Cents and Nickel
Chapter 15

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I hurried into my study in the barn and opened the safe. From it, I pulled my parents' rings. I crossed my fingers that the engagement ring would fit. I grabbed that ring and hustled down the stairs and into Sweet Adeline and drove hurriedly to the station. Mossy and Captain Jenson were there talking to both shifts. I walked in and Mossy shouted, "Attention!" Everyone came to attention including Dollars.

I walked up to her and knelt before her. "Millicent, I love you and want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?" I held out the engagement ring to her.

"Yes!" She screamed. She pulled me up and wrapped her arms around me and we kissed as the force applauded. Mossy had called Ellen who was there suddenly from a side office and was standing by him clapping and crying.

The ring fit! It was a little tight. I said, "Millicent, we can have rings made or can pick them out. This was my mother's ring and I will be honored for you to wear it until we have one made special for the special woman that you are."

Mossy said loudly, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Cents and Nickel! May their time together be long and blessed!" There was more applause.

Captain Jenson came up to us and said, "Aren't you glad he stopped you from slapping him that day?" Everyone laughed and clapped some more. Dollars blushed and had tears in her eyes.

"Very glad, Sir." She looked at me. "I love you, Abraham."

I did a little grocery shopping and met Dollars along with half the force at Elmer's. My Visa card suffered a little but I considered it a worthwhile expense.

Ellen joined us. I picked up Teresa who had a day shift. I gave her the news and she rode with me to the restaurant. I had called Jorgie and he came also. I told him that I wanted him to be my best man and that Dollars had a great looking gal to be her maid of honor.

On the way, Teresa said, "I wish I had had a chance at you. You are a delicious looking man and I would like to have eaten you up. I love Cents like she was my own sister so I will leave you alone. However, I am willing." She smiled wistfully.

"Teresa, there are other fish in the sea."

It was a grand meal and the staff at Elmer's helped make it even more of a celebration. Everyone returned to work or homes. I noticed that Jorgie took Teresa home. I drove Sweet Adeline home and parked her in the garage. I had left the top down. I closed the door and said, "Sweet Lady, it's been a good day and I appreciate your stately conveyance. I will need you again tomorrow. Sleep well." I walked to the house after closing and locking the barn.

At twelve twenty-five, Dollars drove up in the Mustang and I met her at the door. She came inside in a rush. She pulled herself tightly to me, kissing me repeatedly. We finally slowed down. "Abraham, I am so happy. You've obviously talked to my parents?"

"Yes. I had called Mossy. He and Captain Jenson were probably the only two who knew what was really going on at shift change."

She laughed happily. "Billy Jones volunteered to be ring bearer."

I laughed with her. "If he does, he has to wear shorts and knee socks." We laughed until we were weak.

Finally, she said, "Abraham Dear, take me to our room. I want to lie in your arms again tonight." We went into the bedroom and changed into sleeping togs, boxers for me and silken boy shorts and a silky tee shirt for Dollars. We curled up together in the bed and were soon asleep.

Monday dawned gloriously though was actually overcast and rainy. I didn't care. My joy couldn't be dampened by weather. I lay in the bed holding a slumbering Dollars and looking over the fantastic form curled up in my arms. She was so innocent looking though her woman's body belied that belief. Her kisses told of the sensuous times we would have in only a few days more than one month starting in this bed.

She stirred and woke. When her eyes opened, she found me staring back at her. We smiled at each other. I said, "Good morning, Gorgeous Lady. It's a beautiful day when I wake with you by my side."

She grinned. "You're just trying to get into my pants."

"All things in time. The question is will I have to take them off you or will you come to our bed nakedly ready to consummate our love."

"That's hot! We better get up. She pulled loose and levered out of the bed. I followed her on my side of the bed. "Start the coffee, Abraham. I'll be there in a moment." I nodded and left for the kitchen. I started the coffee and hit the other bathroom for a moment.

She came in with her face looking freshly scrubbed. I was feeding Ben. I finished that task. She was already pouring our coffee. She sat at the table. "What's the plan for today?"

I said, "You need to decide if you want a new ring. We can go see my jeweler for that. They are the same place that had your pendant and the ornament for the tree. The other thing is to shop for some more dresses for you. Dollars, you look great in pants but a skirt or dress is spectacular."

She opened the fridge. "We need to go shopping, too. The larder is low."

She gave a little delightful shake. "Let's get dressed, put together a shopping list for food. We can get some breakfast on the way into Tiger Town. I would like to try Kohl's to start."

I nodded. She said, "Use the master bath. I'll use the main bath. I still have most of my stuff in there." I nodded again and took my coffee with me. I did the necessary things and went to my closet to pick some clothes. I found an almost naked Dollars in only bra and panties doing the same thing. She turned to face me, smiling. "Hi!"

"Hi, yourself. I like that outfit though it might be a little chilly for today." I leaned forward and kissed her. It took a while. We did choose clothes for each of us and dressed.

Dressed, she said, "Let's take the Mustang. It has more dry space than your truck and this isn't a day for Sweet Adeline." I nodded.

We left at a rapid pace. We stopped for fast food breakfast biscuits from Hardee's to go with the coffee from the house. We finished our biscuits and arrived at Tiger Town at almost the same time.

She parked at Kohl's. She looked at me. "Abraham, I'm still considering what you said about the ring. I like this one though it will need sizing. We can look today if the store isn't too far out of the way."

"It's not."

"Let's go inside. Teresa is going to buy a couple of swim suits for me. I am sure you will like them. I've seen what she wears. My panties and bra you saw this morning cover more." She took my hand and we walked in.

Once inside, she had me take a cart and she began to go through the women's clothing area. She picked four skirts and two dresses and went to the changing area. She placed one dress and three skirts into the cart. I helped put the others back. "What was wrong with these?"

"The skirt just didn't fit right. The dress was too long. When I looked more closely, I saw it was a petite but was supposed to be long. That doesn't work with my height.

"Abraham, I want a jeans skirt. Everything else will either work or fits into my color choices for clothes." She stopped a clerk and we were directed toward the jeans skirts. She selected three to try on. I thought one looked promising while the other two were longer. I disliked the thought of covering more of her than necessary.

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