A Visit to Tripp's Club
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story was started in 2010 and continues to refine 'the Club' world. It's a rather long story but I wanted bring out the details as if the Club really existed. It follows one man's mission to become a guest at the Club and his journey of sexual pleasure with many, many girls. The sex doesn't start for a couple chapters, but when it does it continues non-stop!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Robot   Mother   Daughter   BDSM   First   Sex Toys   Lactation   Double Penetration   Needles  

I heard about this place called the Club, that's the name, just 'the Club'. A business associate of mine told me a story over a few beers while we were at a conference in Dubai. He had been told about this club from a supposed member. Names are never discussed, so if you tell my story, please, never mention my name.

So anyway, back to the Club. My business associate (friend) tells me he heard about this place where all the women are sex slaves for the clients. But these girls are not just acting or into this kind of stuff. They're all kidnapped and somehow turned into sexual nymphs. All ages (above some cutoff) and all types of girls! I asked him if he knew where the place was, or how to become a member, but my friend's friend wouldn't say. It seems you need to be invited.

For the next few months I occasionally searched the internet for clues to the Club. But given that the name was rather generic, the queries were useless. To be honest, I wasn't even sure I believed it existed. Still, I was intrigued by the thought that this place could fulfill a sexual fantasy of mine. For now, let's leave it at that.

Eventually, I started to drop little hints about the Club whenever I was on business out of the country. I'd be talking with someone at bar and ask "Have you ever heard of this place called The Club?" "It's like a gentlemen's club, very exclusive and very secretive." Nobody knew anything – or at least that's what they would say.

In the end, it was just dumb luck. I was eating dinner by myself at L'Ambassade D'Auvergne in Paris. I was bored, so naturally I started to eavesdrop on the table conversations around me. Two men sitting to my left were drinking wine and waiting for their meals. Their conversation was hushed, but pointed. At first I didn't know what they were going on about. I heard " ... you brought them your wife's daughter! Oh my god, what were you thinking? How old is she, is she even eighteen yet? Jesus!" Then the other guy; "I know, I know, but how else? If you're not invited, there's only one other way." "But why Jeanne, she's just a kid? Couldn't you find some whore on the street?" "No, it has to be a family member or a really really good friend."

At this point the conversation stopped. Both guys went silent. I'm thinking "this is getting good, keep going. I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but it sounds illegal." Then I hear; "So, are you a member of the club now?" Holy Shit! Jackpot!

"Keep it down! You know they'll kill me if they knew I was telling you this. They might even kill you." "Now you're just sounding paranoid." "Maybe, but I'm telling you, this place is killer secret. And, no, I'm not in just yet. I've told them where they can ... pick ... up JJ. It should happen on Saturday. Then I'm supposed to get a call on my cell."

Unfortunately the waiter showed up just then with their food. The two guys ate mostly in silence. As for me, I slowed down my consumption so as not to finish before they did. Now all I needed was a plan.

Toward the end of their meal, the one guy asked, "What's Michelle going to think happened to her daughter? What if she calls the police?" "Jeanne has skipped out in the past – always to her dad's place in the country. Michelle hates speaking with her ex, so she just assumes JJ is safe. It could be a week before she starts to worry ... and then ... well I'll cross that bridge when we get to it!"

At this point, I asked the waiter for my bill, and after paying moved over to the bar. From the bar, I could keep and eye on my target. The restaurant had a no-cell phone policy and asked that you check your phone with your coat. Sure enough, as the two men left, they picked up their jackets and phones at the desk. I watched as the one guy, the one trying to get into the Club, placed his phone into the outside pocket of his coat – an easy lift. Quickly I moved toward the restaurant exit. Other patrons were coming and going and the lobby was crowded. As I passed, a quick 'accidental' bump was all it took. "Excuse me." I had his phone!

I was acting mostly on impulse. I wasn't even sure what I would do with the phone. I only hoped the guy didn't report it missing and have it disconnected. But I figured he probably didn't want the police involved with his life just now. Considering it sounded like he just set up his teenage step-daughter to be kidnapped and used for sex.

So my plan was this; ignore all calls to the cell until Saturday, then hope to get the number when the 'important' call came through. And that's what I did. For the next few days, the cell phone received maybe five or six calls. I wrote down the numbers and names just in case. I also scanned over the pics on the phone. There were a couple of a very attractive older woman – his wife I'm guessing. And one picture with the older woman and a teen girl who had similar features. This must be his step daughter, and she was gorgeous. She stood about 5'-6" and was stick thin with long dark brunette hair and eyes. Her face had an exotic foreign look with a darker skin complexion. Maybe Italian, or maybe Middle Eastern – hard to tell. From what I could see in the picture, her breasts were smallish (B or C cups at best) and her stomach was flat as could be. No way to see what her ass looked like but I could only imagine it was perfect. I masturbated that night thinking about fucking JJ at the Club.

When Saturday rolled around, I cleared my schedule and stayed in my hotel room ... waiting. I read a book and watched some old French movie on the flat screen. Around dinner time the phone rang and I rushed to check the display. But it turned out to be someone on his contact list. I ordered room service. The night passed slowly and I began to think that maybe something went wrong. It was 11:32 when the ring-tone came to life.

The display said 'Private – Unknown'. That made sense; there was no way they would call from a published number. There was only one thing I could do. So I answered, "Hello?" "Is this Mr. Aldridge?" "Yes, speaking." "Your package has been secured. If you wish to rescind the agreement, this is your last chance. We will return the package and our business relationship will end here and now. Do you wish to continue per our agreement?" I hesitated for a just a moment. If this organization found out I wasn't really this Aldridge guy, how pissed off would they be? Fuck it, I've gone this far. "Yes, I wish to continue. Absolutely."

"The package will be transported to our main facility. Do you wish to be present for the final processing?" I had no idea what the 'final processing' entailed. Could I risk the girl seeing me and saying "who's that guy?" On the other hand, there's no way they would let the girl see her step dad (me). "Yes, I would like to be present." "Fine, final processing will take place in four days. We will overnight you instructions on how to reach our facility. You're mailing address please?" "I'm currently in a hotel." "That's fine, the hotel address please?" Crap, they're going to address the info to Aldridge. Think, think quickly. "Uhh ... the room is registered under a different name." "Mr. Aldridge, we understand that our clientele likes to remain, shall we say, untraceable. Just provide whatever address and name will safely ensure that you and only you receive the information package."

So I gave them the hotel name and my name, my real name. What else could I do? "Be prepared to travel on Tuesday. Transportation will be provided. We do not recommend traveling with any form of identification. Your pass code is 'zenith'. Please repeat the pass code." "Zenith" I said. "Goodbye Mr. Aldridge." With that the call ended. The rabbit hole looked very deep and I had just jumped down.

Monday morning the hotel concierge called up to tell me that a package had been delivered. As I rode down the elevator my excitement grew. This was it, my pass to the Club! The overnight package was relatively thin – had no return address – and oddly enough, I didn't recognize the delivery service. I guess the Club didn't take any chances. Back in the room, my hands were shaking as I tore open the package. Contained within was a single sheet of paper and what looked like an airline boarding pass. The airline was listed as Tripp Air Express, never heard of it. Here's what the paper said:

Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you for showing interest in our organization.

Travel arrangements to our facility have been pre-arranged via private charter air. Please arrive at the Le Bourget airfield by 3pm on this coming Tuesday. You will be required to provide the enclosed boarding pass and your private pass code. No other identification is required nor is it recommended that you travel with any.

Your first stay with us should last five days. You may stay longer if you wish. Please bring both casual and formal dress wear.

When you arrive, you will be required to provide a private bank account with wire withdrawal for all future fees and a security deposit to be held in escrow. There is no fee for your first visit unless you wish to stay beyond the allotted five days.

We look forward to meeting you.

Sincerely, W. Tripp, Jr.

Wow, one thing was for sure, this place wasn't taking any chances. If someone else, like the police, were to find this information, it would be mostly useless. And they don't want me to travel with any identification? What's up with that? I wonder what the 'fees' are – I guess if you need to ask you can't afford it. At least it's free for the first visit. Hell, that's the least they can do considering I gave up my step daughter to them – with that thought, the vision of the beautiful JJ came to mind. God I hope I can fuck her!

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