Cents and Nickel
Chapter 19

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The leader of the attackers was dead. We found his body and retrieved some interesting papers from it. After reading them, Dollars went out to the reporters with them in hand. She said, "Good morning. As you know, I am Corporal Millicent Ingram. Our department has survived another attack from people from outside Alabama. With the help of Lee Sheriff's SWAT, we were able to fight them off. We suffered no injuries this time. Of the sixteen attackers, two survived. The leader did not but had paperwork on his body that I have in my hand. We have no power because it was cut in the attack. As soon as power is restored, we will furnish copies to anyone who wants them."

She looked the camera in the eye. "Mister Vice President, Mister Secretary of Defense, Director of the CIA, you are named in these papers and signed them. We are ready for you. You will not defeat us, you will not intimidate us, you will not deter us from performing our duty. The police force of the city of Notasulga with local assistance will repel any efforts to illegally extract or kill our prisoners."

"That completes my statement. You may review the documents in my hand. I will give out copies later. Thank you."

She looked tired but beautiful.

One asked her, "Corporal Ingram, did you have any warning?"

"No. The power was cut and shooting immediately started from outside. The attackers never tried to communicate with the two of us inside at any time. You might look at the back of the jail. They did attempt to blow it up and damaged it noticeably."

Another said, "Corporal, you said only two of you were inside at the time of the attack?"

"That's correct."

"How did just two of you hold off so many."

Dollars took a deep breath. "My fiancé, who is the department's firearms instructor, was inside with me. He was formerly with Marine Recon and a Medal of Honor recipient. He is a very skillful man."

"When are you getting married?"

"At the end of this month. Provided the federal government will let us live that long."

They went off camera to review the papers Dollars was holding. They went around back and recorded more footage there. Both did live broadcasts again from the front of the station. Teresa taped everything, local and national. It was inflammatory. Federal offices all across the state had demonstrators late that afternoon. Congress was going crazy over the allegations as the national news called them. My record was located and I came out looking pretty good.

Another interesting event that afternoon was the appearance of a group of men from the local building supply and a few construction crews. First, they built a wooden wall and then they began to repair the old wall with plenty of rebar. The reporters watched and reported. One of the men was interviewed. He said, "No one messes with our people. These attacks were unlawful and I don't like it. I am volunteering my labor to help our local police force in a time of need. Now, the rumors were right. Our hot police lady is gonna' marry a Marine. Semper Fi!"

We heard this later when we were having supper with Teresa and Jorgie. Teresa was recording everything. Before we left Alabama Power trucks were at the station repairing the electrical lines where they had been cut. Teresa fed us well though her cooking is not equal to Dollars'. After eating, we returned to the station. The reporters were still there though weren't trying to interview us. I was glad and I think Dollars was, too. The SWAT folks were still there. Their leader said that they were on twelve hour shifts with us until everyone felt that things were truly back to some semblance of normal.

We went over the documents carefully. Copies had been distributed to the press and I had a set, too. I was looking through them and saw my address listed. I went over to our new prisoners and took one to Jenson's office. I closed the door. "Did you make any other stops before coming into town?"

"Yes, Sir. We mined a farm. We were told that's why it was on the list. I don't know why."

"Were you there?"

"Yes, Sir. Snyder and I set the charges."

"Where is Snyder?"

"He's dead."

"Stay in the chair." I went out the door closing it behind me. "Jorgie, we need to ride out to my farm with that guy. They mined my farm."

Dollars and Mossy shouted, "What?"

Jorgie said, "Okay."

"I need a pair of handcuffs and a squad car." Dollars tossed me her handcuffs. Jorgie had an AR and looked ready.

"Abraham, be careful. I will not be widow before I'm married."

I smiled. "I'm always careful."

"Be more careful."

"Yes, Dear." I embraced her being careful of her arm. I went into Jenson's old office. I helped my prisoner out of the chair and cuffed him. "We are going to ride out to that farm and clear it out." I don't think he was happy but I really didn't care. We left moments later with Jorgie holding a pistol on the guy. On the way over, I said, "What's your name?"

"It's Mark Johnson."

"Well, Johnson, we are going to clear that farm completely. You're going to help."

"You can't do that to me. I'm a prisoner."

"You help, get blown up, or shot trying to escape. It's your choice. That's my place. You guys should never have declared war on me. Do you have family?"

"Uh, yes."

"If you get blown up or shot, I will kill every member of your family. Their only hope is for you to truly help and stay alive doing it. Going to prison won't be fun but dead is permanent. You could turn state's evidence and cut a deal. At least you guys didn't kill anyone, you might get witness protection. Remember that, if you don't come back with us, your family dies."

Jorgie and I got out of the car wearing vests. Mark was kept in cuffs. "Is anything rigged to go off electronically?"

"I don't think so. Snyder set up something that might be though I don't think so. Mine were all tripwires or pressure. Everything we did was inside. We didn't bring anything like claymores. It was just tripwire charges for the most part. That was even more thrown together than our attack."

"Let's start with the barn. What did you wire there?"

"I personally wired the garage door and the car. The car is beautiful by the way. Snyder wired both doors. We didn't have enough stuff to put anything else in there."

"You are sure he just wired two doors?"

"Yeah, the two personal doors and the garage door. That's all there were."

"Okay. Jorgie, stay with him. I'll be back. He had better be telling the truth or things will go bang." I left and entered by my secret door. I hadn't even shown it to Dollars yet and had never used it since I built it. I felt this might be a good time to give it a try. I went around the side of the barn and pulled some brush aside. I would replant it later. I opened the trap door with a key. I opened the door enough to get inside, letting it fall closed behind me. I had lighting on a separate circuit. I turned on the lights and walked, bent over, along the corridor to the stairs and gently opened the door. I slipped through it and grabbed one of the flashlights that were kept at that spot. It just looked like common storage for them. I closed the small door and began to walk toward an outside door. I saw the tripwire and explosives package. I knew that one. I deactivated it. Opening the door, I said, "Come in. I have only done this one." Jorgie sent Mark in first but followed him closely.

"Okay, Mark. Let's get the garage door safe. We did that while Jorgie pulled the charge at the other door. We then walked over to Sweet Adeline.

Mark said, "This is a simple pressure switch for backing out under the left rear tire. It arms when you put weight on it and fires when it's released." I made Sweet Adeline safe. I checked the rest of the barn but found nothing.

"Okay. The barn is done. How many are in the house?"

"I know there are four. There could be six. I only did the front door. Snyder did the rest. He used a pressure switch somewhere inside the house. We each had one. He thought his placement was funny. My guess is bed or bathroom."

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