. And as they grew, his manhood grew as well, a pressure in his groin that he had not felt in a long time.

It was then that he understood what he meant, and how his feelings were connected to her.

Edward hesitated, realizing that he was going towards something foreign, and potentially dangerous.

“Come to me” she said. It wasn’t a command, but an offer. An offer he had the ability to choose.

He felt the pressure again in his penis, and saw that it was erect. The feeling in his loins was good, but somehow bad at the same time...

“Come to me”

He watched her body, with the small breasts and hips she possessed. He tried looking at her face, but it was blank, like a mannequin. Somehow, her body was what mattered.

“It is your desire” she said again.

Now Edward was wondering if she was his desire. His manhood certainly thought she was, and it was pointing directly at her.

Whether it was curiosity or lust that drove him, Edward didn’t know, but the woman’s glow lessened again, and her breasts and hip grew a little more. Edward saw her sexuality grow, and it felt good inside him.

He took another step, and this time the light from her faded away, but he could still see her as plain as day. Her breasts now swelled enough that they were wider than her chest, and the small circles around her nipple were a dark brown.

Edward felt himself floating towards her, his penis building in pressure. It felt so pleasurable to be in her presence, to watch her mature.

Her hips and thighs grew too, and suddenly he saw her crossed legs start to open. He drifted faster towards her, and his focus became her pubic region...

“Come be with me” she said in a husky, voice. It was dripping with sex, and promises of pleasure...

Edward woke up with a start. What?

Feeling a wetness on his groin, he quickly threw the covers over- no

Embarrassed, Edward quickly got out of bed before he stained the bed sheets. He started undressing himself, and threw away his wet night garments.

Standing naked in his room, the moonlight provided enough illumination for him to see the mess he made on himself.

Why would this happen, of all nights?! I need to get some sleep!

Edward took a towel and wiped the semen off his crotch. I’ll have to wash these before morning. I can’t let anyone else know about this.

Putting on some fresh clean clothes, Edward bundled up his dirty clothes, and went to find the washroom.

“Unbelievable” he muttered to himself. He thought about the dream he just had, and unlike all of his other dreams, he could remember all of it in detail.

Damn wench, Edward thought. Should’ve just avoided her.

But the more Edward thought about it, the more he realized that the woman was likely a symbol-

Father Bernard once mentioned that dreams were a connection between our hidden desires and fears to our conscious minds. They could be studied to better learn about oneself.

Edward found the washroom, and went about filling a basin with clean water. It didn’t take him long to realize that the woman represented something to do with sex, but he didn’t know why he had this dream tonight of all nights-

Of course, the red-haired woman!

It seemed obvious to him once he realized it, and yet, he was confused as to why he had such a visceral psychological reaction to her-

Maybe I’ve been repressed for so long, and this is the result.

Oh Chirrus, please don’t let this be a nightly routine now!

Edward woke up feeling much better, albeit with a little bit of uneasiness. It was as if the wet dream has dirtied him, even though he knew he was not at fault.

It’s not against the law to ejaculate in privacy, after all, Edward thought to himself.

With all the Brothers seated in the dining area eating breakfast, Amos explained their next step-

“Before we get started with our observations, we will have to have our names and arrival documented by someone in the Lord’s command- in the past this was the leader of Addersfield, however I have just recently learned this is now the responsibility of the Town Guard Commander.”

Can’t wait to meet him, Edward mused.

“The current Commander is John Wayford, who I met a couple of missions ago. Very no-nonsense, and likes to have things his way. He’s not a fan of our agreement, unfortunately” Amos said, sadly. “I don’t know what to expect from him this time around, but the bartender was telling me last night that things are changing around here ... and not for the better.”

“How so?” Edward asked.

Amos took a drink before continuing, “Used to be there was a law that punished people committing crimes against the good churches here more harshly than the same crimes committed against regular folk. It was meant as a deterrent to protect the clergy of the good gods, since they used to be targeted by evil worshippers of other deities.”

“And now?” Edward asked, concerned.

“The law has been repealed by Lord Taggart himself. He argued that it was unfairly punishing regular people more harshly than it should have. Since the law was repealed, its had the effect of increasing the number of petty crimes against church property, and clergy complaints of harassment have recently come forward.” Amos took a bite out of his bread.

“And are the Town Guard doing anything about it?” Laramis asked.

“Officially they are investigating the incidents” Amos said, “But unofficially, they couldn’t care less.Seems that crime, in general, has increased, so they may be more preoccupied with that right now.”

Edward nodded his head, concerned about the news.

Being in the middle of town, it didn’t take long for the four Brothers to make their way to the main guardhouse, where Commander Wayford resided. It was one of the larger buildings in the whole town, uniquely built of stone walls.

And while the group made their way there, Edward could not help but look around, seeing if the woman from last night was there. Although the idea of seeing her again was exciting, he was glad that he could not find her, lest he get distracted again- I can’t screw this up. Not on my first mission.

Entering through the heavy wooden door, the four Brothers were kept in the waiting area until Commander Wayford could meet them. Edward studied the inside of the building, noting the jail cells- They seem so small, barely enough room to move around. And it seems every one of them is full.

“Gentleman, this way please.” One of the soldiers brought the men around to the back of the building, to one of the only desks. Seated at the desk was a tall man with short blonde hair that was curled and unkempt. His skin looked pink and rosy, and his small blue eyes looked at the group only briefly-

“Have a seat” he told them. Edward waited for the other Brothers to sit before moving his small chair behind Amos’.

“Greetings, Commander Wayford” Amos started, politely.

“Good day Amos. I see you brought some more ... followers ... for your mission.” Wayford seemed to be searching for the right word to refer to Edward and his two younger companions, which didn’t sit right with him.

“Yes, let me introduce my fellow Brothers in Justice” Amos said, without missing a beat, “Laramis, who was with me several months ago, Edward, a promising young Brother, and Jethros, one of the brightest men of our organization.” Amos looked at each Brother, and each Brother nodded their short greeting in turn.

“And do you all know the laws of our town?” Wayford asked sternly.

The three younger Brothers answered affirmatively.

But he still doesn’t seem convinced, Edward thought.

“Things have changed” Wayford bellowed, “Minor crimes that we used to enforce in the past have been put to the side, to make room for the real criminals.” He nodded behind the Brothers, to the jail cells, “I’ve been up to my eyeballs in paperwork recently. I don’t know what’s gotten into this town” he said, shaking his head.

After a momentary silence, Commander Wayford reached into a drawer of his desk, and pulled out a sheet of paper.

“Here you go” he said, sliding the paper over to Amos. “It’s the contract for your mission here. You can read the fine print, but basically, it says that you stay out of our way, and we stay out of yours. That means if you get in trouble, you’re on your own, too.”

Amos scanned the document, his eyes moving quickly from side to side- “That shouldn’t be a problem, Commander. We are on the same side here.”

Wayford gave a noncommittal grunt. “Sign at the bottom.”

It took another minute for Amos to finish- “Alright, looks good.” He signed his name at the bottom, and nodded for Laramis to do the same. After Laramis signed, he nodded towards Edward, then Jethros.

Edward noticed that Amos had them sign their names in the same order he introduced them earlier, and wondered if Amos was putting them in some sort of ranked order...

Am I second to Laramis? It would make sense, since Laramis was here before. Amos probably trusts him.

Edward thought about his place, and decided that he was happy with it after all- I wonder if Jethros realizes he’s last in this hierarchy. Watching Jethros sign his name, Edward saw that Jethros was more tight-lipped. Probably doesn’t need to concentrate that hard to write his name ... he must’ve figured out what I did, too.

Some men would accept such a position, not wanting to disrupt the group dynamics. But Jethros is certainly not one of them.

“And here is a copy of our current laws” Wayford said, dropping a book on the desk. It landed with a thud.

“You’ve been busy” Amos remarked smartly.

“Lord Taggart has been” Wayford corrected.

“Of course” Amos laughed, understanding where Wayford was coming from. Edward also correctly assumed that Wayford was not happy about the volume of changes. “We will endeavor to learn it hence.”

Amos stood up, and handed the book over to Laramis. “A pleasure, Commander” he said, extending his hand.

“Good day, Brother Amos” Wayford replied, shaking his hand.

Instead of exploring the town and learning where everything was, Edward was now back in the common room of The Bilgewater Tavern and Inn, taking notes while Laramis read aloud first the old law of Addersfield, then the new. It took hours for them to go through the book, and that was partly from how the laws were organized in the book; instead of rewriting each section of law to incorporate new statutes, it was all organized chronologically, so that the reader had to flip pages to find where one statute affected another.

“A round of drinks for the scholars” said the pretty bar wench, placing the mugs on the table. With her low cut blouse, Edward had a full view of her cleavage, especially when she bent down.

“Thank you miss” Amos replied, before the woman left. The Brothers each grabbed a mug, but Edward was a little too slow-

“I think Brother Godwin might be smitten” Jethros teased. When Edward understood his meaning, he started to blush.

At a loss for words, Edward took a drink to hide his embarrassment.

“Be mindful ... all of you” Amos spoke gravely to everyone at the table, “Addersfield is very unlike our home. It encourages sinful desires in everyone.” Amos nodded towards the book of laws on the table, “You have seen what men have created to keep order in this town, but you have not seen it used in practice. When you observe men behaving without the strong guidance of Chirrus, it will be most alarming.”

The table sat in silence for a moment, the gravity of Amos’ words weighing on them. He looked at each of them fully-

“You will see lustful men betraying their vows for the bed of a stranger ... you will see tax collectors using extortion to fill their greedy coffers ... and you will see men of authority do nothing to protect the weak. It is the way of man, it is our nature.”

“But, through the teachings of our order, we will make a difference. Remember those teachings well, my brothers, and it will lead you through the lies and distractions of this place.”

Feeling more optimistic about their place, the four Brothers set themselves to the work of transcribing the laws and committing them to memory.

Later that day, Edward was alone in his room, reciting the laws to himself. He had gotten through many of the laws, when he suddenly thought back to the bar wench downstairs, and her large bosom-

Watch your thoughts, Edward, he told himself. They will be your undoing.

Forcing himself to read the next law out loud, Edward was trying to put her out of his mind, but failing to do so-

“What is wrong with me?” he said to the empty room. Was it the dream? Or the red-haired woman on the street?

Edward assumed that the thoughts and feelings he was having were related to the shock of coming out to the sexually-open environment he was now in.

The other Brothers don’t seem as distracted- perhaps their innate desires are not as strong as mine.

Don’t shift the blame! He told himself. Take responsibility.

Or maybe ... they’re just stronger than I am, Edward realized. As the feeling of insecurity washed over him, he felt a slight pressure in his nose.

Don’t give into your emotions. Remember the teachings

“I am humble. I am a servant. I serve Chirrus, and through him, my fellow man. I am slow to judge, and deliberate with my judgement. I will bring justice to all who deserve it, making all men equal. Through my actions, I will bring order to this world. Let those who resist the law be brought to shame. Chirrus grant me the strength to judge with his holiness. Amen.”

Although these temptations may be unique to me, I will face them. I will guard my thoughts with the teachings of Chirrus, and take responsibility for my actions. Only by remaining impartial and focused will I be worthy of passing judgement on others. Only through Chirrus’ ways will I find the truth, dispelling the distractions of this world, and bringing this town closer to the respect and order that we are all due.

Edward set his notes down, and knelt beside his bed-

Chirrus grant me the wisdom to see things as they really are, and the strength to carry out what must be done. Amen.

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