Cents and Nickel
Chapter 12

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Missus Ingram pulled her husband into the kitchen to help with dinner. Dollars was still in my lap. I said, "Aren't you worried about the appropriateness of sitting on my lap at your parents' home?"

"No, that's why Mom took Dad into the kitchen. She knows that I need some time to kiss my man."

"That's how it's going to be?"

"Yes, I've got you and I will not let go. Now, everyone can see where your heart is located." She kissed me. We were both breathless when we pulled our heads back. "You know I'm going to tell everyone that I've got your heart." Her eyes were shining. I kissed her again.

Just as we were releasing from the kiss to catch our breath, Missus Ingram softly said, "Dinner is ready in the dining room."

Dollars slowly stood and put her hand out to help me. I stood, pulling her into my arms for another kiss. "Turn around and give me the necklace." I said it softly and, I hope, lovingly. She did and I put it around her neck and hooked the clasp. I kissed the back of her neck which made her shiver. It fit well and the hand didn't create too much of a protuberance on her upper chest.

It was fortuitous that I found it. It was custom made but hadn't sold because of the expense of the jewels in the design. I hadn't even dickered with the store over the price because I knew it was perfect.

Dollars took my hand to "lead" me into the dining room. It was brightly candlelit and the smells were marvelous. We stood around the table and Mister Ingram prayed. He noticed that we were still holding hands when we entered. All of us held hands for the prayer. Both ladies held mine and they each gave mine a soft squeeze right after the amen. I squeezed back. I seated Dollars while Mister Ingram seated his wife.

We passed the food. I said, "That was much better hand holding than my first two times with Dollars." Interested eyes looked at her blushing face. I was quiet.

She blushed a little more. "Rat!" Her parents began to look at her expectantly. "When we met, Abraham was introduced as our new firearms instructor and Sergeant Moss introduced me as now the second best shot in the department. I didn't like that. When we shook hands, I squeezed hard. Just as I thought I had him, he squeezed my hand until I had to whimper, 'Enough.' At least, he didn't gloat.

"The second time was later that day when I tried to slap him and he caught my hand in mid swing. He converted it into holding. He did keep me out of trouble with Captain Jenson though saying that I was so enamored of him that I was holding his hand didn't exactly make me happy at the time."

Mister Ingram grinned. "I told you about playing with the big dogs, Cents."

"Dad, it worked for a long time." She smiled. "It worked out so very well this time."

I kept quiet and ate.

Missus Ingram said, "Abe, you're the firearms instructor in Notasulga. I don't believe that's a full-time job. What else do you do?"

"I date beautiful police officers." That received chuckles. "I'm still a student at Auburn finishing up a master's degree in engineering. I should graduate this June. My parents were very adequately insured. I'm not an extravagant person though I have recently picked up a new habit. At least, she's a good cook." I grinned.

Dollars said, "I can be expensive if you want." She grinned fiendishly. I shook my head, chuckling. She leaned against me gently.

We continued our meal. It was delicious and I felt warmed by the company. We finished with pecan pie and coffee. We enjoyed each other's company. Dollars' leg was warmly against mine the entire time and I enjoyed the feeling.

We took more coffee and went into the living room to sit. I had my arm around Dollars as we sat together on the couch.

It was fully dark before we left. I shook hands with Mister Ingram and was hugged by his wife who kissed my cheek. They both said, "Come again."

"I hope to do that. It's up to my guide."

Dollars didn't want to drive. I handed her into the passenger seat of Sweet Adeline and we motored off. She had discovered the middle seatbelt and was sitting next to me. She directed me to the Interstate and I knew the way from that point. We sat together humming Christmas carols that we heard over the radio. We pulled up at the farm and I opened the barn door and parked Sweet Adeline in her usual place. We went inside and fed Ben. Dollars gently but firmly pushed me onto the couch. She straddled me and just leaned on me. We lay like that for many, long, enjoyable minutes.

"When do you go in tomorrow, Dollars?"

"I work a late shift, Dear. Why?"

"I will need to know when to come wake you in the morning."

"You won't have to go far. I'm sleeping with you in your bed."

"Dollars, that's not yet something we should make a habit. You are too sensuously beautiful for me to resist for long."

"I know. I have the same issue, too. We have a lot to discuss and work out."

It had gotten late and we fell asleep in this same position. Finally, my back objected to the position and I woke to the pain. I kissed Dollars face until she woke. I groaned out, "Dollars, I can't stay in this position any longer. My back is hurting."

She quickly moved off me and I slowly stood, groaning with the straightening of my body. She took my hand and led me into my bedroom. She stripped me to my boxers, pulled the covers back, and helped me into the bed. "Do you have pills?"

"Yes, in the medicine cabinet though there is some Aleve which should work. I have some more powerful prescription pills but I try to avoid them." She nodded and returned with two Aleve and a glass of water. I took the pills and drained the water from the glass. I handed the empty glass to her and lay back

"Move over closer to the middle, Abraham." I looked up and saw her standing next to the bed wearing a tiny pair of purple panties. I was tired and just moved closer to the middle of the bed. She went around and eased in next to me. She gathered me into her arms and I went to sleep with my head pillowed by one of her breasts.

I woke up and looked at my clock radio. It was seven thirty. I lay back and Dollars moved to my side with one arm thrown over my chest and a leg across one of mine. I slowly went back to sleep though I knew I would truly wake again very soon.

I was right. It was now a few minutes after eight. I moved and Dollars stirred. "How do you feel, Abraham?"

"Pretty good, Dollars. No pain and I'm well rested. We should get up, Dear."

"I was afraid you would say that. Okay, I'll start moving." She stretched deliciously against my body with predictable results.

I moved away and got out of the bed on my side. I went into the bath and performed my morning requirements. When I came out, I could hear the shower in the other bath running. I dressed in casual clothes and went into the kitchen to start breakfast.

I was just started good when she joined me wearing jeans and a sweat shirt with her new necklace around her neck. The coffee was just finished and she poured me a cup before fixing one for herself. "Abraham, we could be like this all the time, if you wish it."

I smiled and took a sip of my coffee. "Millicent, that sounds good but there is a lot of commitment in that discussion. We need to talk about that. We need to do it without you sitting on my lap, scrunched up close to my side on the couch, or lying together in a bed." She looked a little unhappy. "It's not that those aren't enjoyable but we really need to talk this out. Those positions become too emotional and our vocal cords don't work well.

She smiled at me. "Abraham Dear, you're right though it's much more pleasant to talk while that close."

Breakfast was ready. I prayed and we ate. When we finished, I put the dishes in the sink and refilled our coffee cups.

"Dollars, stay seated. We do need to talk. We have plenty of time. We have started down a path that can lead in a very special direction or become a disaster. I want us to find that special direction and develop that deep joy that, in the fullness of time, will result in our marriage."

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