Cents and Nickel
Chapter 14

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We prepared lunch and ate in the kitchen.

Dollars was quiet. I said, "Millicent, don't dwell on all this very much. It's all nice things like Sweet Adeline. Other than the study, those things aren't me. All of them, even the study, are fun to have if you're a lonely man with too much time and money on his hands." I paused. "I would trade it all, including Sweet Adeline, to have my parents back and alive. I wish they could meet this wonderful lady who I have come to love."

"Abraham, it is a little overwhelming. You have accomplished a lot in just a few years. I am more determined than ever that we will never sell this farm. I loved this place before. Now, I really do love it. It's a part of you for me."

I just held her into the afternoon. It was time for her to put on her uniform. She went in the bedroom, changed, and came back out resplendent in her full uniform with shooting badge and corporal's stripes. I looked at that and smiled. "Sergeant Moss told me that I was out of uniform yesterday. Today, I will have it right according to him."

"I agree with the good sergeant."

"Abraham, are you going to meet me for supper?"

"Of course. I have a few little things to do but I will be in the area by or before seven."

"We'll probably eat at Elmer's but I will call you." We kissed and she left. Minutes later, I left also. I drove down to Greenville in the truck stopping in Montgomery to make a few quick purchases. I pulled in at Dollars' parents' home with about two minutes to spare.

I knocked on the door and Mister Ingram invited me inside. I say down before them both and said, "I want to marry your daughter and, before I ask her, I wanted to talk to you."

Missus Ingram said, "That's wonderful!"

Mister Ingram said, "That sounds good. Can you support my daughter?"

I had brought some pictures of the farm inside and out along with a bank statement. "Yes, Sir. You've seen Sweet Adeline?" They nodded. "I own her and my farm without debt. I brought some pictures of the farm." I fanned pictures out across the coffee table. "I also brought a recent bank statement." I laid it on the table.

Missus Ingram was looking at the house pictures. Mister Ingram looked at them and then looked at the bank statement and his eyes widened. "I have other resources. Neither your daughter nor I will have to work. I expect we will because of the type of people we are." I looked at Mister Ingram. "I love Millicent and want her to be happy and believe that, even without the money, I could do that. The money just makes some of it easier."

"You would live there?"

"Yes, Sir. We will have to reassess that after I graduate depending upon job offers. Regardless, we will keep the farm. Both of us love that place. We know that there are some unknowns involved but we will deal with them together."

Mister Ingram looked at his wife for a second. He then looked at me. "Abe, you have our complete approval. We both think that you will bless each other's lives. I am guessing that you are headed back for supper with her?"

"Yes, Sir. As much as I hate it, I have to get on the road quickly to get back in time. I do want to surprise her when I ask her formally. She knows that I intend to ask her just not when. We are already talking about a date. She doesn't want to wait much at all."

Missus Ingram said, "Go on. Give our daughter a kiss for us. Let us know your plans."

"We will. I'm on my way. We will see you soon." I shook hands with Mister Ingram and shared hugs with Missus Ingram. I gathered the pictures and statement before heading out. I was off the Interstate and on the highway closing on Notasulga when Dollars called. We would meet at Elmer's again.

I pulled in just as they were getting out of the squad car. She was paired with Ray, Billy's older brother, for this shift. He and I shook hands after Dollars and I kissed. We went inside and I paid.

We sat down to eat and, after praying, did. The food was good as always and the offerings were varied a bit each day. It was a good place to eat day after day without becoming totally bored with it.

We enjoyed our meals but I really enjoyed being with Dollars. She went to the bathroom and Ray said, "She's like a different person, now. She's more alive and happy. She was a dream woman to many of us but had proved untouchable. You have brought her into her own. I think she's even more attractive than before even though it's obvious she only has eyes for you."

"I think she's always been who she is, Ray. If anything, I've just let the really great lady that she always was show through. We're looking at a long future together." At that moment, I saw her coming toward us and smiled.

We went outside and I walked her to the squad car. They left and I got in my truck and drove back to the farm. As had become my habit, I waited for her to come home. Just after twelve thirty, I heard the Mustang pull in and park. I met her at the kitchen door.

We embraced and kissed. She went to the bedroom to change. She came out in a sweat shirt and sweat pants. We met on the couch. I had a Diet Coke for her and lemonade for me waiting. She sat next to me and I put my arm around her keeping her tight to me. She snuggled in with a smile. She saw her soft drink. "How many of these did you get?"

"Five or six cases."

"I guess you want me to stay to drink them up." She chuckled.

"I plan to keep a never-ending supply. You're stuck."

"I like sticking to you." She grinned and I groaned with a smile.

We drank our soft drinks and talked about her shift. She said that it was very quiet for a Saturday. I suggested that there were a lot of people watching football and waiting for New Year's Eve. She shrugged. We finished what we were drinking and both of us yawned at the same moment. Dollars smiled. "Time for bed, Abraham."

We went into the bedroom and stripped down for sleeping. We climbed into bed and met in the middle holding each other. We kissed each other and went to sleep.

In the morning, we woke at eight easily. "Good morning, Dollars."

"Good morning, Abraham. I slept well. I feel good." She stretched beside me keeping close.

"I feel well, too, now." She caught my meaning and blushed.

"We have almost an hour and a half before the Sunday school starts. I would like to bring my beautiful lady to Sunday school and church. I'll even let you drive Sweet Adeline."

"Abraham, you never have to bribe me to go to church or anywhere else with you. I will take the bribe though." We got out of bed after a quick kiss.

"Why don't you use the bath and I will start coffee and breakfast?"

"Thank you, Dear. When does Sunday school start again?"

"Nine forty-five." I left for the kitchen and started the coffee and fed Ben. I pulled things for breakfast and started the frying pan for sausage patties. Fifteen minutes later, Dollars came in wearing a "shorty" robe that showed her legs to mid thigh. "I haven't seen that robe before. I like it."

She grinned. "You like anything that shows my legs."

"Of course. The coffee has just finished and the biscuits are ready to go into the oven. I planned on sausage and biscuits for breakfast. I'll take you to lunch and return here in time for you to change." She nodded and I headed to the bathroom and did what I had to do. I returned to find everything ready and on the kitchen table. I refilled my coffee cup and sat down with her. We prayed and ate. We finished and returned to the bedroom to dress. Today, Dollars was wearing slacks and heels. She looked at me and said, "If you want to see me in more skirts, I will have to go shopping."

I grinned. "We could skip lunch."

"No, you will survive waiting until tomorrow." She looked at my clothing choice. "Darling, please wear your sweater. No shirt." I looked at her. "If it's scratchy, wear a tee shirt." I shrugged and did as I was told. I found it comfortable without the tee shirt.

We went back into the kitchen for more coffee. Ben came in his cat door and made a home in Dollars' lap purring loudly. She stroked him. We gazed out the big window in this part of the kitchen. It was a bright, sunny day and the view over the field looked warmer than the temperature told us. We held hands as we sat together.

It was nine thirty and we went to the barn. I tried to give the keys to her but she shook her head. I drove us to the church in Sweet Adeline's regal splendor. I pulled into the church parking lot and all activity stopped. I pulled into a vacant spot and shut off the engine. I got out and went around to open the door for Dollars. She came out and I heard a low gasp. I put her arm in mine.

We walked to the sanctuary looking proper. Pastor Jim was at the door. He said, "Abe, that is an entrance. First, you pull in with that gorgeous old car. Second, you hand out this gorgeous young woman. I may have to preach on envy this morning." He laughed and we joined him. Carl had been out with him and Amy joined her husband.

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