Cents and Nickel
Chapter 13

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The rest of the morning passed quickly and pleasantly. When the time came for her shift, we arranged to meet for supper and she left. Her schedule for Saturday and Sunday were also late shifts with Monday off.

I called the Ingram home just before leaving to meet Dollars for supper. Missus Ingram answered. I said, "Good evening, Missus Ingram, may I speak to your husband?"

"Yes, Sir. Who may I say is calling?"

"Abe Easton, Ma'am."

"Abe, is everything okay?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"I thought I told you to call me, Betty?"

"Yes, Ma'am. That's correct."

"Hmm. We will talk more about that. I'll get Tom."

"Yes, Ma'am. Thank you, Ma'am." The phone was muffled for a moment and then Mister Ingram's voice came over the phone. I said, "Mister Ingram, I would like to meet with you tomorrow afternoon at your convenience, please, Sir."

"What is this about, Abe?"

"I just need to talk to you, Sir."

"May my wife be present?"

"Yes, Sir."

"What about Cents?"

"She will be working, Sir."

"Does she know what you want to meet about?"

"Yes, Sir. She just doesn't know that I am setting it up this soon. I would like to surprise her, if I can."

"I take it this is 'good' news then?"

"I think so, Sir."

"That's somewhat old fashioned."

"I'm an old fashioned kind of guy, Sir."

"Okay, we'll see you at five tomorrow afternoon."

"Thank you, Sir. Good evening." We hung up.

At ten before seven, Dollars called to have us meet at Elmer's at seven. I was in the truck and wandered over there. I pulled in and found a parking place. I went in the front to wait. Less than a minute later, Dollars walked in with Billy Jones. She ran to me and into my arms. "Hello, Darling. Wait long?"

"Less than a minute, Dollars." She was wearing her necklace though the hand was under her uniform shirt. She was still wearing the single chevron. "Good evening, Billy." She and I untangled and I shook hands with Billy. We went through the line. I paid for all three meals. We sat down together and Dollars prayed. I said, "Everything quiet for the evening?"

Billy said, "Yes, Sir. Friday's aren't too bad until late if at all. The worry is New Year's Eve. It can get a little rough then. Cents says you will be riding with her in a car?"

"I believe so. Sarge has a jacket for me and I have clothes that are close to a uniform look."

"Mister Easton, could you have killed me even cuffed?"

"Yes. I was a little angry so was giving it consideration." His eyes popped up. "You were a bit rash. I was truly planning to rough you up a little and cuff you with your own cuffs."

"You really think you could do it?"

"Actually, I have done it with bigger, better trained men. One died but I had been told he was an enemy."

"I lost a buddy and was wounded because he didn't kill an enemy combatant when he should. Different rules for different situations."

Dollars said, "I can't expose my pendant while in uniform but I did show it off at the station." She smiled.

Billy said, "Sir, that looks like a custom made piece."

I nodded. "It was though not for me. It was made on 'spec' by the jewelry company but hadn't sold until I showed up. I knew it was right immediately."

"It is, Sir. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry. I heard Cents tell the captain the story. That's a beautiful thing to say." He grinned. "Even I can tell from your look that it was true then and now." I nodded. Dollars just glowed.

Billy excused himself to the restroom before we would leave. I looked at Dollars. "Dollars, are you going to your house tonight?"

"Yes, it's where I've been every night lately and where I will be in the future." She grinned at me. "Does that answer your question completely?" I nodded.

"I stopped by my old place to let Teresa know and get some more clothes. You do have a washer and dryer?" I nodded. "Good. I will need them tomorrow morning."

Billy returned and we stood making our way outside. I walked Dollars to the squad car and she gave me a quick kiss and embrace before getting behind the wheel. They pulled out and I left for the farm a moment later.

I spent the remainder of the evening cleaning Sweet Adeline. Dollars rolled in and found me just finishing my work with the barn door cracked. She came behind me and I said, "Hello, Dollars. Were you trying to sneak up on me?"

She grinned. "A little though the Mustang was probably too loud for that to even be a hope." She stretched, capturing my absolute attention. "Would you help me carry clothes into the house?"

"Sure." I helped and we made it in one trip. She put the clothes on my bed.

She opened the closet. "Abraham, I need a few drawers. Would you make room?"

"Yes. However, aren't you getting a bit proprietary about this room?"

"Are you going to bring another woman here?"

"No but I hate to have my options foreclosed." I grinned.

"You did that this morning. I am just formalizing this part of my claim. Abraham, you could even get Ellen or my mother into your bed if you tried. Both of them have told me that you are a most delicious man and they wouldn't mind a taste. Teresa asked to join us when she found I was going to spend most of my time here."

"You could have told her to do that. There are extra bedrooms."

"She has no intention of sleeping alone if you're in a bed in the same house. She's neither under your promise nor my moral restraint." Her necklace was out from under her blouse. "I have your heart and no one is going to get any of the rest of you either. I want all of you." She pulled me close with her arms around my neck and kissed me slowly letting me feel her body rubbing against mine.

Finally, we came up for air. "Okay, we'll be exclusive to each other." I grinned.

"Now, if you'll let me loose for a moment, I have a drawer to clear out and you'll have half of this big dresser." She grinned back at me and let go. I opened a drawer and grabbed a stack of tee shirts and another of shorts. I took them to an extra bedroom and returned empty handed. She was finishing loading "her" side with clothes. There was plenty of room in the closet. It was a walk-in and I didn't even use half of it. We finished quickly.

"Abraham, take me to bed."

"Not yet, Dear Heart, not yet. You know we still haven't set a date."

"We'll do it tomorrow." She turned to face me naked except for her necklace with the golden hand.

"Wow! You have to wear more than that or one of us must sleep in the guest bedroom."

She grinned but pulled on another pair of the boy shorts that she had worn before and a silken tee shirt to match. I undressed to my boxers and we entered the bed from opposite sides. We met in the middle and kissed for a long time. She snuggled under my arm with one of her arms lying over my chest. "This is nice, Dear." She angled her head up and we kissed softly. "Good night."

"Good night, Millicent."

I woke in the morning and we were sleeping spoon style with my front touching her back from our ankles to our shoulders. I had one hand holding her breast and she had a hand over mine holding it in place.

I stirred a little and she moved a little with lots of wiggle. "I slept well, Abraham." She wiggled some more. "I woke well, too." She purred that bit with an additional wiggle.

"Okay, wench. Get up. I want to run. Do you want to run with me?"

"Abraham, I will not run from you. I don't want to chase you. I guess, then, that I should run with you." She was grinning when she hopped out of bed and stripped. She pulled on a pair of gym shorts, a sports bra, and a loose long-sleeved tee shirt. Only then did she pull on socks and sneakers.

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